All across Spain workers protested in the streets last weekend, when will we see this in the US?

From Greece to the U.K. to now Spain. Hundreds of thousands of workers took to the streets in 57 cities across Spain over the weekend to protest the Conservative government’s new austerity package and labor reforms. As many as a half-million people demonstrated in Madrid alone according to reports.

Alongside new spending cuts – the Conservative government is slashing severance pay for workers and making it easier for companies to opt out of union contracts. Before the European debt crisis – Spain’s unemployment rate stood at just below 8% - but today it’s above 22% - which is the highest in the developed world. And as we’ve seen elsewhere across Europe – and in the United States – slashing government spending and taking money out of working people’s pockets only makes the situation worse.


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mauiman58 11 years 5 weeks ago

Sory Thom, it was too much spending that got the countries of Spain, Greece, and Italy in trouble. Then the population that got used to the goverment handouts gets upset when they are told that the party is over.

Look at the following article from The Chicago Tribune. The Democrats have been in ower in Illinois for the past ten years and have just about spent this state into bankrupcy. Now the DEMOCRAT govenor is calling for cuts in Medicare. And he has served notice that he will have to do something about the public workers pensions becasue pretty soon all Illinois will be able to afford are the pensions of the public workers. Sound familar? Do you really think Illinois would be in this position if the Republicans had been in power?

Here is the article,0,7615873.story:

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

The mauiman58 doesn't find the right thread, then tries to dabble in South European history and politics (of course messing it up with U.S. state affairs, not making sense).... Get it right here, folks:

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