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mathboy 10 years 36 weeks ago

This article about sugar (in this case, high-fructose corn syrup) making you dumb has the absolute wrong conclusion. There is no control group for the sugar; there is a control for the omega-3 fatty acids. There is no way to get a valid statement about the effect of sugar on intelligence from a study in which all the rats get the same dose of sugar. It's bad science.

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Landrew 10 years 36 weeks ago

Hi Thom,

Thom I love you like a brother! Here's the part that hurts me, to be critical of Ellen Ratner's (and your) comments on the unemployment numbers. My head exploded when Ellen commented on how wonderful the number were not being negative! Ellen forgot to mentions the March and April numbers were revised down by tens of thousands! Without new job numbers +200k there is more unemployment being generated due to new additions to the population. This was a horrible report for many reasons! Growth has stopped in this country and most of the world. This would have been a major platform for O'Bummer to attack the Republicons! O'Bummer will and has now used this report as GOOD NEWS we are still creating jobs! O'Bummer will go down in defeat not understanding how real people live. I wish he would have rolled down the limo windows during the ten minutes he was my Senator. I am losing hope that we and by proxy our government will survive the enduring depression.Growth is not always a good thing and we have no other plans than more Mcmansions, suvs and burgers. My prediction now, in the coming year the depression will intensify so strongly the G-8 will mention a new global economic system to try and salvage the last hopes of the failed last three decades! We no longer have the time to replay failed policies of O'Bummer/Shrub and the gang of thieves T.G., L.S. B.B. A.G. and R.R. (I think everyone by now knows these intials ha). I work in Chile now and then, it might be time to stay there? The police have bars on their cars, to protect them from the people and I like that! Landrew

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