Hey Rush Limbaugh, who’s the prostitute now?

On Saturday – the radio voice of the Republican Party – Rush Limbaugh – issued a non-apology to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke who he called a “slut” and a “prostitute” last week. Limbaugh said his “choice of words was not the best” – yet he repeated his lie that Fluke was asking Americans to pay for birth control.

Limbaugh’s senseless attack on Fluke has so far cost his radio show seven sponsors, which is probably the real reason why he issued his fake apology. As filmmaker Michael Moore pointed out – who’s the prostitute now? The real problem this story highlights, though, is the well-funded right-wing radio and TV machine that lets their "stars" be racist and misogynous over and over again with no consequences.


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 13 weeks ago

That's just the way I saw it, too. A non-apology posing as an apology. Limpballs isn't really sorry and he obviously meant every word he said before. He was only being pressured by losing so many sponsors. In "apologizing" he ended up attacking the victim once again by calling her and everyone of us names...."he stooped down to our level"....right!

And this same mentality has let a lot of the wealthy elite get away with murdering and robbing us. The banks are getting away with looting us. The military is murdering us. The cops are beating us. And now Obama is supporting Israel in the likely Israeli attack on Iran.

How many innocent Iranian citizens will be murdered by an invasion by Israel and the US? How many Israeli and US citizens will be killed if Iran retaliates?

There are many Iranians in many cities all over the US...how many are waiting to retaliate if Iran gets attacked? How many devices of mass destruction are planted in US cities?

If Israel has a large arsenal of nuclear bombs then why can't Iran have some too? Why is Israel so much more deserving of our support on this matter?

Having nuclear weapons, when others don't, gives Israel or the US the ability to bully other countries that don't have them. History has shown that if you have nukes the bully nations with nukes shy away from bullying them and certainly won't attack them.

And don't tell me that Israel (or the US) is more responsible and less crazy than would be Iran or any other Muslim country. The US has already murdered hundreds of thousands with their nukes in WWII in Japan and nearly used them again several times...in Korean War and in the Vietnam War. And the US and Israel has used inhumane and illegal munitions against people they were at war against like Phosphorus Bombs, Napalm, Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, cluster bombs.

And Israel has continued to steal and occupy land that belonged to the Palestinians and continues to bomb them into oblivion using Phosphorus and cluster bombs.

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TCW 11 years 13 weeks ago

Just a side note. Bain Capital owns Clear Channel. So what does Mr Romney think of the Rush comment?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 13 weeks ago

Thick as theives...Obama and Aipac...or maybe I should say thick as war criminals! Yeah, I know....Obama just wants to be re-elected. So...it looks like the Israelis are taking advantage of the US elections...basically blackmailing or coercing Obama into acting on this critical issue on Israel's behalf at a time when we are most vulnerable to being coerced. Aipac is very powerful and it seems no one gets elected or re-elected without their support. I suspected that they would come up with something in an attempt to derail the attention away from our terrible economic problems and the criminal banksters and wall street fiascos. I thought they would engineer another 911-style false flag but no it looks like that false flag will likely hit Iran (then maybe the US). And was Rush Limbaugh all part of the distraction? After all what is more important? What Rush said or what Obama said when Obama said that the US would gladly be Israel's Butt Buddy in an attack against Iran?

Bikes's picture
Bikes 11 years 13 weeks ago

As a parent of two young women, I'm appalled by Rush's comments. And, not just the "slut" and "prostitute" comments. He was even worse the following day as he suggested that Fluke should post sex tapes on-line - "So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch."

Nothing short of disgusting - This man should not be on the air!!!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 13 weeks ago

Rush has got to get off of his doctor-shopped prescription drugs and go back into rehab. This looney, Rush, should just retire and stop making such a pest of himself. He obviously has his drug-sated, pornographic head stuck too high in the air for most of us to stand anymore...he is just a sensation-grabbing twit that has become so ridiculous that he has no credibility....not that he ever had. Maybe Rush has finally hit bottom. No one wants to listen to his crap anymore.

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 11 years 13 weeks ago

Rush has a BAD case of foot-in-mouth disease and no-brain-in-the-head syndrom. If only they were fatal.

mauiman58's picture
mauiman58 11 years 13 weeks ago

I wish I could have heard exactly what he said and the context. Even as a card carrying Republican he gets a little old sometimes. But never forget that his main job (along with Rachael Maddow and Keith Oberman (sp?)) is to get ratings. And he does that much better than anyone else.

Also, Sanda Fluke mis represented herself. She is not a Georgetown law student, but is 30 years old and very much not in college. Does that make what he said all right, no it doesn't. But people of integrity never deliberately mis represent themselves like she did here.

bobbler's picture
bobbler 11 years 13 weeks ago

CON's have been implying birth control is for pro's & sluts for 40 years that I know of (I heard it when I was 8 or 10 years old and thought it strange).. Rush was the first conservative I noticed to come right out and say it, without using euphemistic code words (family values, morals, etc).. Maybe the drug addict high school dropout republican mouthpiece was stoned again..

I also noticed no other conservative "really" apologized either; Romney for example said "not the words I would have used." Which sounded very much like he basically agreed on the whore/slut part, but would have worded it differently (which makes perfect sense as I have been hearing variations of the same theme for 40 years)..

BARBARA NECKER 11 years 13 weeks ago

what evidence do you have that Fluke is not a law student?

BARBARA NECKER 11 years 13 weeks ago

what evidence do you have that Fluke is not a law student?

riverside's picture
riverside 11 years 13 weeks ago

Regarding getting pregnant control: THE ROOT OF ALL OF OUR AILMENTS IN SOCIETY ARE ROOTED IN OVER POPULATION. - It makes people expendable. (Supply and demand theory) More people means endless cheap labor and low wages (AND THEY WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY). Perks like pensions are wiped out, unions are gone, and newly created laws take away more freedoms and rights. Worn out working people get fired, let go, or "early retired" when they are no longer useful. You pay higher taxes, gas, and food. College is not for us "extra people" - but only for the rich. Wars will be started over essential shortages. Expendable "unproductive people", like the old and sick starve to death because of elimination of social safety nets. And - I could go on to infinity with this.. On the other side: Every day technology lessens the need for the same amount of people for the same job. Every day administrative people and CEO's on the top scheme 'how can we do the same jobs with less people'. NOTHING is going to get better until we address over population - NOTHING.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 13 weeks ago

Swat team got swatted by their own drone in Texas. Splat!!!

DFMM's picture
DFMM 11 years 13 weeks ago

Limbaugh frame of reference.

Limbaugh used the terms prostitute and slut because his frames of reference when it comes to women is when he pays for it, and his mother. Before you accuse me of being harsh; let me say it's satire, it's just a joke; ask Rush, he'll tell you.

Dan, San Diego

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 13 weeks ago

Sandra is a 30 years old law student. The media spread out she was "23", but I didn't hear her talking about her age herself.

Limbaugh is just talking like many red-necks do and he's connected to the Republican Party, because this party is pretty much red-neck. Well, some red-necks are nice and some are even liberals and in this case I love them. Though Limbaugh is average uneducated red-neck talk. He sure has a great audience of stupid idiots. There you see, how many uneducated idiots we have and that Obama is right: We need more education.

I want Limbaugh to go on until November, because he's actually trashing my political enemy, the GOP! ;o)

wamy49's picture
wamy49 11 years 13 weeks ago

Well said. You covered all the points which most Americans will not, or cannot, face. Good on you!

Craig Bush's picture
Craig Bush 11 years 13 weeks ago

The real prostitutes are the "repocrats". These are the professional politicians that cannot be distinguished as real democrats or real republicans. Republicans are up front about caring only for themselves and their pocketbooks. Why do democrats continue to vote for wealthy people to represent them?

Romney will win today. Most money wins for republicans. Santorum is being bankrolled by the same people that want Romney. He takes away the Gingrich vote. My guess is Santorum will be Romney's running mate in the end.

I thought the latest comment by Barbara Bush was revealing. There could be a brokered convention with the Bush People putting in Jeb. If the people who choose presidents, like Bush sr., Baker and Nunn give the go ahead then it will be done.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 13 weeks ago
Quote Craig Bush:Why do democrats continue to vote for wealthy people to represent them?
Because too many Americans voted for Reagan and then Bush. The American voter is basically to blame -- majories of the American people have empowered corporate America. The Democrats are powerless in this matter and presently have to adjust, until they've changed the rules. They either join the money-game, or go under and we get Romney as President....

Many Americans who right now complain and blame President Obama are actually to blame themselves: Because they voted for GOP years ago and we just have to live with the consequences.

The REAL prostitute is the GOP voter who is not wealthy.

steelstringer 11 years 13 weeks ago

i was just listening to thom's show and he said rush was worth between $300 mil and $400 mil. i have to disagree. i looked up the price of lard and it's about $4 a lb. "conservatively", rush weighs in between 250 and 300 lbs.

that means he can't be worth more than about $1000 to $1200.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 13 weeks ago

Yes, but his bull$h!t is priceless! Which could either mean that there is not money enough to value it...or that it is worthless and no one would be willing to pay anything for it. I think most people believe in the latter. His sponsors evidently don't think his inane utterances are worth it.

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 12 weeks ago
Quote mauiman58:Also, Sanda Fluke mis represented herself. She is not a Georgetown law student, but is 30 years old and very much not in college. Does that make what he said all right, no it doesn't. But people of integrity never deliberately mis represent themselves like she did here.
You are spreading out misinformation about that student! Why do stuffy, old, strange morons talk like that about this very intelligent young woman? People who talk like that are prostituting themselves and their credibility. Reasonable people of integrity never talk like that.

Sandra NEVER talked about her age in public, she is a 30 years old student -- PERIOD.

BARBARA NECKER 11 years 1 day ago

Riverside, you are absolutely correct. overopulation IS the major problem, and no one seems to want to address the issue. Territorial wars will be on the increase if we don't get a grip on this problem. Anybody remember "Soylent Green"?

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