Not only are the long-term unemployed screwed out of the American Dream – they’re also dying younger

The New York Times is reporting on a new study showing that the long-term unemployed (those out of work more than six months) are twice as likely to die within a year of unemployment as are those who are employed. Even 20 years after getting back to work – those Americans who experienced long-term unemployment in their younger years still have a 15% greater chance of dying early.

According to the study – a worker who lost their job at age 40 and had to deal with long-term unemployment – will likely lose a year to a year-and-a-half off their life from having missed preventative healthcare and chronic stress. Currently – 40% of America’s unemployed have been out of work for more than six months. And they’ll be dying younger because the social safety net that used to catch them has been cut away after thirty years of Reaganomics, Clintonomics, and Ayn Rand's trickle-down morality.


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Palindromedary 10 years 51 weeks ago

Trickle down is yellow rain. I wonder how much of the increased risk of dying younger has to do with having been purposely stressed out with the threat of being laid off or fired if the employee doesn't perform the added work of the employees already laid off...and then...laid off or fired anyway..eventually. Then one's stress is increased by worrying even more and then being less active..physically...and mentally would add to the stress. The stress increases as we become less physical and more worrisome of our situation.

And even if you didn't lose your job and are still employed.. There is a possible insidious plot by some companies to drive people to an early grave. They take out "Dead Peasants Insurance" on their employees and cash in on the benefits when they die...and not giving anything to the relatives of the deceased employee. In most cases, the relatives don't even know about the "Dead Peasants Insurance" policies taken out by the company on the employees.

"Dead Peasants Insurance": The company is gambling that you will die so they can collect. They have an interest in making sure you die as soon as possible. So they raise stress levels (one of the biggest killers) by various means (added work, tighter deadlines, threats of cutting costs, reduced benefits, reduced wages, constant threats of downsizing, really nasty attitude bosses*, etc.). And by the time people lose their jobs, they are so stressed out by the pressures of the company that the added stress of losing your job just might finish them off. And, the companies who bought the "Dead Peasants" insurance can still collect after the employee is no longer employed. Most relatives would never even know the company profited from the death of the employee...and even then they wouldn't get any of the money.

A person's health status is monitored by the company in collusion with the medical/insurance establishment...and any sign of problems...the employer may pressure the employee to quit...or die. And the "Dead Peasants" insurance would be kept in the event the no longer employed, and no longer medically insured, dies so that the company would have a good chance of collecting once the employee dies.

*I suspect that these "really nasty attitude bosses" are really that way not just because they are really nasty attitude normally, although most probably are, but they are actually performing the job they are meant to you to dying young or quitting. But mostly, to drive up your stress so that you do die young so the companies can cash in on your death through "Dead Peasants Insurance".

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Tom Scharf 10 years 51 weeks ago

A positive spin:

(sarcasm alert) Who would o' thunk it...the market has come up with a way to deal with the long term solvency of the Social Security system. Long unemployment lowers peak lifetime earnings, thus lowering benefit rates and early death reduces the number of years workers will collect. It's a win-win.

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Maxrot 10 years 51 weeks ago

With Paul Ryan and Romney appearing together as usual best buds, I think there is a sinister plan here. If the extreme right actually gets to take back the White House with Romney and Ryan, they can claim a mandate exists to enact Ryan's extreme budgets plans immediately and they will. As far as they're concerned they probably wont win anyway, so why not go for the crazy ticket and go for bust. If they win they win big. Plus I'm sure they already are planning some pretty horrific campaign tactics, so who knows, they may get what they want. Reducing the majority of Americans to the Neo-Peasant and Neo-Surf. Think people are dying early now, if the Republicans win this election with their current mind set, kiss health care good-bye, EPA gone, public Education vanish, Social Security something we talk about as having once had, owning a home... not likely, etc, etc.... Debtor prisons will be back in full force. The war on the poor will be over and it will evolve into the subjugation of the poor. No not in a mere 4 or 8 years, but the table will be set, America as we know it will be completely gone in another 30 - 50 years if the Republicans get their way. Unfortunately they not only don't mind playing dirty, they're good at it, and I don't believe the same of the left.

BTW it would be nice if the Daily Topics for the day got posted prior to the last 10 minutes of the show ;)


dianhow 10 years 51 weeks ago

Its up to voters who are smart well informed , read and can think critically. Are they in the minority ? I think they are . I sure hope I am wrong . Fox Beck Hannity Rush Ryan Cantor McConnell and 800 con radio talk shows have incredible power to mislead millions.

dianhow 10 years 51 weeks ago

I was reading how Pres Kennedy avoided a war with Cuba /Russia > aka Cubam missile crisis . ALL his advsors & generals were beating the war drums ! Yet JFK stood strong against them and saved millions of lives in the process. We must make sure Obama does the same Speak out now please     Taking Action works if enough folks care

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stecoop01 10 years 51 weeks ago

Well, that tears it...we now have evidence that Reagonomics is a crime against humanity. When do the trials start?!?

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leighmf 10 years 51 weeks ago

The answer is to become self-employed at anything or whatever.

I have been self-employed my whole life. I started as a small child when I wove pot holders which I peddled throughout the neighborhood. I moved onto Christmas Cards, babysitting and a number of crafts, trades, and professions.

I never get fired or laid off. I cannot lose my job. I was never capitalized, either. Sometimes I am in the pawn shop, but at least it's for saving my own business, versus crawling on my knees to banks. I realize I'm dealing with the Mob whether in the pawn shop or the bank, but the pawn shop is less paperwork and time.

Cast your bread upon the waters and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

I think this means Be your own Farmer & Be your own Merchant . We have nothing left to sell but ourselves-

we still have our personal specialties, handicrafts, and services which can become Products of The USA. We could trade completely amongst ourselves, you know, which is why SHIPPING and POSTAGE are becoming as expensive as item purchased for shipment. We must not let this stop small merchant trading as has blossomed on e-bay and via the internet.

Look at all the stars and idols who are nothing but a product of themselves. Toddlers and Tiaras!
Vampires and Their Diaries!

A Man's Word is His Bond, but if "Bond" is his Name, some are better at keeping their Words than others.

What I think is that Personal Branding vs. Corporate Branding is the way we must go.

My Brand is 5X, XXXXX.

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MontanaMuleGal 10 years 51 weeks ago

Voters may be well-informed, but the privatized computer voting system is corrupt. You can vote religiously in every election, but if your vote is "switched" or "lost" by computer software, there doesn't seem to be a thing you can do about it.

Election fraud, not "voter fraud," is the enormous problem. I have heard Thom interviewing Brad Friedman -- election fraud watchdog -- several times. Keep an eye on election fraud at Brad

Votes should be counted by hand. If they can do it in Canada, we can do it here!

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Palindromedary 10 years 51 weeks ago

I suspect that President Obama knows full well what would happen if he tried to be like JFK and buck the criminal right-wing military industrial complex. They, and their useful idiot Republicans, are already seething with racist hatred and are looking for any excuse to take him out, I suspect. I suspect that he also very likely knows just how ruthless these people are after these powerful right-wing traitors orchestrated 911.

Some of you believe yourselves to be more informed than everyone else and believe that the dumbed down masses, not voting...or for the Republicans...would be our downfall. Perhaps, it is those who still believe there is still hope that our system will turn around and save itself for our benefit who are not that informed and are just as gullible as those couch potato simpletons who watch Fox Snooze.

I believe that, since the ruling elite has rigged the game and own and control both parties..they keep the people distracted, and mellowed down with hope for change for the better when that elusive carrot just keeps out of reach.

They use right-wing propaganda to keep many Republican zombie voters fearful of not getting their hopeful and perceived "fair share" of those carrots that they believe they deserve more than others. Race, religion, sexual-orientations, etc are all used as wedges that they easily accept as their reasons why they deserve something better than all those other people. They are fearful that the "undeserving" will get something they "deserve" to have more and that the Democrats will work to take that all away.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have their own propaganda machine, most of it does "seem" to side with "the people" who have been used and abused and cheated out of their "fair share". And they, too, spread fear that the Republicans will make things even worse for them. And I believe this is quite true. But, the catch is that no matter which one of the parties is in power, the ruling elite, the main drivers of the system of exploitation and abuse of the majority of the people, still wins. We lose!

It is a win-win for the ruling elite even though for the Republican or Democrat politicians it is a win-lose. Politicians are the immoral, back-stabbers who will do or say anything, at any particular time, in order to win the vote. But, they will be owned by those monied powers who really control them. So, the less than honorable scum-bags who vie for our votes, most of whom are likely liars and lawyers by profession, keep us entertained and frightened that, unless we vote for their side, it will be the end of the world as we know it. This ruling elite's prestidigitation is the way this tiny few can maintain their power over us and keep screwing us till we die. And perhaps the relevant epitaph on millions of tomb stones should read..."and he voted".

You can vote for Obama, again, but that will not change things. It will tick off the Republicans...which would be fantastic...I hate Republicans and their useful idiots who vote for them.... and wouldn't mind a bit to see those cry-baby, foot-stomping, heartless, useful idiots of the ruling elite put down yet again.

But the ruling elite are loving how they can own both major parties and keep people from taking more active forms of rebellion that would hurt the ruling elite. And if Obama ever did get to be as brazen, bucking the real power elite, keeping them from making their blood money, I suspect he would end up just like JFK.

And, yes, I suspect that the Republicans will continue their unethical and illegal manipulation at the polls..along with the pull of the stacked Supreme Court in the event of a tight race in some they did with Bush. And electronic voting, owned and operated by the right-wing corporations, will likely try to rig things in favor of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney for President? Just too horrible to imagine! But even though I will likely vote for Obama again, I think why bother...but keeping Mitt Romney out would be an absolute necessity in order to tick off those cry-baby, sniveling, and sneering Republicans.

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Oldcrone 10 years 51 weeks ago

I voted for my Democrat Senator Ron Wyden, who is a co sponsor and right in there with Ryan. That's a fact.

Also a fact the reason the US patient is not allowed negotiated drug prices, is because Pres. Obama promised Big Pharma his first month in the office, he would never allow negotiations.

We have to work on our party instead of pointing fingers and putting all blame on the righties. It's not helpful to ignore the actions of the Democrat party. The party is losing it's base, and only blaming the right isn't going to change it.

This administration isn't fighting Wall Street for reforms, this administration HIRED wall street, what did any of us expect?

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