It's Election Day - Win some – lose some...

It’s Election Day – and there are several important issues up for vote around the nation. At the top of the list is the fate of SB-5 in Ohio – the law passed by state Republicans to strip public sector workers of their rights to collectively bargain. According to polling – the harsh anti-union law is headed for repeal today – as majority of Ohioans are against the war on labor and think Governor Kasich overstepped his mandate. Meanwhile – up in Maine – voters will have a chance to repeal several new laws passed by Republicans that make it harder to vote.

These new laws now require voter IDs – they make it more difficult for people to register – and they shorten early voting. Despite a secret conservative donor who has reportedly dumped a quarter-million dollars into the election to make sure these laws stay on the books – a slim majority of voters in Maine support repeal. So if all goes well – tomorrow – workers in Ohio will be allowed to collectively bargain again – and voters in Maine will be able to vote.

Unfortunately, down in Mississippi – voters will likely give personhood rights to fetuses – laying the groundwork for not only prohibiting legal abortion – but also prohibiting birth control and in vitro fertilization. Win some – lose some.

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