Will the Iowa Republican Primary get hacked? And by who?

According to the latest poll out of Iowa – Ron Paul is the new front-runner in the Iowa Caucus. However – Republican Party officials in Iowa are scrambling to defend the upcoming caucuses against a possible cyber attack by the hack-activist group known as Anonymous. A video message – believed to be from Anonymous – called for a “peaceful shut down” of the January 3rd Iowa Caucuses.

Party officials are calling on individual precincts to use paper ballots as a backup to Internet databases and websites that would normally calculate and display the voting results. We learned a few months ago that Diebold voting machines that are used all around the country to vote can be hacked into with just ten bucks worth of materials and a basic knowledge of technology. We have one of the most insecure voting systems in the developed world.

Time to kick corporate profits out of voting – stop buying unsecure e-voting machines – and go back to using good ol’ fashioned paper ballots.

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