The blowback against Austerity rages throughout Europe

The continental rejection of austerity continues in Europe. In the Netherlands – the Dutch government coalition collapsed on Monday – after lawmakers failed to agree upon a series of austerity measures. And in Ireland – the nation’s largest trade unions are pressuring the government to vote against more austerity measures being pushed by Germany.

These latest protests – coupled with the early electoral defeat of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, demonstrations against austerity in the Czech Republic, and growing unrest in places like Greece, Italy, and Spain, where austerity is in full-effect – show that Europe is fed up with forced budget cuts.

Stay tuned – the backlash against austerity could be severe.


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mathboy 11 years 5 weeks ago

Too late Karl, The Republican Brain is already on my Amazon wish list.

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mathboy 11 years 5 weeks ago

So the Republican sense of humor is the same as Don Rickles'?

Frug's picture
Frug 11 years 5 weeks ago

The way I see things we are all screwed!! To much spending has to come to a end but true Austerity

will also bring things down and hard Being a conserative at heart Austerity sounds great on paper...Knowing lots and lots of hard core Republicans I ask one question and yet to get a peep from a single one.....What are YOU willing to give up if the federal budget is cut by 40%? I wish Thom would ask this question to every guest.....I'm only told what others can give up....Please for the country what are you willing to give-Up??? We have become a Nation of takers! All the way to the lifetime welfare folks to the super rich who thinks paying no taxes is a good thing...God Please Help Us

John Defalque's picture
John Defalque 11 years 5 weeks ago

We can't grow our way out of this Great Depression with austerity. It is cruel, punitive deprivation. Wages are the lowest they've been in 50 yrs. There is hardly any work and what little remains pays so damn low that there's just no incentive to work anymore. We need nothing less than a comprehensive New Deal.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 5 weeks ago

Austerity seems to be a great economic tactic designed to maintain a climate of too many workers for too few jobs. We all know what that gets us, low and stagnant wages, long hours, job insecurity, etc. But it works out just fine for those few in postion to profit off a desperate workforce, those same individuals getting the big tax cuts, the ones that who don't need them, which is why we have austerity in the first place...... republican reaganomics!

Why not try a green, global, public works program,have a big summit meeting and get on with it, the hell with what guys like Romney and the Kochs want.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 5 weeks ago

John, you're absolutely right, history shows we can't "CUT" our way to prosperity, but try to convince Cantor and the teabaggers in the house of Norquist of that FACT!

Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 5 weeks ago

The Netherlands had been a pretty progressive country in the past, but they might have gone crazy....

It's all up to the voters. In democracy they decide austerity or not. If you Americans make too many stupid decisions until November, you are able to punish yourselves for decades. I hate to hear that common complaining about Congress. The voters are responsible for who gets in there. Just vote and then take it.

The average American is more interested in Dancing With the Stars than in politics. This is an open invitation to the GOP to fraud. Whoever once voted Republican in his life has no right to complain. 18% approval rate for Congress is a SCANDAL!!! If you people are so stupid to hate the heart of this democracy, you might pay a terrible price.....

The greatest nonsense is this, "We're all one": We're NOT, we're divided -- and we have to fight that out. Standing at the sidelines, just watching Dancing With the Stars, is impossible. Yes, ignorance and stupidity is being punished in life....

humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 11 years 5 weeks ago

We are all one is the solution to the divisions that we have created ,and now no longer serve us as they no longer work for the highest good of all.The fact that we see ourselves as seperate to life and each other is creating most if not all of the problems and all this comes from a world view that is fallacy.

The solution is to experience oneness everywhere NOW.

In our governance,

In our economics,

In our spirituality,

In our ecology,

In the education of our offspring,in everything that we put in place in our society.

Our politics is our spirituality demonstrated and keeping spirituality out of politics is one of the craziest ideas that we have come up with.


Clarissa Smith's picture
Clarissa Smith 11 years 5 weeks ago

We are separating from a bunch of criminal fascists, which sadly occupied the good ol' Gallant Old Party. Racist minds, election-fraudsters, liars, who have no scruples to let a helpless grandma starve. They have to be defeated, because they're ruining your country my friend.

Say, what are you smoking? Are you sort of guru? In my ears you sound like smoking weird stuff, sitting on a bed of nails and talking crazy. You cannot win an election with that kinda spiritistic noise.

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