What will be the results of the New Hampshire primary?

It’s primary day in New Hampshire – and the votes are already being counted. Two New Hampshire communities – Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location – have a tradition of casting ballots at midnight – and out of 22 votes cast – Mitt Romney has a very, very early lead with 7 votes – Ron Paul has 5 – and Jon Huntsman has 4. Romney is expected to win big in New Hampshire – or at least he was before he inexplicably went on a tirade yesterday about how he loves to fire people. Jon Huntsman – who has staked his whole campaign on New Hampshire – said that after making those comments about firing people, Romney is, “completely unelectable.” We’ll see if that’s the case tonight.


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DRichards 11 years 20 weeks ago

Yes, I know that Libertarians are bad when it comes to social security and the "free market" ie, no government oversight/involvement (including bail outs). The Democrats are pro war, pro Wall Street bail outs and anti civil liberties. If I have to make a choice, war & my civil liberties trump the other issues.

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Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

" As we know, And what appears so far , If you don't want to fight these wars forever, forever of cause is a long time" but for now, Ron Paul is the man for the job.. We need Paul in there for perhaps one term to stop This policing everyone and the world. Too make sense of what heck is going on. "And for the people, us ! I am sure Paul is workable. Paul cannot be bought ! The American people will not be undermine by traitors while he is in office.

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 20 weeks ago

President Obama will be the winner in New Hampshire. None of the Republicans have a chance to do anything except embarrass themselves in the General Election in November. When you have to chose who is a winner, the only real winner is President Barack Obama and with his victory the American people win too! In the Republican party election there will be one candidate with more votes than any other Republican, however, these guys are losers.

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bodhi188 11 years 20 weeks ago


Please take a look at this story out of Hudson, NH at a Ronmey appearence yesterday. It needs a follow up. Thanks!


dianhow 11 years 20 weeks ago

250 million dollar man / corp raider / flip flopper Mitt will win . 2 nd Ron Paul / or Huntsman Newt 3 rd

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Let 'em elect the "completely unelectable", go on with Obama, topple Walker, ergo take Wisconsin and take the House back too. Then start a major education offensive which finally makes the GOP unelectable forever. I think I have ideas how to keep big money completely out of campaigning for the future -- and ergo out of congress....

I like to see people fired too.... as long as they're Republicans, hahahaha!


Y i P p E e !!! Karl Frisch just had the prototype of a goop calling in and let him struggle on air quite some time. America could hear what a pro-GOP mind is (if not wealthy): just a goop, desperately trying to make Obama a flip-flopper, not knowing what a flip-flopper is at all. He was literally digging his and his class' grave, and as clumsy as these dopes are, spaded his own foot. Let those suckers call in. This is good for America and Obma! It's real, it's true, they most certainly are dopes. [added 4:45pm EST]

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Palindromedary 11 years 20 weeks ago

Flip-Flopping or "the administration’s roller-coaster relationship with the business community."

"The White House’s Wall Street whiplash stretches to the earliest days of the administration, with Obama conciliatory one minute and confrontational the next.

His zigzags between embracing the business community and vilifying it have shadowed his presidency, exposing him to charges from Wall Street that he’s out to get them and from liberals that he coddles Big Business. Based on his own statements, Obama himself can appear undecided about which way to go — an incoherence that has left both sides dissatisfied as he seeks reelection."

"In his bid to pass his health care overhaul, Obama delighted Democrats during the summer of 2009 by railing against the insurance industry. But at the same time, his top aides were locked in secret negotiations with drugmakers, prompting liberals to question which side of the us-versus-them divide he stood on.

Obama appeared on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in December 2009, as anger raged once again over big bonuses, this time for Goldman Sachs executives — and he hit back hard.

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat-cat bankers on Wall Street,” Obama said. “The people on Wall Street still don’t get it. They don’t get it.”

A month later, he proposed a tax on the 50 biggest banks, declaring “we want our money back” from the 2008 bailout. He threw his support behind the “Volcker rule,” which restricts how large financial firms can make risky bets with their own capital — fiercely opposed by the industry as a major money loser.

Then, in what was interpreted as a 180-degree shift on bonuses, Obama told Bloomberg News in February 2010 that he doesn’t “begrudge people success or wealth. That is part of the free-market system.”

"Among the numerous efforts at conciliation: Obama met for five hours with 20 leading CEOs at the Blair House in December. He agreed to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. He hired Bill Daley, Midwest chairman of JPMorgan, as chief of staff. He issued an executive order to streamline government regulations. He created the White House jobs council, a panel of 37 top business executives tasked with developing job-growth strategies. He pushed a host of private-public partnerships to stoke job growth and three free-trade agreeements. He halted a controversial Environmental Protection Agency regulation on smog standards."


I'd say that Frisch sounded like and acted a lot like those guys on Fox Snooze today. Obama knows where the votes came from but he also knows where all his campaign money comes from and so it torn between both. But the bottom line is he will sell out the ones who is willing to be suckered the most and it obviously isn't going to be Wall Street. Obama, obviously, still has a few sucker voters out there that just can't seem to understand that their votes will just not matter....at all. It is a rigged and corrupt system and if you keep playing their game you will continue to be the ruling elite's b!tcsh.

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Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

" Obama most likely will buy the election. He will Dazzle you every hour ~ He is well funded ? I do like Obama, but he keeps coming up short! He Still spending much over seas as we know. We need someone who can slash that power spending from over seas, bring That money back here .. Again , Ron Paul cannot be bought ! ITS The TIMES WE ARE IN. Perhaps Obama can be president at another time in history if you will. Obama is not doing what he set out to do that got him elected. " Change! The Change will come with DR. Paul ~ The wars will be cut !

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2950-10K 11 years 20 weeks ago

National exposure of Mitt's job killing spree for self enrichment makes society the winner! This parasitical capitalist makes one hell of a fine REPUBLICAN, and the party deserves him as their poster boy. The whole thing truly warms my heart.

Mitt supports the anti union right to work without rights states......or is it support for the right of a 1%er to be able to force the 99%ers to work without rights states?

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Palindromedary 11 years 20 weeks ago

Flip flops:
1. As Obama said against Bush for invading Iraq: "The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." Yet he later intervened in Libya without approval by Congress. Their drones have killed many innocent civilians in a number of Middle Eastern countries and Africa now. And the only reason why Obama is "pulling out of Iraq" (sort of) is because that was determined by the Bush Administration long before Obama. Obama really can't take much recognition for this. And we're still in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and probably Syria, Iran, and elsewhere..Africa.

2. Obama pledged to shut down Guantanamo but he didn't.

3. Obama had said (in 2005) that the Patriot Act "puts our own Justice Department above the law" He said it was "just plain wrong"! Yet he has done nothing to abolish the Patriot Act...it has gotten worse. Now Obama can haul any American out of his or her bed, special rendition him to some gulag and have him or her tortured...with no access to any legal system...no lawyers...just disappear people down the rabbit hole like they used to in the Soviet Union.

4. Obama said (in 2006) that "increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally...America deserves better."

5. Obama warned against demonizing Wall Street only a few days before he sympathized with the Occupy Wall Street protestors who do exactly that.

6. After all his pre-election rhetoric about Bush and the Republicans that got him elected...he has become...one of them...or maybe he was one of them all along!

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have lost hundreds of thousands of registered voters...the Democrats twice that of the Republicans. And they are shifting their hopes to Independents. The major two party system is corrupt and needs to be taken down for a change.

I voted for Obama and would have done so again if he had not been such a useful idiot for the ruling elite. But he is just such an embarrassment now...he was just a pushover for those forces who are trying to destroy liberalism....or even just a truly democratic system.

It's not democracy when the handful of extremely wealthy people control the elections, under false pretenses, by "owning" the President we voted for. We all voted for a President who said one thing before we elected him and got someone we had not imagined he would morph into after the election.

I got nothing against him, personally, but he is just not worthy of our votes again. If you vote for him again you will just be showing them that they can get away with this illusion of democracy. And just like the other Republican candidates, Obama is also a flip flopper. And I think Ron Paul is the least guilty of this. And perhaps who ever represents one of the other independent candidates may be a good choice this time. But we'd still be keeping our fingers crossed no matter who wins the Presidency.

The system, itself, is corrupt and very corrupting. But we need to send a very strong message to both the Republican and Democrat Parties that we do have other choices and do not need to be locked in to them.

Let's work together to overthrow that stranglehold that both of those arrogant parties have on us. If you even bother to vote this time...vote for someone other than Republican or Democrat. We need to send a wake up message now or we are ruined.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Berry, get it: Obama is rich, Ron Paul is rich. Only Obama has goodness and Ron Paul is merciless. Remember that wealthy man who asked President Obama to raise his taxes? There are decent wealthy Americans, but Ron Paul is NOT one of them.

Ron Paul is gonna buy off America for himself and his wealthy class. He's gonna buy you and me. His program won't kill us in wars -- Ron Paul is gonna kill many Americans at home. Stop bumping your own heads liberals, it hurts ya!

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Berry, you really need a lot of help to understand you're playing with fire. Ron Paul gives a darn if you should get cancer someday. He will let ya die.... He will laugh at you if you should loose your work and home. How can you fall for that crazy guy, Berry? I just can't understand it.

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Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

Clarissa Smith > Try and read between the lines all listen closely to the calling. You sound like a worry ward of a me. So killing is better for you? How many different ways ? Continue spending for wars and handing over our money to the military complex over seas is good for you, so our children can go hungy and live in the streets? Ron is for the people, listen closely.. The money will be spent here. There will be a lot he will not be able to do.. I do not agree with everything Ron says. No one is perfect... Perhaps Ross Perot. Ha! There is only about 19% of the people that really know whats happening.We are in a mess! Paul just could Bring back law and order in the W.H . Not disregarding the constitution.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Berry, what is to read between your lines is about starving Americans. Taking away even their medicare, which is insane! Ron Paul plans that too and he said so. I just can't take you seriously: Ridiculous blah-blah with really terrible things between the lines. Ron Paul is ruthless, he doesn't give a darn for common people. As he is a racist.

Quote Berry:“ I do like Obama, but....”
Berry, this is the most hypocritical stuff I had to take these days. Whoever President would sell out my country I couldn't like at all. But Obama never did that. It's a lie and just a silly phrase. Obama did a lot for America, although your teapartiers tried to stop him all the time. You're infesting Thom's progressive website with poisonous thoughts. Berry, I just gotta watch that -- it can't happen uncontradicted here....

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DRichards 11 years 20 weeks ago

Who’s a real progressive?

Obama and Paul both hold positions anathema to liberals. Voters need to choose which ones to overlookBY DAVID SIROTAhttp://www.salon.com/2012/01/10/what_makes_a_progressive_president/

Berry's picture
Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

Smith > See how our laws are eroding ~ "Good luck ! Everything is already perfect. I don't wish to convert you. Obvious you have hit a wall by the sound of your words . Stuck on somethings ? Look to something new, to Something old . Ha! The writings are on the wall. Vote who you please! I will not stop you. Don't be so upset. ~Join the military if you like to fight. "Save the world! Peace ! Its only my opining !

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago
Quote Berry:“ Obama most likely will buy the election ”
This was not an information, Berry. You're just guessing, actually constructing an idea that suits you. You grabbed that out of the blue sky! And you're not contradicting what I told you before. You obviously can't.

The wars were started by the Republican Bush! And Obama always wished to get out of them. But it's easier to get in, than to get out of a war. In global politics you cannot do as pleases you. You're can't be Thom's listener, otherwise you were able to present real facts.

I'm not "upset" -- this is campaign season and I just do what I got to do. Maybe you're not tough enough to stay in the fireline....

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Ron Paul: "O'er the land of the rich and the hell of the poor."

That's what you actually should sing here Berry, for this is the whole truth about Ron Paul.

You're just repeating the typical phrases of a brain-mothballed ex-liberal: "I'm a liberal and I came to the conclusion Ron Paul is the solution." Blah- blah-blah....

Paul comes over the media as nice ol' uncle Ron, but in fact he is a beast. He says he wants to do away with medicare and that's horrible. It'll kill more Americans at home than in a war!!


P.S.: I wrote this comment in the morning, but just changed something, so it all moved to the bottom now.

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DRichards 11 years 20 weeks ago

It seems to me that Paul winning the republican nomination would be the democrats worst nightmare; as the Democratic Party could no longer consider the progressives a shoe in because "they have nowhere else to go" (at least not from those who consider themselves progressives first, rather than democrats first and foremost).

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

DRichards, Ron Paul might change to an independent and those liberals who tend to be blind on both eyes might fall for that nut. Paul will never be President -- he won't get that much votes. But he might take away tooooo many votes from Obama. If the result then will be another four years gridlock, because the GOP will control the house again, this will be deadly!!! You want four more years with nothing happening in America? You know, the tea party blocks anything that comes from Obama.

Please consider this, DRichards: Ron Paul is never a progressive!!! A progressive doesn't talk libertarian phrases, negating even the necessity of medicare. No, in this you're wrong. This doesn't fit to the definition of a progressive.

Paul's followers aren't very smart and we have to wake them up. Berry was downright campaigning for Paul, I just had to take on him.

Berry's picture
Berry 11 years 20 weeks ago

How about Ron Paul ! Ron Paul is the choice of the Troops > http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v0LxI7_v9vA

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 20 weeks ago

Berry, our soldiers aren't all phlegmatic dummies. It's just you guys who don't get it. And you just don't give a darn if fellow Americans starve and have no medicare. You let homeless verterans starve, Berry. You're not for the troops. You're windbagging -- fake from head to toe.

Anyway, if you see some soldiers on YouTube and reason all soldiers are the same, this is silly.

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