'In God We Trust' instead of Jobs....

Republicans are continuing to ignore the jobs crisis. There are no votes on the schedule in the House of Representatives to pass any portion of President Obama’s American Jobs Act – or any other legislation to put Americans back to work. Instead – House leadership is demanding a vote to ensure that “In God We Trust” remains the official national motto. Even though nobody is trying to change the national motto – Republicans think it’s vitally important to pass legislation to uphold it today.

The bill’s sponsor – Republican Randy Forbes from Virginia defended his legislation saying it, “sends a message that 'In God We Trust' is not only written in the halls of our federal buildings, but it is a bedrock upon which our nation is built.” Putting aside the constitutional violations of such legislation – this bill - just like the anti-abortion legislation passed the week before – and the defunding NPR legislation passed earlier in the year – will not create a single job.

Not one job. Republicans have controlled the House since January, so, Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor, where are the jobs?!


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DRichards 11 years 30 weeks ago

Re: Paying the Banksters back

How can the banksters loose something that was created out of thin air in the first place?

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

"In heaven, everything is fine. In heaven, everything is fine." Squeak! Grin. --Radiator Lady in Eraser Head movie.

These tricksters have been using the "get your rewards in heaven" (since you are not going to get them here on Earth) for thousands of years now. And lots of people are content to do without so that they can mull around with figments of imaginary feathery and haloed others who, they believe, bought into the same manipulative propaganda. Don't rebel, serve your masters and you too can get through those pearly gates to walk down the streets paved with gold. Well, that's one version anyway.

Well, now, maybe people are finally starting to wake up and smell the pollution. They are demonstrating in the streets and may yet overthrow their Laissez Faire capitalist bully-boys and grand inquisitors. What? You don't believe in our religion of Laissez Faire capitalism? Do you want to burn at the stake? Or suffer the eternal flames of Hell? Looks like the banks, for now anyway, are going to do away with the extra $4 or $5 users fee on the debit cards. It is highly likely to start up again if the demonstrators take the pressure off. The banks, of course, won't admit that their decision is because of the OWS movement.

The fees are really not the main issue anyway...it's the whole 3 decade long economic war that the wealthy (including these banks) have been waging against us. Wall Street is again taking a dive...as it is quite a roller coaster...and I'm sure that there are a lot of very wealthy people, gambling with other people's money, taking great advantage of this fact as they continue to buy low and sell high and siphon off the cream ensuring the the lowly investor takes the bullet. There is a lot of manipulation of the market, I'm sure! It's a rigged and crooked game they play.

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

It's amazing that these frumious bandersnatch capitalist pigs pretend to be such big fans of "In God We Trust" when what they really believe in more than anything else is "In Money We Trust". "In God We Trust" is the banner they hold up to keep the rest of us all corralled in a "Trust In Authority" mode. And that ruse keeps those prone to superstition...the ignorant masses, perhaps, from rebelling against their masters..the ones with all the gold. You're not going to be walking down streets paved with gold because the banksters and hedge fund operators have absconded with it all. But then, it's all imaginary anyway. Go ahead...do without so that a few can have it all! Many people would be happy if they only had a decent paying job..a house to shelter their family..food...and health care...but these tricksters who hold up the banner "In God We Trust" would rather we all die rather than give up any of the gold they amassed and are now hording.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"
--Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

"In God We Trust"
--Who knows?
--Who cares?
--It's all non-sense anyway!

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Pat Prachter 11 years 30 weeks ago

Palindromedary: you should have called yourself prolific!! I like reading your stuff because it always makes me look up new information I was never aware of. Thanks.

Some good news today: Unesco granted Palestine membership. Finally. Progress.

In terms of the jobs, we are going to have to count on the 99% to create them. Neither God nor the 1% seem able to address this one.

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

What they really don't want you to know is that Jesus was really a member of the Sicarii, a sub cult of the zealots who rebelled against their masters...the Romans. The Sicarii carried hidden curved knives through the crowds and snuck up on the Roman soldiers and stabbed them and then disappeared in the crowds. The Romans considered the Sicarii as terrorists. The accounts of Jesus in the bible were concocted by the Romans, with the help of Josephus..a turn-coat fake Roman, as a sort of inside joke and also a way to manipulate rebelling Jews.

They started an offshoot religion and turned a man who was a "freedom fighter" or "terrorist" depending whether you were Jewish or Roman into a gentle and peace preaching one. Someone who would convince others to obey their masters because they would get their rewards in heaven. The seminal Christian groups had their ups and downs and continued strife with the ruling Romans but eventually, with the help of Constantine they managed to weed out all of those groups that would give the Romans trouble and the Romans would pretend to be Christian. Christians would think they won...over the centuries...and the ruling elite continued to use the superstitions to keep the people in line. "In God We Trust"

The story of "Cannibal Mary" is a hoot..you should read it!

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leighmf 11 years 30 weeks ago

If they're going to change it it should say, "Trust No One."

Despite Republicans and Prescott Bush, 'In God We Trust' is all that keeps me going. I surely don't trust the Bushes OR the Clintons or any politician to save me.

The Lord will take my Case up Himself. That's why we need the motto and that's why the Forefathers put it on the money- they knew who they were dealing with, the same people we have to deal with now.

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus by Joseph Atwill should be read by every "believer"...if they dare.

The following is from a blog about Atwill's book:

“The Gospels were designed to become apparent as satire as soon as they were read in conjunction with War of the Jews. In fact, the four Gospels and War of the Jews were created as a unified piece of literature whose characters and stories interact. Their interaction gives many of Jesus’ sayings a comical meaning and also creates a series of puzzles whose solutions reveal the real identities of the New Testament’s characters. Understanding the New Testament’s comic level reveals, for example, that the Apostles Simon and John were cruel lampoons of Simon and John, the leaders of the Jewish rebellion.”(p36)

Atwill concludes this chapter with a discussion of Mark 1 and Mark 5 and parallels to Titus’ first battle on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Chapter 3 gives us Atwill’s discussion of the strange tale of Cannibal Mary. For readers who have read Josephus many times, Atwill’s claim that she represents a parody of Christianity will come as a shock. Yet it is hard to see a woman named Mary who kills and eats her son in the manner of a Passover sacrifice as anything but a satire on the tale of Jesus as told in the Gospels. Atwill observes that the words in her mouth were placed there by Josephus, and if read as a satire on Christianity, they take on a new and portentous meaning:

“As to the war with the Romans, if they preserve our lives, we must be slaves. This famine also will destroy us, even before that slavery comes upon us. Yet are these seditious rogues more terrible than both the other. Come on; be thou my food, and be thou a fury to these seditious varlets, and a by-word to the world, which is all that is now wanting to complete the calamities of us Jews.”(Whiston translation, cited on p46)

Why should anyone roasting and eating their own child expect it to be a “by-word to the world” and a fury to the “seditious varlets,” the Jewish rebels? As Atwill points out, if this scene were in a piece of modern literature, it would instantly be seen by everyone as a parody of Christianity. Nor is Atwill the first scholar to have had this insight into the passage, for Honora H. Chapman noted parallels between the ‘Cannibal Mary passage’ in Josephus and the symbolic Passover Lamb of the Gospels in her SBL seminar paper ‘A Myth for the World’, Early Christian Reception of Infanticide and Cannibalism in Josephus’ Bellum Judaicum’ (2000).


Could it be that those ruling elite and their puppet politicians, who pretend to be Christians and demand "In God We Trust" to be on our money and everywhere else, that they too are being just as smug and tongue-in-cheek knowing that they are being just like their Roman precursors...would be emperors and ruling families...and don't believe their own slogans but use them to subjugate those who would believe in silly dogma and superstition.

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

"Atwill’s book is a major challenge to the existing model of how Christianity originated, and a major threat to the hypothesis of the Historical Jesus—seeing him instead as a literary character in a Roman fraud."

"...the key events in the life of Jesus are literary satires of events in the Roman military campaign in Judea (66-70CE) shows definitively that these parts of the gospels (and one might infer probably the rest as well) were created by the Romans to deceive the Jews into worshipping a false literary messiah"

"...the so called ‘Testimonium’ passage in Josephus’s book Jewish Antiquities is essentially a confession by the Flavian Emperors that they wore the ‘mask’ of Jesus as a false god to seduce the Jews into worshipping them in disguise, is also an ground-breaking discovery."

"It is emotionally hard to learn that the character of the Virgin Mary was really a satire of Cannibal Mary during the siege of Jerusalem, and that a close reading of the Gospel of John shows that Lazarus is taken out of the tomb only to provide the substance for a cannibal feast. As the text says ‘they made him a supper’ (KJV,ASV, NASB,LITV translations)."
--John Hudson


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DRichards 11 years 30 weeks ago

The U.S. has largely been financing job creation for ten years. Specifically, as the chief economist for BusinessWeek, Michael Mandel, points out, public spending has accounted for virtually all new job creation in the past 10 years...


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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Perhaps it is not the "God" that many people believe in but that these ruling elite want us to worship them as Gods. After all, they want "In God We Trust" on all money which is what they have the most of...more than anyone else...and we all idolize and worship money don't we? So we are really being tricked into worshiping those who have all the money. God is money, right? Or is it money is God? "Back in the bowl!...back in the bowl!" "Le Plume de ma tante, eh Dimmie?" "Filet of a Fenny Snake, in the cauldron boil and bake!" "Jesus loves me, this I know. Cause the bible tells me so."

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leighmf 11 years 30 weeks ago

Another vital crypticism of the Forefathers who were printing our currency in the midst of intrigue and men of varying moral fiber, exists in the Thanksgiving Hymn, Come Ye Thankful People Come

"God our Maker doth provide
all our wants to be supplied."

This of course, includes money, food, jobs, overall prosperity and good government. And since engraving the currency was loaded with occult influences, and is referred to as Legal Tender, the word Maker should likewise be considered according to its legal definition:

Maker- the signer of a Promissory Note. In contrast "a Marker," as in racketeering, refers to the Note itself.

What is a hoot is the number of insurance and finance terms which are embedded in the American hymns and scriptures of the Christian religion. These were put there by the higher masons, to be understood and to help us in future times. It is Money that causes the world's problems, isn't it?

And, so what is God, but the Invisible, so why say more? There was a time when bacteria and viruses were "invisible" -

What is important is the clue for us in the NOW

"God our Maker doth provide all our wants to be supplied."

If you don't like the word God just substitute it with "The Invisible."

"The Invisible Maker doth provide all our wants to be supplied." Which is an absolute Truth.

World finances are out of balance because of an old, old debt upon which predators have been raised to power.

If the Federal Reserve were audited, what lies hidden is more than just jobs or a game-changer-

It's Redemption.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Thom and Louise: "'In God We Trust' instead of Jobs...." as well as the last forum concerning Occupy the Courts - we now have a corporate judiciary! " are a brainwave to write upon. There are 800 secret camps to put them all in. I trust you will continue, in keeping the "Protesters" at the top of the People's concern for much is happening to We, the People, of these United States, which constitutes "a war" against us. When bulldozers are brought in to destroy the protesters shelter in this cold weather; canisters, and so-called rubber bullets are shot at the people, heaters and food taken away from the Protesters, (and yet these extremely brave people refuse to surrender), we must continue in assisting the all of them. Keep up the great work! - Cygnus1

Excellent posts, Palindromedary!

"Could it be that those ruling elite and their puppet politicians, who pretend to be Christians and demand "In God We Trust" to be on our money and everywhere else, that they too are being just as smug and tongue-in-cheek knowing that they are being just like their Roman precursors...would be emperors and ruling families...and don't believe their own slogans but use them to subjugate those who would believe in silly dogma and superstition." - Palindromedary

This is exactly how "Christians" are tricked into wars to so-called "Protect Israel, the chosen people."

Now Christians believe they, themselves, are the chosen and no one else really fits the bill, whilst those non-Arabs in Israel in particular, like Christians perhaps the least of any peoples with the possible exception of Muslims.

If the Christian community would simply realize that they are being consistantly programmed to adhere to the policies of Israel and their people (none other) to fight the wars for Israel, and work long hard hours to pay for all Israel wants, (for all Israel wants, Israel gets), then perhaps the Christian community might just wake up before they lose everything. But the Christian community is led by the nose everywhere Israel wants them to go, and the Christians think it is their duty also to "convert" those ones to Christianity and for their concern, they are even more hated.For Israel and all non-Arabs within it, believe there is no other Israel, just themselves.

Whilst religion exists, wars will continue to exist, and so will the money power forever be kept from the hands of the people. So here you have the money mixed with religion on the U.S. currency and rightfully so, for one is just as corrupt as the other. - Cygnus1

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Here's a review of a book that tells why Israel's claim on Palestine is largely based on fiction. The archeological evidence..combined with the lack of archeological evidence proves it.

"Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein and his colleagues are stirring controversy with contentions that many biblical stories never happened, but were written by what he calls `a creative copywriter' to advance an ideological agenda.

Prof. Israel Finkelstein sees no contradiction between holding a proper Pesach seder and telling the story of the exodus from Egypt, and the fact that, in his opinion, the exodus never occurred. The Hebrew edition of the book by Finkelstein and his American colleague, the historian and archaeologist Neal Asher Silberman, "The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts" has just been published. The English edition was published in the United States in January 2001 and a French edition appeared last year. In both countries the book spent many weeks on the best-seller lists and generated considerable public interest. The New York Times dubbed the biblical authors of the seventh century BCE "God's ghostwriters" in a lengthy review of the book."

"What is it about "The Bible Unearthed" that has stirred such interest? Finkelstein, who is director of the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, observes that this is the first "comprehensive book in which archaeology is the queen of battle and not some tawdry ornament of Bible scholars." And Finkelstein is indeed ready to do battle. In addition to the periods of the patriarchs and the exodus, about which most scholars agree that there is only the most tenuous connection between the stories in the Bible and the historical reality, Finkelstein and Silberman place a large question mark over the period up to and including the time of the United Monarchy.


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egbegb 11 years 30 weeks ago

When the Government 'creates' jobs, does that mean that we the taxpayers must permanently fund those jobs?

Exactly WHERE in the United States Constitution can you find the responsibility for the Federal Government to create jobs?

Hoover + FDR created the longest depression in US History by 'managing the recovery'.

Will Obama do the same, as he has done so far, or will he be booted from office so American individual responsibility will rise and fix our country by eliminating Federal Government opression of businesses?

Inquiring minds want to know (your response).

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Israel Finklestein Interview:
The review I mentioned before was an interview by Aviva Lori (Haaretz newspaper) and this samples part of that interview:

"The Bible talks about the great and magnificent united monarchy of David and Solomon in the 10th century BCE, which split into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, because of the demand by Solomon's son, Rehoboam (Rehavam), for excessive tax payments from the tribes of the northern hills and Galilee, which thereupon angrily seceded from the united monarchy. The result was two centuries of strife, wars and fraternal hatred."

Finkelstein is dubious about the existence of this great united monarchy.

"There is no archaeological evidence for it," he says. "This is something unexampled in history. I don't think there is any other place in the world where there was a city with such a wretched material infrastructure but which succeeded in creating such a sweeping movement in its favor as Jerusalem, which even in its time of greatness was a joke in comparison to the cities of Assyria, Babylon or Egypt. It was a typical mountain village. There is no magnificent finding, no gates of Nebuchadnezzar, no Assyrian reliefs, no Egyptian temples - nothing. Even the temple couldn't compete with the temples of Egypt and their splendor."

Then why was it written?

"For reasons of ideology. Because the authors of the Bible, people from Judah at the end of the seventh century BCE, in the period of King Josiah, had a long score to settle with the northern kingdom, with its splendor and richness. They despised the northerners and had not forgotten their dominance in forging the Israelite experience, in the competition for the sites of ritual. Contrary to what is usually thought, the Israelites did not go to pray in Jerusalem. They had a temple in Samaria (today's Sebastia) and at Beit El (Bethel). In our book we tried to show that as long as Israel was there, Judah was small and frightened, militarily and internationally. Judah and Jerusalem were on the fringes. A small tribe. There was nothing there. A small temple and that's all."

And the kingdom of Israel?

"The archaeological findings show that Israel was a large, prosperous state, and was the main story until its destruction in the eighth century. Its geographic location was excellent, on the coast, near Phoenicia, Assyria and Syria. It had a diverse demographic composition: foreign residents and workers, Canaanites, Phoenicians; there was an Aramean population in the Jordan Valley, and there were mixed marriages. It was only 150 years after Israel's destruction that Judah rose to greatness, becoming self-aware and developing the monotheistic approach: one state, one God, one capital, one temple, one king."

Are you saying that the story of the conquest of the land is a complete fiction?

"It is a story which, as it is presented in the Bible, definitely never happened. Archaeology shows that it has no historical grounds. Many of the sites that are cited in the story of the conquest were not even inhabited in the relevant period, so there was nothing to conquer, there were only hills and rocks. Jericho was not fortified and had no walls, and it's doubtful that there was a settlement there at the time. Therefore, in the case of the story of the conquest of Arad, for instance, some scholars said that the war was fought against the forces of one Bedouin sheikh.

"If one does a calculation backward from the point at which we have historical documentation, such as the external Assyrian writings about the monarchy of Ahab, it turns out that the story of the biblical conquest would have occurred at the end of the 13th century BCE. At that time the Egyptians ruled in the land, but there is no mention of that in the Bible.

"There is a stela in a Cairo museum on which the word Israel first appears in written form. The son of Ramesses II launched a military expedition to Caanan and conquered Ashkelon and Gezer, and wrote the famous sentence, `Israel is spoiled, his seed is not.' That was in 1207 BCE - after the conquest as related in the Bible."

If there was no conquest, where did the Israelites come from?

"Egypt was a mighty empire that ruled here with an iron fist. In the 14th century BCE there are stories about local kings who ask Pharaoh for help against one another, asking him to send 50 soldiers - in other words, that was the number that was sufficient to impose order here. So how did a few foot soldiers from the desert conquer the land? There was certainly no orderly military conquest. According to the archaeological findings, the Israelites came from the local stock: they were actually Canaanites who became Israelites in a socio-economic process."

"There is no evidence that the Israelites were in Egypt, not the slightest, not the least bit of evidence. There are no clues, either archaeological or historical, to prove that the Israelites built monuments in Egypt, even though the biblical description of the famine in the Land of Israel may be accurate. We know from archaeology that there was a migration of Canaanites to Egypt in the first half of the second millennium BCE, that these migrants built communities in the area of the Nile Delta, and that the Egyptians afterward expelled them from there."


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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Well, I hope Obama is booted from office not because he is socialist or communist as some right-wing misguided rich wannabees would have us believe. Obama is actually not a liberal-progressive's friend. He is the friend of those who are calling him a socialist. He is bought and paid for by Wall Street where he gets most of his campaign funds. Obama is a trojan horse that bought the greedsters more time to further screw the rest of us. He fed us hope and reneged on everything he said. He is only now trying to sound like he did before when he want our votes. In fact, our whole system is so corrupt, that it really doesn't matter who you vote into office because they are all going to sell us out. The people are doing the right thing now by taking to the streets.

"The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.

A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

The project has been likened by web experts to China's attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

The discovery that the US military is developing false online personalities – known to users of social media as "sock puppets" – could also encourage other governments, private companies and non-government organisations to do the same."

"The multiple persona contract is thought to have been awarded as part of a programme called Operation Earnest Voice (OEV), which was first developed in Iraq as a psychological warfare weapon against the online presence of al-Qaida supporters and others ranged against coalition forces. Since then, OEV is reported to have expanded into a $200m programme and is thought to have been used against jihadists across Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East."

Coming to an internet near you.....!!! Or maybe it's already here! They're heeeeeerrrreeee!

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Government cannot "create jobs." However, they can expand their bureaucracy at the expence of the taxpaying People of the Nation. The amount of funds in circulation will determine whether citizens can have employment or not. Much money in circulation creates many jobs. Lack of money in circulation creates unemployment.

The foreign ruled U.S.government is always looking for new wars in order to fund the weapons manufacturing industry, resulting in increased funds in circulation. As more contracts are signed more jobs are created. This begins to crank the wheels of economy resulting in an increased level of employment. This is how the U.S. government in the dirty 30's rescued itself out of unpopularity with the people.

The question here is: For how long are these Peoples of the United States of America going to continue in allowing the foreign ruled U.S. government to attack other nations in their name?

If I am one of those whom you have asked, then I hope I have been of some service. - Cyngus1

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Right on, Cygnus1!!

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 30 weeks ago

Republicans are lucky. Their constituents do not notice what they are "Not Doing." The Republicans in Congress are "Not Doing" the people's business. They are merely following orders from the plutocrats who send them campaign donations. The people who elect them do not bother to investigate whether their elected officials are doing anything. Republicans are lucky that the people who vote for them are to lazy to see whether their elected representatives are actually representing them. If they checked on them, they would be angry.

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hucktunes 11 years 30 weeks ago

Caveat emptor is more appropriate.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

It is imperative that the true U.S. Military and all of its branches join with the people and protect them otherwise you might see the following:

The Drone War Coming to a Town Near You

If there is nobody to set the drones to flying, nor to take Militarized action against the people, then the guns and the granades, will fall silent, and so will the bulldozers be stopped against We, the People!


This brings the utmost shame upon these, the Peoples of the United States of America, for the foreign backed U.S. government conduct these ongoing atrocities in the NAME OF THE CONSTITUTION WHICH THE FOREFATHERS OF THESE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAD DRAFTED AND MADE THEREFORE INTO LAW FOR THE GOOD AND BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!



"Established in 1789, the Supreme Court of the United States is the country's highest judicial body and final court of appeal. Its members, which include one chief justice and eight associate justices, are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. The Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting the U.S. Constitution and ensuring that federal and state laws comply with its articles and amendments. Based in the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., the court hears between 75 and 100 cases per year." History.com


BUT, the foreign ruled U.S. President Obama (as well as many other former Presidents) appoint those whom he is INSTRUCTED to appoint, then these appointees must be passed by the foreign ruled Senate.

Those Judicial members will then interpret the Constitution in any way which is benefical to their foreign MASTERS who operate WALL STREET, THE PENTAGON, THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE FULL ITINERARY OF THEIR WICKED POLICIES AGAINST THE PEOPLE WHOM THEY PROMISED TO SERVE!

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Cynus1: Was it Andrew Jackson or Andrew Johnson that was impeached?

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KORAD 11 years 30 weeks ago


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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago


"background N015e says:

Please know, we are eager to lend whatever support we can through our live radio show at occupydc.org — email has been sent to the press people, please reinforce the message. Stay strong, and welcome to the fight.”


SimGameIt says:

Hi, my name is Mike Callahan. Im far better known online as SimGameIt. For years ive watched what was going on in our country and i dont know if i was in more disbelief of what was happening or the fact that the people of this country were blind to it. I cried myself to sleep many nights because i couldnt seem to wake anyone up. This movement has given me tears of pride and tears of joy. And now with our former armed forces getting involved i tear up again. I know this is all supposed to be peaceful but i have something to say. I have never been a member of any armed forces. I wouldnt join because i didnt want to be a pawn for our governments political game of chess. My dad taught me to choose my battles wisely. I hope this stays peaceful and we come to a resolution. But i doubt any of the 1% are going to just give in. So let it be known, that when and if the time calls, i will stand shoulder to shoulder with these brave men and women and fight for our country with pride and integrity, honor and faith. Thank you all for helping. I support the OWS movement but i think they are a bit naive about whats to come. You are our bridge across those troubled waters.”


CorpsmanUp says:

“You should really read that article again. It explicitly states “Their website OccupyMarines.org, is calling for “Non-Active ‘Occupy’ Military Supporters Only” ” I just copied and pasted it
So you can go and complain to whomever you want while hiding behind the internet. While those of us who have served and who still live by our core values Honor, Courage, and Commitment will continue to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States An oath I have taken again as a Federal Employee at the VA Read whats written, not what you think is written Shipmate”

They have been threatened by the Pentagon who writes the rules from Israel - what the American people can do and what the American people cannot do.

The Marines and American people are not allowed to assist U.S Protesters monetarily. OMC were made to give the money back. In the same fashion, no none is allowed to assist the Palestinians monetarily. Israel does not even wish you to assist the Protesters with material goods, and that is why the Protesters have had their heaters, tents and belongings removed from them by the foreign ruled U.S. police force.

You have had many many of your schools shut down for lack of funding yet your foreign ruled U.S. government can approach the Federal Reserve with bonds and receive "written into existence, money" created out of thin air for war, war, and more war.

The foreign-ruled U.S. government sitting within the United States of America follow the dictates of Israel, on Wall Street, in the Senate, the Congress, the Judicial Offices from top to bottom, Lawyers, Federal Reserve and, of course, the Pentagon. All Armed Service men and women are made to tow the line with threats of imprisonment and disgrace if they do not. Many of these men and women, when faced with what they are expected to do to other peoples in other nations, commit suicide because they cannot live with themselves any longer. Others kill their commanders which was somewhat frequent though unknown during the Viet Nam war. The People of the United States must wake up and realize that they are toe to toe with Israel in everything their foreign ruled, or should I say "foreign based" government within the United States is doing to them and making them do to others.

However, those Marines and Armed Service personelle are still an important part of the Occupation, but I do agree that if the time comes whereby they are not even going to collect clothes, blankets and whatever else is necessary for the well being of the protesters because of further threats and dictates from the 1%, then their contribution will be considerably less. Therefore, one must ask if the Constitution of the United States means as much to them as they say it does. - Cygnus1


Mary says:

We love our Marines! From Beaufort County, SC. The nearest protests are in Savannah, Charleston and Columbia, please join!”


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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago


His name was Salmon P. Chase! The Chase Manhattan bank conglomerate which is now JPMorgan Chase Bank, was named "in his honor", though he had no financial affiliation with the bank. Salmon P. Chase held the office of Chief Justice in 1868, and oversaw the impeachment of the then President, Andrew Johnson.- Cygnus1

"In 1868 Salmon P. Chase had concluded:

"Congress was right in not limiting, by its reconstruction acts, the right of suffrage to whites; but wrong in the exclusion from suffrage of certain classes of citizens, and all unable to take its prescribed retrospective oath, and wrong also in the establishment of despotic military governments for the States and in authorizing military commissions for the trial of civilians in time of peace. There should have been as little military government as possible; no military commissions; no classes excluded from suffrage; and no oath except one of faithful obedience and support to the Constitution and laws, and of sincere attachment to the constitutional Government of the United States."[11]
In 1873 just before his "death" Salmon P. Chase confessed:

"(In causing my agency to promote) the passage of the National Bank Act, (I) made the greatest financial mistake of my life. It has built up a monopoly, which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed; but before that can be accomplished, the people well be arrayed on one side and the banks on the other in a contest such as we have never seen before in this country." end quote

As far as utilizing "the vote" as being an instrument to bring about excellence of change, for any citizen of these United States of America, voting is more of a detriment than a mannerism of brilliance, for those who set up candidates and voting polls have long controlled the process - away from the likes of the people. - Cygnus1.

As far as the banking ploy of the 1%, those 1% would love to close the little banks in order to force the people to deal with big corporate banks. This is the same strategy the 1% employ in forcing people away from so-called "government land" (of which land belong to the People) and into towns and cities. This is crowd control in both instances, and now the big banks throw out crumbs to the uninformed in the form of cutting transaction fees at the ATM machines. The People of these United States of America MUST NOT FALL FOR THIS. This plays as a MOCKERY OF THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and must not be falled for.

In shutting down donations to Wikileaks, to OMC for beginners, the People of these United States of America MUST SEE their old age pattern.

When this comes out, We, the People, will accordingly be in a state of REVOLUTION! - Cygnus1

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Third party as long as it is not put up by Americans Elect!
Americans Elect would really be a let down to the majority of Americans even more so than Obama has been. And obviously, the Republicans never were for the people. So if you are talking Green party..or any other liberal and/or progressive party..Peace and Freedom? As long as it is not put up by Americans Elect...which is, I believe, an even more right of center than Obama or the Republicans. They are trying to pretend that they are not affiliated with any political party but if they get in...just wait...you'll regret supporting them (if you do support them). But, you know, even if we did get someone from the Green party or Peace and Freedom party....I just wonder how well even they will stand up to the temptations and dirty tricks of Wall Street and anyone else they didn't play ball with. I think the only way we can be confident that we are regaining a free and fair election and political representation is if we made it illegal (and throw the bums in jail for a long time if they do not abide by the law) to finance campaigns and shut the revolving doors. When we can prevent anyone in office from being financially advantaged, even after they leave office, by those who stand to gain from political favor, then we will have regained power for the people and not power for the few.

Cygnus1: Some people might think it is silly to think that those who control this country would use drones against us. Some people think we're too civilized. Well I think that they have already done such a thing when they planned and engineered the attacks on 911. I believe that they used sophisticated electronics to control and guide the planes into the towers and into the Pentagon. I believe that they planted demolition explosives including nanothermite in the WTC buildings (all 3 of them) and remotely detonated them. They used 19 Arab patsies to make it appear that OBL was to blame. So if they can do this once, they can do it again...and depending on how bad things get here with the demonstrations...they may even use drones to take out select people or groups of people who oppose them and who are causing problems for them. So, I'm sitting here, typing on my computer waiting for that to happen so I'd better get this sent before I won't be able to. Just joking...I think! I'm sure they will go after more troublesome and more read bloggers or other well-known figures first.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Palindromedary, thank you for picking up my mistake. I have now corrected it. It was President Andrew Johnson.

Your post on Israel is correct and much more could be said on just how those in "Israel" came to be "Israel in Palestine," and with Israel having broken all U.N. mandates and every other promise it ever made using the "Kol Nidre" (which means make a promise and then break it at will and serve no responsibility to the breaker of the promise), Israel is, in fact, nothing more than a glorified military base sitting in Palestine, expanding, just as the U.S. has military bases throughout the Middle East, and expanding.

Do you see any difference in this:Cops use bulldozers in Richmond to break up Protesters. - go to rense.com, and what is happening to the Palestinians in the wee hours of the morning? No difference at all. - Cygnus1

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Cygnus1: Thanks for the Rense.com story on Cops using bulldozers in Richmond to break up protesters. Actually had to look for it but here is the original:

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Glenn Greenwald On Occupy Protests - Banks Too Big To Jail

AMY GOODMAN: You know, it’s interesting. You talk about the press secretary for Ford quitting, saying here we’re—you’re protecting the elite, and you have all these conscientious objectors that are going to jail. In a sense, would you describe this whole Occupy Wall Street movement around the country as a kind of conscientious objection to the system? These are conscientious objectors, too. You have more than 2,500 of them who have been arrested around the country. Compare that to the number of executives in the last two years, since the economy has just completely tanked, then the number of crimes that have gone unprosecuted.

GLENN GREENWALD: Well, it’s interesting. You watch the images, which are police state images, that you showed in Oakland, and we’ve seen this elsewhere, with pepper spray abuses and other kinds of police abuses. What this really is, is using the law to protect criminals, which are the people hiding in Wall Street buildings, from people who are really committing no crimes, who are exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and assembly. It’s exactly how the law has been perverted.

AMY GOODMAN: And what it would mean for Wall Street executives to be held accountable, and watching President Obama go around the country—last Sunday, he dedicates the Martin Luther King Monument. Not miles away is Cornel West and others being arrested in front of the Supreme Court, Cornel West saying, “If Martin Luther King is being honored today, someone’s got to be arrested.”


AMY GOODMAN: And having President Obama referencing Occupy Wall Street, saying he understands, but traveling the country raising millions of dollars for the Democratic Party, saying, well, the Democratic Party plans to raise, what, a billion dollars for President Obama’s 2012 run.” End quote

Think what a billion dollars could fund: education by opening the schools back up, college and university funds, heath care, medicine, clothes, food, home payments, and on the list could go. And think how much the foreign based government in the U.S. wastes per day in bombing other nations into oblivion IN YOUR NAME! PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

And England wasted 60 MILLION DOLLARS on a one day Royal wedding whilst the PEOPLE CANNOT EVEN AFFORD TO COMPLETE THEIR EDUCATION DUE TO THE HIKE IN COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY FEES! The Royals have become a liability on the nation!

Banks are not too big to jail however, due to the fact that there are 800 secret concentration camps throughout these United States of America. – Cygnus1

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Palindromedary, thank you again. I had a link but all sorts of data came up so I had to disconnect it. Your link works much better. I would appreciate that if you ever catch me in a mistake again, please point it out for we all must be as accurate as possible. - Cygnus1

dianna 11 years 30 weeks ago

You know what really bothers me about your "opinions" on just about anything, is that you dislike Republicans. I recently watched you talk about all the Republican candidates running for Pres 2012 EXCEPT for Ron Paul. Why is that?? Considering he is doing so well in the debates and polls. Why do you and virtually all the MSM keep ignoring this man? Why? The more he is ignored, the more people are noticing, even though your boss doesn't care or think so......a big mistake. To me this could only mean THIS is the man we want for our next Pres......

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Cygnus1..watched that Democracy Now piece with Amy Goodman and Glenn Greenwald..here's a snippet that I took note of: Why would anyone want to vote for Obama again?

GLENN GREENWALD: Well, I mean, there’s clearly an effort on the part of the Democratic Party to co-opt the energy that is behind the Occupy movement and to reinject the Obama campaign with the enthusiasm that it had in 2008, and which it now lacks obviously. And the reason why that’s so destined to fail is because, although President Obama was funded overwhelmingly by Wall Street in 2008, that fact was not very extensively reported or appreciated. And yet, now people have seen him in office shielding Wall Street from investigations. There is an excellent attorney general in the state of New York, Eric Schneiderman, who is trying to investigate Wall Street and is being very aggressively pressured by the Obama White House.

AMY GOODMAN: Explain what they’re doing to him.

GLENN GREENWALD: They need him and all attorneys general to sign on to a deal that would allow Wall Street banks essentially to immunize themselves forever from all damages from the mortgage fraud that they systematically perpetrated on the country in the court for what is essentially a woefully inadequate check of cost of doing business. And Schneiderman, and actually now Beau Biden in Delaware, refuse to sign on to this legislation and insist on continuing their investigation. And the Obama White House and administration are aggressively pressuring them. And they want, as well, to raise funds, and are raising funds, from the securities and banking industry as a way of funding the President’s re-election campaign. So that idea that Occupy Wall Street will simultaneously occupy Wall Street and work to keep in power their most lavishly funded politician, I think, is a pipe dream of the Democratic Party and the Obama White House. But it shows the desperation, I think, that they’re feeling in terms of reinjecting some citizen enthusiasm into their campaign.


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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Shut Down the 1 Percent: Occupy Oakland Calls General Strike
Tuesday 01 November 2011
by: Occupy Oakland, occupyoakland.org
Below is the proposal passed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Wednesday October 26, 2011 in reclaimed Oscar Grant Plaza. 1607 people voted. 1484 voted in favor of the resolution, 77 abstained and 46 voted against it, passing the proposal at 96.9%. The General Assembly operates on a modified consensus process that passes proposals with 90% in favor and with abstaining votes removed from the final count.


We as fellow occupiers of Oscar Grant Plaza propose that on Wednesday November 2, 2011, we liberate Oakland and shut down the 1%.

We propose a city wide general strike and we propose we invite all students to walk out of school. Instead of workers going to work and students going to school, the people will converge on downtown Oakland to shut down the city.

All banks and corporations should close down for the day or we will march on them.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Palindromedary, right! Noone with their sensibilities intact would vote again for President Obama, nor any man nor woman who is going to continue in working under the present day system for Wall Street, the bankers and all the rest who work for "the glory of Israel." Money hungry leeches will continue trying to prop President Obama up, but the REVOLUTION will have its way.

There were some points I wanted the readers to observe, so I thought the article was a worthwhile read.

Once the military all stand up as true protecters of the people, then the entire system can be thrown out. Once all party systems have been disbanded, dissolved, or whatever you like to call it, and the new system put in then the people will never need to worry about men and women absconding with their money again. This new system has such safeguards as to prevent this from happening. But this system is being kept away from the people until such time as their sons and daughters in the military free their nation from the 1% who uses the U.S. military for their own agenda, so it does not fall into the wrong hands. The people will not be disappointed. - Cygnus1

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2950-10K 11 years 30 weeks ago

I have no idea if the republicans trust in God or maybe the DEVIL but I'm certain they trust that the corp. mass media will not expose their ungodly political inaction. A do-nothing inertia wickedly supported by obsessive desire to remove one man from his job!

How about the Democrats propose and demand legislation to broaden the Federal definition of HATE CRIME. Make it inclusive of all those involved in politically motivated efforts causing subversion of legislation which would put Americans back to work. I think Randy's insubordinate waste of time and tax payer's money fits the crime!

Where are the jobs? They got moved out of the country so ugly CAPITALISTS can EXPAND their wealth without work progams for the 1%ers!

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George Reiter 11 years 30 weeks ago

Where are the jobs? Our jobs are in China, exported by American Corporations. Our Congress represents special interests, and their interests do not include me.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

We have a system which outdoes all systems just as soon as everything is in place, and this system certainly does represent your interests, my friend, and certainly does include you. The people must want it more than what they have or could have under this present failed system which cannot be repaired.

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Cygnus1: Just curious...what system are you talking about? You mean there is a system ready to take the place of the current corrupt system? I hope it includes throwing most of the banksters, politicians, corporate CEOs, and bigtime Wall Street gamblers in jail for a long time and getting our money and economy back.

I sure hope you are not referring to anything related to Americans Elect because they are definitely not who they appear to be. If you know anything about that group, their founder, and the other associates and organizations, and their wealthy right-wing backers they are affiliated or part of, then it sounds very much like what they are planning to do.

Peter Ackerman's International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and other like organizations have everything to do with overthrowing governments (so far it has only been foreign governments but with Americans Elect it looks like they are working on what they can accomplish in the US...and they would probably very likely take advantage of the current atmosphere to install their own government. And I really don't think it would be what we, as liberals, or progressives, or just American citizens would welcome. Hitler took advantage of the discontent, fear, and confusion and history repeats itself. I'm not saying that AE would result in another Hitler but who knows?

Maybe I missed some of the things you have said but you sound like you have some inside information about another "government" just waiting in the wings to overthrow the current one...which includes a good part of the military. One thing is for sure that the criminals who are currently running our government have to change in favor of the people or they won't have "their" government. Maybe the corrupt government is getting just a little bit nervous now...I don't know. They sure look and sound nervous both Republican and Obama. If they are rolling out the bull dozers in the streets of America like they do in Palestine against the Palestinians then you know they are getting nervous.

Another thing that is making the ruling elite very nervous is China and what is going on in the rest of the world right now. Of course, the US has been a big part of the reason why the world is falling apart. It is the neoliberal marketing job it did on other countries like Russia and Greece. They fell flat on their faces, as are we. It has been a failure of neoliberal chicago-school captialism that the US tried so hard to sell to everyone else. So anyway, with all of this tension and strife, on a world-wide scale, our current government wracked with internal corruption and a lack of faith from the people in that government may lead to some very horrible things.

The government will see all these demonstrations as acts of anarchy and will feel obligated to crack down hard...which will amplify the ill feelings of the people. I don't know if we, the people, have anything beyond a faddish will to butt heads with a well-armed government. But like you said...if we have most of the military on our side then we might have a chance. But, do we? Or is it just a few militia waiting in the wings? I know that there are a lot of militia that have been waiting and training for just this sort of opportunity. But there are variations in what many of these militia believe is important. Some are faith-based and would love to make the new government a theocracy.

I don't know..but it is getting very, very interesting...if not scary but what is scarier is starvation, no shelter, your loved ones dying, no health care. But at least we have gotten some token concessions by getting the banks to back down...but that is so too little..too late...what we need is jobs and a big change in our corrupt system of government and economic system. We need to trash the criminal smoke and mirrors, marketing driven, F.I.R.E. economy and start making things again. Stop outsourcing our jobs.

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john@meyelecco.com 11 years 30 weeks ago

John Boehner and Eric Cantor have jobs that we the people hired them to do. I want to know who voted them in to office and why? And for those you cast their ballot for Boehner and Cantor I want to know what you are doing now to make amends for giving them the opportunity to continue killing our middle class?

Simple question for each of us to ask our elected public servants:

Are you for the people who you were elected to represent? ___yes ___no

If "no" please explain (900 characters including spaces).



If you need more space to explain why you chose not to represent the people who elected you then please attach your additional comments to this form and mail to:

We the People

PO Box 220578

Chicago, IL 60622

United States of America

Ümläüt 11 years 30 weeks ago

Framing the argument.

The right are mostly businessmen and have huge amounts of capital to spend on marketing their snake oil.

They will often take a point and claim it, forcing one to assume anyone on the other side must also be on the other side of the argument, i.e., Americans for prosperity. They are making a passive argument that the 99% are attacking the sucessful and want to lower the standards of America overall in a sort of leveling.

I view this like I view how I was told as a child to save my money and get some interest out of it, instead of blowing it on candy. Investing in society is the slow, yet responsible way to prosperity. In the news, MA again wins highest test scores in its schools.


This will, in time reap prosperity. You plant a seed and watch it grow. It's not immediate gratification like getting that candy, or a ferrari, or yacht, but like the hasty child, America will be left LESS prosperous in time if we don't invest socially. This is NOT to create a wellfare state, but to create a well educated innovative, and prosperous state. Every time the right falsely accuses the left that a wlefare state, being their motivation, it should not only be shot down, but should be preempted by a resounding mantra to the contrary that becomes household words like "trickle down" was for the right.

The right's posturing only seems to benefit the either already wealthy, or their cronies.

The OWS did great by claiming the argument by calling themselves the 99%. This type of framing needs to continue. When met with the argument that we are against prosperity, that should be shot down and clarrified that we want prosperity for the many, for the meritorious, and the innovative, but the merit will come through healthy well educated people and will be sustainable through responsiblity to our neighbors and the Earth.

The 1% wants prosperity for killing jobs, paying slave wages and keeping money in the lucky sperm club, not for America as a whole.

The progressive framing is not snake oil marketing, it is authenticity, but the left often takes a knee jerk defensive stance and plays into the right's straw man.

Prosperity for all should be the loudest point comming from the left if you want progressive ideals to become populist. If we want an education focused society like we saw in 60s in response to the space race, if we want fair wages, if we want a better life for our children and our country. It is a slow road upward, but we are and have been, for 30 years, on a slow road downward.

Chris in Germany

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5xxoo2 11 years 30 weeks ago


You are EXACTLY right!!! My response to this insane blog by Heart(less)man was to inform him that government cannot 'create' jobs!! The ONLY thing government 'creates' is slavery!!! By enslaving the people who depend upon it! Enslaving people ensures their VOTE, which of course, is the ultimate goal!!!

The free market creates jobs, not Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner!!

Hartmann better study up on his history, but then again, he does have job that is secure so long as there are sheeple who believe his crap!!!

left of wing-nuts 11 years 30 weeks ago

The arise of these fundamentalist denominations that try to foist the belief that God is interested what kind of politicial or monetary system we have are mistaken. If they are as Bible literate as they purport they would remember that God has not deemed to care whether we have his name on our money, whether we are called "liberal" or "conservative". He does not honor our flag or our political life, only as it pertains to our treatment of our fellow man. That is the second of only two commandments in the New Testament, "to love your neighbor as yourself". That commandment covers all of commandments 2 through 10. God cares about our actions. We are discouraged to stand on the street corner and proclaim how rightious we are. These kind of shenanigans are standing on the corner proclaiming nothing and do more harm than good to our religious beliefs. Mankind creates its own messes.

left of wing-nuts 11 years 30 weeks ago

Well, you are totally wrong about everything. It is the large corporations and their tremendous power and and the politicians they buy that is enslaving the people. They use this power and money to confuse and distract people from understanding their destruction. The government can create jobs and protect the country. The free market does not always create jobs, unless you count the goal to suppress people into low-paying jobs that no one can live on. The free market depends on enough people having money to be able to purchase the good they buy. The tunnel vision of some corporations today only focuses on the amount of profit they make in order to pay their CEO's and some for the buyers of their inflated stock. They have no concept that they are killing the goose that laid the golden egg when they don't realize poor people are lucky if they can barely survive, let along buy any products.

Speaking of history, what it tells us is that this system of capitalism on steroids, always leads to a collapse in the economy, with the big guys coming out on top and everyone else losing, including the small investors, pension funds, etc. They will never put money into creating jobs unless there is a market for those goods and there is no market because people cannot buy. That is what caused the Great Depression along with the manipulation of the Stock Market and that is what is happening now. Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, et al know this and John Boehner is so afraid of the Tea Party candidates he cannot function. That is why the Republicans are so afraid of Nancy Pelosi. She is right!

You are the one that best study up on history. Also, it might be interesting to learn when Capitalism really came into being in this country. Capitalism is not synonymous with a Republic or a Democracy, although used properly it can be a good monetary system.

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mwalkerco 11 years 30 weeks ago

I propose a new motto: Question Authority. It was good-enough for the 70s, it is good-enough for now as well!

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

Cygnus: Yes, you are right...Here is a quote of what you said on 30 October 2011 #33

Palindromedary, your posts are very informative. As far as "Americans Elect" is concerned, you are right, do not let the name fool the American public."

And further down your post you said:
Americans Elect wants you, the people, to believe you put the Presidents in power. Nothing could be further from the truth. They wish to pre-empt any possibility of ever seeing the White House occupied by a President who is a true reflection of American patriotic sentiments. The Americans Elect tell the people to forget voting for a party, to vote only for a President. Whereas, We the People, of these United States of America will dissolve the party system, Americans Elect will retain them for they have already been "cultivated" by Israel.

We have been speaking of dissolving the party system. Americans Elect speak now of the same thing. Do not be fooled, for Americans Elect is not working for you, the people, neither are they "American Patriots" as you, the people are. Their destination is ISRAEL. As long as Israel controls the U.S. President, the Military and the Monetary system, they control YOU, THE PEOPLE, OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

If a majority of American people remain in ignorance by supporting such philosophy and groups, the American people will continue to die in wars run by foreign powers, and will continue to die in the streets of their own nation, these United States of America, and to die of lack of medical care, medicine, education, and starvation. - Cygnus1

I do remember reading this now.

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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I have already written concerning Americans Elect. Please check the recent forums. You have nothing to worry about. Later when I have time, I will find the posting for you. I am sorry you missed that post. Remember all we have spoken and you cannot possibly think that we have anything to do with Americans Elect nor any party system. What we want for the people is what the people want for themselves and much much more. Until the Military and its branches come on the side of the people, in protecting the people, protecting their mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, etc, this new system, as you call it, which is a system commonly practiced and adhered to upon other worlds will remain guarded. Perhaps Americans Elect got some of their rhetoric from us. This is why our system is kept well under guard for should it fall into the wrong hands they will corrupt it. This is a system for the people, by the people and of the people. I hope this satisfies you at this time. Please tell me if you cannot find my posting on Americans Elect for I believe at the time you responded to it. - Cygnus1

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