Daily Topics - Tuesday November 8th, 2011

Thom Hartmann: As World Population Reaches 7 Billion, What Will Save Us From Ourselves?

Free Speech TV invites citizen journalists from around the world to send us videos of actions in your community that support the 99% Movement. They'll be posted @ www.freespeech.org and some will air on DirecTV-348 & DishTV-9415 which reach into 35 million households across the USA. Check www.freespeech.org for more details on how to submit.

Hour One: How does OWS deal with renegades in it's midst?

Hour Two: Ohio...Politicus Interruptus?

Hour Three: "You Want More Equality? Support More Capitalism!" Anthony Randazzo, Reason Foundation


JenniferCedar 12 years 37 weeks ago

Occupy Seattle has a demand. That the Seattle City Council vote to remove the city's money from Well's Fargo to a local Washington State bank or credit union. One of the council members has introduce this idea to the agenda for next Monday at 2:00 PM. If it passes, it could be the start of something big. I would love to see local and state municipalities remove their funds from Big Banks. And of course, no mention in the local newspaper.


mathboy's picture
mathboy 12 years 37 weeks ago

A couple friends of mine have been listening to a history of Rome by a man named Dan Carlin. (I think it's a podcast.) They have both been rather disturbed by the parallels in how Rome went from a republic to an empire.

Dave A's picture
Dave A 12 years 37 weeks ago

Herman Cain's accuser #5 said she had on a skirt and a blouse. What did Herman have on? I'm pretty sure it was a hard-on.

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