The President is set to deliver his State of the Union address tonight - What will he talk about?

Early reports indicate the President will focus on the issues that are absent from most Republicans debates, which are help for the middle class, ways to reduce wealth inequality, and a plan for renewable energy. Despite 22 straight months of private sector job creations, glimmers of hope in an economic recovery, and one fewer war abroad since the President took office three years ago – the state of our union is still weak.

There’s massive inequality – rivaling that of third world nations. There are still 5 million homeowners on the verge of foreclosure. There are 49 million Americans living in poverty, including 1-out-of-5 children. There’s instability in the Middle East as a result of our addiction to foreign oil. The list goes on.

We need revolutionary change in America as the millions who’ve taken to the streets since the 99% Movement began have demanded. Unfortunately – until we get money out of politics, end corporate personhood, and say that money is property, not speech – real change will be hard to come by. And sadly – it’s unlikely the President will call for a Constitutional Amendment tonight to end the great sell-off of our democracy. But we can still keep the pressure on him – go to


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mathboy 11 years 18 weeks ago

A representative here in Colorado, Doug Lamborn, has decided that he won't attend the State of the Union Address because it would be hypocritical to listen to someone with an opposing point of view. Well, then, since Democrats give speeches in the House of Representatives, it would also be hypocritical of Lamborn to stay in Congress. Therefore he should resign. He really should.

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DRichards 11 years 18 weeks ago

Re: Colorado

Ruling could force Americans to decrypt laptops

Declan McCullagh


American citizens can be ordered to decrypt their PGP-scrambled hard drives for police to peruse for incriminating files, a federal judge in Colorado ruled today in what could become a precedent-setting case.

Judge Robert Blackburn ordered a Peyton, Colo. woman to decrypt the hard drive of a Toshiba laptop computer no later than February 21 -- or face the consequences, presumably including contempt of court...

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DRichards 11 years 18 weeks ago

Congressional campaign worker's cat slaughtered

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The campaign manager for a congressional hopeful in northwest Arkansas said Monday that he found his family's cat slaughtered over the weekend and the word "liberal" painted on its corpse...

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mathboy 11 years 18 weeks ago

Interesting. Requiring decryption kind of sounds like a violation of the 5th Amendment, but it could also be seen as analogous to executing a search warrant. The difference from executing a physical search, though, is that that can be performed without the key to your house, but the decryption requires the owner's compliance. The use of blood samples, and even breathalyzers, is also in that grey area.

(There's a daily post up now, btw.)

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Lore 11 years 18 weeks ago

I remember being told during the Bush years that I hated Bush, that I disagreed with his views on the State of the Union address – before I heard it, that I thought his policies for the War in Iraq were totally wrong, before he spoke on national TV to impart his plans. Meanwhile, I was waiting to hear what he had to say, what the interpretation of some of the specifics would be, and the fact checking to come out to make a decision on how I felt. I knew that I had a bias, but I was willing to listen first. For some reason, the news outlets had pre-determined my mindset which I found offensive.

There is a systemic message among the Republicans of anti-respect for anything about the Democratic Party, no matter their genre, plus the hatred of liberal values, progressive values and community values that support the citizens. The pervasive bashing, not only of the president, but of Americans that work for a living and have no interest in being aggressive businessmen. i.,e, Those people that simply expect to work hard all their lives and retire to a very modest lifestyle.

The current rhetoric is that the State of the Union will be Pres Obama's campaign message. So republicans are told they don’t need to take the presidents speech seriously.

Community – a few pennies contributed by private business is touted as community interest and support. If the business received bigger tax breaks then the amount they contributed, are they really contributing anything or simply making up part of their obligation that left the community bereft of the dollars needed to support various programs and policies run by local and state agencies.

Since business has started competitions between states for their business -- the states and communities have been the losers. Now the game is at a 'country' level with 'repatrioting' money as the theme.

Again - with the country as the loser.

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DRichards 11 years 18 weeks ago

Re: Obama's speech

Obama makes a good speech, but actions speak louder than words. I am sure he is going to tickle our ears; tell us what we want to hear. Based on who Obama has represented the past three years, I am skeptical that he is going to represent the working and lower classes in the future. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".

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Palindromedary 11 years 18 weeks ago

Yes Obama makes a good speech; but, I agree...actions speak louder than words. It is really the actions that count. And Obama has not done a whole lot to make me believe he will be any different in the next four years. It is obvious to many of us WHO Obama is, really, and it is not who he portrayed himself to be when he campaigned the first time. It is obvious that Obama works for Wall Street and big corporate interests and against the poorer classes in America. He represents the 1 % and not the 99%.

Remember the debate the other night when the first question to Newt challenged his philandering? Remember how riled he got and belligerent and how the people loved it? How do you think Obama will stand up against that in a debate? Obama will just wimp out..."Oh, please don't yell at me, Mr. Newt!.....can't we all just..just....get along?". Too bad Clinton didn't tell the Republicans to just stick it up their.....instead of wimping out....and trying to deny it. They would have sh!t themselves out of disbelief that a Democrat would dare attack back. Democrats, some of them anyway, are just wimps....why? Because they are owned by the same people that own the Republicans. They have the same things in common....and it is not in common with the majority of people in the US.

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Palindromedary 11 years 18 weeks ago

Another trick the rich have, in order to lower their taxes...they will, eg, buy a painting....hang on to it for a while...then donate it to a museum and claim that the value of the painting was way more than they paid for it...then writing it off their taxes. And they still get all the kudos and warm fuzzies by the public for being so magnanimous. These people are nothing but leaches and maggots...mansion trash.

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Coulove 11 years 18 weeks ago

President Obama will probably tell us that Free Energy Technology has been available for over 100 years and if it were not for special interest elites, we would have enjoyed great abundance and prosperity worldwide and would truly be ready for the quantum leap in consciousness that we are about to experience. He will tell us that contrary to all the doom and gloom senarios promoted so heavily in the elite controlled media, we are about to embark on a "golden age" the likes of which is beyond anyone's current imagination. He will tell us that our government has indeed had contact from benevolent star beings as well as some "not so benevolent" beings from other planets. He will tell us that full disclosure of all the details with the irrefutable truth of our history will require a complete re-write of all of our history books. He will tell us that we need to be compassionate with those who we feel have wronged us and our ancestors; that they are about to give up the vast fortunes that they have stolen from us and we will create a totally new system (banking, financial, governmental, ecomomic, in fact all). Again, he will tell us to dream the greatest dream we can imagine and multiply that times 1000. He will tell us that it's time to celebrate and express our gratitude to our Creator whose infinite, unconditional love will always be with us, forever. Coulove (Citizen of the Universe Love)

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Ouch 11 years 18 weeks ago

Maybe Obama will tell us he is going Green and that he and his wife will take just one gas guzzling jet when they travel to their next vacation spot.

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2950-10K 11 years 18 weeks ago

I hope the President's speech addresses the nature of the current reign of economic terror. We have an economic system which creates nothing more than billions of unearned and undertaxed dollars for the very few at the expense of the hardworking, underpaid many.

Vulture capitalism is part of this system and it's legal just like slavery and feudalism once were....but it still doesn't make it anymore morally correct than the former. One who "unearns" a living in this manner and is proud of it, is certainly fit to lead no one.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 18 weeks ago

Great Speech! Almost makes me want to vote for him again! He did say some very welcome things...others not so welcome. But, again, actions....not inspiring things he thinks we want to hear will win the day for many of us. Terrible actions like appointing that guy he pointed out as head of Consumer Affairs...when he should have put Elizabeth Warren in that spot. Like appointing those inept criminals, you know the ones that helped put us in the economic mess we got into, as economic advisers. And Eric Holder....another one that is part of the problem. Obama complains that we need to reign in Wall Street, the banks, and mortgage brokers...but appoints all the wrong people. Had he appointed the right people... that would have made a real difference. Yes, Obama says some very nice things that he knows America wants to hear. But his actions, so far, has not produced anything but adding to the problem. Yes, I enjoyed hearing some of the things he said...which were very true...and does need to happen. But Obama knows that the Republicans are not going to let it happen...especially if all he ever does is give in and compromise (which really is not a quid pro quo...Obama wins us nothing). And he cannot....we cannot.....put ALL the blame on those who obstruct him because of his actions of appointing people favorable to those who have created the problems for most Americans..those were his choices...can't blame that on the obstructionists. His words ring hollow in light of his actions. And all we will see in the next four years, if Obama wins, is more of the same...horrible appointments...and more giving in to the Republicans.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 18 weeks ago

Obama said: "No more bailouts!" ...right! we'll see....according to some economists we will continue to have bail-out after bail-out because the repeated precedence has been established (something called Moral Hazard) and has engraved itself deeply in the power structure of this the rich recklessly gamble with their excess wealth because they know that if they lose...the government will bail them out. Old Tim Geithner sure didn't look very happy, did he? Maybe that is a good sign.

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Palindromedary 11 years 18 weeks ago

Another episode of Congressional Calisthenics took place tonight......if they didn't get up and clap every few minutes some might fall asleep. Hilliary Clinton looked pretty droopy eyed.

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 18 weeks ago

I heard about that Republican "envy"-blabla once more, after Obama's spreech.....

Pshaw, 30% for wealthy parasites is just right to get them to work. I don't "envy" those arrogant rich no-goodniks, just want them see getting to action. I don't "envy" poor who live on welfare or food stamps. I don't 'envy' the wealthy welfare queens as well. But America is NOT a country of moochers, freeloaders and slackers! America has always been the country of doers. Some rich idiots follow kinda dreams about being sort of neo-baroque wannabe-sunkings. And we gotta tell 'em: NO GO!

A corporation or other venture can make money as much as they want. But it's smarter to reinvest, than to misuse profits for insane pomp. Reasonable taxation encourages reinvestment instead of private luxury. And 30% is still rather generous.

After that ridiculous "envy"-blabla, I decided to attack harder: the GOP. We gotta be more offensive and tell them the truth. It is time for tough counter-attacks -- tell 'em off. Obama can't do anything without us. He can't attack as hard as I can. He simply can't afford as President of all Americans. We have to do that, without being afraid to hurt people. Obama lost his majority in 2010 and can't do much against the GOP gridlock. This is a cold WAR, we have to fight for this country. We don't wanna go to the 3rd world after 2012!

Ed Schultz said it yesterday too: "This is war." We have to fight for America.

eddievalgould 11 years 18 weeks ago

We are held hostage by the fictions of democratic delerium. Divide and conquer. The entire dialogue needs to be retooled and our language needs to saved. For example, "capitalism" means it's about the money doesn't it? It is a premis that only a few can afford to live with as only a few are so diabolical, so clever, so cunning, as to convince others of its neccessity, it requires a very aggressive disposition. It is animalism, social Darwinism. If we accept that we are subject to animal dominance then we subserviently say 'yup', and acquiese to quieting our Mental Being which is actually what we are, Created in the Creator's Image. The sublimating of our mental being is a manipulation of design by the lords of lucre, the lords of the lower regions of dumb nature.

"Socialism" means it is for the society doesn't it? It too has limitations, but at least it is a premis that is not focused on competing and eating each others lunch and inevitably each others person. To assume that humans are lazy, uncreative, unproductive without monetary incentive is wholey deteriotive to how we view ourselves and is a fiction well maintained by design and intent and threat.

The dialogue is held captive by intention, once that is made obvious the wake-up call will hasten the end our keepers usary existences, they just may kill themselves when they awake to their quandry that no one actually needs them, I hope they do it quietly. As long as we say it is OK to possess $billions and all the earthly essences we voluntarily submit to our owners fictions. We are far more capable of lovingly dealing with a planetary existence than is let known, but we will Know.

As a would be candidate running for president of the USA here is brief summary of my platform.

Since it is put forth that corporations are supposedly better at organizing and getting stuff done better than government I propose that we remove all corporate taxation. This relief from taxation would then be in return for a license to operate in the USA. The corporation(s) would then be obligated to lift the underfunctioning portions of our society without any excuse for failure to meet that contract or any strings attached to those whose material and social lives they have improved and brought up to a humane and comfortable condition. There would be a strict criteria with everyday oversight and monitoring with no exceptions or fiddling or fudging as to what was or is meant. Any corporation not meeting said criteria and success of implementation would lose their license to operate and all assets would be sold in a bidding process to corporations who are meeting the criteria. The areas of responsibility would include safe comfortable housing, good nutrition, health, education and training; in fact and indeed every and all aspects to promote a prosperous, happy population, not a tear in any eye. These services to society would be provided with no strings attached for future employment or pay-back; however all who would receive these services would be given every opportunity to work and produce for the providing corporations if they wish or on the other hand to enter into business or service of their own choosing with all help readily availabe. Should a corporation not meet the essentials required and lose their license they would be given on year to come up to snuff and there would be absolutely no appeals considered after that one year.

Next, I would negotiate with our neighbors both north and south on the North American Continent to remove the borders and to make North America one country so as allow people to move around freely and find their most appropriate place the the greater scheme of things.


Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 18 weeks ago

Ed, unfortunately many of those terms have various meanings and faces.

The "socialism" of the good old Social Democratic kind is constructive and good -- the communist "socialism" as defined by Lenin and Stalin is destructive.

"Capitalism" has several meaning to: It can be money, but it can be machinery ect. as well -- flat-out anything workers don't have, but their employers use for production, employing and making profits. "Capital" makes the capitalist more powerful than his workers and this is the reason why workers need to be protected. Social Democratic "socialism" want's to heal this problem -- communist "socialism" wants to destroy by violent revolution. So there's the difficulty: "capitalism" and "socialism" have more than one meaning and this makes discussions hard at times. The GOP doesn't want fair dialog: We talk about democratic social reform, they just answer, "You're communists!"

See, there are more words with multiple meanings, as LOVE: It can mean just sympathy, but also stand for sexual issues, and a third meaning is the Christian love of the neighbor -- ergo three different meanings.

These days we see, ther word PROGRESSIVE* has many faces too, since libertarians call themselves that way too. The terms "liberal" and "libertarian" are vague anyway, for in their original meaning they mean the same thing. The way we distinguish this is just our political U.S. slang, which frankly is pretty superficial and vague. All those terms base on European terms that are older than the United States and older than continental European democracies. We pretty much messed them up and can hardly use them without explaining.....


* Just found a mistake here -- messed something up. :(

eddievalgould 11 years 18 weeks ago

That's why I'm saying we must save the language As an example, Capital referring to money, Social referring to how we relate. i.e. either you're focused on getting money and its individualized advantages or you're focused on the entirety of human existence and all that can mean. We are a multiplicity in One in reality. Only a little bit of ego is needed to create a diverse game. Intention is manifested in sounds and words (Let there be Light) and is obvious unless the intention is bent to gain some kind of competative advantage. Cunning is animal and an important attribute for a fox, but a questionable trait for a mental being I find. If we find competition a necessary part of our natures then let us compete for good. We need become people of our word, but it is hard to be a person of ones word if the words have no transparent and obvious meaning. When we use the language to obfuscate we are screwed. I'm just saying to be deliberate to what one means. Its an effort to get on track. When you've gone beyond the path of the animals then walk on the path of resolve.


MarygailLLCXi's picture
MarygailLLCXi 11 years 18 weeks ago

today is 26th sorry m little late in this discussion

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 18 weeks ago

Too late? It's never too late for discussion, Mary. ;)


Capital: Look, book keepers don't book just money, they book non-fluent capital, as machinery, vehicles ect. as well. So this is not only an issue for people who read Marx. It's everyday routine in business. Capital is more than just liquid assets, money on the bank or cash. It's all materials being used in a venture.

eddievalgould 11 years 18 weeks ago

So by your definition, commerce is king. But I was not necessarily discussing the this and that of systems, I was referring more to mind games of control used by those who do.

I used capitalism and socialism to illustrate how language is used to obfuscate intention. It is the use of language which allows us to know the difference between apples and oranges. Perhaps this will explain what I'm getting at; in the terms of moneyism I find 'earned' to be the most ambiguous of terms, no genuine accounting for it, just a term of the usary set. A person makes a hundred million per for whatever he was born into or whatever aggressive win at all costs endeavor he engages and another person works into overtime at a place that is at best tolerable and makes $25 thousand per and yet the same word 'earned' is used to describe both. RIDICULOUS use of language and just what the hoity toity use to maintain their 'high society' hubris. As is, all things, relationships, feelings, etceteras must run through the acquisition of money, this is stupid, also ridiculous. What I'm addresssing is the manipulative and bad use of language. We must save the language the medium of communication if we wish to evolve the situation otherwise the wealthy will continue to justify systems that serve them only. It is anti-social and destructive to the nth degree.

I have not read Karl Marx or Adam Smith, I remember feeling oddly repulsed by Aynn Rand. What I feel is needed is thinking and speaking and acting inately from a far deeper, Wiser place. Books can't explain or touch it but, to quote a play, The Fantastiks, "Despite what pretty poets say, the night is only half the day., so we would like to truly finish what was foolishly begun for the story is not ended and the play is never done until we've all been burned a bit and burnished by the Sun."

Now there some useful language fer ye.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 17 weeks ago

You're singing my favorite song, Ed:

Quote eddievalgould:We must save the language the medium of communication
I really love to hear that.

I like this expression here too:

Quote eddievalgould:moneyism
The primitive admiring of the rich, mighty and pretty has a lot to do with moneyism. As a child I loved the movie High Society (with Bing, Satch, Frankyboy and Grace Kelley), today I have exactly this film in my crosshairs. It is exactly the negative stuff that spiritually poisoned America. My cultural war on that, as classic film blogger, will go on even after 2012. I have moneyism in my crosshairs alright.

Thanks Ed!

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