Why are women in Virginia getting screwed by Republicans?

More than a 1,000 people – most of whom were women – took to the streets outside the Virginia state capital on Monday – locked arm in arm and silently protested against anti-abortion legislation working it’s way through the state legislature. The bill that the women are protesting against would define a fertilized egg as a person, thus criminalizing most birth control and IVF for infertile couples – slash state aid to poor women – and require all women to have a state agent insert a probe into them before they can get a legal abortion.

That’s right the same Republicans that rail against big government also favor government having the power to probe women. Despite the protests – the law is expected to pass the legislature this week and be signed into law by Republican Governor Bob McDonnell.

Let’s hope this blatant Republican war on women comes with consequences at the polls in November.


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arky12 12 years 17 weeks ago

Thom, you recently had a caller who had a question regarding debt collecters. I also recall another similar call within the past month. I have some information regarding states statute of limitations on debt collection. They vary by state and type of debt. I was previously in the cash flow business as a certified private mortgage note investor and attended a convention where they spoke of buying this type of debt, or brokering the sale. I recalled that I had a sheet that showed the statutue of limitations by state, but no longer have it, but did find it easily on the web. Here's the link. I did recall that once a collection agency could talk you into making any payment, that the statute of limitations started over, so best not to make a pmt and let the time run out. You caller yesterday did not say what state she was from, but maybe you can check this link, print it out for reference or put it out on the air. Lot's of good info. Judy Zitko, Hot Springs Village, AR (and a Dem Central Democratic Committeeman)


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arky12 12 years 17 weeks ago

Oh yea, I do income tax returns as a volunteer through AARP and the IRS and anyone who thinks unemployment is strictly welfare should know that it is taxed as ordinary income. Ss year and seen a lot of them this year and it's early yet, and most had to pay income tax on it. And don't get me started on taxing any amount of SS.

Also, health insurance premiums are deductible as medical expense on Schedule A, subject to 7.5% of AGI as a medical expense. Of course does you no good if you don't itemize. Health Insurance includes long term care contracts, general health care, dental and vision premiums.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 17 weeks ago

My ex-friend, homeschooled via Tennessee Baptist Church, criticized me all the time. I didn't consider myself coming from Adam's rib, even dared to drop a few lines on evolution on my blog. She was like, "Why did you bring that up? You know you influence people with wrong ideas that way!" Blah-blah-blah......

One day she told me, in those days she was about to find out, men actually where superior to women and she would begin to accept this. Always having been quite a bit of a tomboy, she now began to develop in the direction she was supposed to -- as being raised in a Christian fundamentalist family.

Our last quarrel was about Sodom and Gomorrah: She claimed those towns were burned because of homosexual incidents. I took my Bible from the shelf and after a few minutes was able to report her: there wasn't even a ghost of a hunch referring to homosexuals. What she then replied made me very angry: Her father would think it did say something about homosexuals and he would "hopefully look it up." So there was that annoyingly conservative smarty, getting on my nerves over months, at times whiny (because my replies at times where fairly harsh) -- and now she admitted she wouldn't even read these Bible parts herself (although she always claimed to be an experienced Bible study). Call me too hard, but I wasn't ready to talk to her any longer. I said she was allowed to email me as soon as she would come to senses.

Got it folks? What fundamentalist female immaturity means? I can't be friends with a girl like that -- always having the enemy directly in my private life, all the time trying to convert me. These people have been driving forth what happens in Virginia and other states. No, I wasn't too harsh, nor finally too hard. Frankly, I wish to have told her off harsher.

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leighmf 12 years 17 weeks ago

I'm not getting screwed by a Republican in Virginia or anywhere else. If Republicans were the last men on earth I'd rather put an aspirin between my knees and be horny forevermore.

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Palindromedary 12 years 17 weeks ago

That kind of "fundamentalist" belief system is what leads to extreme sexploitation of women. If they lived in Northern Africa or other fundamentalist places the females would likely have to undergo being sexually mutilated and sewed up when young girls just to be cut open for the man's pleasure when they marry. I believe that all religions are not far off from extreme belief systems. Who would have thought that they would have "drank the cool-aid" in Jim Jones' church...till it happened?

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JessieV 12 years 17 weeks ago

What has happened to our country when these fundamentalist Republicans can foist their religious beliefs on a nation? We're becoming no better than the fundamentalist Muslim countries who demand women be in purdah. Next the fundamentalists will be telling us women cannot become engineers.

I remember the days when abortion was illegal and the only forms of birthcontrol were condoms (and not very good rubber), the diaphragm, or rhythm method. The wealthy went to Sweden for abortions. I lost two very good friends to backyard abortionists whose instrument was no better than a hook bent on a wire hanger. My roommate went to Mexico for her abortion but it was just as bad there as it was here except the instrument was slightly better than the wire hanger. She barely made it across the border and into a hospital in San Diego afterwards. And these insuffarble GOPers want us to return to those days and to undergo invasive procedures or worse yet, throw us in jail for using the ring or some other contraceptive device? Maybe we should throw men in jail who kill their sperm.

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Palindromedary 12 years 17 weeks ago

First, there's Date Rape.....
Now the Christian Ayatolahs and Mullahs of Virginia want to impose "State Rape" on their women. Get ready for the scalpels and sutures little girls because these Fundies are going to cut and sew you up so you are kept pure for the arranged marriages to someone you are bound to hate. Oppose Virginia's State Sponsored Rape program!

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Palindromedary 12 years 17 weeks ago

"Maybe we should throw men in jail who kill their sperm."
Yeah, I know, we are all a bunch of mass murderers. Since one guy can populate the world many times over in just one shot..every other guy would just have to watch his balls turn blue and fall off. One thing I'm really relieved about is that I am not living in an insane society that lops off my sensitive parts and sews the rest to my belly button till I am old enough for marriage. If men had to undergo that treatment...or even get pregnant.then we probably wouldn't have to be worried about overpopulation. Sure was nice of God to have planned it all so well, eh ;-} ...She did a hell of a job! If God didn't want men to be so horny, she should not have invented testosterone.

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Palindromedary 12 years 17 weeks ago

Russ Feingold was on the Jon Stewart show tonight and he commented something to the effect: "our country is more corrupt than it has been in 100 years". He is working to overturn the Citizen's United decision, was the only one to vote against the Patriot Act in 2001, in 2002 voted against the Iraq war, and was against Nafta, for universal health care.

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humanitys team 12 years 17 weeks ago

More damage has been done to human beings by people claiming to know what god wants than anything else and is the source of humanity's continuing problems ,is it not obvious that life just is and is a process why would god want anything if everything is part of the same thing(energy).

This is the main question we must ask-can we talk.....

How is it possible that 7 billion people all claim to want the same thing(peace,security,opportunity,prosperity,happiness and love)and be singularly unable to get it?

Is it possible that there is something we don,t fully understand about life and god,the understanding of which would change everything?


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Elton Brindley 12 years 17 weeks ago

I am 79 and have never been so afraid of our new government. The 'publicans want bigger government so it seems while talking out of the corner of their mouth for less government. I know a lot of worshipers of the GOP.... but oh how they are being fooled.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 17 weeks ago

Eve handed the fruit to Adam and since especially women had to be humble -- because women are considered the origin of sin. Fundamentalist Christians still feel this old medieval way.

This idea has terrible consequences. Because Eve took that fruit, the whole human kind was banned from paradise. And what punishment did she get from God? Give birth to children in pain.

This is why women are supposed to be submissive in fundamentalist families, and girls are taught so. And these girls and women are the best potential 'objects' for rape. They're being raised to be victims. These women can't really complain about any kind of of pain and hardship. Not long ago rape was legal in marriage. If it hurt: "Just look it up in the Bible, there's no way to complain!"

All this is the consequence of fundamentalist Bible interpretation, by insisting on taking every word literally. You cannot call this fascism, but it isn't less terrible than fascism. And it is potentially harmful as fascism.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 17 weeks ago

I really must have this insane stuff here in this thread. Insane fundamentalism isn't far -- it's even here on this blog:

Quote mauiman58:FDR is much closer to the Antichrist than he is to Jesus Christ
I'm severely asking myself if I ever read something crazier on this blog.

I'm actually not a stalker, but this crazy nonsense needs to be fought on this blog. I watch that guy, he won't have much rest here.....

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leighmf 12 years 17 weeks ago

The Jonestown Temple tragedy was a political suicide and should be classified as a CIA-aided OP, not the poor result of a fundamentalist belief system.

Let's give credit where credit is due.

When you examine the facts of the case, there is no way the amount of cyanide which was stored at the compound could have slipped past Guyanan agents. It is a substance which must be signed for when imported. There are no records and no records were found, according to the FBI investigation.

There was a strict clause in the Jonestown Cooperative land lease that prohibited the removal of minerals from the land, which was to be used for agriculture only.

A couple years into the lease, Jones and his officers filed an amendment to their corporate Articles allowing a jewelry cleaning operation to be part of the Temple activities. Yet the amounts of cyanide which were shipped into the Port of Guyana on a monthly basis exceeded what would it take to clean the placer gold of an entire mine for a year.

In the Diaries of Edith Roller, a Bechtel employee with a PhD in English, who moved to the community to teach, she writes several times of Jones' rambling on the ounce price of gold at the ongoing community meetings and radio broadcasts.

Though Jones himself was dying of cancer, he was not necessarily the center of the universe to a number of highly educated persons who believed in living a great social experiment.

Much of the group were on social security and this was their retirement plan.

Once Congressman Ryan was killed by unidentified gunfire at the airstrip, Jones had every reason to believe his group would be hunted into the jungle like animals. If they were caught, then what?

Jones was CIA-supported for the interests of INVESCO for whom he worked in Brazil prior to the liberation of Guyana and prior to founding the People's Temple. The shipments of cyanide to Jones began in 1976 when GHW Bush headed the CIA.

There has since been an INVESCO cyanide spill in the Guyanan jungle as well as the Colorado River.

8/2/1995 Cyanide River Disaster in Guyana

by Roy S. Carson

GEORGETOWN, Guyana -- The leaking dam that poisoned a vast river system in central Guyana was plugged August 24th, but only after hundreds of millions of gallons of deadly cyanide-laced slurry drained for five days from a gold mine's tailings pond into a 50-mile stretch of the Essequibo river, killing fish, domestic animals and wildlife by the thousands. The 600-mile Essequibo was polluted with about 825 million gallons of cyanide-treated wastewater from the huge pond. Cyanide is used to separate fine flakes of gold from other materials in the second stage of the mining process. The solid hydrogen cyanide salt used in gold processing is highly toxic, and the Associated Press reported that it can be deadly in concentrations as small as 2 parts per million.

The mine's owners said there was no major damage done to the river and no evidence of loss of animal or aquatic life in the Essequibo, a claim that few took at face value. A report in the English-speaking nation's major daily newspaper, the Guyana Chronicle, and earlier reports carried by the Associated Press, say shoals of dead fish and hogs had floated downstream on the Essequibo to Bartica, a mining village of 15,000 people some 50 miles south of the mine, South America's largest.

On August 21st, Guyana's President Cheddi Jagan declared a 50-mile stretch of the river a national environmental disaster zone and sought unanimous Parliamentary approval for the action. President Jagan told newsmen last week that it wasn't the first leak of cyanide from the tailings pond. Tailings are chemically -treated debris from the mining process that at Omai were contained in a vast pool of contaminated water the size of a small lake.

"I am indeed alarmed at the repeated incidence of a major spillage at the Omai Gold Mine, just three months after the first reported spillage at the same site," the president said in Georgetown.

"Immedediately, the government dispatched a special team to the site to make an independent assessment of the situation."

A special monitoring team which includes regional authorities has been set up and samples of fish and other marine life are being analyzed. The ministry of health has its own teams in the area to prevent the sale and consumption of fish caught in the river at points between Omai and Bartica.

Steps are also being taken to inform native Indians and other communities in the jungle of the disaster and the need to take precautionary measures -- but the authorities say it could take weeks to get through dense jungle.

President Jagan issued a radio appeal not to drink water from the Omai or Essequibo rivers as dangerous levels of cyanide continue to flow downriver.

Prime minister Sam Hinds has met with Omai mine executives with the crucial objective to stop or stem the flow of pollutant into the Omai river which discharges into the Essequibo. Emergency agencies in the area have been instructed to spare no efforts or resources to control the catastrophe.

The Guyanese president explained that the impoverished South American country needs international assistance to deal with the present disaster and his executive are in discussions with international organizations who have given them a favorable response. Guyana's government, overloaded with international debt and already in a state of bankruptcy, does not have the financial or technological means to cope with the cyanide flow, which has already reached the open waters of the Atlantic, potentially causing more damage to rich fishing waters of South America. Most of the cyanide is expected to evaporate, however.

A full parliamentary debate was scheduled to begin when the national assembly met in Georgetown, and opposition parties have been invited to join a national consensus on government measures. Among other things, consultations on an Environmental Act awaitying passage are to be speeded up and mechanisms for environmental protection established swiftly, Jagan said.

President Jagan admitted that many control functions are outside the government's present capacity due to their cost, and will take longer to implement than the present ecological protections.

"Equally, we must protect our rainforests from loggers who are cutting trees down in large-scale operations where we are also faced with massive costs to control what's happening within our territory," he said. He had declared the area a Disaster Zone, saying but it was impossible to give exact boundaries because the disaster is on such a large scale.

Concluding his rare radio broadcast, the president pledged to bring the Omai Gold Mine's Canadian owners to trial. "Omai had the responsibility to take environmental precautions and the government has the responsibility and the commitmehe Guyanese nation."

Guyana's 725,000 inhabitants, spread over 83,000 square miles of South American jungle, are only just beginning to understand the economic dimensions of the disaster, which not only affects the rainforest indians but the whole country's frail economy as well. Meanwhile, the Canadian owners said a design failure caused the catastrophe and have issued statements denying that any negligence on the part of the company.

"There was no disaster," Omai deputy general manager Claude Dumont insists. "The amount of sodium cyanide released into the Omai river was insignificant. When the government began yelling its head off about river pollution, you would have thought we were consciously tipping cyanide concentrate into the river -- it just isn't so.

"By the time the government inspection teams got [to the mine], there were no dead fish in sight -- what happened is peanuts. It was an unfortunate incident. We have to live with, but it doesn't have the dimensions the government are putting on it. And, anyway, Guyana doesn't have a workable environmental protection law or any monitoring mechanism. Nevertheless, I repeat, it was just peanuts."

On-site critics say the Guyanese government saw the international opportunity to earn "big bucks" from a gullible international community when, in fact, negotiations were underway with the government to allow the Omai mine to release 20 times the amount of cyanide tailings into the Essequibo six months earlier than ordinarily planned. The government owns five percent of the mine.

Joshua Ramsammy, a biologist for the private Guyana Monitoring and Conservation Organization, confirmed the mine's analysis and said Prime Minister Sam Hinds' government faces re-election next year and desperately needs money from the mine to cover crippling international debt obligations. The nation pays as much as 80 percent of its tax revenues to foreign lenders on $2.1 billion in foreign debt.

Omai Gold Mines Ltd., a company owned by Canadian-based Cambior, Inc., and the Golden Star Resources Ltd. operating subsidiary of Denver- based Invesco PLC, will be closed for six months as a result of the disaster, sources told the American Reporter news service. It could not be learned if the mine was insured for the disaster.

Invesco PLC runs a number of funds specialized in medium-risk companies in developing nations, and warn investors of the danger of losses. FMR Corp., better known as the Fidelity Funds, was listed with the Security and Exchange Commission as owner 165,000 shares of Golden Star before Sunday's disaster. The mine produced an estimated 88,000 ounces of gold in 1994.

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Palindromedary 12 years 17 weeks ago

John Judge sure tells an interesting story about Jonestown:

Stories like this is, perhaps, the reason why the government will force some of these kinds of videos off of YouTube....in the name of assisting Homeland Security (Sieg Heil!!!) in their "war on terrrrroooorrrism" because they ostensibly detract from the real propaganda that they want you to believe in.

We are all living the real world reality of what these criminal Nazi elite have done over the years not to take some of these claims...eg: John Judge or Joseph Holsinger...without a bit of credibility. We know for a fact that MKUltra and the other covert programs...like the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments on black people...and radiation experiments and others have been done by our governmental agencies with three letters. Many books have been written (and I have read some of them) on the subject of what our government has done, covertly, on it's own citizens in the name of fighting some ostensibly sinister foe.

One thing, though, that despite claims that Jim Jones was actually an atheistic, communist, drug abuser and latent homosexual, as is claimed in, say, Wikipedia, there were lots of people that were willing to follow him as he spouted religion. They believed in religion and not having the luxury, as many middle class hypocrites of going through the motions and pretensions for, perhaps, social reasons and then breaking most of the 10 commandments anyway...many of these poor and downtrodden people...many believing they were outcasts of the predominantly white and wealthy community that looked down on them, exploited them, they were easy fodder for some charismatic messiah.

Obama has many followers that look to him as their messiah...or at least the "least of the evils" that we have to choose from. They still look to him despite the fact that he is owned by Wall Street and has done their bidding these past 3 years, appointing the wolves to watch over the American financial system they helped to game, turning a blind eye to the criminal enterprises and war criminal deeds of the previous administration, continuing in the criminal and illegal wars in the Middle East, and has worked to destroy the social safety nets like Social Security. He is only now, now that he is up for re-election, talking boastful and tough like he did before he was elected the first time.

The thing that most people don't understand is that Obama is the Trojan Horse for the ruling elite...the grand illusion that he is "on our side" and that if he wins...we win. But we won't win...we will continue to lose. Most people will be fooled for a while longer...they have drank the cool-aid...whether or not the fools of Jonestown did or not.

According to Judge they didn't die of mass ingestion of cyanide-laced cool-aid but were murdered outright by US military/CIA forces that surrounded the camp. Well, who knows? We have to be careful not to be as ridiculous as Nancy Disgrace on Whitney Houston's death. One might find oneself on the Jon Stewart show being made fun of.


This is a video of Joseph Holsinger making a press conference statement on 5-23-80 about Jonestown implicating the CIA.Joseph Holsinger was a Legislative Aid to Representative Leo Ryan, who was murdered in "Jonestown," British Guiana, allegedly by members of People's Temple Cult, on the day of the Jonestown Massacre.

This is an excerpt from Part 5 of the 6 disc set, entitled Evidence of Revision, which comprehensively covers news edited out of our history, regarding important events... from the Assassination of JFK, through RFK, MLK and the Jonestown Massacre.

And here is a written piece called: "But Just Suppose it Didn't Happen That Way..."


By the way, that Omai Mine on the Essequibo River in Guyana, where all of that poison was dumped into the river, can be seen on Google Earth at location:
5°25'56.99" N 58°45'34.71" W

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leighmf 12 years 17 weeks ago

Reply to #16 "The thing that most people don't understand is that Obama is the Trojan Horse for the ruling elite...the grand illusion that he is "on our side" and that if he wins...we win. But we won't win...we will continue to lose. Most people will be fooled for a while longer...they have drank the cool-aid...whether or not the fools of Jonestown did or not. "

Excuse me, but you should have said "have drunk."

Firstly, we will not know till the end of time who the fools are and who are not. I think it is disrespectful of the surviving friends and relatives of Jonestown members, and of the dead, to pass a judgment of "fool" upon many who were highly educated and trying to build a new society. It was about communal living.

Nextly, the Trojan Horse is the Tea Party, y'all. It was sent in as the ultimate revenge against the Harriman Bush Dynasty. The Grand Old Party is in shambles and pretty soon it will be as embarassing to be a Republican as it is to be on Unemployment. People are going to get ticked off and a few guys are going to have to punch each other out, right in front of us.

President Obama has quit smoking at the most distressful time of his life and with his wife produced a highly visible campaign for healthier living. It is more intelligent, after all, to avoid getting sick and needing medical care, by living well. It is possible.

So despite constant detractors no matter which way he turns, the man has done his country a splendid service by the example he set for the cause of health itself, and for taking responsibility for one's own health. This approach could actually tide us over until the Trojan has emptied its contents and in the confusion, the United States may be brought up to the world standard while the old-line Republicans scramble around trying not to get pregnant.

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Clarissa Smith 12 years 16 weeks ago

I read this again and again, already quoted here -- just love it!

Quote leighmf:The Grand Old Party is in shambles and pretty soon it will be as embarassing to be a Republican as it is to be on Unemployment. People are going to get ticked off and a few guys are going to have to punch each other out, right in front of us.

Now I'm going to Twitter it -- I just have to....

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