The absurd Republican reaction to Obamacare being upheld

The Supreme Court’s health care ruling on Thursday protected hundreds of millions of Americans from being denied health insurance for pre-existing conditions, kept millions of young people insured under their parents healthcare plans, and will eventually lead to coverage of more than 30 million Americans who previously did not have access to health insurance. But if you asked Republicans about the ruling, they’d say it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

The reactions from Republicans to Obamacare being upheld are telling. Republican Congressman Mike Pence compared the ruling to 9/11. The former Spokesman for the Michigan Republican Party, Mike Davis, argued that an armed revolution might now be justified. And Conservative radio hosts Michael Savage and Bryan Fischer attacked Chief Justice John Roberts, suggesting this his decision may have been influenced by epilepsy medication – a story that was also picked up on the Drudge Report.

The point is, Obamacare will save the lives of millions of Americans – and if Republicans think that’s as bad for the nation as 9/11 or a sign that an armed revolution is necessary, then there’s something very rotten in today’s Conservative movement. It’s clear today’s Conservatives have been taken over by a strain of Ayn Rand psychopathy.

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