Republicans Don't Care about Voter Fraud....

Iowa Republicans are trying to dismiss claims that the vote count in Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus was wrong. An Iowa voter told a local TV station yesterday that he noticed a 20-vote discrepancy in the count – and that Rick Santorum was the real winner of the Caucuses. Republican Party officials, though, are sticking to their first count – showing Mitt Romney as the winner by 8-votes - and there will be no recount.

The Republican Party has launched a war on voters around the nation this year with strict new laws that will disenfranchise over 5 million Americans. They claim these laws are necessary to combat so-called voter fraud. Yet in Iowa – where there are no such laws – and where a very, very close and questionable election was just held – Republicans don’t seem to care at all about getting it right.

Clearly – the war on voters isn’t about making sure the people’s voices are represented accurately – it’s about making sure poor people, young people, and minorities who tend to vote for Democrats – can’t vote at all.


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mathboy 11 years 4 weeks ago

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leighmf 11 years 4 weeks ago

Why not let only the people who pay the highest taxes vote- they would never vote for lower taxes. This way we can sift out the Patriots from the Moochers. And we can all gang up and blame the voting class for bad conditions. I don't think they could stand up to very many years of blame, if identified as the group who are making bad decisions for the less fortunate.

Or I suggest more and more occasions to vote. If citizens voted on issues as well and there was constant voting taking place, there would be no time to set up capers, put people and blockers in place, and no time to fool around after the polls close.

Shouldn't we always be voting, as a way of life? If there were something to vote on once a month, people might eventually develop a habit and routine of voting, at least sometimes, with drive behind it, like getting a pedicure. I know ladies who would cancel their whole day for a pedicure....

muttleywags 11 years 4 weeks ago

Does that mean Romney didn't really squeeze out Santorum? (sorry, couldn't help myself)

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 4 weeks ago

Can you spell hypocrite? Whenever they are caught in a lie, they merely tell another lie. Of course they are opposed to voter fraud, unless the fraud helps their preferred candidates. The candidates must understand if the Republicans are good at cheating Democrats, they will use similar methods to fight each other. This is truly a clown show.

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

This is a point I left out lately, cuz it really scares the hell out of me. I have really no clue to what extent this Republican manipulation can effect the election in November? How many voters could they possibly knock off? Could they even win the whole election that way?

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George Reiter 11 years 4 weeks ago

It’s obvious that the Republicans are on the path to limit the voting rights for many American voters. Just like Paul Weyrich said in 1980: "Now many of our Christians have what I call the goo-goo syndrome — good government. They want everybody to vote. I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people, they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."

The Republicans are winning with the Supreme Court ruling of “Citizens United” and the unlimited, undisclosed money flowing into the election process, the practice of “Caging” which the Republicans still practice in violation of Law, voter suppression in violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the Corporate News Media on their side.

We who believe in democracy have a really big fight on our hands, as evidenced by the Occupancy Movement…

I signed Senator Bernie Sanders web site A Petition to Support the Saving American Democracy Amendment:

DORIAN007 11 years 4 weeks ago

Obviously, Romney won! <wink>

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Berry 11 years 4 weeks ago

It is possible these warmongers will be be voted in again. America most like war, so it seems? Look who supports Romney ! Is Romney part of the one %.......yes no? Is there anyone out there? Ha! Living in Twilight zone !

CopyOwner 11 years 4 weeks ago

I think it is deeper than this. Tom: You should not have to worry about Republican primary election fraud, and would not have to, if we rid ourselves of government imposition of the ficitonal "two-party system" as though it werre written in the Constitution. (1) Every party should be free to select its own candidates based on its own rules. (2) Every party should be free to support any candidate, including a canditate from another party. (3) The government should not be in the business of running and financing the candidate-selection processes of Democrats or Republicans -- all parties should pay their own costs and run their own candidate-selection procedure. (4) Anyone meeting the Constitutional requirements should be able to run for President, including non-affiliated candidates. (I was going to say that requiring some minimum number of signatures might be good, but why? Surely, even with 100,000 candidates, we are smart enough to choose the one we want to vote for.)

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Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

Yes, the Republicans are playing dirty again....but what does it really matter anyway....Obama has done enough to turn off any prospective voter, himself. You really think the young voters don't get it? In a system that is rigged to screw everyone but the rich, with nothing but lies belching out of those politicians mouths...especially from the Democrats, who pretend to be on the side of the less-than-rich crowds, and then act just like Republicans, giving it all away to the rich after they are elected, there is just no reason to even vote...unless you are voting for someone other than a Republican or a Democrat. Democrats are no longer seen to be the lesser of two they like to have you believe. They want you to believe that there is "no other choice". They are counting on voter gullibility. The ruling elite are counting on their gullibility. Because they own both Republicans and Democrats. And both Republicans and Democrats will continue to do the bidding of those who own them. Those faux Democrats are even more evil because they have pretended to be on our side. Why do you think the Occupy Wall Street crowds did not accept the backing of the Democrats? They know!

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RepubliCult 11 years 3 weeks ago

Supreme Courtesan decisions declaring corporate personhood & money to equal free speech, faux vs. real "voter fraud", other "shock doctrine" ploys, and the rest of these republican power grabs are helping pave the way to implement their agenda via what would truly be a doomsday scenario for America: Calling for a Constitutional Convention.

I cannot imagine a worse outcome for American than for republicans to acquire enough power through these strategies and tactics than to lead for America to have such a convention with republicans holding enough power to reshape the Constitution to their ideological obsessions.

Beware of theirs hidden agenda and ploys to ultimately call for a Consitutional Convention. This would end what's left of American freedom, democracy, liberties, justice, opportunities - and everything else valuable, precious and unique about America.

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RepubliCult 11 years 3 weeks ago


Excellent comment!!!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

We should actually learn from McCarthy's investigation system. Only in our case it's not against freedom, but for freedom and salvation of democracy. Democracy can't be a helpless lamb in the slaughterhouse. If this Republican voter fraud is really severe, it has to be done.

Another very pragmatic project is Thom's airing from Sweden next week. Sweden actually is an even better example than Germany, since Germans downright began to americanize their system quite a bit. Again to Palindromedary: we can't just topple our system and create anew at the drawing board. We have to adjust the American system and look for examples that work. You can bring in brand-new ideas as well, but only in small steps.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

On the whole the U.S. system works. The problem is just the voter. If I once voted conservative decades ago, this still backfires on me. My votes even change the supreme court on long term. They make even possible that Republicans can begin an election fraud. In European countries crypto-fascist parties like the GOP get nothing but small minority votes. The U.S. system is based on freedom, and we most certainly can be so free to vote ourselves out of democracy, into a fascist system as once in Italy and Spain.

People who want to create an entirely new system are like children. We don't need quixotic philosophers, we need pragmatists. Palindromedary, you are like a 16 year old who wants to topple everything and thinks all his screwy imaginations must be appreciated and become reality. You are just raving like some of my ex-classmates who actually were nothing but dishonest and selfish: Those radicals belong to the establishment today and don't give a darn for anything. If they give you a lot of money, Palindromedary: won't you cave in? I deeply mistrust your kind of destructive raving.

I know what pragmatic means in case of voter frauds. We have to gather those cases and turn it over to the FBI. Fighting voter fraud is actually their job and they are the only federal institution that can really do that. Until now I heard just a few cases, but if this is a whole election fraud system, this is a case for an extra committee as well, to investigate the whole thing and bring to justice.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

But Clarrisa, it is the 16 year olds that will eventually change this corrupt system....not the old foggies that are full of hot air and who have bought into the corrupt system as a way of life. Our forefathers, by your standards, would have caved in to the corrupt system of their day yet we celebrate and idolize their actions.

When a two party system is owned and controlled by the ruling is so corrupt and broken that participating in it only amounts to a farce and makes fools out of the participants. It is the fools who do not challenge the obviously deceitful and manipulating ruling elite (and their rigged voting game) and will not go out on a limb when it comes to challenging them about such things as the "official conspiracy theory". You may find it nutty, especially if you have not even bothered to investigate alternative Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and so many other organizations of responsible and learned men and women professionals who do speak out when they are given hogwash to believe in.

Some people feel less threatened and can live more comfortably in their little contrived make-believe worlds by not challenging authority or their contrived myths. They find it hard to break out of their mind-sets of orthodoxy that was drilled into their minds from birth. All cultures or countries have their own orthodoxies that are often at odds with other cultures or countries way of doing things and usually end up in murdering each other over them. That is one reason why so many people of non-Muslim beliefs have been so easily beguiled by those who contrived the mind manipulation propaganda to begin with. It is so much easier, for non-Muslims, to believe that Arab Muslims were entirely behind the whole 911 "terrorist attacks".

It is really hard for some people to break out of the mold and see what is causing the shadows on the wall of the cave that haunts them. They are like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand. They don't really want to know the truth. So they go along with their little matter how corrupt and useless it has proven to be hoping that things will change for the better.

Again, if our forefathers just kept "hoping" the British would just go away we would never have been able to break from the King's tyranny.

We will never break from the ruling elite's tyranny here in America, or anywhere else for that matter, if we keep "hoping" things will change by continuing to play the same old ridiculous ruling-elite controlled, rigged, elections. As long as they have you hooked on playing their game...they will win every time....because they own both Republicans and Democrats. They can't lose, but we will lose every time.

We are pleasantly entertained in watching Magic Tricks but most of us know that that is all it is..Tricks. And most of us know that what makes the tricks so amusing and often baffling is really the ability of the Magician to divert our attention away from what is really going on. And that is what makes some Generals on the battlefields so successful in defeating "the enemy"...illusion, diversion, and ruthlessness. I believe that this is just what the ruling elite has been doing in manipulating our election system so that no matter who wins the election...they win the war. Our election system has become an illusion of democracy and they do it by diversion. Obama was the diversion.

Not only that but there are a lot of people, or organizations, that "speak the liberal or progressive language" and make you believe that they are on your side. They are also part of the diversion. They will rail out against the "injustices" and "inequalities" and say they hate everything that Republicans stand for....but their whole mission is to get you to vote for a Democrat (Obama) but all along they too are working for the ruling elite because they know where the money is. And they also know that Obama is part of the scam by the ruling elite to squeeze any form of real democracy out so that the ruling elite can have complete control.

The real money is in supporting the ruling elite through getting people to vote for Obama because Obama is part of the "trick" to subvert any real democracy. Why else would Wall Street pay so much money in backing him over the obvious idiot Republican choices? Because Obama has been advertised as "our only choice"..."our only hope".

They want you to believe that there is no chance for any other Presidential Candidate other than Republican or Democrat, and unless you vote Democrat we will get a Republican President who will be much worse than Obama. But Obama was sneaky and lied to us. He pretended to be what he wasn't. He does not deserve our vote again!

The most dangerous thing is the one who pretends to be your friend yet is working behind your back to destroy you. Some of you still believe that it was all because Obama had no major support in Congress...and that in a "lame duck" Presidency Obama will shine as a defender of the poor and middle class. But he has shown, in his zeal and actions during his first term, just who he is...and he will not be any better in a second "lame duck" term. He is bought and paid by the ruling elite and will continue to be their puppet.

I'm afraid it's going to be another long arduous and disappointing next 4 years, if Obama is reelected, for many people who persisted in being fooled once more in the 2012 elections. And I will spend those 4 years, if I am still kicking, writing "I told you so"! It would be fantastic if I was wrong on this...but I am all out of hope and now rely on what I see and not on some foolish wishful thinking.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

"If they give you a lot of money, Palindromedary: won't you cave in?"

Sure I would, as would most people! I'm just as corruptible, when it comes to money, as most people. But the real question is would everyone else just shrug their shoulders and let me get away with it? The noisiest axle gets the grease! That's why we have to squeak loud and clear to send the message to those who pretend to be on our side that we won't just keep going back to the ballot box and voting for them if they continue to "get away with it". They want us to believe that "we have no other choice" and if we keep doing the same useless things over and over keep voting for those who obviously screw us...then we deserve to get screwed.

Americans, en masse, must send the very strong message that they are on to the ruse and will no longer be tricked into repeating useless, stupid, actions that just will never matter. Our history has shown that it takes something beyond the ballot box to effect real change in our favor.

Occupy Wall Street has the right idea and may help to change things if it grows and even turns into massive boycotts, sit down strikes, and other tactics that has, in the past, forced the ruling elite into concessions. FDR would never have done what he did for working people if he had not been forced to by the people. If these people, in the past, told themselves that they will only try to effect change through the ballot box then we would never have had a middle class or any of the life-saving social benefits or decent work hours or pay. Our children would have to slave away in some American sweat shop.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

I wouldn't turn anything over to the FBI, not voluntarily anyway. They are part of the problem. How much evidence of wrongdoing...presidential assassinations, 911, high level culpability in drug smuggling and money laundering, etc. Photos, documents, and information has a way of "disappearing" when you turn them over to the FBI or other organizations that suck up to, and are controlled by, the ruling elite. If you have photos or information it is better not to let it disappear down the rabbit hole. With all of the video surveillance evidence of the Pentagon attack on 911 that they confiscated...they still won't release any of it except one of a couple of seconds showing a very blurry image. And what about all of those anti-aircraft guns that are supposed to be on top of the Pentagon in the event of such an air strike on it? Don't get me started...there's so much more!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

natanode said: "The most bizarre thing about Obama is that he never says anything about what's going on. Or maybe i've just tuned him out."


That was not you, just your 'pal'. Well, I think he is fairly much like you. Not really open. You guys have certain ideas and you think you're gonna change the world. But you don't give a darn for realities. My classmates thought that way too, and my generation didn't change much.

What you leave out are for example those underprivileged who hate any progressive idea, although they're poor. Those dames working at Wal*Mart for low pay, suffering from the neurotic imagination they would belong to the noble and illustrious. Those who live on food stamps, though in public propagate their abolition. Those who just think all liberals are gay, Jewish and communist and they gotta beat 'em up or shoot 'em dead. Or how about those who are psychically down and out, above all after Iraq and Afghanistan.... You're actually calculating as if all Americans were awake and ready to catch your wise ideology. Your extremely long texts, full of mental leaps?

If you want to change the system, you gotta go into the system. And you have to consider and accept all the realities in America -- all the nice, crazy and terrible fellow Americans. And you will never invent a new society. We can only try, hope and improve things, but it takes a lot of time. Well, I hope you will do that. But not by typing ten thousands of characters.

I am a Christian. You can't by my soul with money. I don't believe in money. Otherwise I would hate myself. Do you like yourself a bit at least, Palindromedary? Important question!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

Your greatest mistake, Palindromedary, is that ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL attitude. If we get someone like Gingrich as president, we're done. I mean, life will go on somehow, but I tell ya, that will end horribly. This is not the good old GOP, this is 2012 teaparty fascism. We can't afford this ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL thinking, just because Obama disappointed you and your mushy, pink Obama-dream-world. I've never dreamed that way -- I appreciate what he DID achieve!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

Whoa, 8,349 characters (comments #16 through #18) -- you're way worse than me! Say, do you really feel better after such a typing therapy session? I hope you type with all ten fingers at least and fast like a skilled secretary..... I think, you should allow yourself to leave points out. Really, this isn't good for you.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

And I am not a Christian...or a Muslim..or a Hindu...or a Budhist...or a new ager...or anything except an atheist. I'm just not into superstition and don't believe in imaginary beings. I am not even a my opinion they are very much like theists in some ways.

So I guess you are better than me..and perhaps you are. Some people would think that I am not a very nice person at all. That's ok as long as they don't try to burn me to a stake like they used to burn other poor suckers who were thought to be witches or even just not of the same particular brand of their religion.

But it really isn't about me...well, in my mind, perhaps a little. But I can sure express my observations of what I believe is happening in this country, and world. And one thing I can be pretty sure of .... and that is what should be obvious to most people who have been paying attention....that our political system is corrupt and both major parties are bought off and owned by lots of money. And if that be so, then what difference does it make if you vote for one or the other? It's all show to make you think you have some say in the game. It tends to keep people "hopeful" and keeps them from rioting in the streets.

If you were living in another country...say one with a two-bit dictator who manipulated his way into what he likes to call "his Presidency" would you then think it made any difference by voting for or against him? Everyone knows what the outcome of those elections are going to be.

The US has taken it one step further. The ruling elite controls the puppet President of the US, Republican or Democrat, and they still call it a democracy? Fools still go to the ballot box and participate in a sham election where no matter who you vote for..and no matter who lose...and they continue to win.

Like people pretending that there is a God, they pretend there is a real democracy at play in the US and all they have to do is cast their ballot for someone they put their faith in..or write letters...or emails...or even phone matter that that someone has already dashed the hopes of many of those who voted for him in the first place. Fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice...shame on me!

Do I feel better after having expressed my views at all? No, actually! I live in dread that the fascist pigs will drag me out of my bed in the middle of the night and send me to Gitmo...or of those countries on the other side of the world where they really do torture people till they die. But then I try to temper that ill feeling by realizing that there are many thousands of other people who are also saying similar things about our predicament. And some are very well known and well read bloggers.

But what really scares me is that Obama, or his henchmen, has the ability to do just that to anyone he/they feel like. I also believe that it won't be very much longer that we will be able to express ourselves over the internet in such a manner. And it is not just Republicans that are the boogy man here...the Democrats too...especially Obama.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

At times you sound like that 8 years old who thinks he already knows everything. And that's the kind of naive angst you suffer at night.

In the first place you said Obama could do anything and now you say he's a puppet. The truth is, he has to trick a lot, to get something done. Congress is much mightier than him. What we need is a decent majority for the Democrats. You hate the Democrats because they're only humans, instead of angels. So you think we might deal with the Republican devil as well. You practically say, "Eat me tiger, so the bees can't sting me anymore!"

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

Ever see the movie Chucky? Just kidding! I could have fun with that last statement! But I won't go there. Just kidding!

bewildered1's picture
bewildered1 11 years 3 weeks ago

I bought my annual CA fishing license. The first thing the asked me for was my photo ID.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

Seriously, your bogeyman hysteria isn't mature at all. If you're afraid even Obama would send you to Guantanamo, you're reminding me of the little toddler I've been once: crying for I was afraid the water leaving the tub might wash me through the pipe. Well, you don't sound that little, but many of your ideas are childish. Even if you should be over 30: these are not ideas of a grown-up.

Sorry, to me this is no "kidding". I can't accept this extreme Obama bashing. I consider myself more left-wingy than the President. But I can't take this hysteric exaggeration.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 3 weeks ago

Wow! I'm getting younger every time you post. Thanks! It would be nice to be young again. I know you are trying to tick me off..but it's not working.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

If it relieves you, I actually take on him:

Whether he's speaking as 1%er, like a 1%er, for the 1%ers -- whatsoever, it cannot be uncontradicted here as I feel. Or are you a fan of uncle Scrooge? (Who knows how many 16 years old occupiers dream of their personal morning money swim they might enjoy one day? :D)

And you? Um, you confused me, so I tried to understand. The only thing I understand.... very alien as I feel.... but it's relieving to understand this at least.... and that I probably won't be able to understand ever....

No, I don't plan on watching you furthermore. I'm actually watching Badams. If Thom feels like I'm watching Badams too thoroughly, he should give me a warning. Right now I feel, somebody has to watch his GOP propaganda....

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