This weekend in Europe it's democracy vs. bankster austerity

The world will be focused on Europe this weekend where voters hit the polls on Sunday to determine the fate of the banksters’ austerity regime. Already – central banks around the world are preparing for a liquidity crisis next week should Greece’s far-left SYRIZA Party, which has pledged to break Greece’s current bailout agreement with the EU, win and investors around the world panic.

Elections will also be held in France, which just recently elected anti-austerity Socialist Francois Hollande. In order for Hollande to get his pro-working people agenda of raising the minimum wage and stimulus passed, his party will need to win big in this weekend’s legislative elections. Altogether – this weekend is a showdown between democracy and bankster austerity – and the future of the global economy hangs in the balance. Stay tuned.


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 49 weeks ago

Shouldn't it be....and "gamblers" around the world panic? But, how will this play out among those of us who haven't gambled? Or is putting your money in savings or checking accounts considered gambling. I guess we are gambling that the banks, or credit unions, are safer than keeping our money under our mattresses..maybe not!

By the way...Thom...what was all that horrible background an old refrigerator...on today's show? Maybe it's time for captions?

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hsaive 10 years 49 weeks ago

I predict that - like Spain - Greece, France and the others will end up acccepting bailouts to preserve the EURO. The powerfully corrupt Bankster syndicate will offer leaders deals that "cannot be refused".The globailist cabal has gotten nearly everything on their agenda.... so far.

Russia is fighting the NWO Bankster cabal, a situation not anticipated in the Grand Chess Game of bankster, global asset theft by floating imaginary money. But don't put your trust on Putin to make things better.

The so-called "Democracy" of representative government that depends on the "growth" of ponzi capitalism is not sustainable and will most likely revert to collectivism as a second unsustainable choice.

A population of 10 billion on planet earth is probably not sustainable under the bankster's ponzi-capitalist economy.

What new paradigm can we all agree on before the Armageddon?

skepticalscott 10 years 49 weeks ago

I like that term "Ponzi-Capitalism" - Good one!

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leighmf 10 years 49 weeks ago

I believe that despite the Old World effort to devise historical and financial complexities we have no time to understand, oppressed people everywhere sense that the deck is stacked, the table has magnets underneath, and that voting machines and slot machines come from the same place. Such a collective consciousness is enough to flip the corrupt reigning regime. It is the sands of their Time which are running out because we don't believe them any longer. The hand that turns the Hour Glass over will soon appear.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 49 weeks ago

Yes, that term "Ponzi Capitalism" should be used more often. I guess it is probably not new to most who follow Thom Hartman, or 60 minutes, but 60 minutes had a piece on tonight that highlighted the "Crony Capitalist politicians" who had gotten rich using insider trading and voting on issues that would make their bets on Wall Street pay off. Many of the politicians were doing this and avoided voting for, or even mentioning, the bill that had been introduced to stop them from this corruption.

Nancy Palosi was one that was pinned to the wall by a 60 minutes anchor at a news conference...and she, visibly shaken, stammered some stupid defensive remark that made her sound as ridiculous as GWBush always did.

Republicans...and Democrats...they are all Seedy Cockroach Crapitalists that should all be removed from office and jailed. It really ticked me off that many of these scum-bucket, cockroach, politicians that decided the fate of a public option in the healthScare bill were actually all in it with the insurance companies to keep it from happening...and they all invested in insurance companies knowing that they were going to get rich by selling out the people who likely voted for them. So, who are you going to vote for, again, this time around? The same criminals that we voted for last time?

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 49 weeks ago

Oh, I also hear that CNN has sh!t-canned John King's 6:00 news show and they are going to put Wolf Blitzer in his place. I watched CNN (as I rarely do), last night when Piers Morgan had on Jesse Ventura (I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise). Love Jesse Ventura! He tells it like it is! Jesse Ventura said that neither Fox News nor MSNBC would have him on their shows. This gave Piers Morgan the chance to brag how "un-biased" and middle of the political spectrum CNN is. Yeah, right! The only reason why they have Jesse Ventura on is because CNN is hurting from lack of viewers who don't want to listen to a bunch of idiot right-wing political propaganda or some brainless story they repeat over and over again having nothing to do with the real world. That's why they put Jesse Ventura on as a token to pull in more viewers and show how un-rightwing they are. Wolf Blitzer? Again? Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks show recently made a lot of fun over this.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 49 weeks ago

Greece must have used the same voting machines that they used in the Wisconsin Recall. Democracy is corrupt around the world which feeds people false hopes for change and the ruling elite continues to keep their wealth, power, and their heads.

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hsaive 10 years 49 weeks ago

Savvy and radical trader, Max Keiser has used the "ponzi" term..."Pyramid scheme" is another. I heard someboy say "I got Maddoffed".... The people that initially invest in the Ponzi are paid off with new investor money as it comes in....Like a Wall Street IPO...the Big investors with inside info know how a Ponzi works and how to use it to take money from late investors. Most people don't know how big the "pyramid" will finally grow before the scheme stops working by failing to attract new investors (suckers).

Here's Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, from yesterday with 20,000 views already VIDEO:

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 49 weeks ago

Love the Max Keiser show on RT. And that was a good show...but I am wondering why you have posted a web site that LOOKS LIKE "youtube" but is actually from Belgium (.be)? Why not post the actual RT show directly from the ACTUAL That url is is not

Also if you do a whois on, you find that they don't want you to know who they are...


If you do a search on the internet for that "" web site you will see all kinds of references to viruses. I don't think it would be a good idea to click on that one.

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