Will Mitt Romney win tomorrow night’s New Hampshire Primary?

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney had just two hurdles to jump before he cruises to a victory in tomorrow night’s New Hampshire Primary – and those were back-to-back debates on Saturday night and Sunday morning. After escaping the first debate completely unscathed – Romney was attacked in the second debate for being a career politician, making a living killing jobs, and being far too moderate to represent the Republican Party. Romney himself fueled criticism when he seemed to suggest that only rich people should run for office, quoting advice that his dad gave him saying, “never get involved in politics if you have to win an election to pay a mortgage.” But despite the attacks in Sunday’s debate – polls out of New Hampshire show Romney with a sizeable lead. According to the latest poll out of the University of New Hampshire – Romney is sitting pretty at 41% - with Ron Paul in second at 17%. Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman are tied at 11%. A win for Romney in New Hampshire will be historic – making him the first non-incumbent Republican candidate to win in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Romney is also leading in South Carolina and in Florida – two primaries that will be held later this month. So, there’s a good chance this race could be wrapped up fairly early if he pulls off the January sweep.


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mathboy 12 years 23 weeks ago

Breaking news: Iranian scientists disprove Einstein, enter Iraq at "literally the speed of light".

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Palindromedary 12 years 23 weeks ago

Yes, that was pretty funny. That was the first Republican debate I ever watched...most of it anyway...and I wouldn't have bothered had I not seen Ron Paul up there. I don't agree with some of the things that Ron Paul stands for but Ron Paul was the only one that made much sense. I hope he does run against Obama...because he is the only one who will force the real important issues out in the open...otherwise the real issues will be avoided.

I enjoyed the Thom Hartmann program today from Iceland. One thing that was a little awkward was the inability of Thom pronouncing Icelandic names...not that he can be blamed much..(does everyone in Iceland have names ending in jondotir?)....but what was that about the news report of a guy who (who looked like Jesus), who had been arrested by police, who changed his name to something ridiculous and then the guy sitting in for Thom made a joke about the guy getting back at police for having to pronounce his name....as the host was also having this difficulty.

Michael Hudson, the economist, has written a lot about Iceland's predicament.

Perhaps one way Iceland may be able to keep doctors in Iceland after they get all of that very inexpensive education is to charge them a great deal more for their education, and then tell them that if they stay in Iceland for a certain period of time working in the profession, they can work off their tuition..then they would be free to leave the country in search of wealth elsewhere.

One thing that stood out for me was that despite the multi-party system in Iceland, as was said by one Icelander on the show, the ruling elite controls them all and no one really represents the majority of the people. It is the same as what we have here in the US except that our system is primarily bullied by two major parties. Another thing that stood out was that Iceland's conservatives believe in universal healthcare and social programs.

I just recently watched a 2001 movie called "No Such Thing" which was about a young woman reporter who went to Iceland to find out what happened to her fiancee. It was about a monster, Robert John Burke, that murdered people, because he detested "humanity", and who couldn't be killed. It was kind of a Beauty and the Beast movie with an unusual twist on sex. There were a few jondotir actors in the movie and the monster was played by a guy who became a firefighter in NY after helping rescue people from the WTC towers on 911. Sarah Polley, the young woman, a well known and talented actor/director/political activist from Canada was really stunning in one scene.

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JohnLemessurier 12 years 23 weeks ago

Will Mitt Romney win tomorrow night’s New Hampshire Primary? WHO CARES?

SBH 12 years 23 weeks ago

I'd like to see Ron Paul win. He knows more than Mitt Romney. Mormons are always for the rich and don't actually care for non Mormons. This will be a huge problem and Mormons have a very strange bible. The actual bible they use is greatly diminished from the real bible. Only the Mormons that take the higher learning in the Mormon church get the real Mormon bible.

Mormons also keep secrets and lie a lot. I've known several so I know. They also like to get in fights and if they are in a Mormon town the police usually try to blame any problem or lie on the one who calls the police.

Ron Paul is on several finance committees and the chairman of one. He knows that America can never actually get out of debt as long as we pay interest on the money printed. It's a geometrically multiplied interest that just keeps getting bigger. America is getting in more and more debt all the time. It's at 15 trillion now. The Federal reserve assassinates presidents that come against them. Kennedy started printing money in 1960 with no interest attached to it. What our government paid for was the paper, ink, and labor cost. It was the paper money with the red circle on it where normal money says something about the U.S. Treasury around the greeen circle. Kennedy was shot dead 2 weeks later. Jackson called the bank that was printing our money in the early 1830s, thieves and vipers and was not going to use their services anymore once their contract ran out and it did while he was in office. The whole country was out of debt before Jackson was out of office. Pretty amazing. A gunman tried to kill Jackson on a staircase, but the two daringers the assassins used both mis-fired.

I like honest people like Ron Paul because he gets down to the route of the problems. And knows how to get to the route of the problems which mostly is our money system and that we also have to many wars that we can't afford so we print paper money and go in debt again over it. It is unconstitutional meddle in the affairs of other countries. Ron is like I said, honest. Other say they are pro life and don't believe in abortion, but the problem is that they blieve in wars that take many lives, so how is really prolife?

Many presidents say they are prolife but still abortion remains. Ron Paul says to overthrow the abortion law would be to change the juristiction of the law to the state courts and vote it down.

Ron Paul's advisory said that America will be in severe trouble in 4 years like Greece is today if we don't get out of debt. The other candidates usually avoid talking about interest rates.

And after I watch a debate that I am sure Ron Paul won, then the news comes on and says that Mitt Romney won. My family didn't think Mitt did well at all.

We need a man with the character of Abe Lincoln and Ron Paul is that. A humble man that is willing to give his life if he has to.

A good idea might be to have a Presidential panel instead of just one president. One president can't do everything.

Newt wants to get us producing energy in this country again. We need to so baddly. Where are our politician's heads at?


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U.S. Citizen 12 years 23 weeks ago

Romney is the pre-ordained corporate candidate of the Repubs. So far, the corporate wing seems to be beating the religious wing (which is also corporate). The corporate wing will have two corporatist candidates--Obama and Romney.

However, since the base is not happy with Romney, watch for a dark horse--Jeb Bush, perhaps.

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Berry 12 years 23 weeks ago

If I got this right, On President'a day February 20th ~ Thousands of Veterans to host march on the White House for Ron Paul . Check out ~ Adam VS the man On Face book. From Washington Monument to the W.H. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v0LxI7_v9vA

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Palindromedary 12 years 23 weeks ago

Yeah, Romney wouldn't answer the question and attacked the moderator. I don't even remember what the question was but Romney stood out as someone who had something to hide...like his real position on the issue and it looked like he was about to explode. What a weasel! Ron Paul was the only one who seemed honest in his answers. All the others lost the debate, IMHO.

We have a two party system in the US...the Whacks and the Quacks. They are slimey little devils that will stab you in the back and certainly don't deserve our votes. And, they are all selfish and egotistical war criminals who don't really care at all for human life...other lives anyway.

The Rethuglicans pugnaciously claim that they are for saving the lives of human beings and are against abortion...but they have no problems sending other people's sons and daughters out to die in their stupid illegal and contrived wars. And they certainly don't care a whit about the lives of men, women, and children in those countries that they send our troops to to occupy. They don't care at all about bankrupting our country so that those dastardly oil companies can get their oil and then hold us all hostage to it. Anyone voting for Obama, after the obvious back-stabbing he did to the American people, has got to be nuts. Anyone voting Republican are evil or too stupid to realize they are being had.

2bdancing 12 years 23 weeks ago

I'd like to see Jon Huntsman win. He makes more sense than any of the other candidates!

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Palindromedary 12 years 23 weeks ago

RT interview of Michael Hudson, the economist.

"So the effect of quantitative easing by the FED is to turn the dollar into a pariah currency that everybody is trying to avoid..because nobody wants them...you can't use them to invest in the United States...because of the Nationalism here...other countries don't want dollars...what is the point of accepting more dollars?

So then, what is the future of the US dollar as the reserve currency?

It means that it is finished!"

I saw this shunning of the US dollar back in 2008, when I tried to change US dollars for Slovakian Koruna or even for the Euro (that Slovakia also used at the time). The teller at the Slovakian bank refused to do it...so I was stuck with US dollars in Slovakia that nobody wanted. Only a few merchants would reluctantly take the dollars.

I had also heard that even in India...at the Taj Mahal...they wouldn't accept US dollars.

As Michael Hudson pointed out in the interview...the US had been funding it's stupid wars and making other countries pay for it. They were stuck with lots of US dollars that they couldn't get rid of...they weren't allowed to buy assets in the US so they were just stuck with the dollars.

The US is fast becoming a pariah and a burned out cinder of a super power. We are going through the last gasps and death throes of power and influence in the world and becoming the laughing stock of rising empires...like China. The result will be continued and increasing high unemployment, higher prices for everything, and continued failed smaller banks that will be gobbled up by the big ones.

As Michael Hudson said...during the Savings and Loan scandals, thousands of people went to jail, but now in this much bigger scandal..no one is going to jail. Obama is part of the scandal that keeps these Wall Street and banking criminals from going to jail.

And you want to vote for Obama again?!! Right! May as well have a Republican.

RT interview by Lauren Lyster:

And another interview of Michael Hudson by Thom Hartmann:

And another Lauren Lyster interview of Michael Hudson on Dec 7 of 2011

Michael Hudson's web site:
don't forget the dash or you'll get the wrong Michael Hudson.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 23 weeks ago

My favorite had always been Michelle Bachmann, for I considered her a sure thing. She would have no chance against Obama -- she would be absolutely helpless. Her crazy talk certainly would have entertained us a lot.

My number two is Rick Perry. I think he's not as crazy as Bachmann, but he is the clumsiest and naivest of all. I actually find him cute, even like him a bit. If he was just the hero of a western film, I might appreciate his films. But he can't be President of the United States. Like Herman Cain he's just a show talent. Bachmann just should make pies, or start some private business....

I see more and more the jester in Rumney. His talking is much more entertaining than I felt in the first place. At first I thought, "Oh my, he's dangerous, much smarter than all the other teabaggers!" But now I see he even has something jestery in his face. He could actually be court jester too. So if it's gonna be him..... He created millions of jobs..... on mars of course.... LOL

If this Republican voter fraud stuff wouldn't worry me, I would just enjoy the show with those jesters. I actually don't wanna wait until November. I want decision, motion, change now!!!! How does it go in Wisconsin?! Is Walker toppling? When will he tip over and just fall on his but? Dammit, I want the HOUSE NOW!

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 23 weeks ago

Oh yeah? Wanna see poor old people starve?

Ron Paul has nice points, but no heart for the poor. And he doesn't give a darn for the middle class.

I don't envy you, if you're a billionaire, SBH. Just congratulate you for being so lucky. And in order to keep your wealth, you most certainly got to vote for Ron Paul. Of course! He is the smartest of those who fight for the rich! He guaranties your daily money swim, SBH!

Have a nice money swim! Gotta go. :)

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 23 weeks ago


No experiments. This is not just an exciting mystery film. This is America's future.

No I want somebody who doesn't make sense. I want a sure thing.

What do you think? I wanna sleep well until November! ;)


Y i P p E e !!! Karl Frisch just had the prototype of a goop calling in and let him struggle on air quite some time. America could hear what a pro-GOP mind is (if not wealthy): just a goop, desperately trying to make Obama a flip-flopper, not knowing what a flip-flopper is at all. He was literally digging his and his class' grave, and as clumsy as these dopes are, spaded his own foot. Let those suckers call in. This is good for America and Obma! It's real, it's true, they most certainly are dopes. [added 4:45pm EST]

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