Is America a nation in the midst of a class war?

More Americans think the nation is in the grips of class warfare than ever before. According to a new Pew Research Center survey – two-thirds of the nation believes there are “strong” conflicts between the rich and the poor in America – that’s an increase of 19-points since 2009. Across all demographics – white, black, Hispanic – and across all political affiliations – Republican, Democrat, and Independents – as well as across all classes – poor, middle class, and rich – majorities of Americans believe there’s a strong conflict between classes. That might have something to do with wealth inequality in America – which now rivals a lot of third-world nations – and the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has brought many of these inequalities to the forefront. Even billionaire Warren Buffet admitted there’s class warfare in America – and he said that it’s his class – the rich class – that’s winning.


TarryFaster 11 years 20 weeks ago

Regarding the attack on Romney I've got two thoughts:

1. "Follow the money."

2. Adlelson's connection to the Mafia.

DRichards's picture
DRichards 11 years 20 weeks ago


Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that emerged from the Department of Homeland Security in November, Washington has writtenpermission to collect and retain personal information from journalists, news anchors, reporters or anyone who uses “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”

So, are journalist now considered terrorist?

Hmmm, I wonder if Tom is on the list? But then again, you will never know! He will just disapear...

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Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

We aboslutely have a class war, and it is expanded into these wars around the world along with , criminally looting every which way, And the polluting of this good earth. We seem to have a confusion of money with real wealth. It shows you how mankind can be deceive dazzled by fantasy images that play , like in the movies. See the Glamor,the looks, the money etc .There is nothing wrong with being rich or famous, And there is no reason or excuse to have poverty in todays world either.

JohnLemessurier's picture
JohnLemessurier 11 years 20 weeks ago

Class warfare? An oppression of the middle and lower classes definitely, but the uprising has barely begun. "Wake up America!" has been shouted for decades. Maybe America has finally awakened.

Class warfare? Not yet!

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coker.P1 11 years 20 weeks ago

The use of Effecient means to collect Governmentally necessary information that is web based and therefore clearly within the public venue, is consistant with our National and Law enforcement needs, our anti-terrorism efforts, and sound research methodology.

Anything Web based is clearly Public, however-some really dangerous individuals express clearly pathologic or criminal intent, or promote hate speech and action-which is important to monitor. Thomm Hartman, or any other Journalist is not the "target",

of this monitoring. No 'individual" is a target: however, individuals who spout criminal, terrorist, or hate ideals certainly should be aware, that NOTHING IN PUBLIC CAN BE CONSIDERED PRIVATE. Thanks, Laura Coker Party of One

coker.P1's picture
coker.P1 11 years 20 weeks ago

In my opinion, we, in America are not in a "class" war-but rather, in a religious and Ideological war; This war has been manipulated successfully, by Political strategitists and Media Propagandists, so that very artifical, and very 'emotional" targets become the focus of both the Media and public discourse. The purposes of this propaganda, so artfully served by "villianizing" illegal (predominantly hispanic) migrants, by the artifical attempt to "reframe" issues such as reproductive choice and civil marriage equality" as a Religious

mandate has fostered an almost hysteric political reaction that has limited a "reasoned and rational" dialogue. I have heard the cry: ANYONE BUT OBAMA, since his election. That is not only irresponsible, but irrational in the extreme. The more

reasonable response is: to find a mechanism that will allow the formation of a National progressive policy in the areas of clean fuel technology-including increased fuel effecient auto's, improved mass transportation usability and sustainability,

improved healthcare, access, and pharmaceuitical accountability and physician-insurance protocols, educational reform that supports our larger multilingual populations but enhances and supports individual learning styles to maximize individual successes and lifetime professional development, among a host of other potentials. WE, THE PEOPLE, MUST FIND A WAY TO CRAFT A NATIONAL GOALS LIST THAT BECOMES THE GUIDELINES FOR OUR SHORT AND LONGER TERM GROWTH-so that we are no longer subject to our "CIVIL WAR" BETWEEN POLITICAL PARTIES, and are not subject to a WINNER TAKES ALL APPROACH TO GEOVENANCE. It is within our power now, to craft our collective National future, so the clear and compelling mandate is not presumed, nor assumed by Political Powers, but clearly delineated for them to wisely implement in bi-or tri partisan fashion.

WE ARE ENGAGED IN BOTH A CRUCIAL 2012 ELECTION-BUT FOR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES,in 2014 not most especially The President. We have serious social and income inequites, and unjust and ineffective Laws, that simply increase Prison and Judical recedivism and cost incursions. Our War should not be on Drug Users, but on Drug Pushers-some of whom are in fact

Physicians, particualrly in Psychiatry. Our American ideals indicate that our "class" cannot" be predicated upon our economic status, so rightfully, the injustice we seek remedy for, is not "against the rich", but against rigid Party Ideologies that refuse tax and revenue adjustments, and against non constitutional incusrions of individual Liberties. The 2012 and 2014 National Congressional elections are our urgent opportunity to select intellectually and educationally qualified representation. Some in our current Congress, have so clearly placed Party Welfare, above the needs, even for survival of this Republic-that they show absolute disqualification for high office. Like the Islamic Taliban extremesits, they will forbid-by defunding, that which they legally

cannot supress. I am primarily speeking of Radical Republicanism, however, the abuse of incumbant status, and electoral laziness, has left many in position, that should have been replaced. They are educationally unqualified for the jobs requirement in Congress-and far too often, so entrenched with special interest groups, that they by association, are contaminated. Sincerely Laura L. Coker "Party of One". "PEOPLE POLITICS, NOT PARTY FAVORS'

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dowdotica 11 years 20 weeks ago

boy! ain't i feelin' it! heres a good one for all y'all. so in torrance california the folks over at city hall are cryin because they can't get any pretty new twinkly city lights to spruce up ther downtown area.(newspaper daily breeze).so i go diggin to find out about Redevelopment agencies and uncover a bit of info that would disgust anybody. for instance, did you know that approx 10-12% of prop taxes paid go to RDAs? in cali in 2001 that was approx 2.1 billion dollars. quantify that now to meet today. the point i'm making is that the same city whinin' about not getting pretty city lights just laid off a bunch of teachers and in L.A county they were talking about eliminating student bus services. so back to the RDAs. Who gets the projects, who gets the money, what elected official gets his pockets lined and all with the property tax dollars you and i have to pay! meanwhile back at the ranch, corporations big and, beleive it or not, very small pay no income tax?

the very corporations that are the small businesses dotting every community across cali. the businesses that benefit the most through comminuty redevelopement. get it? So just what is the corporation giving back to the community aside from service or being a so called job creator. its a wierd circle of each man for himself and tragically from where i sit it all comes back to you and i. the folks payin all the bills for the pigs of government and whiners and snivelers with thier hands out and what about those poor teachers, those poor kids. our poor state of society. golly gee willikers! I could vomit...

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 20 weeks ago

On the NDAA-National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that Obama recently signed:

Quotes from Greenwald and the blogger Jordan Denari:

"Initially, the Obama Administration objected to a portion of an earlier draft of the bill that would exempt accused US citizens from mandatory military detention. Why would it urge the drafters to take out this portion? Greenwald and many argue that the administration wanted to increase its own power to determine who and how is detained."

"“Those changes were almost entirely about removing the parts of the bill that constrained his power, and had nothing to do with improving the bill from a civil liberties perspective. Once the sole concern of the White House was addressed — eliminating limits on the President’s power — they were happy to sign the bill even though (rather: because) none of the civil liberties assaults were fixed." --Greenwald

"Obama, like Bush before him, claims that the president possesses the authority to detain Americans indefinitely. These administrations have detained many Americans (and even more foreigners) without charges and held them. This law only codifies this practice into law—protects it—and that’s what is scary and dangerous."

"Let’s go back to the brief discussion about what it means to “substantially support” al-Qaeda or terrorist groups. As I said,

Generally, we understand “support” to mean material support—giving weapons, money, etc. However, a 2010 Supreme Court case changes all that—a case that went virtually unnoticed despite its surprising verdict and widespread negative implications.

In Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project, the US Supreme Court ruled that ‘speech’ given in support of an organization is the same as ‘material support.’ This decision was made to match similar rulings in the UK, where free speech is not guaranteed in the way it is in the US.

This ruling, coupled with the practices of indefinite detainment and the NDAA, greatly endangers the First Amendment and free speech. If speech equals material support, and material support is a detainable offense, then speech, simply speech, is a crime. And a crime that doesn’t result in a fair trial or even formal charges.

In my opinion, this is what makes the NDAA’s implications so frightening. For engaging in what should be free speech, an American can be rounded up and held. For simply being “associated” with terrorist groups, an American can be detained. And because these Americans are held without formal charges and aren’t guaranteed to see court, it will never be truly known if those detained were actually “guilty.”

So, if you say anything bad against Obama or the Israelis or anything else that they don't could be special renditioned to some prison camp and probably tortured. You would be cut off from the world...possibly lawyers to represent you...your loved ones would have no idea what happened to you. Free speech in the US is coming to an abrupt halt. And you want to vote for Obama again this time around? Seig Heil!!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 20 weeks ago

Yup, it's a racket! Maybe people should think twice about paying their taxes. If corporations don't, why should we? Oh, Oh, I hear pounding on my door

Duncan MacLaren's picture
Duncan MacLaren 11 years 20 weeks ago

It's difficult NOT to believe that America may becoming more and more mired in "class warfare" when Republicans want to repeal Dodd-Frank, the Affordable Health Care Act (sure, it may be flawed, but where are the cries to fix it (or strengthen it) ?), and Republican candidates win applause for such absurdities as "dismantle the E.P.A., the F.T.C., etc." Gingrich's best advice to Willard (Mitt) Romney: "spare us the pious baloney !" Good luck with that ! My personal New Year's resolution: educate (or help educate) one (1) "low-information" voter per week.

Berry's picture
Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

Its amazing to see how the media uses all Republicns candidates as one person all on the same page. Not SO " ~ Ron Paul votes against his fellow Republicns that's counter to the Constitution. Have you notice they do not talk much about Ron Paul, Again, The media uses other Republcin candidate names beside Ron Paul's, As if one shoe fits all. This is a mistake of facts. And if you notice Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan for peace. The next debate listen carefully and see Ron Paul has a plan for America .. All the other Rep ~Candidates say mostly meaningless statements.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 20 weeks ago

Despite the Pew findings the sad truth is most people are too busy with everyday life and have little concern about the politics of class warfare even if they acknowledge the existence of it. The attitude that.... there is nothing I can do about it..... so why stress about easy to develop. For this reason I think the occupy movement provides a perfect and timely solution to remedy the feeling of surrender and hopelessness many feel. It creates a real option for meaningful action somewhere close to where most of us live. It empowers the powerless and with sustained effort will lead to real reform and an eventual class warfare victory for the 99%. It's not about money it's about participation! We all need to join the fight....millions of us! Let's make Citizens United a big waste of money for the 1%ers.

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Kayo Frisco 11 years 19 weeks ago

I think we are just beginning the second stage of a class war. The first stage was what Buffet acknowledged. That was the planned disparity of wealth, purposefully created to benefit the rich and corporate interests. Now that the disparity in the U.S. has reached Great Depression or Third World levels, some of the previously uninformed Middle Americans now know they were distracted by the "Gays, God, Guns & Abortion" arguments on the right. This 3 decade game of political "3 Card Monty" caused many in the middle class to consistently vote against their economic interests. They are begiining to feel the end result of this 30 year disparity trend. Some middle class Republicans and more conservative independents are finally waking up from the pipe dream first promoted by Reagan then institutionalized by Faux News. Confronting the true cause of a declining standard of living in one's own life can result in painful Cognitive Dissonance.

I don't know if the next stage will be a revolution and overthrow of the current power structure, or just a weak rebellion resulting in a authoritarian corporate dominated state. I do think it is too late for an FDR type, a transformational leader to steer capitalism towards a more equitable economic system.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 19 weeks ago

If you sit in the warm and have to eat, you might feel like, "What class war? I don't see any class war. What for? Must be made up by the liberal media."

I think there is class war and funnily Gingrich and Perry just seemed to join it. Class war right now seems to represent especially vulture capitalist Mitt Romney. People see more and more where his wealth come from: segments of vulturized American ventures, sold overseas; sucked-out pension funds of folks who possibly are gonna die poor.

I want this war fought out, rather than watch poor people die. Mitt Romney and other vultures got to be questioned at court.

Badams's picture
Badams 11 years 19 weeks ago

We have to pay, so that our wealth can be redistributed.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 19 weeks ago

Sorry... are these the... q u i e t_r o o m s ?

Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh! Shut up and listen to Mitt.........

"My dear friends,

The bees make the babies and the stork usually brings 'em on. We don't talk about those things in public, as we don't talk about income inequality. Why? Because people blush. You know, we all loose our innocence.... do crazy thinks, ya know. Without these crazy things no babies.... no monumental palaces, no Republican Party.... we would pretty much be a communist country.

But please let it keep here in these quiet rooms. You know, common people are like innocent children -- they wouldn't really understand crazy things like this."

Dutch163's picture
Dutch163 11 years 19 weeks ago

yes, the simple answer is yes..we have a greater disparity in this country than ever before between the "haves and have-nots", rivaling some 3rd world countries...and it is complicated by the politicial rhetoric, the misuse of religion for political purposes, the hijacking of our voting by corporations via Citizens United, the long,unnecessary wars ("beware the military industrial complex")...the system has been skewed...

Warren Buffett is right

SHFabian's picture
SHFabian 11 years 17 weeks ago

It's kind of funny, about that class war. It began in the late 1980s, and went into all-out war against our poor with the Clinton administration. We learned a lot about our fellow Americans -- mainly about ignorance and apathy. Those who have had the means to inform the general public about what is really going on with those below the glorified middle class simply haven't bothered. The consequences have been pretty appalling. I assume that the next generation will look at what we've done to/against our poor, and vow "Never again!" Again.

John Steinsvold's picture
John Steinsvold 11 years 17 weeks ago

An Alternative to Capitalism (if the people knew about it, they would demand it)

Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: "There is no alternative". She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: "Home of the Brave?" which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."~Albert Einstein

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