Still wondering why there’s a need for the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

The Great Bush Crash of 2008 – resulted in a massive downgrade of the U.S. labor force. According to a new study out of Rutgers – only 7% of the millions and millions of Americans who lost their jobs during this second Republican Great Depression – have found a new job on par or better with the salary they were making before the 2008.

The vast majority of Americans say they are now living diminished lifestyles – with some saying they’ve taken drastic pay cuts that they fear will be permanent. Meanwhile – it took less that two years for Wall Street to return to the same profit levels as before the crash.

Still wondering why there’s a need for the Occupy Wall Street Movement? It’s because the 1% got bailed out – and the 99% got sold out.


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DRichards 12 years 28 weeks ago

SALON: Why Young Voters Love Ron Paul

As part of his role as a contributing writer for, Sirota this week published an article looking at the real reason why so many young voters are flocking to Republican Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He also published a piece looking at how evangelical Christians are the group most likely to tell pollsters they are more loyal to their religion than to America. And he wrote a piece looking at why the same media that made hay over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight is saying nothing about Newt Gingrich's weight. Read the article about Ron Paul here, the article about evangelical Christians here and the article about Gingrich here - then subscribe to Sirota's RSS feed here.

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DRichards 12 years 28 weeks ago

It seems to me that Ron Paul may be the lessor of the three evils. Though I don't agree with all of the Libertarian points, I sure don't agree with the Democrat/Republican goal of American Empire, endless wars, Government spying on US citizens, the endless war on drugs, as well as declaring that the US soil is a battlefield and it's citizens subject to indefinite detention & torture by the president.

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leighmf 12 years 28 weeks ago

So they impuned the tents and camping, much less a health hazard than the shanty towns of the Great Depression, which were ignored, showing that these days municipal permits and police are all that it takes to keep the public from too much free assembly.

That is why the Protest needs to be ratched up a notch-

Oh how I've learned not to buck bureaucracy, speak with a lawyer, or call The Department of Transportation "The Dumb Old Turkeys!"

Instead, to sustain a protest we must think like them, and do things while staying out of trouble in the same way as they do, the Objectionable Ones, 00 aka.

We must fight on their lawn of 'Diamond Point' zoysia.

Refuse to serve the rich and grant them special favors of your time and labor.

Catalog the things they need most, then charge the same price for the job, as say, an appendectomy, accompanied by a legitimate rationalization of the price. I always price my services as, my time is worth your time, and vice-versa. Elsewise, we don't work together.

Window washing, for instance- where would they be without window washers?

Car detailers could get a lot more than they have been asking.

Where I like to see prices really go sky high on syndicated property trusts is Landscape Maintenance. The rationale for charging almost gold for this work should be the ever rising cost of the many required insurances needed, workman's comp, trucks, and fuel.

If the servants quit serving, believe me, the helpless inbred are not going to be out there doing manual labor. Their areas of occupation will look like Tobacco Road within a year.

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Pulladigm 12 years 28 weeks ago

I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again and again until somebody listens. The only way to grow an economy is for people, people like you and I, to buy goods and services. The only way for people to buy goods and services is if they have money. Money enough to meet their bills with enough left over to save a little, to buy a few extras maybe a small luxury now and then. That is how you grow an economy. The more people that prosper will bring prosperity to more people. That is how the economy grows

Not by giving it to millionaires. I like most people have played the lottery game. You know,"If I won the lottery what would I do?" I found that if I bought my wife and I bought everything we ever wanted paid all our debts, paid all our expenses 20 years in advance and set aside enough to live for the next 20 years it would come to less than $700,000.

So what, I ask, what will someone who makes over a million dollars every year spend their money on that will create jobs. It is beyond my wildest imagination how a billionaire would spend their money to create jobs.

Give the money to banks? Banks created this depression, make no mistake, this is a depression. Banks created this problem by reckless speculation and investing in air, in nothing, in smoke. We balled them out and they pocketed the money and told the rest of us to go "piss up a rope."

If it is too big to fail it is too big to exist.

When a company fails we, the government, should help the employees to form a corporation. We, the government, should help finance the employee owned corporation and let them run the company. They couldn't do any worse than the people who ran the company into the ground. The employee/shareholders will decide who is in charge. The employee/shareholders will decide how the company is run. How to share the profits. That will create jobs and those jobs will create more Jobs

I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again and again until somebody listens. The only way to grow an economy is for people, people like you and I, to buy goods and services.


If you want things the way they used to be- tax a millionaire, support a union and buy American.

Geraldine Rieman 12 years 28 weeks ago

I know someone who is very wealthy and this person once bought me lunch when I was going through a difficult situation because she had just read a book that tells, "How to be generous." I am not kidding. She said it.

Over and over, on Fox News and Talk Radio shows, I hear the wealthy show hosts say that they don't get it and don't understand why the Occupy Wall Street Movement is continuing or what it is all about.

They are blinded and don't see. They have no clue.

But, the American People ARE listening and now people are aware of the situation and aware of what's going on in Washinging D. C. Aware of who is looking out for the American people.

One more thing, I thank God for Bernie Sanders.

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arky12 12 years 28 weeks ago
  1. U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights - The ... hours ago – WASHINGTON -- The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression isdrafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to knowwhy federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy ... who serves as theU.N. "special rapporteur" for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost ...
  2. U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights hours ago – WASHINGTON -- The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression isdrafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to knowwhy ... serves as the U.N. "special rapporteur" for the protection of free expression,... to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy ...
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Clarissa Smith 12 years 28 weeks ago

"Second Republican Depression" -- HA, I like that! I admire how you stage facts, it is downright art. Until Steve Keene was in your show, I had been mentally drifting. Willing to change my 30s movie/ song/ dance stuff on a political path, but I didn't know how. You had been speaking of a new depression for a couple days, and when Keene replied, "Yes we are", I knew I had to do radical things. And this is all because your show gives me a lot of power. I occupied my own blog -- sort of sprayed over the old fancy header pic "occupied". LOL

We have to review two 1933 movies: 42ND STREET and GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933. In the 2nd one you find it all: a show being foreclosed and girls layed off, getting into misery. The final MY FORGOTTEN MAN is our Irak/Afghanistan veteran....homeless, jobless, unappreciated. And in those two films they already speak of "depression" (not yet "Great Depression"). 42ND STREET was mainly made in 1932, so they already said that in 1932.

Fall 1929 + 3 years = fall 1932 /// fall 2008 + 3 years = fall 2011 (!)

I hope very much, history won't repeat -- right now it doesn't look like that. Because late 1932 was really horrible. Then in early 1933 the U.S. economy was absolutely stunned. Well, Hoover was just leaving and Roosevelt was about to get into office. Thanks God Bush is already kicked out of office, and thanks God we still have Obama! Or do we need another creepy winter 1932/ 1933?

We have to re-discover MY FORGOTTEN MAN. Occupy the traditional jazz bands and have them play that. They should occupy themselves and play that out on the streets. It was a Roosevelt thing too: Roosevelt was downright part of the film propaganda and he invited the whole film crew to join his inauguration. We aren't hippies -- we have tradition with real culture!

Yes, the occupy movement has tradition. Did you know they occupied apartments in the 30s and put the furniture of those who had been put out back? And union men reinstalled gas and water for those who had been put out.

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Elioflight 12 years 28 weeks ago

No, I am not currently of the 7%. Although, I've had to close my freelance editing/writing business last year when money for education dried up for good. My husband is still employed for now, but he expects his company to close the plant within 2 years. A new plant in India will be taking that work.

We will be okay because our small farm is debt-free and we are debt-free and have been saving our entire marriage. We can grow our own food. We both have college degrees and skills. We have made the adjustments, but we have never been able to live a high lifestyle.

We are considered to be baby-boomers (1957 and 1960), but find that our generation has not had the benefits of the real boomers. Class reunions have been the eye-opener, when we find that classmates have the same struggles. We have had to struggle our entire adult lives. Our college degrees, which we paid for ourselves, have not moved us into those high paying jobs--those are already occupied by early boomers. We have had to move from job to job for slighty better pay or benefits. Hell, I was editing physics and chemistry journals for $7.25/hr in the 1990s.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is vital to restoring the dignity and vitality of the middle-class worker in United States--to restoring the US economy and its greatness. Stupid blind greed is destroying our country. It's about time people are standing up. Now if we can get EVERY worker to walk away from his machine, get up from her desk and take to the streets, then I think something can be done. Until then, the money machine will continue to mow us down.

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Palindromedary 12 years 28 weeks ago

I'm amazed that there are still some people who speak of Obama as someone better than Bush. You sure can't compare him to FDR, that's for sure. He'll never be anything close to FDR. He's bush's doppelganger. And he is about to invade Iran...I fear. When countries, like France, start pulling out diplomats and embassies, it is a pretty good sign that something is about to happen. It is no surprise that the US would send in spies into Iran...and when they are tends to give the US yet another false flag excuse to invade.

Obama is proof that it really doesn't matter who is President....the criminally insane and greedy ruling elite controls the President. These people are ruthless and will stop at nothing. And if blackmail doesn't work for the ruling elite, then even assassination is not without historical precedence...JFK, RFK, MLK, and many more.

All these ambitious people running for President will never level with the people and they fully expect to tell many lies just to "win" the office of the Presidency. What kind of a country is it that does not hold the President accountable for how he presented himself when campaigning? He pretended that he would represent us and fight for us...but he has done nothing but represent Wall Street and actually fought against us.

Michael Hudson, economist:
". It used to be that if you ran a fraud, if you cheated people, if you lied on your income tax and falsified statistics, then you would be sent to jail. But the Obama administration has appointed Eric Holder to represent Wall Street. He has not thrown any bankers in jail, recognizing that they are the major campaign contributors of the party, after all."

"So what began as anger has become a gathering awareness that Mr. Obama was simply fooling voters instead of leading the change he promised. That’s what politicians do, of course. But people hoped that he might be different. That was the gullibility he played on. He has turned into the nightmare they thought they were voting against. "

"The man whom Mr. Obama asked to be his mentor when he joined the Senate was Joe Lieberman. He evidently gave Obama expert advice about how to raise funds from the financial class by delivering his liberal constituency to his Wall Street campaign contributors. So the problem is not that President Obama is well meaning but inept – an idealist who just can’t fight the vested interests and insiders. He’s thrown in his lot with them. In fact, he really seems to believe the right-wing, pro-Wall Street ideology – that the economy can’t function without a financial system that guarantees “savers” (the top 1%) against loss, even when the bottom 99% have to pay more and more."

"And on a personal level, Mr. Obama knows that his fund raising comes mainly from Wall Street, and the only way to get this money is to sell out his constituency."

"The upshot is that we now have a political nightmare. Yet Mr. Obama still seems to be the best that the Democrats can offer! This is why I think the protestors are saying they are not going to let the Democrats jump in front of the parade to try and mobilize support for their party. Like the Irish say: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” They realize that the financial system is broken and that neither party is trying to do much about it. So the political system has to be changed as well as the economic system. "

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DustyHinz 12 years 28 weeks ago

Yea, that is how the logic works of such a stupid system that should be discarded. Let's just buy more stuff and everything will be okay. Yea, you'll be at the store buying the last product ever made as the last exploitable natural resource on the planet is gobbled up by this destructive and unsustainable system. I am 24. I still have to live on this planet for the next however many years. And generations need to live on the planet after that. You look a tad older. Think about the future. Think about the internal logic of this system: that infinite is possible and more is better. What we need is not to re-industrialize, make more useless shit, and buy more useless shit. We need radically resilient and sustainable communities. Permaculture. Transition Towns. We need 50 million organic farmers in this country. The goal should NOT be growth.

Pulladigm. Think. Infinite economic growth is not possible on a finite planet. We are facing ecological crisis. Climate change. Mass extinction. Ecosystem depletion. Also, we are facing peak oil, which is the lifeblood of the global economy, what allows your "goods" to be transported everywhere. Your solution is more, while my solution is some variation of better, smarter, smaller, different, and less. Get creative. I am sick of hearing about all this "buy more" crap and it will be okay.

Our economic models, the short-sighted and stupid academic ideological creation of very recent human history, were only charted and studied in the boom era of post World War 2 history, when resources, especially oil, have been abundant. As far as the environment is concerned, we are facing peak everything. When the oil runs out (which, many scientists and geologists say we are at peak oil), your little comment about buying more stuff will be revealed for the petty, narrow, cultural brainwash that it is.

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DustyHinz 12 years 28 weeks ago

With all due respect, just so you know Mr. Hartmann, considering the fact that you guys are saying the Occupy Movement is such a great thing that is needed (which is true), I take issue with your relentless call to go support and "infiltrate" the Democratic Party. You, Mr. Hartmann, such an intelligent and accomplished intellectual, had nothing to do with the radical intellectual foundation of the movement. You cling to the Democratic Party. If you and a good chunk of your listeners were completely in charge of the left (the ones who whole-heartedly support the Democratic Party), the movement still wouldn't have started.

But you really can't have it both ways. I have now been to Occupy Minnesota, Occupy Philadelphia, and Occupy Wall Street, and everybody is saying dump the Democratic Party. People have had enough. We are done. At a march in Philly we chanted "what we need is revolution, Democrats are no solution." I challenge you to the look in the mirror; it's time for a gut check. If you guys are going to embrace the "99%" rhetoric of the Occupy Movement and say you support it, then you should also seriously consider ending your pleas to "infiltrate" the Democratic Party.

This movement is a result of the Death of the Liberal Class. And this is why Chris Hedges gets it, but you do not. Get radical and get with the program, or get out of the way.

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Palindromedary 12 years 28 weeks ago

DustyHinz: You got the picture! The Democrat Party is all washed up...and they deserve it. They have stabbed their constituents in the back too many times. And Obama was the last straw! The OWS movement is very correct in shunning all political parties. Political parties have shown only that they play the smoke-and-mirrors, bait-and-switch, good-cop-bad-cop routines and that no matter what they say when they are trying to woo us into voting for them...they will sell us out to the wealthy. Our political system has been hijacked by the ruling elite and it is corrupt to the core. VOTING IS FUTILE! WE ARE OWS!

Continued tactics of the OWS movement and an eventual revolution is our only hope...but there may be a slim chance that by voting for someone other than Republican or Democrat will so upset the applecart that the Democrats would be brought to their senses and begin to fight for the people. But, I would bet that even a third party ultra-liberal would eventually succumb to the pressures of the monied interests.

I suspect that they will try to water down the rebellions by orchestrating something really attacking Iran..or creating another 911.

On the peak oil looks like things could get very heated over the potential oil deposits under the melting arctic cap. Everyone wants to control it...US, Canada, Russia, Iceland, and everyone else thinks they are most deserving of controlling it.

I really think you hit the nail on the head about running out of resources. And the ruling elite, I think, are trying to depopulate the planet using methods that are caused by economic starvation. People will die of lack of medical attention and lack of food and heating oil. Old people, and even young people, will freeze to death. The lack of medical attention may even, eventually, cause the return of epidemics.

There are lots of faux liberals and groups or organizations that pretend to be liberal..have liberal sounding names...but they often have a covert agenda of ensuring that the people act in such a manner that will continue to let the ruling elite get their way with us. Check out Americans Elect and it's founder, Peter Ackerman, for example.

If you dig a little in investigating some of these people you find that they are really right wing..have right wing associations...and get funds from other right wing people and organizations.

Since I believe that the two party system is, now, nothing but a god-cop-bad-cop ruse to get people to believe that their only hope is to vote for a Democrat (which is really a right-winger in disguise), instead of demonstrating in the streets like the OWS movement, then I believe that we have to be very wary of anyone who persists in trying to push the Democrat agenda on us.

Again, many may sound like they are on our side, on the surface, but may really be trying to subvert us by getting us to continue playing the same old good-cop-bad-cop routine of voting for the Democrats.

Others, may sincerely believe that we really don't have any other choice but to vote Democrat and that the prospect of what may result in a persistence of making too many waves would eventually result in lots of violence. Yes, that is very scary! But, do we really have any other choice? Are they really giving us any other choice?

If you are backed into a corner, lined up for the slaughter, do you not fight back with all you can? It really is a life and death situation we are dealing with here. Many people will suffer greatly or even die from the war that is being waged against us by the ruling elite. If we don't fight back, it would almost be like committing suicide anyway. I am no where near that point but I'm sure that lots of others may very well be...or soon will be. And any one of us could very well see an abrupt change in our ability to survive...or our loved ones. What then?

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leighmf 12 years 28 weeks ago

Part 1. "Obama is proof that"

Part 2. "it really doesn't matter who is President....the criminally insane and greedy ruling elite controls the President. These people are ruthless and will stop at nothing. And if blackmail doesn't work for the ruling elite, then even assassination is not without historical precedence...JFK, RFK, MLK, and many more."

Part 2. is my opinion too, and from personal experience I have documents to prove it.

But in Part 1., I don't see why you say "Obama is proof-". We've had the "proof " for years and years. You can't blame him for the assassinations, for example. As a married man with two impressionable daughters, I believe he was threatened the moment he took office. The criminal way is to threaten the well-being of the family of whom they wish to manipulate.

However, coming from Chicago, this would have been nothing new, but perhaps Obama was too preppie to realize who really controls the President, and was lured into the place.

And of course, once you're in, you're in, you know. The Union Pacific royalties start rolling. Blowing the whistle would ruin everyone's good time. Who has the courage to do that?

Let's rag on The Attorney General more and demand the Department of Justice do its job, track down and exterminate this wild west criminal syndicate which has taken over town, and give us back our country as it was intended to be run.

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Palindromedary 12 years 28 weeks ago

"But in Part 1., I don't see why you say "Obama is proof-". We've had the "proof " for years and years. You can't blame him for the assassinations, for example. As a married man with two impressionable daughters, I believe he was threatened the moment he took office. The criminal way is to threaten the well-being of the family of whom they wish to manipulate."

Of course, you may be right! I should have said Obama is merely the latest this proof has existed so many times in the past. We don't know if he was being insincere in his campaign demeanor and rhetoric or if he was blackmailed or threatened after he won. But Obama seemed to me to be the pinnacle of rebellion against corruption and power, the high hope, the new sheriff in town that would help to clean up the mess. But, whatever the reason, has not done so...and even acted like he was part of the ruse to begin with.

We don't know if he was a devious Trojan horse sneaked in by the ruling elite to feed people a lot of false hope in order to confuse the people long enough to get certain pro-ruling elite policies the $700 billion (started by the Bush administration) bailout and no enforceable strings attached...and the slick job they did on creating a government enforceable payola program to the health insurance scamsters. But, Obama, right from the start, embraced the right-wing agenda...and didn't seem to be too distraught at having done so.

We may be giving Obama too much credit for the idea that he was strong-armed into doing a 180 degree on his campaign rhetoric. I am not willing to give him that benefit of the doubt. Because, no matter what the reason, he did fail us.

It is time for a real change! Time to wreck the entrenched corrupt two party system with someone else....super radically to the left. He/she may risk getting assassinated or blackmailed, which is what the ruling elite is good at, but the alternative is a massive boycott and/or revolution or a serfdom/fiefdom third-world America with 99% of the population living in squalor and/or dying off as emaciated and sickly peons bowing down kissing the jack boots of the gestapo pigs ruling the country.

America is starting to look a lot like a mixture of the movies Idiocracy, The Time Machine, and Orwell's 1984.

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Palindromedary 12 years 28 weeks ago

Leighmf: Wow! I'm very impressed, if not overwhelmed! I have been to a website that I believe you have

I've read your postings at Thom Hartmann blog and didn't really know what it was all about...I still don' is very elaborate...but it is still quite impressive data and shows that you are very good at what you do.

I guess I will have to do a little more searching to find out what the real story is behind Frank Kryder in simple enough terms that I can understand them. All of those records are way above me. And I want to know the simplified version of what happened. But, I sense that our current economic structure and what is happening today all stems from a fairly well concealed historical past.

"Behind every great fortune, is a crime"--Balzac?

"It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees!"--Emiliano Zapata..(no, not of the Zapata Drilling Company or Zapata Oil Company or Operation Zapata).

When I read about certain bonds, $480 billion worth, which were supposed to come due on the very day after 911, the exposure of which would have caused a great deal of calamity had 911 not destroyed them in the WTC buildings, I further realized that there is likely a strong connection between the destruction of those buildings and powerful criminal groups withing the US that are so ruthless that they wouldn't hesitate to do such things.* I had previously believed that it had a lot to do with the manipulation of the bubble/burst economy and the mortgage scams and the derivative schemes.

They needed a New Pearl Harbor not necessarily so they could just get the people supportive of an invasion of the Middle East, but they needed us to be so afraid of the bogeyman terrorists that we would be willing to give up any form of democracy and freedoms, or ability to challenge the corrupt authorities, which would make us more malleable when the criminal financial crimes came to light.

The story of Operation Golden Lily, aka Yamashita's Gold, is pretty fascinating and ties in with the $480 billion bonds, I believe. Stirling Seagraves, and his wife Peggy, wrote a fascinating book about it some years ago. And they also sold a couple of CDs full of supporting documentation...official

*In addition to a correlation of the locations of the three major bonds dealers, the government offices that held vital records on investigations of major economic crimes not only in the WTC buildings 1,2, 6, and 7 but also in the side of the pentagon that got his which contained records of major investigations of economic Enron..and many others.

Eye-witnesses have said that explosions took place prior to the collapse of the buildings in areas that would have corresponded to some of those displaced from the crash locations which destroyed vital records. And the crash locations themselves, were at or within the floors of these brokers. There are just way too many "coincidences" to consider this the act of only 19 Arab hijackers.

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janesrygley 12 years 28 weeks ago

I am the 7%!!! I got a full-time job in 2009 due to one of Obama's stimulus packages. Federal funds are still largely responsible for my salary. If they take them away, our program, which connects families with young children to needed services and assists the transition to a Head Start program, will be history. I am earning significantly below the average middle class wage, but I am doing pretty well for someone in the social services field in PA. This in itself is a disgrace, but that's a topic for another time :-)

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leighmf 12 years 28 weeks ago

Oh, thank you for visiting the website dedicated to my kin!

Yes, it is very elaborate because the Organization made it impossible a century ago for anyone to make needle-in-a-haystack connections when their 100-year phony mortgage bonds become "due" in the future. Otherwise they would have been caught by now. America's Greatest Crime spans the lifetime careers of at least four detectives already.

I just today discovered that Bunny Mellon was married to a top Navy cryptologist, before Mellon. Most of our problem is that through the Civil War, World Wars and the Great Depression (notice, same sticker symbol as General Dynamics, GD), overly-wealthy bankers have been in top secret positions also serving as Secretaries of the Treasury.

BNY (Bank of New York) is very cryptographic for "Bunny," also an OSS code name for an agent concerned with IRAQ. Bunny and Buffalo, OSS.

I am quite close to digesting the whole story AND explaining the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and the losses of Teamsters Pension funds, with the same basic Lincoln mobsters entangled in the assassinations. They have the biggest vaults, therefore, the biggest guns.

I will explain "The Bunny Lincoln Hit" as the word "Bunny" seems to have been planted in my head as a baby - the name to call Frank Kryder's wife, my grandmother, LeVonne. It wasn't her bridge club nickname. I was always told that I made up the name, and in the family she was known as Bunny. Bunny lived on Riverside Drive, and Riverside Cemetery was an entity used by the Prescott Bush CIA.

Other mistakes besides bankers being appointed into secret departments and ex-generals being appointed corporation presidents, is that particularly in the big gangster days, criminal lawyers came into contact with the land's wealthiest criminals. These criminal lawyers learned their ways, coveted hidden criminal wealth, and became estate lawyers. They use trust company or insurance company mutual funds to hide bad money by mingling it with the money of the good townspeople. But, having such a cloaking device means that the property of the good can disappear into the vault of the bad, and since that vault is secret, the disappearance becomes another X-file.

Others who jumped on the wealth acummulating bandwagon include the Treasury Agents who typically do a two year stint as a tax or bank examiner, then go to work showing their institution how not to get caught.

Who could not admit that we have being battered around one crime after the other since 9/11 ENRON- it used to be that they would leave a little space in between. Now they are ratcheting it up to an even flow- until the dam breaks.

But you are so astute in noting, "Behind every great crime is a great fortune."

Nothing is more tempting to the crooked than the money of the righteous. This seems quite simple, but if good people have not been robbed to the nubs, the world would be looking quite a bit different. It is impossible for a Bad person to make a Good decision, especially with stolen assets.

The more casinos we get like Casino Aztar, which uses the assumed name "City of Evansville," it will become exponentially more difficult for sincere detectives and treasury agents to know what belongs to whom and why.

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Palindromedary 12 years 28 weeks ago

Thanks for your reply! That really is very fascinating! I will certainly be spending more time at your web site to try to understand it all. The more we learn, the more we realize that our world is not what we were led to believe.

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leighmf 12 years 28 weeks ago

This is the very Heart of Things-

We are raging against "banks" and corporations" without understanding their genealogy and their ways. We have to know the enemy. They are like vampires- they are safe in the dark when we don't know who they are or from whence things came.

Exposed to the light, they shrivel. So we can only break down the fortress of secrecy by understanding how everything came to be in the place it is in now, and how things have changed from as far back as we can remember.

I started at this very young. I had a need to sort out how things came to be "owned." On road trips I whiled away the time wondering why certain restaurants, motels, and brands of gas were on the Turnpike, why so many things were named "Ace" or "Atlas," and who owned all the rows and rows of pine trees over the Georgia State Line.

Now I know it all as the St. Joe Company and the rape of Florida, not information I should have been taught in college, but the truth the actual records of things bears.

In Florida State Colleges the little that is taught about the draining of the Everglades, Henry Morrison Flagler and Standard Oil is not necessarily correct. There are great omissions of the truth in Florida history because the Land Boom preceding the stock market crash was a very important stratagem for the industrialists who spent their Depression in Palm Beach, or Tarpon fishing on Gasparilla island. Since they also provided for the universities, in return a number of names and important occurrences have been left out of the curriculum.

It is what has been left out of our educations that puts us at a disadvantage.

If you look through my chronologies, it is not so complicated. Mostly I have put news events, historical events, dates of deeds, and corporation creation entries in order. Each State has a different form for how their citation appears which makes looking at my pages tiring and confusing.

Different forms of databasing corporate records by different states also makes it very difficult to cross-reference across state lines entities and subsidiaries in a search.

Example, to find all finance corporations created 9/9/2001, as might be useful for Homeland Security detectives, the search for each entity would have to include 9/09/2001,9/9/01, 9/09/01, 9-9-2001, etc., and for federal reserve data 2001-09-09.

For the Criminal Corporations, dates of creation signify movement of assets into a new account held by a new entity. The only reason that Criminals incorporate is because they have to in order to hold money under a fictitious entity. Incorporation is their only paper trail.

In that way you can follow money through time. The Criminal corporations have a very regular schedule of entity creation based on bond lengths and the financial increments

25 years = one bank charter
30 years= one insurance charter or mortgage
50 years= one real estate corporation or pipeline or railroad mortgage

This brings up why, before so many laws were removed, a real estate corporation was by its Articles "a fifty-year" corporation. In most states, any title which is clouded or might become clouded is clear after 50 years.

EXCEPT foreclosure is the only other means to absolutely clear a Title.

Therefore, a 50-year real estate corporation instead of using one initial set of mortgages as securities, say for a 50-year pipeline bond, could re-take the property, clear all titles in a mass foreclosure, and use the same land again to secure a 50-year railroad bond. The real estate corporation deposits the two bonds secured by the same land in a bank which uses the bonds as securities for real estate loans. Naturally, the real estate company can borrow against the bonds and the land it has taken back to acquire more real esate.

Apparently, some banks, beginning in the Depression decided not to pay each other off on the long term notes, which accounts for the stupendous rise in large banks knocking down independents like ducks in a shooting gallery. Therefore, in reality, the latest bloom of foreclosures was possibly "on the books," secured by phony old pipeline and railroad notes, aside from being illegally signed.

This is what I believe MERS was for- to "daisy chain" real estate prices through spin-off mortgage companies which actually belong to the bank itself. But not really, because whose unsecured funds financed the mortgages? It made convenient and possible, in terms of human labor and recording of deeds, to, through several entity assignments of mortgage in the chain of title, create national chaos.

From the time of King James, Inheritance and Property Laws were diligently made and put in place, to keep bandits away from the homestead. In this caper, even Equity was stripped away as no-good robbers fouled up the land from their hog wallow, devaluing everyone's property.

When you look into it, nationally and historically, it's the same assignees and title companies as ever, in their citadel of Financial Strength.

It's a Small World, which became even smaller in 1950, the day the President of Coke became the President of Pepsi.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 25 weeks ago

Generally I am with you -- considering myself way left from Obama. But FDR wasn't so left-wingy either. He actually was criticized by the left the same way like Obama in our days. FDR's work basically was to chill down the revolt and moderate unions. And he did this via social policy AND laws that limited strikes. Wen WWII began, strikes were not appropriate any longer. FDR downright stopped the unions.

Frankly I consider the average American so conservative, that I cannot imagine my socialist 'DreamPresident' to become reality. We can congratulate ourselves if we get Obama again AND take away the house from GOP and go on without the kinda gridlock we've seen.

The program seems to mess up things, I clicked #16 to reply and if you click #14 in this comment you get to #16 indeed.

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