Daily Topics - Wednesday Feburary 8th, 2012

Please welcome progressive strategist & syndicated columnist Karl Frisch in for Thom today

Hour One: What's next for the GOP hopefuls? John Nichols, The Nation Magazine / Plus, another video fraud from James O'Keefe? Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog

Hour Two: "How the GOP is Resegregating the South" - Ari Berman, The Nation Magazine

Hour Three: "The making of gay marriage’s top foe" - Mark Oppenheimer, Salon & The New York Times


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mathboy 10 years 27 weeks ago

Based on what Ari Berman said, I guess we need a more objective redistricting system.

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mathboy 10 years 27 weeks ago

Note to Carl: When things make sense together they jibe (not jive).

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