Short-term Profits for Oil Barons vs. Humanity

Attention climate change deniers – the planet is rapidly heating up. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is out with a new report showing that the last year – from June of 2011 to May of 2012 – was the hottest year ever since NOAA began recording annual temperatures. That included the fourth warmest winter – the second warmest summer – and the warmest spring ever recorded. On top of that – the science journal Nature is also out with a new report warning that the planet is reaching a tipping point – and its ecosystems are on the verge of irreversible change, which could mean disaster for humans.

The report even warns of the possible extinction of our species within just a few generations, once this tipping point is reached. Something has so badly rotted in our culture that we no longer look out for future generations – or care about leaving them a habitable planet. Instead – we care just about short-term profits for oil barons in Texas and Kansas, and it could cost us everything our species has worked for.

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