Who’s screwed? American patriots....

American patriots practicing their first amendment rights to free speech. Two campus police officers with the University of California, Davis are on paid administrative leave after video surfaced over the weekend of them dousing a group of occupying patriots sitting peacefully on the sidewalk with a can of pepper spray. In addition – calls on campus are growing for the Chancellor of the University, Linda Katehi, to resign, since she was the one who ordered the police in to break up the occupation. She has since apologized and has promised an investigation into the use of excessive force. Meanwhile – cops patrolling the Occupy Boston encampment are hoping the weather will finish off the patriots in Bean Town. In the last few days – as temperatures dropped – police have been confiscating materials like insulation and winterized tents.

As one member of Occupy Boston said about the police, “they are trying to cause people to freeze…they’re trying to flush us out.” On top of that – DC lobbying firms are getting in the game too. A leaked memo from a lobbying group outlines a plan to destroy the Occupy Wall Street Movement with “opposition research” and “negative narratives” for the small price tag of $850,000 – to be paid for by the American Bankers Association.

When it comes to the 99% Movement – free speech is literally being chilled.

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