Will the Occupy Iowa Caucus be successful?

It’s Iowa Caucus day!

Despite endless debating, campaign ads, and TV punditry over the last few months – the Republican race to the White House officially begins this evening as Iowans gather to choose which Republican they’d like to see run against President Obama this year.

Polls show a dead heat at the top between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul – with a surging Rick Santorum in third and a collapsing Newt Gingrich in fourth. And considering Iowans have a history of choosing oddball candidates – like Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Michele Bachmann in last year’s straw poll – it’s anyone’s guess who might come out on top in the Hawkeye state at the end of the night.

One thing that is certain is that Republicans are temporarily putting a hold on their war against voters. Iowa is just one of nine states in the nation that allows for same-day voter registration, meaning people can go to the polls, register to vote, and then immediately vote all at the same time.

Studies show that same-day voter registration boosts voter participation by as much as 7%. Also – Iowa will not be checking any voter photo IDs as so many other right-wing states are now demanding. So whoever does come out on top – will be there thanks to the voice of the people. That is unless the Republican Party – using the excuse of a threat of an Anonymous hack attack – sabotages the caucus to prevent Ron Paul from winning.

Or – if the Occupy Iowa Caucus movement is successful in catapulting “uncommitted” to the top of the Republican field for the win. Either way – it should be an interesting night – stay tuned.

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