Occupy Wall Street is bringing down the big banks..

According to the Credit Union National Association – or CUNA – more than 650,000 people have moved their money into local credit unions across the nation in just the last 4 weeks – coinciding with the rise of Occupy Wall Street – and Bank of America’s decision to set up a $5 debit card fee…a decision the bank has since backed down from.

More people fled the big banks and joined credit unions in the last month – than they did through the entire year of 2010.

If Congress doesn’t want to do its job and end too big to fail banksters – then the people will just starve the banksters themselves. Move your money!


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cygnus1 11 years 30 weeks ago

The discovery of universal realities is never religious. Therefore, when we begin to realize that there exist planets with civilizations on them similar to our own, then such a discovery is certainly not a religious one. In this case the discovery was made when "those who look like us" visited us, and not us visiting them. We could not find them on their planets without their type of transportation devices, therefore, "they" are coming to us, telling us about themselves.

Palindromedary, if one thinks that the wisdom found on this planet, or world, is the height of intelligence then that one is sorely mistaken and there would be no hope for the entire human race. - Cygnus1

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gallde 11 years 30 weeks ago

Oh, yeah, you forgot to mention... The creditunionruse.com site is owned by The Massachusetts Banking Ass.(holes)! Certainly an unbiased source!

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Palindromedary 11 years 30 weeks ago

I wonder if a bug can fathom the realities that we humans have come to know. And wouldn't humans be like bugs to these technologically advanced beings? If these aliens were so advanced...say thousands of years advanced technologically anyway...and that could just be because they have certain elements on their planet that has allowed them to do things that we cannot..or that they have just existed as a "civilization...whatever that means..." for millions of years longer than we have....or that they never developed imaginary stories like religious beliefs...a belief in an imaginary, all seeing, omnipresent, guilt creating God. We could have been a thousand years more advanced technologically if it weren't for the stupid religious oppression of the dark ages. Mankind let it's superstition and ignorant bully boys in the pulpit...like Torquemada..the Popes...and the various cults that followed.... dictate what we should believe in...which was that the earth was only about 6000 years old and man was created by that wicked sociopathic, egomaniacal wizard in the sky. But that imaginary overseer was merely created in the minds of men to use as a control mechanism over others. And people were so stupid as to fall for it...over and over again.

There are many cults and sects with varying ideas that have broken away from the mainstream God cults...and they are really no better than the ancient ones because they are still feeding their imaginary bull to whomever will listen....whomever will fall for their gullible idiocy.

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CollegesAreEvil 11 years 30 weeks ago

Occupy Colleges Now - I wanted to suggest that you investigate, speak out, and help start protests against state universities and local colleges that have contributed greatly to promote corrupted statism and corporatism. I will describe the facts. I have a master's degree from a state university; I hated nearly every semester. Now I have trouble finding work; I am resentful and I believe the colleges owe a lot of responsibility and retribution to their alumni that they have crippled.

Here is a list of facts:

  • Colleges for the past 15 years have inappropriately raised tuition;
  • they put forth systems of indoctrination and cult-mind and behavior control in the guise of "group learning" and "team work" those who discuss, debate, question, or speak out are harassed with "workplace mobbing" and "gang stalking";
  • professors are cowardly and two-faced; they refuse to address and correct social concerns or students' concerns about inappropriately high tuition and classism;
  • systematic discrimination, racism, and homophobia are rampant in universities (professors and deans secretly manufacture the consent and unduly influence students to be more divided, more racist, more homophobic, more paranoid, etc. rather than allowing them to explore reality on their own and to come to their own conclusions)
  • Presidents and administrators of colleges gang stalk or retaliate against "targeted individuals" who are usually minorities, progressive, or constitutional libertarians (left and right);
  • Most colleges utilize secretive behavior assessment teams and snitch cultures that are not monitored, questioned, or critiqued by the republic. It gives the impression of a police state festering right before our eyes at so many of these worthless state universities. They persistently violate the 4th amendment and 1st amendment with these systems of spying, snitching, and provocateuring social problems.
  • There is no return on investment for all the degrees except for the medical degree, engineering degree, computer science degree, or accounting degree plans which make up the smallest percentile of degrees. Shouldn't the rest of the degree plans be free of charge since they have no return on investment? This fraud and undue influence must be protested against or written about very soon. I hope you can help!

Here is a quote from Charles Sykes' amazing book Profscam:
"A bill of indictment for the professors' crimes against higher education would be lengthy. Here is a partial one: They are overpaid, grotesquely underworked, and the architects of academia's vast empires of waste. They have abandoned their teaching responsibilities and their students. To the average undergraduate, the professoriate is unapproachable, uncommunicative, and unavailable. They have distorted university curriculum to accommodate their own narrow and selfish interests rather than the interests of their students. They have created a culture in which bad teaching goes unnoticed and unsanctioned and good teaching is penalized. They insist that their obligations to research justify their flight from the college classroom despite the fact that fewer than one in ten ever makes any significant contribution to their field. They have cloaked their scholarship in stupefying, inscrutable jargon. This conceals the fact that much of what passes for research is trivial and inane. They have perverted the system of academic publishing into a scheme that serves only to advance academic careers and bloat libraries with masses of unread, unreadable, and worthless pablum. They have twisted the ideals of academic freedom into a system in which they are accountable to no one, while they employ their own rigid methods of thought control to stamp out original thinkers and dissenters. In social sciences, professors have created cults of pseudo-science more concerned with methodology and mindless quantification than with addressing any significant social questions. It has been the professors' relentless drive for advancement that has turned American universities into vast factories of junkthink. Their disdain for teaching and the arrogance with which they treat their students has turned the universities into the home office of educational mediocrity, poisoning the entire educational system from top to bottom." (Charles Sykes 1988, 5-7)

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