Is the GOP threatening to impeach Obama?

One day after the Supreme Court struck down nearly the entirety of Arizona's controversial anti-immigration law SB-1070 – prompting a blatant political attack against the President by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia – one of the top ranking Republicans in the Senate – Jon Kyl – is suggesting President Obama could be impeached over his handling of immigration enforcement.

Appearing on Conservative talk radio – Senator Kyl said the President’s executive decision to stop deporting undocumented students could lead Congress to bring criminal charges against President Obama for “dereliction of duty.” Kyl went on to say, “Impeachment is always a possibility.”

What Kyl fails to recognize is that every single President since Ronald Reagan has selectively enforced immigration policy, because the government doesn’t have enough resources to deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants, yet there was never talk of impeachment. But considering Republicans are hell-bent on politically hitting the White House rather than fixing the economy – as evidenced by the latest contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Holder - this latest threat shouldn’t be too much of a surprise at all.


MrMontana2012's picture
MrMontana2012 10 years 39 weeks ago

The GOP will do ANYTHING to get President Obama out of office - if that means impeachment, why not?

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 10 years 39 weeks ago

Can't we just deport the GOP? i am going bonkers watching the decline of our once great nation. The biggest tragedy of all is how so many have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. America the land of the free, home of the scared and so many minions sucumbing to dumb. Sad, sad, sad....

U.S. Citizen's picture
U.S. Citizen 10 years 39 weeks ago

The Constitution does say that the president "shall take care that the laws shall be faithfully executed". I actually heard a Fox commentator mention this. President's can't enforce every single law but he is enforcing immigration laws. He's deported more immigrants than Bush.

He should be impeached but I'm not in favor of it. He has failed to see the laws are enforced when he failed to prosecute Bush officials for torture, warrantless wiretapping and the illegal invasion of Iraq and, probably, Afghanistan. Of course, he could also be impeached for his own war crimes and violations of the Constitution--continuing warrantless surveillance, indefinite detention, treatment of Bradley Manning and targeted assassinations, with drones and otherwise.

Coulove's picture
Coulove 10 years 39 weeks ago

Thom, do you really think it matters anymore? The "Game" IS over!! They know It and everyday, more & more of us know it. I am not talking about Democrats vs. Republicans here. I am talking about unity consciousness trumping separation consciousness. I am talking about abundance mentality trumping scarcity mentality. Their whole charade is becoming wide open. Many refuse to believe what their eyes are telling them. Denial will get them nowhere. It IS time for All of Us to come together, weed out the balance of service to self only types, clean up Mother Earth, unleash all the free, clean energy technologies under lock & key and co-create the paradise on earth that we should have had over 2,000 years ago. Coulove

klentz's picture
klentz 10 years 39 weeks ago

The GOP is on it's inevitable way out and what you see is a desperate scrambling to regain control before "Republican" will never again be asscociated with a POTUS. Non-white population is growing and in one generation "whites" will be a minority. Since there are really only about 1 million US citizens who really benefit from Republican policies, it is clear to those few sane republicans that they can only "buy" popular support for so long - then even Billy-Bob will see through their ruse. If it costs them 100 billion$ to buy this election, it will cost 1 trillion$ for them to buy 2016. They cannot win in the long run.

So what to do? Impeach the President? Then VP?. Then Mr Boner will be POTUS.

The rich are getting as much out of the system (bonuses, avoided taxes, etc) as quickly as possible and will most likely bail before they are brought to justice. Hopefully there will be a viable country left for the rest of us after they do that.

leighmf's picture
leighmf 10 years 39 weeks ago

Arrest Bush- lying to start a war for the defense contractors and oil men is much more disgusting than selective deportation.

am4dems12's picture
am4dems12 10 years 39 weeks ago

it doesnt surprise me thatthese right wing bigots wont layoff this kindof crap and do their jobs in accordance with their swarn duty.treres no other way to classify their ignorance except for racist hiding behind the legal curtain.

Vegasman56 10 years 39 weeks ago

What will the repercussions will be, when a Republican becomes president. Will the Democrats go after Him/Her of much as Republicans did go after Pres. Obama, somebody will have to show some maturity really soon. I really would like to know what other countries think about our government and how they are running their internal arguments. It is embarrassing that this country supposed to show some leadership in the world and we can’t even show leadership in our own government. Yes, it is true that the far unstable right wing of the Republican Party is trying to destroy and crash this government all because of greed. And it’s shameful.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 10 years 39 weeks ago

Impeachment?.......Yeah right......easy there big boy, don't hurt yourself!

Kyl and Republican Senate pals fail to recognize many things, including this........ REMOVING GOVERNMENT FROM THE HANDS OF "WE THE PEOPLE," by abusing the filibuster rule, REALLY IS DERELICTION OF DUTY.

How about we just throw em all into the harbor when nothing more can be done to save this country?

ken ware's picture
ken ware 10 years 39 weeks ago

I am an independent voter and a California resident, so I have seen firsthand what illegal immigration does to a state. But I will not rant on about the costs involved in supporting illegal immigration or the companies that benefit from it at the cost to the American workers. What I will say is the President of the United States should be the first person in our country to uphold the full law, not pick and choose which law he will direct the departments under him to enforce. I could not care less whether he is choosing which laws to enforce, because it may or may not help him to be reelected for a second term. I just want an honest president to enforce all the laws, not just the laws that benefit his agenda. So far Mr. Obama has not done this and I personally am fed up with the whole game. No I will not vote for this man again, as I did in the last election. Nor will I vote for Mr. Romney for president, he has shown even less ability to stick to any statements he has made during the debates with other Republicans. I will vote for the Green Party candidate, as a protest vote. As a nation we are Screwed as Thom would say, in either choice. What happened to honesty in our nation? Excuse me I need to go vomit at the thought of who we have to choose from for our next president.....

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 39 weeks ago

Would the SCOTUS reject the POTUS if someone other than a Democrat or Republican wins the majority vote? I would love to see the Green Party win and kick out the corrupt good old boys for a change. And I agree that Obama is worthy of being impeached but not for Immigration. He has continued the war criminal deeds of his predecessor and has turned his regime into a bastion of secrecy and whistleblower persecutionists. The ruling elite win, and we lose, when either the Republicans or the Democrats win.

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