Why is it legal for foreigners to write our laws?

House Republicans plan to vote on House Resolution 568 – which calls on the President to take our nation to war should Iran even become capable of building a nuclear weapon - without building one. The resolution also takes containment – like sanctions and diplomacy – off the table as an adequate response to a nuclear Iran – leaving military action as the only possibility.

So, despite U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies determining that Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon – Republicans in the House want to drag an already war-weary nation and stretched-thin military into another war. And the Congressional watchdog group – United Republic – has found that lobbyists working on behalf of the Israeli lobbying group AIPAC – are the ones primarily pushing this bill. So far this year – AIPAC has hired seven lobbyists and spent more than $700,000 pushing several pieces of legislation, including this one calling for war with Iran.

If Bush’s two-failed wars taught us any lesson – it’s to be skeptical of those calling for more war. So why is it legal for foreigners to write our laws?


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coyotecall 8 years 13 weeks ago

This is a quick "off-topic". I hear ref. to Ike's "military-industrial complex" speech quite a bit. The original text said this; ".....military-Congressional-industrial complex."* Important (censored) omission, probably made to sooth political concerns. But it IS the truth after all,,,,then and now. rp in New Mexcio

*according to Ike's bio

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TarryFaster 8 years 13 weeks ago

Sociopaths? They have ALWAYS been with us! About 2% of the population are prime and 4% are suseptible to them. They are drawn to positions of power and that is where we can find them in concentration.

Here is a pdf book that was written by a man who, as a student, studied -- up close and personal -- the Nazis after they took over his country, Poland:


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Clarissa Smith 8 years 13 weeks ago

The only reason is average low education in America. This has always been a problem in 3rd World countries, in Africa and Asia: If the average population is too stupid and gullible, crooks have a good life, for people hardly get if you trick them.

Referring to a next war, I've got the feeling we would completely loose it this time. China would probably assist Iran and we just bleed to death.....

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TarryFaster 8 years 13 weeks ago

This has the feel of a massive Extinction Level Event coverup:


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Rick in Canadia 8 years 13 weeks ago

Re the 'gay by choice' people;

First, your guest is trying the old bugaboo of gay as pedophile to damn by association.

Rape of a child shouldn't even be considered as sexual. It is violence and the results of it are the results of a trauma.. A really sad or sick viewpoint on that.

As to sexual orientation being a choice, I'm sure it is nothing new but have always thought a good analogy would be left or right-handedness. Someone can make a concious choice to practice one or the other, also, some have been forced into living as the opposite of their natural orientation. It can even share that word. Some people are ambidextrous, others may try both but settle on one... it goes on.

The Marcus Bachman's of the world are like the teachers who rapped knuckles to get kids writing 'the right' way. To deny the same marriage rights is like saying that somewhere in the bible it says that a man's partner shall sit at his right hand, so if you are left handed, sorry, we can't call that a marriage.. Makes about as much sense.

Rick in Canadia, where we have of course been declining in our morals and society since making gay marriage legal... still waiting for the sky to fall.

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Blackpandas 8 years 12 weeks ago

Well I'd say that if liberals are so willing to accept immigrants living freely but illegally in this country, why not allow some of them to write a few laws? We'll call it "Sanctuary Legislation". Geez Louise, don't all immigrants have Constitutional rights?

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Blackpandas 8 years 12 weeks ago

I'm sorry, one more time?

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