Let The Recall Begin

Wisconsin Democrats are expected to turn in a truckload of signatures today in their recall Governor Scott Walker effort. While the exact number of signatures collected is still uncertain – organizers claim they have collected far more than the needed 540,000 signatures to trigger a recall against both Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

In fact – the number of actual petitions being turned in today weighs over a ton according Wisconsin Democratic Party officials. This all started because Governor Walker decided to attack working people last year – triggering a national backlash against Conservative anti-union policies that’s led to two Republican state senators in Wisconsin being recalled – a radical anti-union law in Ohio being repealed – and now a pending recall election against Walker himself. But don’t expect this to be easy – Walker has been out of the state raising money from millionaires and billionaires to keep his job.

And this recall election will undoubtedly be the most expensive one ever as those same corporate millionaires and billionaires are determined to win this proxy war against the middle class.


PhilipHenderson's picture
PhilipHenderson 12 years 22 weeks ago

Governor Scott deserves to be recalled. He betrayed the trust of the people. He has already revealed that the Koch brothers are his puppet masters. Let him go.

Lindawyeth 12 years 22 weeks ago

Oh yes. They will all be recalled-- Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, and Sens. Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton, Pam Galloway, and Van Wanggaard. As one of the many thousands of "feet on the ground" folks, I can say with certainty that we will successfully recall them all. We are that angry and that frustrated. They may have money, but do not underestimate the people of this state. (We are donating money, too, you know. Every week I send at least $10, and so do many others.) POWER to the people!)

Bideford2007's picture
Bideford2007 12 years 22 weeks ago

If people cannot understand that the only organizations that speak for working people are unions. How soon they forget and how easy it is for union to be blamed for everything. It was unions that helped form the middle class and companies had to raise their pay and benefits to compete. All those companies that provided health insurance did so because union jobs provided that plus a secure retirement plan. Once the pay scale goes down and the benefits disappear we are going to see a whole population without a safety net for anything. What is the point of having a great country if you can only earn enough to exist but not live and plan for the future. God forbid we should actually become like socialist Europe with their high standard of living. Americans seem to think that only America has very wealthy people. In fact it is now easier to climb the ladder in many other countries. With education, pensions, and healthcare provided by their own tax money. Our taxes only seem to make the military industrial complex rich.

Lucas Lammott's picture
Lucas Lammott 12 years 22 weeks ago

Being a diligent reader and fan of Walt Whitman (and yourself Thom), I thought you would appreciate this quote. I feel it is quite right for the times. Cheers!

"There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country - if the people lose their confidence in themselves - and lose their roughness and spirit of defiance." - Walt Whitman

Badams's picture
Badams 12 years 22 weeks ago

Can someone tell me the facts about this Wisconsin Collective bargaining issue? I am from Ohio and we had SB5 that was defeated as Issue 2 on the ballot in November. How do they compare?

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 12 years 22 weeks ago

We consistently argue about the candidates running for the Senate, the House, and the Office of the President or State Governor, and forget the other equation of our Republic, namely the public office of Citizenship. The voting citizens ultimately decide the workings of our Republic, and hopefully in the public interest.

In Lawrence Lessig’s book “Republic, Lost”, the author states that the Republic according to our Framers meant a “representative democracy” and the House was to be directly elected by the people. They were to deliberate and decide upon what was in the “public interest”. To the Framers, citizenship itself was a public office. And the author Lawrence Lessig states in his book: As Professor Zephyr Teachout summarizes the Framers’ view: “In the worldview of the Framers – a view that persisted in constitutional case law for at least a hundred years – citizenship is a public office … Citizens can be corrupted and use their public offices for private gain, instead of public good. They are fundamentally responsible for the integrity of their government.”

Yes, I’m convinced that the public office of Citizenship of Wisconsin will recall Governor Walker!

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 12 years 22 weeks ago

I think the Wisconsin citizens realize that without unions and collective bargaining the prosperity bar gets lowered for all workers. The hard fought for gains and standards unions have established raise the boats for everyone both union and non union. So yes I believe voters will recall the Kochs, Walker, and Kleefish, in that order!

One Million signatures!!!!!!!! fantastic

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 22 weeks ago

Betraying the trust of the people is a Presidential thing as well...can we recall a President? Oh, that's "impeach" isn't it? Monica...where for art thou..your services are needed in the White House once again! Aw, but we can't impeach a President for betraying the nation as a war criminal and destroying the fabric and well being of the majority of it's inhabitants...it takes a special kind of insidiousness like stained blue dresses and misplaced cigars. Huh!? What a country!

I certainly hope Scott Walker gets booted out. But there are many more that deserves it as well...they got their lofty positions under false pretenses and are owned by the wealthy elite and do their bidding. Throw the bums out..!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 12 years 22 weeks ago

Internet Blackout called for tomorrow, Wednesday 18th. Many sites are slated to be down in protest of the on-coming SOPA and PIPA bills. With these bills the internet will never be the same, more like China and Iran, and could very likely adversely affect sites like YouTube.

Here is a quick description of the two bills in just a couple of paragraphs all on one page. Read it and weep....or get really ticked off about what our ruling-elite-owned government is about to do to all of us.


Idaglia's picture
Idaglia 12 years 21 weeks ago

I'd like to be a part of a petition that would encourage the non-politician, non-lawyer, a regular joe to run for office at the highest legislative levels by changing the scope of term limits as a national referendum petition:

Senate positions: 8 years maximum (same as the potential 8 year presidential run); and,

House of Representatives: 4 years maximum.

We don't need career buffs running our country. We need ongoing and evolving representation that is affordable for all. I can't imagine that a politician, senator or representative, could afford to throw in the millions of dollars that they are currently spending if the term-limits were so short and then its over for life.

So, are you folks with me. Thom, you're our mentor how do we begin:

KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 12 years 21 weeks ago

Walker is as good as gone -- they already have about twice as much signatures as they need. Over 1 million! The most successful recall in U.S. history!! Yippeeeeee!

I have more and more hope, Obama will have a decent majority for 2013 -- in Senate and House. If you watch the bunch of nuts, running for the GOP: Oh my God, is that the good ol' GALLANT* OLD PARTY? Every American who owns a functioning brain, can see it is the >Crazy Old Party< now.


* Gallantry, galanterie [French] was a very progressive movement during the 18th century, a cosmopolitan, liberal-minded (!) philosophy, that already came up during the 17th century in France. No wonder "Gallant" was later changed to "Grand". The original GOP was liberal indeed. Why in the world did they change that? What a pity!

michaelb44's picture
michaelb44 12 years 21 weeks ago

Not only will Walker be thrown out, but this may help re-elect Obama. There seems to be a stong anti- Republican feeling running through these states.

dilsey's picture
dilsey 12 years 21 weeks ago

There is a place for unions in the private sector. The private sector ONLY.

There should not be any unions allowed in the public sector, i.e., governmental jobs. Union workers in the private sector can negotiate as they can with a business and the business can say yes or no and the discussions begin. The business is responsible for any monies needed to meet union demands agreed upon.

But, as a taxpayer, I have no say as to whether... say a teacher's union, gets more of my tax dollars in raises, benefits, etc. So, the result is as normally expected. Unions can dumps tens of thousands, if not millions, into the coffers of the "right" governmental officials... see 'those officials that are going to cooperate with the union.'

It's the same old well-known cycle...."I scratch your back and you scratch mine, and we can keep this damn thing going forever"

no to fascism's picture
no to fascism 12 years 21 weeks ago

We still need alot of help in Wisconsin. Wouldn't it be a shame to go through the trouble to turn in 1 million signatures, only to lose the election. We still haven't had anyone come forward to do this, and the incumbent "Koch Whore" has a huge war chest. To boot, the national press has burried the story (big surprise, if it weren't for a few talk shows that support Democrats and Progressives, you wouldn't have heard anything about it). You had to click 4 clicks to find out what happened from the main news pages from ABC and CBS (yet it is called the liberal press????).

As I said, the "Koch Sucker" supposedly got a $250,000 dontation from the biggest beer distributor in Texas. I say "supposedly" because I myself didn't verify it yet. In Wisconsin, I refuse to let my politics be influenced by a beer distributor in texas. I am sure that outside of my liking beer, I have nothing in common with that guy, yet he can buy politics on Wisconsin. Ain't that America......

We need help begging someone like Russ Feingold to run. We need that office back in the worst way. A progressive can fire us up to get more than enough votes. However, if we attempt to take the "lets be moderate and hope we got some of the others to vote Democrat" approach, we will lose again.

A little money to the wisdems wouldn't help. I'm sure we'll get outspent by a big margin again, but it sure helps buy some ads.


Badams's picture
Badams 12 years 21 weeks ago

You are confident that Obama will be re-elected. I dont know if that will be the case. It will all depend upon how the campaigns are run and what they target. The GOP should target his record, because it is very, very weak. The Dems will use class warefare and unions. It will be interesting!

visionpresident's picture
visionpresident 12 years 21 weeks ago

Recalling Walker changes nothing. The angst in America isn't caused by big business or big money, nor is it caused by labor unions and progressive groups. It is caused, at its root, by our impending bankruptcy. All the rest is reactions to this fact, or reactions to the reactions. What we must realize to come together as a nation is this: Government programs will bankrupt us. Government Social Security, government food aid, government education, government defined benefit retirement plans, government housing, government loans, government jobs, government healthcare -- we will not be able to pay for it all... or I mean, we aren't able to pay for it all. You could tax everyone 100% income tax and this is still true. We are barely able to pay the interest on the loans we have as it is. America, this is the problem.

Requiring the Government to pay union rates, insisting on government provided defined benefit retirement programs, holding on to government "assistance" programs -- celebrate that you have them if you must but don't kid yourself -- they will bankrupt us. History demonstrates this truth time and again, and we are witnessing it in Europe this very day. A system that relies on government to provide for the well being of its citizens fails. Bankruptcy is the inevitable destination to the course we've charted, and I'm doing my best to prepare my family for this day.

Social Security and defined benefit government retirement programs should not be "saved," this only bankrupts our children. Instead, we should pay contributors a lump sum buy out and get America back to what we are supposed to be: You are responsible for you. Your children are not responsible for you. Your neighbors are not responsible for you. If you struggle and need help, ask your community. If you can help, volunteer and contribute within your community. That is the nation we are supposed to be, because that is the person we were created to be.

Regardless of what you think about Governor Walker or his backers, regardless of the outcome of the recall efforts, nothing is going to change so long as we continue the path toward bankruptcy. Put a Democrat in there, celebrate our "victory" of the people, but we will remain in this black hole of angst because we haven't addressed the root problem. Until we, as a group of people with a shared interest in our future, shed the government welfare and retirement programs that accumulate debt and pass the bill on to future generations, we will remain on our path towards failure. But America likes its programs... America likes its credit cards... America likes its debt-enabled standard of living, and we are going to keep it. I’m going to get my government paycheck, children be damned.

America, please realize that we must eliminate the government programs, the "safety nets" that we all love so much, the ones that bankrupt our great nation. Once we do that, we can balance the budget with a progressive tax system that seeks more tax revenue from our wealthier citizens and encourages a strong and vibrant middle class. Do these two things, and we can move forward as a nation again.

"It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world." - Thomas Jefferson

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." - Thomas Jefferson

"Here is my principle: Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Yours in Faith for a better America and a better World.


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