I Swear...I Didn't “Tear down this Reagan statue”

Bring it down! A bronze Ronald Reagan statue in Newport Beach was damaged early Sunday morning, as an unidentified driver tried to tear it down like we did the statues of Saddam Hussein. According to witnesses – at around 5:30 am – the man walked up to the statue, put a rope around Reagan’s neck that was also attached to his pick-up truck, and then tried to drive off – either to tear the statue down or to take it with him.

The man may not have held a political grudge against Reagan – as police noted that there has been uptick in copper and bronze robberies as a result of the poor economy…thanks to the economic damage of 30 years of Reaganomics. Ultimately – the man was unsuccessful in his heist to “tear down this Reagan statue” – but he did manage to flee the scene before police arrived.

Let me save the investigators some time here – I was nowhere near Newport Beach at the time of the crime…I swear.

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