The Chesapeake Bay clean up would create 35x the jobs of the Keystone XL Pipeline!

When Republicans talk about killing off the EPA – they’re also talking about killing American jobs. Despite right-wing talking points that environmental regulations are “job-killers” – a new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute finds just the opposite – regulations are ACTUALLY job creators. EPI estimates that as many as 135,000 net jobs will be created by 2015 thanks to new EPA regulations.

After all, when an energy plant has to follow new pollution regulations – then they have to hire people to design and build smokestack scrubbers and buy new clean technology - all of which puts people to work. In fact – a new proposed regulation to clean up the Chesapeake Bay would create 35 times more jobs than the Keystone XL Pipeline!

The real story Republicans don’t want you to know is that EPA regulations cut into the massive profits being pocketed by oil barons – while actually creating working-class jobs. Republicans don’t care about putting Americans back to work or having cleaner skies – they care about keeping the fat-cats who own them happy.


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Bandy Legged Ma... 11 years 12 weeks ago

Just a thought on hamburger ...

The other alternative - besides boycotting hamburger or going vegan - is to ONLY buy locally farmed, organic hamburger, preferably directly from the farmer.

As a former vegetarian, I totally respect the vegetarian route, but there are also ways to consume meat responsibly.

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Palindromedary 11 years 12 weeks ago

I have a modest proposal (thanks Jonathan Swift!)...a new the rich....lets process these fat cat Republicans and, if the taste is unappealing to some...lets feed our pets with it. Afterall, the rich have been cannibalizing the rest of us for a long time now. Unfortunately, there aren't really that many rich to be a food source for even our pet population...after all they are only the 1%. Waste not, want not! Hors d'oeuvres anyone?

But, if we steal back that money that they have stolen from the rest of us, and the commons, we could feed the world with regular food. We would stop the rich from raping and pillaging our world and polluting it for the sole benefit of the criminal wealthy elite.

But more on is not only the Chesapeake Bay that needs cleaning....there is a whole floating junk yard the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean...much of it likely recyclable. Man, it's gotta be really tough for all those marine creatures. And if the marine creatures..including all those "sea kittens" (according to PETA anyway) die...then mankind will soon go extinct. That is, of course, if the Sun doesn't fry us first (thanks Maj Ed Dames ;-}). Yes, I know that there are currently some pretty nasty sun flares that might disrupt some electrical devices for a few days.

Or the Mayan Calendar prophecies might zap us all this year...or the Niburu will return and turn us all into their b1tches...or...or....

Hope old Ed Dames' remote viewing wasn't just off by a few years, or centuries, or millennia ;-}). But I'm not going to worry about it. Just want to turn things around so that the few uber-rich greedsters don't either kill us or turn us into their b1tches. All those other things are very likely just non-sense but our path to our downfall is man-made and largely due to psychopathic greed monsters.

But, I am reminded of that frantic and hysterical caller into the Art Bell Radio Show many years ago...when he was warning us all that he had inside information about what some powerful entities had in store for us in a very short time. He indicated that much of the population would be wiped out by these forces...that there is a planned extermination of much of the population. Then....the program went dead....about 20 minutes later...Art Bell came back on rather stymied about what just happened and reported to us that the Satellite feed went dead, as if it was purposely cut off to prevent this guy from saying any more. If it was just this could have just shrugged him off as a hysteric nut...but went the Satellite feed knocked them off the air for 20 minutes....hmmmmm?!! Maybe it was a Sun Flare...yeah, right!

So, Thom is right...we need to create jobs that will clean up this earth and not further pollute the Keystone XL Pipeline will certainly do.

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mwalkerco 11 years 12 weeks ago

Hear Hear!

Let the truth out of the bag, PLEASE!

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delster 11 years 12 weeks ago

At least one paper Mill in Newberg Oregon is grinding up kreasote soaked railrosd ties to burning them to fire a steam generator. I'm not sure but I would consider this practice an environmental hazard since the mill is next to a residential area with families. While mill officials ensure this is the most efficieant furnace capable of passing EPA regulations The practice is prohibited everywhere else.

The mill is owned remote investors who have little or no interest in local health and environmental issues. I personally think as a result of back room bribes, and cronyism they were able to manipulate

local authorities.

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George Reiter 11 years 12 weeks ago

It’s the rich talking to the rich and their front men pandering to which of the rich, when the whole nation is listening. Maybe if anything good can happen from Citizens United, it’s this revelation of the cruelty of the Republicans being exposed in this Republican Primary Election.

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Pyle 11 years 12 weeks ago

While I agree with Thom's point partially, it should be noted that there is such a thing as too far for the EPA. It may be true that jobs are created by many of these regulations and that is a good thing. However, environmental regulations also have the potential to drive away business too.

The biggest problem I see is that we regulate ourselves and penalize our own businesses with regulations and prohibitions while we "allow" our trading partners to act with little or no consideration of the environmental consequences of their activities. I believe that in order to have an effective impact on the environment we need to marry environmental policies with trade policies. Our environmental consciousness oftentimes creates a disadvantage, at least temporarily, for the US. Just as with the arbitrage of labor, we need to enact trade policies that incentivize our partners to be good stewards of this planet as well.

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Palindromedary 11 years 12 weeks ago

This is in reference to

This is in reference to today's (Friday) show and Thom's experience with that "homeless?" woman.

Interesting dilemma! Thom's experience with that woman at that fast food restaurant is very likely not an uncommon one. Thom said he paid for his fast food with a credit or debit card and that old woman came up to the counter at the same time. Hmmm! Maybe Thom should check his credit/debit balance....if Thom has a "chip" in his credit/debit card, that old woman may very well have had a scanner that read his card and may have just stolen from Thom's bank account. And if she has a good photographic memory she might just take a mental picture of Thom's credit/debit card number. Those people behind the counter may have known what the old woman was up to if she had been doing this to other people..which might be the reason they had odd "knowing" expressions on their faces.

Sounds really fishy! Besides, paying for anything with a credit or debit card is just what the banks want you to makes it very easy for tracking you and knowing what you buy...your health insurance companies may raise your rates because they think you are eating unhealthy food. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you give about yourself...through not using more power to those who will use your information against you.

The banks and retailers are trying to abolish cash because using cash keeps information about what you buy out of their data bases.

I never could understand why anyone would use a credit/debit card for buy such small purchases anyway...sure you don't carry as much cash...but those who amass personal information about you will eventually rob you blind anyway....and in a much bigger way.

The only time I went to India was just a stop over at the Bombay airport. So I never got to experience the Indian beggers...but they are everywhere else I've Hong Kong..little kids would dive into the water where the tour boat westerners would toss coins. In Shanghai, I was warned to keep my wallet more I was told that I had attracted lots of eyes when I paid for some food. In Guadalajara little kids run out in an intersection and do back flips, people set up a ladder at intersections during traffic stops, climb to the top, and blow flames out of their mouths, beggars trying to force a windshield cleaning on you and expecting compensation. Thailand...more of the same. Didn't see quite that much in Seoul, South Korea...but I happen to be there during a massive student uprising which was exciting. At least I got to see the Pope flying by in his bullet-proof, glass-caged Pope-Mobile along side his trusty side-kick Bat Boy. He didn't want to stick around in any one place for very long...that's for sure.

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Craig Bush 11 years 12 weeks ago

The new green economy, utilizing conservaion technology, will create far greater new jobs then the old petro-chemical economy. We can re-design our dams with low face ladder dams to both create green energy and create fish habitat. New science and innovation will lead the way with government support. After the infrastructure is built the wind and sun is free.

In Santa Cruz CA the people here are facing a big issue. Powerful interests are pushing a desalination water treatment plant on us. The same petro-chemical corporations that tried to plant oil rigs in the bay. We were successful in stopping the oil rigs but we need help to stop this one.

Water from a desal plant is the most heavily chemical treated water available for human consumption. It is the most costly and energy inefficient water system. They want to build this next to Natural Bridges State Park a monarch butterfly sanctuary.

Hydrology studies show we have 10 times the available water as do our neighbors in Monterey. No way are the people of Carmel by the Sea going to build a desal in their neighborhood. Why are we being told we have too? The proggressive people of SC are getting tired of being exploited and marganalized. The water board keep telling us of impending water shortages and drought scenarios. However, the state climatologists have formally proclaimed the end of the drought cycle and the head of water resources have formally stated that with new conservation technologies coming on board that CA will have adequate water resources for the present and forseeable future. Why is there such a great contradiction of truth?

Environmental Historians tell us that redwood forests do not thrive in environments with prolonged drought cycles. Yet this is what the desal people are telling us is going to happen here. They sent out press releases in January warning of impending drought. This press release came a day after another agency backed out of the county desal proposal. How can you predict severe drought for the year in January with our resovoir at 95% full? The SC water board is engaged in a campaign of deliberate deception. Who is the driving force behind all of this deception? Koch industries are the major supplier of water treatment chemicals. The supplier of the treatment chemicals for a desal plant are the biggest winners.

The battle is over use of secondary treatment freshwater. The desal people want it to mix in giant emulsifiers with the toxic brine slurry left over from the process. Using energy to blend up brine slurry and using freshwater to create seawater?They believe this will negate the harmful impact of dumping salt concentrates and dead micro-organisms into a marine sanctuary. We know brine salt concentrate will sink to the bottom and kill shellfish and other marine organisms. We cannot build a desal and have a vibrant marine sanctuary too. Imagine using an equal amount of freshwater and huge amounts of energy to create the same amount of freshwater? The net amount of new freshwater produced will be "zero".

We want to instead convert secondary treatment freshwater into tertiary freshwater. This process eliminates chemicals from our community not add 3 times the amount as a desal system. Secondary treatment water is sterile water laden with treatment chemicals. We eliminate the chemicals and bring the water back to life. We take this water, which in the final stage is more pure and pristine then out present tapwater origins, and return it to our rivers and underground water aquifers. We can draw back upstream what we return to nature downstream. We can build a salmon paradise here while providing green energy with new dam technology. It all takes political will. The way the system is set it up now is we need only 4 people on the city council to pass these measures. We need people willing to step forward to run for city council to pull the plug on the desal. We need educated people who understand the value of tertiary freshwater. We need politicians willing to work to create the new green economy. This will create the jobs we need.

If we are serious about creating jobs then we must institute a 4 day work week with an alternative 3 day shift with a livable wage. We can do this with a new Marshall plan to build affordable, energy and water efficient homes for single income families. We need a new plan to reinvent our infrastructure to support the new green economy.

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Craig Bush 11 years 12 weeks ago

Homelessness is not reserved for the mentally ill. In CA, if you have never lived out of your car or know someone who has then your probably not from here. There are far more "successful" people who are functioning with mental illness then those who are homeless. The same is true for those suffering alcohol and drug addiction. Estimates are as high as 30% of our medical field are suffering prescription drug addiction. These are people caring for us?

I believe it does disservice to the real problem of homelessness by potraying us as mentally ill. I like to think of it as being environmentally challenged. As a homeless teacher I know I am not the only homeless teacher in Santa Cruz. I know homeless people with doctoral degrees. Oh, you will not see us asking for handouts but an offer for some coffee and company is always welcome. We are in the coffee shops hooked up with our laptops. We return to our camp when the coffee money runs out. We lay out the rug mats. I have two. I place my sleeping foam down and two blankets then wrap a plastic bag around my sleeping bag to keep dry. The toughest part of homelessness is losing your car. You soon realize that you can survive even without a car. The human spirit and will to survive is a powerful force. Homelessness is an economic abberation the result of disfunctional government.

You must understand that homeless people need food everyday not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. They need more than food. They need supplies to address personal hygene. It takes money to afford a room once in awhile to get "normal" again. The giving to a homeless person is not about you. Sure it makes you feel good but why should that be the motivating factor? Do it for them. Adopt a homeless person. Try to understand there are many americans facing homelessness. It is most unfair to potray them as being ill. The people who are "ill" are the republican sociopaths who have no empathy for anyone else.

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Oldcrone 11 years 11 weeks ago

From what I can find, it appears Hillary Clinton wants this pipeline, Hillary Clinton took the cloak of decider on it, through the State Dept. Wonder why Billie just came out telling us to "embrace" Keystone? Thom? They are Democrats aren't they? Leaders of the Democrat party? Thom, please do the right thing and tell your listeners ALL the truthiness. You do no good ignoring the facts.

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RMForbes 11 years 11 weeks ago

Yes, we need national investment in cleaning our environment and modernizing our infrastucture. We could easily do this by ending the failed war on drugs and disbanding the DEA so that cannabis can be again grown freely all around the world. Cannabis is more than just the psychoactive herb called marijuana or MMJ, it is also the uniquely valuable commodity crop known as industrial hemp.

Every part of the hemp plant is usefull. Hemp is four times more efficient in converting solar energy into usable biomass energy than any other commercially viable crop. An acre of hemp can produce up to 10 tons of dry hemp biomass in as little as 100 days. Hemp can be grown year round in most areas across America. A ton of dry hemp biomass can produce 100 gallons of ethanol/methanol using modern enzyme conversion. Another 15 gallons a ton of hemp seed oil can be produced that is not only an excellent source of nutritious foods, it is also an excellent biodiesel. Mixing some of the hemp seed oil with the ethanol/methanol and then reforming/refining the mixture with natural gas could produce a gasoline like product with comparable energy in small local factories near the hemp fields all across our nation. Instead of sending the hundreds of billions of our dollars to the oil cartels every year we could be circulating those billions in our new greener and less centralized domestic economy.

Hemp can be grown on marginal soils and it's very drought resistant but it is also an excellent rotation crop. Growing hemp on played out or marginal soils leaves the soil more furtile after harvest than it was before. Hemp is naturally pest resistant and because it is grown very close together it effectively abates weed growth as well. About 15% of our farmlands are left baren to grow weeds and allowing the soil to blow away in the wind every year for various reasons. Why not allow American farmers to grow hemp as a normal rotation crop on lands normally left bare? A perfect rotation crop that requires less water and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers like other commodity crops while pulling nutrients from deep in the soil so they become available for the next crop.

At least 25,000 products can be made better, stronger, more durable and less expensive from hemp. A real renaissance in the American manufacturing sector will begin with the end of the prohibition of cannabis. Hundreds of new business opportunities will grow along side the hemp fields producing millions of permenent living wage green manufacturing jobs producing the fuels, paper, course and fine cloth, cordage and rope, paper products, building materials, biodegradable plastics, strong lite weight composits, and a whole range of nutritious food products that can be made from the hemp plant and seeds. Even the long strong tap root can be used to make an effective topical analgesic cream. Cannabis is truly a wonderful plant.

For more information about hemp and medical marijuana visit my website

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