President Obama said NO! to the Oil Barons...

The State Department officially rejected the Keystone XL pipeline – that would have transported highly toxic Canadian tar sands 1,600 miles across America, on top of the nation’s largest aquifer, down to Texas where transnational oil corporations could ship it off to Asia, South America, and Europe. Canada says it will now look into sending the tar sands to China.

I say Canada should leave all that dangerous carbon in the ground. Despite enormous pressure – including tens of millions of dollars in lobbying and advertising – and even an explicit threat made against the President by the largest oil special interest group – the American Petroleum Institute – the oil barons lost. The environmental movement – and 1,200 patriots who were willing to get arrested in front of the White House last year to protest the pipeline won…at least for now.

Let’s keep up the pressure on our lawmakers – and really begin to heal our planet.

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