Daily Topics - Tuesday January 31st, 2012

Hour One: Who's really running for office...candidates or special interest groups?

Hour Two: Big Brother Is Now Your Diet Coach...should the government be watching your figure? Greg Beato, Reason Magazine

Hour Three: Is Virginia investigating Gingrich's campaign for criminal election fraud? Brad Friedman, Brad Blog


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j.sea 10 years 43 weeks ago

On the Contrary!
--- such nuanced conversations make great Radio! Call John back and continue that conversation or enter into a new subject zone.

There is Much Discussion Needed to Foment A Renaissance.
To Defeat the Dream Killers is not enough.
We must simultaneously bridge to the new world of Cooperative Creativity.
You have a foot in both worlds.

You can be that bridge and help redirect this conversation (as the road begins to turn) and we begin to win.
We will Win -- if winning means that we will evolve politically/spiritually/mentally/emotionally/socially -- we will win.
If we will not, then we have nothing to lose by believing that we will (thereby Keeping the Dream Alive as a seed).
If we will win, then that win can only be strengthened and eased (whether using a sports analogy, or a referring to cosmic mechanical fact) by Believing In, and Preparing For, that Victory -----
which will Transformation the Ways
by which we interact as individuals,
as tribes,
as nations,
as federations of nations
and as a species with other species.

Thanks Always for Great Radio.
(PS: Call Van)

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mathboy 10 years 43 weeks ago

Melanocomously ugly? "Melanocomous" means "having black hair". That doesn't seem nice.

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