The Republican vision of America is that of costly and perpetual warfare.

Republicans held – literally – their 20th debate last night. With a pivotal Michigan primary just 5 days away – and polls showing Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum neck-and-neck – the four candidates took to the stage in Arizona to see who can win the race to the bottom. And with the exception of Ron Paul – everyone in the debate thinks the United States needs to be involved in another war – this time with Iran.

Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all painted doomsday scenarios of a nuclear Iran and how big of a threat that nation is to America’s security. They stopped just short of using Bush’s famous war-mongering line of a smoking gun being a mushroom cloud over an American city. Apparently no one on the stage learned the lessons of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – their vision of America is one of continuous and costly warfare across the Middle East – the same sort of perpetual warfare that’s bankrupted every empire that’s ever existed in history.


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robertbeal 11 years 4 weeks ago

Story idea: Financial war against Iran.

(research links below my summary)


While the word "monetary" can be a buzz killer, money (credit/debt) and currency is the most important least understood political-economic subject. In fact, the primary mechanism for the uploading of wealth to the 1% is the monetary system – really The System. It underpins plutocracy, and you know that without justice there is no peace – Plutocracy Prevents Peace. Iran is the prime example – and is illustrative of the class war here.


War Plan Iran: China Snubs Washington's Best-Laid Plans to Destabilize Iran's Oil Industry

01/10/2012, Finian Cunningham

“Chinese leaders dealt a blow to US plans to strangulate Iranian oil exports just hours before Washington's Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner touched down in Beijing. . . Top of the agenda for Geithner's visit beginning Tuesday is to push China's leaders into cutting off crude oil imports from Iran - thus hoping to cripple the Iranian economy.”

US Sabotage of Iran’s Currency: A New Twist of the Screw to War

01/03/2012, Finian Cunningham

“The Islamic Republic has limited oil-refining capacity – one of the reasons why it is keen to develop civilian nuclear energy. Most of its earnings from hydrocarbons are derived from crude oil exports. Major buyers of Iranian crude include China, India, Japan and South Korea, as well as the European Union. Before the latest US sanctions, Washington and its allies, Britain and France, had already instated bilateral sanctions against Iranian oil companies and banks. With Washington now targeting Iran’s Central Bank, the impact will entail multilateral prohibitions that will close the net on Iranian Asian markets. A comparable impact can be expected on Iran’s nascent partnerships in Latin America.”

Instability in the Oil and Currency Markets: Petro-Dollars and the Oil Bourse

02/18/2012, Bob Chapman

“The Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than dollars starting on March 20th. Beware the Ides of March. This is a blatant attempt to challenge the US domination of oil markets and to try to lessen the influence of the petrodollar on the world economy. This is what is at the heart of this conflict.

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stonesphear 11 years 4 weeks ago

If Iran has the financial and technical capacity to develop nuclear energy why is it that they fail to have the ability to refine their own oil ? What is stopping them from developing their own refineries ?

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DRichards 11 years 4 weeks ago

It seems to me to be disingenious to emply that the Democratic party is not pro perpetual war.

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

The current GOP is fascist.

1st) The expression "American Exceptionalism" is comparable to the old German term "Großdeutschand" -- Europeans bragged that way during the early 20th century, it's a fascist attitude and dated

2nd) Overemphasis of the importance of our military forces, and aggressive overinterpretation of international conflicts -- militarism is a typical fascist attitude

3nd) Illiberal, very authoritarian behavior in things denying basic human rights and hating minorities

Today's Europe is controlling fascist tendencies fairly well, it's mostly a matter of small minorities. We are still struggling with fascist tendencies in the U.S.

Our goal has to be, making fascism a minority phenomenon! The Republicans have to renew their party and drive out fascist tendencies..... Until they've successfully done that, they won't be electable.

dianhow 11 years 4 weeks ago

McCain mentioned a '100 year war ' They are insane When wealthy send their kids to war Thats when I will believe its really necessary That will happen when Hell freezes over

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dowdotica 11 years 4 weeks ago

just one lil nuke? hmmmm, i thought we were the land of the free and the home of the brave. 10 years since 9/11 and we're more cowardess then we were then. political panzies!!!! let them have thier little bomb(s). they detinate any in any retalitory mannner and i am quite sure Iran will be come just a landscape of molten sand....tragically thats just how stupid the erudite have become!

dianhow 11 years 4 weeks ago

GOP has NO credibility. NO dignity NO honor No decency NO Love for America or women This is NOT the GOP I grew up with They must be pods that hatched from another planet while we slept

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2950-10K 11 years 4 weeks ago

Iraq, Afghanistan........ and now we find ourselves at the Gates of Persia! I say it's high time we cut the crap of playing Alexander the Great, spending to kill people, and instead start spending to rebuild our own crumbling Macedonia.

We have one thing going for us this time around..... Dick ain't running the show!

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote dianhow:McCain mentioned a '100 year war ' They are insane
WOW! I did not know that -- thanks for pointing it out! If this was McCain's prognosis about our future it sounds disturbingly manic in my ears. From far away reminding of the "1000jähriges Reich".

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humanitys team 11 years 4 weeks ago

You know the young people in the world have had enough of the politicians and older men in positions of power.

We see the fear the anger the hypocrisy of saying one thing and doing another look at the above statement about the 100 year war-well let all the republican politicians fight it with there wealthy backers they can go to war for there grander purpose or higher cause based on there beliefs which are all fallacy .

The young people who are sent to do battle with the demons of your own creation are sent to kill other young people in far of countries who in turn where sent to there religious schools and military academies and then directly into there fighting forces they believe they are fighting for there god but if you are not careful ,our children will undo you.

And do you know why people who go to war think they have god on there side because they do, both sides.Humans are so arrogant in there thinking if they think they can win a war they will fight a war but the real truth is what Martin Luther King said violence creates violence and continues a downward spiral into the darkness .

So if the establishment prefer war ,well they are on there own its time the young people of the world refuse to co-operate and understand another way is possible.

We are all one

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cameowalkin 11 years 4 weeks ago

Yes, Thom, there'll be war, because it's in their script. The only ones seeingly befuddled by all this is us. But once you "get" that Congress, the Senate, and all of our Presidents have been (and are) Masons, and as such, Illuminati (Masons are like the point-of-sale, mass franchise for the Illuminati's plans) -- then you'll understand that they're running their plan, the next step of which is to nuke a couple of our cities, so we can start a nuclear war; cause horrific natural disasters through HAARP, so we can roundup the nations to go along with a global banking system, to facilitate global rule; and they've got our tracking devices tested and ready (along with concentration camps, guillotines and coffins for the resisters).

If you're an atheist, you may love this (they'll kill the religious); but the bad news is they can't kill everyone right away (it takes time), so they'll whip out their handy dandy, made for the moment messiah (who pretend to be all things to all people), and he'll tell the incredulous worshipping crowds to kill everyone who won't except him (that may be you, aethists), which is the bad news.

This is all happening because people forgot to worship God, and instead worshipped themselves, TV, celebrity, money, and every other foolish thing we were brainwashed with, to make us thoughtless, willing, constant consumers. But whatever you get must be paid for -- we just didn't think the price went beyond money.

Will people wake up and stop being foolish; and take back our freedoms? They could -- but they don't like to read; and if they ask questions, they're too distracted to listen to answers. They think it's OK to kill another human being, if said person's existence is inconvenient for them. They project anger on others, who want them to reconsider their murderous intents. They hate to think or feel; it takes time away from what they really love -- getting high, paid, layed, stuffed, etc. The odds are against it -- but they MAY RISE UP from their complacency and mindless echoed slogans, and do something ... but will it be cogent? thoughtful? compassionate? self-sacrificial? masterful? Let's pray.

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cameowalkin 11 years 4 weeks ago

Yes, Clarissa, they are; but under all their rhetoric, both parties are fascist, and the proofs are online for those who care to look. Download pdf's for Conplans 3501 and 3502; research at and (there's SO many indexed links, and supporting material, including personal accounts, and in many instances, photos and films -- it will give you raw material to start googling).

The thing is: it's been here all along, from the beginning. When we went off the gold and silver standards, few people were aware that our "Treasury" had become little more than a figurehead for the International Monetary Fund (the UN's organization, currently headed by Geitner), which is in turn funded by the British thone and behind that, the Rothchilds. Funny how people who want to keep getting their paychecks obey their paymaster. Notice how even Soc. Sec. and Disability checks are going online soon (2013, I believe) -- they're getting ready to institute global governance (superceding all local geographic entities, and by that I mean elected presidents and congressional bodies) and the global banking system it requires (so they can cut off resisters to this major capitulation to Illuminati plans to destroy us). When I say destroy, I'm not exagerating.

They have our Sat-chips ready (some implant up in the sinuses, behind the eyes, for "difficult people" -- and these will be able to see what you see and send that info, as well as act as a transponder for Gwenn Towers brainwashing -- which is facilitated by Northcom's HAARP Projects, one of which is Blue Beam). On the Georgia Guidestones (just outside Atlanta), one of the engraved, commandment-like, suggestions is to maintain human global population maximum at 500 million. With just over 7 billion people and growing on our planet, and given their probable plans to bring us in at one-quarter of the suggested pop. max. to leave room for growth, they've got to exterminate more than 6 BILLION 875 MILLION people.

To facilitate that, we've covered the country with concentration camps (sitting empty, but not for long). Whoever they don't put into forced labor (political peonage), they'll send to the chop shops for organ trafficking (human trafficking is the 3rd most profitable global business, and organs are what's making it rise to the top.) They'll be a huge demand for cheap labor and organs.

The new patents on GMO biomass include DNA that grows plant cells into cylindrical shapes (and once that gets into your bloodstream, you're the living dead). All they can offer are transplants, because there's no way to remove it. That will end up killing everything, but it'll be great for business. That's how they see it. And in every country, the leaders of all parties are likewise angling for survival and power. They've already written us off, and are trying to insure their own survival.

America's got big plans to bootstrap ourselves at home, Chinese-style: swilling in the blood of political prisoners (which will become everyone, given a little time.) What's a few nuclear wars to ghouls like these?

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Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote humanitys team:You know the young people in the world have had enough of the politicians and older men in positions of power.
Which often talk like our fellow commentator mauiman58 who told me:

"If your picture is current, you are under 30. If that is true, keep your post #27 and read it again on your 50th birthday. You will be TOTALLY embarresed at how unrealistic you are. You are suggesting that you can change human nature, That simply is not going to happen." [happened here]

Wasn't it Thom who said, the generation over 50 was basically the problem, because they tend to stick to racist and other backward ideas? I mean, Stephanie Miller is 50, but you don't see it and you don't hear it. And of course there are more older people who are younger than their age shows. But basically YES, this old generation is our problem. The stubborn 'McCains' in our society are our actual problem.

Quote humanitys team:The young people who are sent to do battle with the demons of your own creation are sent to kill other young people in far of countries
Exactly! We should actually send people like McCain to war -- let him duel with Ayatollahs. In the meantime we do something for our future....

Any young anarchist is better than an old libertarian like Ron Paul. Both aren't realistic, but the young anarchist has ideals at least -- and he will develop his ideas and change (I only hope he won't develop to libertarianism -- well, many of them become reasonable, wholesome liberals).

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cameowalkin 11 years 4 weeks ago

RobertBeal, thanks for the links. I think the debt is the point: how else would the banks make money, but by interest on the debt? And how else would they make sure nations pay them, but to force them into bankruptcy and subservience to global governance? Basically, this is Adam Weishaupt's plan (from 1773) to insure that all nations come under the heel of certain banks representing narrow interests. Search his name and find out the truth for yourself (here's his plan):'s%2025%20point%20plan&pbx=1&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&fp=1&ion=1&ion=1&fp=516d8d439acb804a&ion=1&biw=1103&bih=508&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&cad=b

As far as the EU's oil goes, Russia has been building the pipeline through Germany and the North Sea for quite a while -- possibly it's operational in Germany; but regardless of whether the North Sea pipeline's finished or not, as long as it's flowing in Germany, it can be transported to Western Europe.

The real move is media. If Iran is framed in Allied newscasts (and I'm not saying they're easy to like), showing them as angry, devious, threatening troublemakers -- and then we run a variation of Operation Northwoods on some of our own major cities (like New York, which we know Americans might even enjoy breifly, before frothing up at the mouth for war again); and did it with some of those "missing" nuclear warheads -- then the way would be paved for nuclear wars, which would force us into global governance (because of bankruptcy). AND THAT'S THE PLAN ... see?

I think on you can find a wealth of material, and the FEMA camps articles lists the numbers of the numerous presidential orders, paving the way for national martial law. Pres. Obama just signed another one, mandating the use of "individual" martial law, so now individual citizens can be picked off and permanently disappeared (all quite legally). But presidents of both parties have been signing these treasonous orders for decades -- they're in the Illuminati's pockets.

Get your passport (but crush the chip). Anywhere away from humans will be better than here. And ditch your digitalia, when you get there. Don't let them track you.

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Palindromedary 11 years 4 weeks ago

Well darn it! No wonder I have such sinus problems..I knew those Saudi doctors must have planted something when I had my operation years ago. And here, all this time, I thought maybe they just forgot and left a scalpel (no pun intended).

All joking aside...I agree that there is not much difference between the Dems and the Repubs. They are all in it together despite their competition for who gets to fill the spot for the next four years. And when one reads about how the US, far from being the bastion of freedom and and freedom of speech (although so far we have been able to do that well far...won't last much longer), has a sordid and dark history that, like the Japanese and Germans (and even Israel), would like to keep hidden, one realizes that things are not what they appear. Like those aforementioned countries, the US is very good at propaganda to keep it's citizens controlled.

I was watching the main stream news on CNN this morning and they were reporting on how people are being fooled and cheated into buying pirated products that come from China that look so authentic that it looks just like the real thing.

One guy buys this Rosetta Stone language course on-line...through EBay (I think it was) for $200. Now even this is rather expensive! Normally, Rosetta Stone language courses are very expensive...I know, I have bought a couple...something like $350 per level...and then there are more advanced levels that charge like amounts.

I like Rosetta Stone but I have had some minor problems on an older course (I paid full price years ago...and this was not likely "pirated"). The gist of the report was that if you pay less than the going rate, ie: getting a bargain, then you may be wasting your money on a pirated product that may not work. The thing is that many so-called "legitimate", non-pirated name brand products are made in China...maybe by the same manufacturers that are turning out the "pirated" (ie: cheaper products).

You are made to think that because you are paying so much more for a product... that it is authentic..not pirated. Much of our medicines that we buy in the US are made overseas anyway. Are we also supposed to suspect "generic" brands as being pirated...oh, of course, they somehow have managed to gain political control so that they could be made "legitimate".

What about all those people in other countries.. Mexico.. .Canada...nearly everywhere except the US...who are doing just fine using those medicines that are not "name brand" or otherwise sanctioned by the high priests of US Marketing.

The guy that bought this Rosetta Stone language course said that it looked legitimate until he tried to load it into his computer but got an error. Well, excuuuuse me! You mean to tell me that we never have problems with "legitimate" products? Is this the "excuse" that the peddlers of these higher priced "legitimate" products are going to use when people have problems using their products? They will say..."Oh, it must have been a "pirated" product!

There may be a problem with pirating but it may also be a problem with "marketing" lies and an inability to compete in a price/demand market. The damn CEOs and other capitalist pigs at the top have to get their exorbitant share to the pie...don't they?

We are inundated with continual bulls!t from master propagandists who want to hold us all captive to buy their excessively expensive products.

I believe that this "news" was actually propaganda meant to get people to support strong "anti-piracy" laws that will, in effect, break the internet and further stifle our ability to effectively communicate. Effective communication of the people is anathema to those who want to imprison our minds, freedoms, and liberties.

I have heard that our government is already about to censor YouTube (yeah, like they haven't been already?), for instance, having Google remove any video that challenges or opposes the criminal things that are done in our illegal wars.. mass murder and torture..and illuminating the other major criminal actions of the ruling elite. They say that these videos are a hindrance to Homeland Security in tracking down "terrorists".

Of course, when you see just what they mean by "terrorists" you may be surprised that they are not limiting that to someone who is likely to kill innocent civilians like our troops do in other countries. They go after all kinds of "non-terrorists". Jaywalking? Call Homeland Security! When they use the word "terrorists" they want you to think of 911. But it is just a way of skirting the sensible laws that we have formulated in our nation's history. The real criminals are now running the country.

Just wait till the drones are flying overhead....won't be long now...they are trying to get FAA approval to fly these drones all across the skies of America...not just at the borders as they do now. If you thought stock was hot for porno-scanners you might check out the manufacturers of the drones....but since they are all likely built in China...those drones, carrying missiles....well, let's just hope these drones were not "pirated".

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Palindromedary 11 years 4 weeks ago

OMG! Digitalia! That's funny! I just looked it up on the Urban Dictionary site. Learn something new every day. Of course it has several meanings which I won't mention here, of course. Yeah, especially if you have cell phone...which can be tracked quite accurately...get rid of it. And many of those credit or debit cards have chips and antenna in them. Can't do much about the antenna but it is easy to destroy the chips without doing much noticeable damage to the card. The cards can be used in a normal transaction when swiped through a card reader....typical way of doing it.

But this chip is usually just a fairly localized remote device used for just waving the card close to a receiver for automatic debit. Just as long as you don't walk by someone else that is hiding a receiver and grabs your information.

But I wouldn't be surprised if satellites would be able, someday, to receive your data directly from your card...and it may already be happening. A company, and I'm sure there are many others now, called Digital Angel uses satellites for tracking people who have devices on their person. And, ostensibly, for worried parents to be able to track their children's location via the internet. And they can track criminals who have why not credit or debit cards...or passports...or driver's licenses that have these chips?

I like watching the TV series "Person of Interest" even though I suspect that that show is for the purpose of propagandizing people into accepting being watched all the time. The protagonists on that show are, of course, the "good guys".

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cameowalkin 11 years 4 weeks ago

Hi Palindromedary, I too have sinus problems and physical complaints, but not quite as scary as Robert Naeslund's (below), or biochip viruses (I hope you aren't carrying nasal cutlery from the war; that'd be dreadful):

True, I love bootleg stuff too, and hate that the NYC police (wannabe world-class SS) confiscate the lovely, cheap handbags which used to be more plentiful; but then again, I'm not as tolerant of global poisoners (toxic tootepaste, sports drinks, prescriptions, etc.)

Raytheon has already lobbed a missile into the Pentagon (evidence on film: check out; and the witnesses of the Pentagon incident are still alive (unlike the witnesses in and around the Towers, which have mysteriously met with accidents, though they were all sharp, young, healthy and unafraid to speak their minds).

The library has had recordings of films, composers, and language lessons for over 45 years, I think. Now, they've got digital media, mp3s, zip files, etc. They're reasonable: free. And it works.

Whenever they stage a dog & pony show about something, it's because they're going to attack it, blame the attack on fall guys, and then they take over every freedom and monitor and censor communications "to reassert security" over foreign and domestic threats.

But "licensing" all internet communications is not only a way to track who says (and who reads) whatever, but also a way to make people pay for stating their opinions; and fine people heavily (so you can detain them for unpaid fines, which is peonage), as well as banning them from the net. Remember, global governance doesn't respect national laws, so the fact that we have laws against it won't be considered.

Of course this will happen, because internet's been a way of quick communication among protestors. They don't want people educating each other, sharing plans, and setting up networks of escape. They especially don't want parents teaching their children about the truth of our nation, the world, the globalists, and especially about God. They want that to die (this is why a "time a great darkness, where no one can work" happens). Kids that get taught this will get taken away. Printers have been manufactured (for the last five years) with an embedded chip to censor documents (not copying, printing, faxing, etc.) once the chip's been activated by an online code, which can easily be inserted into operating system updates. (Keep hardcover books, mimeographs, typewriters, ribbons, ink; nothing electric, cause the grid will go down.)

Who are these terrible domestic threats? The FBI (together with the CIA) defined us in the 1990's as "disrupters" (code for Christians), and this word was used repeatedly, stating "disrupters, protestors, and undesirables" (teachers, union leaders, columnists, authors, free thinkers) would be put on Red & Blue Hit Lists (for quick removal, detention, and extermination -- they even used Hitler's language; he also had red and blue hit lists for relocation -- see the link below). This is obliquely refered to in Conplans 3501 & 3502 also, but google Operations Cablesplice, Garden Plot, and Rex 84 for clearer references. Conplan is to put them all into one domain, and muddy the waters, so nobody can figure out what they mean; but its Cablesplice, Garden Plot and Rex 84, all rolled into one, with extra stuff thrown into it for more money and more torture.

People see how innocuous some of this seems right now (even if it's a nuisance), and laugh it off, saying what a pain it is, but they think maybe they ARE being kept safe ... from something. So they don't do anything. My high school biology teacher used to joke, "How do you cook a frog?" and drawl, "Sloooowly" ... and that's how our gooses are being cooked. But when they topple us, it jumps into hyper-speed (genocides and beheadings -- no joke). Who are "they"? Starting at home, our own leaders, who are ALL working the Illuminati's plans. (Mayer Rothschild would have loved to be here at this moment in time, but they're not having any celebration parties in hell.)

The UN, together with our government, is coordinating troops from other nations and paramilitary groups, to be stationed here and work together with our state police and national reserves. They're doing the opposite of what's good, because they plan a Reign of Terror (their own words, mind you).

When the Word says, "Two will be standing in a field, and one will be taken," it was refering to being snatched away to death by the governmental and para-military forces, not a "rapture". When we inquire about our loved ones, they'll suggest (as a cruel joke) that maybe they got raptured. These Masons don't believe that at all -- they know your loved one is either in labor camp or dead, see? But that's how it will be. Those who try to follow them, WILL follow them.

Important to get it right in your mind, or you'll feel your hope's been betrayed and you've been left behind. That sets a person up to change their attitude, betray Christ and take the mark ... to save your bacon. Many will do that, too. Those who witness to Christ will pay for it with their lives. There's no easy way out. If it was easy, half of hell could qualify, see? even the devil. You don't get to ride the crystal city until later, after Jesus comes (but it will be like you blinked, and now you're in a fabulous new situation, young, flying into heaven, and everything's easy and exciting.) Hold out for what only God can offer.

And what these guys are offering isn't so nice: what's so great about wildcrafted dinner, when you've got to get crafty out in the wild to catch it? then sit in the mud and eat it raw, unless it eats you first? That's what they want for you ... to live outside, homeless, starving, desparate and maleable. (UN Desertification Treaty -- google this)

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cameowalkin 11 years 4 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I like that show too. But there are so many great things on the net, and fabulous movies. Laptops are lighter than the desktops, but this solid state technology stinks for staying online. The system gets burning hot, and the cooling pads don't seem that great eighter. If you've got a cookie sheet, microfiber spongy towel and lots and lots of flat frozen vegetables, you can keep the system cool awhile, but it's a nuisance for watching movies, or changing video file formats. It always shuts off too soon.

You know, tin foil hats aren't going to work for what's coming. They've been refining genetic bio-ID with nanomarkers; and also working with skincodes (rather than chips, which are too big, and lower the cellular electric, while making the charge too positive -- a setup for cancer) -- which are tatooes in solar nanoink with metal foil threaded "watermarks". They've been working thousands of patents for GMO'D biomass, planting and grafting it into the seed DNA of plants growing in our national parks, everglades, wetlands, etc. I believe it's so that they can track those who live and eat in the wild (who they haven't marked yet) -- who run there to escape.

Prayer also has been tracked as radiowaves (back in the 1990's), and mind-control psychotronic weaponry and remote viewers and the Beast supercomputer itself, cannot read your thoughts to God. God's the only safe way to travel in what's coming up, because He can't be tracked. Scientists conducting the 1990 tests said they lost track of the signal at 500 miles out from Earth. I don't know what equipment they were working with at that time, but they said the signal kept on going and they couldn't track it. So prayers go where there supposed to go; and help does too. He'll help us do what we must, and some will actually survive to see Him return. But if we die, He'll know we're coming and fly out to meet us with His angels.

No matter what these evil people do, they're not going to get away with a thing. But we can continue doing all we can, and love those around us, while trying to hold back this evil thing from coming upon us. That means writing your legislators (email) and phone calls, and joining with those who will join us to change things. And talking kindly to those who disagree, because some will change their minds with gentle, kind, persuasive reasoning.

It's so hard to "get it" that their end game isn't really about charging us into eternal servitude anymore; it's about exterminating us and making a land grab for the richest nations on Earth. They've already got title, but while we're still alive, we could contest the takeover, and get new retroactive land and banking laws passed. They know that, and they know dead men don't sue.

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Palindromedary 11 years 4 weeks ago

cameowalkin: Thanks for those links...I bought the documentary "Loose Change" many years ago along with a lot of others on the subject and have studied the whole subject. Have you seen the 3 part Zeitgeist documentary?

I have a tendency to believe much of what you say about some of these things. But I will level with you up front...I am atheist, and talk of Jesus, God, or any other things relating to any religion bounces right off me. But that is ok with me if you continue to express whatever you want. I strive to respect everyone's freedom to believe anything they want..especially my own....including the Flying Spaghetti Monster...but, of course, I have to take an exception to those who, like the Republicans, are total hypocrites and are only interested in gaining riches and power at the expense of everyone else. And I especially take exception to anyone trying to tell me that my atheism is inferior to their belief in superstition and ancient plagiarism of even more ancient superstitions of which the former usually disavows the association with, but is clearly evidential.

But aside from that, most of us have common worries and goals. We do have a common enemy but I believe it is not based on whether one believes in any particular brand of superstition. I apologize if my use of the word "superstition" is offensive when I refer to religion or religious ideas. Atheists have been treated a lot worse by people of religion. But that is what I think not only of organized religion, which I believe is "organized superstition", but also of a belief in a supernatural entity including, especially, a supreme being...or God...even if the believers try to disavow attachment to any organization of any kind.

It is not the honest atheists, check out , who are causing the problems for most of us...and whether or not we believe that the criminal ruling elite are atheists posing as Christians (which might very well be so)..they are the ones that put up the facade, at least, that they are devout Christians. I think they are the biggest hypocrites. Some of them may actually have convinced themselves that they really are Christians. But, then, that also goes for a lot of common non-elite types as well. They have convinced themselves that they are Christians but are they? Really? If they believed half of what it says in their Holy Book they would most likely resemble Osama bin Laden or any of the really fundamentalist religionists in any of the main Religious groups, Jews, Muslims, Hindu Buddhist, or Christians. And then they all really would be a big pain in the brain. Flying carpets anyone?

I cannot believe in the idea that Prayer does anything at all. And it produces no real effect any more than chance (50-50).(except, maybe, for a psychological one which may or may not be healthy psychologically...some people do go off on the deep end and murder their babies so that they can get into heaven)

I don't believe in the idea that prayer creates waves of any kind that would radiate away from the brain any discernible distance. And just where is "heaven" or "God" anyway? The dark side of the moon? Mars? Some other galaxy? Floating out in space somewhere? Does the speed of light apply to brain waves? Would you be dead before your brain waves, traveling at the speed of light, even gets to God's ears...or ESP, Remote Viewing centers
... or HER ability to know what the heck you and a billion or so other God-fearing earthlings even prayed about back all those decades ago? And how many decades would it take for HER response?

Now if you said that God wasn't an external entity..I would tend to is all internal to one's nurtured imagination...nurtured by the propaganda of others who pass the ideas down. And you use your imagination to imagine what or who God is. And because there are so many various inputs from one's trying to read and interpret the "Holy" books coupled with all of those others, priests, etc and parents, and relatives, and associations you form, you are left with your imagination. Was Jesus black? Was Mary? Did Jesus really go celibate all his life? Did he even exist at all? So many questions some people never even bother to ask themselves. They just believe! I, personally, don't think that is a very good way to derive truth of anything.

I know they can attach probes to certain locations on the skull and, with very sensitive instruments, be able to monitor effects that they can determine to mean various things....not that they can actually read one's thoughts except very generally.

And I don't give the idea of remote viewing very high marks on the side of reality. I used to listen to Major Ed Dames on the Art Bell Coast to Coast with George Noory. And I tell you that guy really came up with some really crazy scare stories. I think of him every time I watch that movie "Men Who Stare at Goats"..which, I understand, is based on that idiot program of Remote Viewing that the Pentagon embarrassingly sponsored...because the Russians were doing it.

I stopped listening to Ed Dames...and even quit listening to the Art Bell/Coast to Coast show a long time ago when Ed Dames was freaking out over the super-duper Class something or other MegaScorch Sun flare that was supposed to fry one side of the earth facing it. His idea was to relocate to Tahiti (laughs and giggles here!) where he would be on the dark side of the earth when it happened. I don't know how many times he came up with startlingly ridiculous I just tune this crazy stuff out.

One thing I don't tune out is the more down to earth yet very sinister things that the ruling elite have done and are doing to the rest of us. I believe that 911 was, largely, an inside job...conceived and planned by very wealthy, powerful and influential key people that needed to scare people out of their ability to do anything to defend themselves against the, then, coming financial horrors. I think economics and the failure of capitalism along with getting American bases in the Middle East became the major reason why they finally let fly a new Pearl Harbor...a criminal empire bringing America to it's knees.

They used psyops and false flag operations to murder thousands of our own citizens on 911. I believe that they deceived the supposed 19 hijackers into taking the entire blame and were used as patsies.

I believe Osama bin Laden had never stopped working for the CIA and was instrumental, along with Pakistani ISI, to get these "hijackers" in place in order for them to take the blame for what happened. They were set up. They may, indeed, have thought they were on a mission orchestrated by OBL and may have thought they were training to strike out in some "terrorist" attack. But I don't believe these men were capable or skillful enough to accurately guide these aircraft to their targets.

I believe that the planes were electronically hijacked from the ground, control locked out to prevent on-board control, and sophisticated guidance systems were used to guide the planes to their targets.

I believe that explosives, including nano-thermite, was planted by demolition teams in the weeks prior to the actual demolition of the WTC towers and building 7.

I know there are a lot of alternative "conspiracy theories" including everything from small nuclear bombs to space-based particle-beam weapons that melted the towers. I know that our 3 letter agencies have long known that they could easily discredit what actually happened, that they don't want the public to know, by flooding our heads full of many different conspiracy theories. Most people will default to the official conspiracy theory.

I tend to agree that there are those who do believe that the earth is too populated and that they are working to reduce whatever means necessary. Wars, mass starvation, and genocide have been a very good way to do it to date. But I think that they will be a lot more "creative" in that endeavor very soon.

People in Nazi Germany, or anywhere else at the time believed that they, as a people, and their government, were way too civilized to do such things to masses of other people. It took years of propaganda and instilling a certain belief system (scape goats) along with large doses of terror to make it happen. Of course, there were also modern marvels that helped in this electronic amplification and radio...which gave God-like qualities to any little snot, with a mustache, that came along to bark out his ravings to the people. And it took corporations to help him do it...RCA...IBM...IG Farben...conspiring banks both in Germany and here in the US. Things haven't changed for the better...that's for sure.

And I don't believe they actually killed OBL on Obama's watch because OBL was a very, very sick man with Marfan's disease and needed kidney dialysis. He died long ago of natural causes. Why else do you think they dumped whatever body they had into the get rid of the evidence or any ability for anyone to actually investigate with an autopsy. They would have found that the DNA didn't match the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia.

We can agree to disagree on some things...and get on with the real important task of fighting our common enemies. But "atheists", per se, are not the real enemies; nor, are the people who believe in some religion, per se. No matter what our belief system is we are all being screwed by a handful of ruling elite who may result in our very demise.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

I agree with Ron Paul. GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

McCain and Lieberman are talking about arming the Syrian rebels. And Hillary probably isn’t far off from that.

Good Grief, hasn’t anyone learned anything?

The rebels may end up being worse than the current regime in power.

We should just leave them alone.

We need to drill more oil domestically, get that XL Pipeline running, and start converting automobiles to natural gas.

There is enough clean natural gas under the feet of Americans to provide energy for at least the next 100 years. America could be 100% energy independent if big government would just get its boot off the people’s necks.

And converting existing cars to natural gas is a whole lot cheaper than building complicated maintenance nightmares like costly electric cars with exploding batteries. And at night, most of these cars are recharged from coal fired electric plants. “So much for carbon sequester gains”. Just like Gasohol, another impractical pipe dream.

I hope that it hasn’t escaped anyone that by Obama blocking the XL Pipeline that it could have replaced 8% of imports from OPEC. That’s huge, and would help keep oil prices down until this Iran mess runs its miserable course.

Bringing oil in by pipeline will end up adding about $5 cost to each barrel of oil.

The alternative is Obama’s tax policy advocate friend “Warren Buffet” who has rail interests that will instead bring oil in at $16 a barrel.

A stationary pipeline is very safe. Trains full of flammable crude oil speeding along at 60 + MPH is very dangerous.

You don’t suppose Obama sold out Americas XL Pipeline benefit in return for Warrens tax policy support do you?

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

What the stupid libertatirans don't get: Ron Paul is a Republican and if he would be president, he would be totally dominated by the military-fetishists in his party.

Libertarians are lying and faking stupid lunatics, that's all. You can tell it by reading the libertarian commentators here: There's no better campaigning for Obama. You don't want those nuts, so you wanna vote for Obama. It's that easy. I'd love a more socialist option, but I know what's better for America right now. Obama or the lunatics in the house again and gridlock.....

Tyler.I's picture
Tyler.I 11 years 4 weeks ago

I don't think that anyone thinks we should be involved in another war. The truth is that if we take care of our own then we won't need to deal with these people but throwing Israel under the bus is not ever the answer.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

Clarissa Smith ~ re What the stupid libertarians don't get:

Socialism is voluntary subjection to slavery administered by a few elitist bureaucrats who are usually the least accomplished or innovative that society can offer. Usually they are as corrupt as Bernard Madoff and would throw their whole family under a bus for a stipend of bureaucratic limelight.
Socialism leads to unrestricted government power, police state tactics and eventually total corruption. Aka - EVIL.

Save yourself Clarrissa, step away from the dark side before your soul is lost. There are many people all around you that believe in the constitution, who love you and want to guide you into the light. Look into the light and cast the evil ones asunder. Otherwise they will water their castle flower gardens with your socialist loving tears of despair.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

Democratic Socialism, or Social Democratic policy means nothing but watching monopolies and fighting them. I would be very happy with the German system, which basically was created by a conservative, Christian party -- the "Christian Democrats". Merkel is still a conservative -- in a social democracy. The police in Germany is not as violent as here. We already have problems with violent police and unjust judges.

That Obama will go on as president is a sure thing. The only question is: will we get the House back? If we won't get the House, we will be able to change and improve a few things throughout the country, but not enough. This would be a great chance for the developing countries, to really overwelm us. It might be too late then and there will be no way back to the old American strength.....

Quote Liberty-First:step away from the dark side before your soul is lost
I met more lunatics who talked crazy and claimed to be considered sane people. I do respect nutty people in private life, as long as they don't harm. But not in politics, if they publicly talk the country into ruin. Don't you expect respect -- this campaign year is linguistic war. No way to complain!

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

Tyler.I RE: I don't think that anyone thinks we should be involved in another war.

I So Agree With Every Last Word You Say!

The EPA was created by Jimmy Carter in the 70’s to insure America was not subjected to the mercy of OPEC ever again.
There mission was to make the USA energy independent. Since then, like all bureaucracies, it has grown into a bloated tyranny that does everything possible to prevent America from becoming energy independent. In fact we are more beholden to Middle East OPEC oil than ever.
And this agency costs the tax payers billions and is so over regulating small and big businesses alike that it is killing jobs wholesale.

Meanwhile the dash board wobble heads on the moon bat left oppose every solution to get us off OPEC dependency as well as oil from rogue regimes such as Venezuela.
And Obama wanted to invest billions to help Brazil develop its oil while offering Americas over priced Chevy Volts with exploding batteries.
By the way, according to some estimates, Volts cost the tax payer over $200,000.00 for every car sold due to bailouts, $7-10K rebates and endless subsidies and big union interests. And nobody wants them because they are too expensive, even when Obama offers huge taxpayer funded rebates.
It’s a lemon, I think they have sold 600 to date, and Hollywood global warning folks probably bought most of them to make it look trendy. But the average folks are not as “knuckle dragging stupid” as the left wants you to believe.

If we wake up and produce more of North American energy we won’t need to meddle in the Middle East.

1) Increase drilling - Obama has reduced new drill permit issuing by 50% in the last 3 years and blocked Anwar. "Which by the way is wasteland tundra".
2) Clear XL Pipeline for construction. That will reduce imports from Rogue regimes by 8%. That number is huge and will lower gas prices. But Obama rejects imports from friendly Canada right next door. Canada has said to Obama, you better make your mind up, when we build the pipeline to the US border, it either cross’s the border or the pipe makes a right turn westward to British Columbia where it will be tankered to China.
3) Tap our natural gas reserves, enough to power our cars cheaply for 100 years. It’s clean with minimal emissions.
4) Keep working on other energy solutions, try and build a more affordable solar panel systems so the average person can afford them. Wind power too.
5) Consider thermal energy like they have in Iceland
6) Try lots of things that we know will work NOW, not all our invested energy into things that are still a long way out, like hydrogen, or “algae to fuel” etc.

If we get out of the Middle East conflict, all that wasted treasure is returned to the USA to help pay off Obama’s debt. The Muslims will be happy to see us out of their cherished lands, and they won’t have to send any more terrorists. We could even see a day when the TSA can be dismantled. But like the EPA, it will probably grow and morph and stay forever under ever evolving new missions.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

Clarissa Smith re: Democratic Socialism or I want to move to Germany.

I have solutions, I am writing many down for all to see. But you have socialism and vilification only. Your tool box is pathetically void of anything but rhetoric. And the only thing rhetoric builds is apathy, a national credit downgrade and a whole lot of unemployed people ending up in the street.

And Germany sucks! Go live there if you love it so much. They make good cars though. )

By the way, how do you do quotes on this blog so it shows up right under your rhetoric lectures I need to scold you about?
I could use some help with that comrade Clarissa. If you are a good socialist you will help me out with this. If not I will report you to the Department of Mandatory Information Sharing, and your state subsidized ration of rice and beans will be cut in half.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:Clarissa Smith re: Democratic Socialism or I want to move to Germany

Have a nice journey, enjoy Germany! I know it well -- you will love it. ;o)

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

I never said I was going Germany; I thought you were going there when Obama is dethroned in 2012?

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

Clarissa Smith

I still don’t really have a clear idea what you advocate for.
So far you have stated republicans and libertarians are lunatics. So obviously you’re not happy with them. And you’re hopeful Obama will get another term. I understand Obama has many loyal fans, so you are obviously one of them.
And if I understand you correctly, you lean towards socialism.

I will go as far as to agree with you that the Koch Brothers, and many other huge corporations, banks and insurance companies seem to have the government in their pockets no matter which party is running things.
But what can be done about it. Obama seems as beholden to Wall Street as much as any politician. And he has spent 3 times more money on bailouts and stimulus than GW did. Big corporations got a lot of tax payer money from him.

So what are the main things you would like to see happen to make society better if you could?

Seriously, you seem well read and I might learn something from your point of view.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

Oh, I know you weren't going to Germany. It was rather primitive Aikido -- redirecting the force of the attack....
I like that trick better LOL

Although, it's too much praising Obama actually. One can overdo that. Well it's not my fault, joe1223 did it. ;o)

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:I still don’t really have a clear idea what you advocate for.
Well, for a long time I very much adored the old French gal(l)ant philosophy of the late 1600s and early 1700s. This later even influenced the founding of the Gallant Old Party, GOP (later they changed gallant to grand). I wrote a little more there.

Politicized I got last summer, during the House gridlock and then credit downgrade. Basically since then I'm learning by doing -- political fight. I already know in summer I'll be fighting out on the street. So then I will have to be tougher and show faster reaction....

Educating America is very important to me. *** Then of course driving money and corporate influence out of Congress. *** I DON'T think poor, jobless, underprivileged have to blame themselves! I am for welfare! Care for the fellow American who is weaker than the successful *** I want strong unions *** money is not speech, corporations aren't people! *** I want monopolies to be watched, like in Europe, because they destroy the free market *** I am for gay rights *** I (as liberal Catholic) very much fight those fundamentalist Christians who try to roll back women rights!!

Well, basically I am a Keynesian and a liberal.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:Obama seems as beholden to Wall Street as much as any politician.
If you don't see a difference between Romney, Gingrich, Santorum on the one side and Obama on the other, I don't know how to help you. I mean, you have to be sane to understand those GOP candidates are weird and talk crazy!

I dislike this ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL attitude. Like, if we can't get God in person as president, we can take a monkey as well. We have a few wealthy people in the country I DO trust. If we wouldn't have them, we would be lost. But running without big money for president? No way right now. I hope this will be possible AFTER Obama's presidency 2017. I really want big money and the influence of corporations OUT, OUT, OUT of politics!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:And if I understand you correctly, you lean towards socialism.
*SIGH* I'm not complaining though, just feeling like politics are difficult. LOL

Socialism is a tricky field, like LOVE. Wait, where's my brand-new twitter-machinegun.....

Quote On Twitter ClarissaSmith2:@normangoldman "What is liberal?" What is love? Some say "Jesus", others "sex", others mean their kids or pets. Life is relative ;o)

Norman is not wrong if he claims the term "liberal" was confusing him, because in Europe it means something different. It's even more difficult with SOCIALISM: The "socialism" of the old Soviet Union is totally different from what a Social Democrat calls "socialism", and what some people from the left wing in the Catholic political scene mean is a little different still.

The Republicans Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower where pretty socialist too. If you listen to Thom, you already heard that.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

I would describe myself as an armature political junky. I’m not in lock step with any particular ideology, but I have specific opinions about why I like or don’t like certain parts of differing political philosophy and policy.
As a result, I have yet to find a home with any political party.
In general, I think all political venues have flaws. Some more than others. That’s human nature. We’re not perfect.

At this point in life, if I were to create my perfect political party, it would be:

1) a bit liberal, but miles away from socialism
2) a lot libertarian
3) a bit conservative

Such a party has absolutely no chance of success because America is so finely divided on so many issues.
So I will remain adrift in my fascination for the brilliance of the founding fathers and the constitution, and feel chagrin at how far America has strayed away from it, or circumnavigated around it.

The best we can hope is that all the pulling and tugging results in a better us since we are pretty much stuck with each on this otherwise beautiful world.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

I have many times watched Obama without a teleprompter. One time he was in a high school auditorium and some woman asked him a simple question that should have been responded to with a simple SHORT answer. But Obama rambled on with some disconnected gibberish for about 15 minutes. He must have been tired or something.

Seriously, both Michelle and Barrack can be public speaking challenged without their teleprompters and prewritten talking points. And to be fair GOP say crazy stuff too. All politicians do. Its a high stress job trying to get people to vote for you.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:Seriously, both Michelle and Barrack can be public speaking challenged without their teleprompters and prewritten talking points. And to be fair GOP say crazy stuff too. All politicians do. Its a high stress job trying to get people to vote for you.
I don't talk about people being distracted, talking gibberish. I talk about insane Republicans, talking extremely manic lunacy! After listening to Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Romney and Santorum, a normal human being is actually supposed to be shocked and scared off. Perry didn't sound that crazy, he sounds just shockingly stupid. Why do you think Obama's chances are constantly rising these days? Not only because we have a little growth -- it's mainly because the GOP comes across like a nuthouse! Ron Paul has one point that is especially insane: shut down Department of Defense completely. That's nuts!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote Liberty-First:1) a bit liberal, but miles away from socialism

2) a lot libertarian

3) a bit conservative

Are you throwing together political salad or what is this? This sounds ridiculously simplici simplicissimus. How can you talk so childish, after having heard and seen so much in politics? I mean, in other places you sound really experienced. But your final results and ideas sound awfully shallow. If you listen to Thom, you actually know better, but you seem to suppress even that knowledge. These are no political goals, you just recite superficial phrases. If you're just trashing the other side's political concepts, you're awake, then you sound like you have a lot to say. But you have no constructive ideas. Republicans are destructive minds, even if they harm themselves.

Quote Liberty-First:Such a party has absolutely no chance of success because America is so finely divided on so many issues.

So I will remain adrift in my fascination for the brilliance of the founding fathers and the constitution, and feel chagrin at how far America has strayed away from it, or circumnavigated around it.

This is a bunch of kitsch. You are idolizing our founding fathers and their time. They had errors too and people where complaining as well. Just read sources. Republicans tend to fake history, which is not about the reality of our past. Your political platform is pretty much shallow NOSTALGIA.

America has always been "divided on many issues" and other countries are as well. Every human has their individual ideas. Democracy means battling that out and finding compromises. And that happens mainly in Congress. If you really like Boehner, McCain, McConnell and the teapartiers better than the Democratic team, so then you vote for the idiots.

mauiman58's picture
mauiman58 11 years 4 weeks ago

Why Clarissa I am very honored that you quoted me here despite the fact that I never posted on this thread! Those of us over 50 have seen a few things in our lives, and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that human nature has not and will not change. The following rules will ALWAYS be true.

1. People are basically selfish

2. People are basically greedy

3. Elected officials first goal in life is to get re elected. This applies to all political parties in all countries.

Obviously that is not true of all human beings, but those three realities cover at least 80% of the humans out there. So you have to set up a system that will work with those realities. And socialism does not and will not work because of principal number 3.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote mauiman58:1. People are basically selfish

2. People are basically greedy

That's wonderful, you roll out my favorite arguments! That's why we have to cut down and watch corporate greed. The 1%s are people as well, they're selfish and greedy as the 99%. See?? ;o)

Quote mauiman58:3. Elected officials first goal in life is to get re elected. This applies to all political parties in all countries.
Drive big money out of Congress, get money out of politics as much as possible. In Germany it is unlawful what we do here -- even donating to parties is limited and controlled. See?? ;o)

You advocate old people to rule society? You wish yourself back to stone age.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote mauiman58:And socialism does not and will not work because of principal number 3.

You'll learn it..... you just need time....

The Christian-conservative German social welfare system already works. It was created by the Christian-conservative Adenauer government, and is still working under Merkel. German Christian-conservative social welfare, doing a swell job for the neighbor (recommended by Jesus) works and works and works -- since many decades. And still Germany is a strong economy.


Quote Clarissa Smith's twitter machinegun:@ClarissaSmith2

German Christian-conservative social welfare, doing a swell job for the neighbor (recommended by Jesus) works & works &…

Notice our twitter machinegun folks, shooting out everything in short form!

mauiman58's picture
mauiman58 11 years 4 weeks ago

Clarissa, it is corporate greed that causes people to start new businesses and expand existing ones. I know you feel that anyone who works for money is somehow evil, but it is those kind of "evil capatalists" that provide employment for a whole bunch of people. Yes business owners need to obey the law, pay taxes, and protect the environment, etc, etc. But other than that, more power to them. Where do you think all the tax dollars that are needed for your endless goverment handouts are going to come from? The homeless and unemployed?

I don't know that much about Germany, but I'll bet that they are not running the budget deficits that we are here. If the taxpayers are willing to support huge social welfare programs, fine. But that is simply not going to happen here. And that will not change. And there is simply not enough money in the top 1 percent to tax to close the 1 trillion dollar a year gap we have now. That is simply symbolism over substance by the Democrats. All hot air.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago
Quote mauiman58:I know you feel that anyone who works for money is somehow evil
That's nonsense.

Quote is corporate greed that causes people to start new businesses and expand...
And we support them as long as they play fair and don't become monopolies which threaten a free market. If they invest in businesses, I love them and want them to get tax deductions. If they do it like Romney: tax, tax, tax, tax them.....

Quote mauiman58:I don't know that much about Germany, but I'll bet that they are not running the budget deficits that we are here.
I know the Germans discussed their debt years ago and there were calls for austerity. But these anti-Keynesians must have lost this fight. The German way is still fairly Keynesian under Merkel. Here in the U.S. Keynes has been a stepchild over the last few decades. Thom is right: Keynesianism boosts an economy -- austerity (Friedmanism) strangles it. This goes for ANY economy. Many nations have lots of debt and it would be better without. But austerity is worse than debt. Austerity really kills an economy pretty soon.

Quote mauiman58:And there is simply not enough money in the top 1 percent to tax to close the 1 trillion dollar a year gap we have now.
The 1%s actually throw money on the market to boost the GOP. My hope is, this gives our whole economy another boost. So we started with a little growth already in winter, spring gives a boost anyway...... Maybe Koch brothers & co. are shooting their own foot and after all help president Obama.... My dream: After 2012 four years uninterrupted Keynesian cure, to take this country back.

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 4 weeks ago

RE: Clarissa, it is corporate

Touché mauiman58, you are right on point.

Clarissa seems to be a lockstep socialist who doesn’t have much love for America as it was designed by the framers. She would like to graft the sociological leftist policies of some Euro countries on top of the constitution. Since this is a difficult prize for the socialists to win, she follows the Progressive Liberal operating manual:
That is to attack, censor, distract, radicalize, lie, distort, vilify, and basically draw attention from anything that exposés what liberalism is. Its Socialism wrapped in a pink unicorn Trojan Horse. I'm not sure, but she may be a German not an American


Liberal bias is partisan selection or distortion of information to support liberal policies. This bias can be expressed by professors and public school teachers, College Board exams, reporters and other journalists in mainstream media, and any other information source. Typically purveyors of liberal bias falsely present themselves as being objective. Liberal bias includes techniques such as distorted selection of information, placement bias, photo bias and liberal style. There is a difference between being liberal, having a liberal perspective, and having a liberal bias.
The essence of liberal bias is to dismiss or even to censor all opposing views. For liberals, to allow the airing or publishing of an opposing view creates the risk that people might discover errors in the liberal viewpoint. On the other hand, CONSERVATIVES TYPICALLY UPHOLD FREEDOM OF IDEOLOGICAL EXPRESSION, WITH MANY EXPRESSING THAT ALTHOUGH THEY MAY OPPOSE A LIBERAL VIEW WITH EVERY FIBER OF THEIR BEING, THEY WILL DEFEND TO THE DEATH THEIR RIGHT TO SAY IT, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THAT IN THE MARKETPLACE OF IDEAS THE TRUE WILL ALWAYS WIN OVER THE FALSE.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 4 weeks ago

Apropos Greek overspending (Republicans love that) was largely military overspending and ergo a typical Republican sin. No other country in Europe spent that much on military, like Greece.

So don't fool around with Greece, people -- you shoot your own foot! LOL


P.S.: What is that uppercase stuff up there? It pains my eyes if I look at it. It almost reads like middle-age German!!! LOLs

Liberty-First's picture
Liberty-First 11 years 3 weeks ago

GREEK stuff

Which one? The left or right foot? Or should I ask?
…. Bet you favor right appendages for amputation …

Greece has lost its sovereignty, because it demanded its government provide endless entitlement regardless of any economic logic or consequences.
The democratic people of Greece have lost everything because they invested in government instead of themselves and responsibility.

I understand this far more than you ideologues could ever contrive.

Been There - Seen – It – Done it

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 3 weeks ago

Yeah, "government" military overspending. The Greeks are military fetishists, like Republicans.

Mediterranean cruise? "Done" that?

Of course he had converstion with Zeus too. LOL

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"No one communicates more thoughtfully or effectively on the radio airwaves than Thom Hartmann. He gets inside the arguments and helps people to think them through—to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."
to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."