Daily Topics - Thursday July 26th, 2012

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Hour One: Why is Romney making out with foreign banksters?

Hour Two: GOP Voter ID could keep almost HALF of all Philly voters out - Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard / Plus, Geeky Science - did you know your night light can make you crazy?

Hour Three: The man who invented too big to fail recanted...


El Relampago 10 years 19 weeks ago

In the Pennsylvania voter id case, the state stipulated that there has never been a voter fraud case in PA and they do not expect fraud in the upcoming election. The truth shall set you free.

Michael Bailey's picture
Michael Bailey 10 years 19 weeks ago

Interesting how Republicans think. Some Saudis crash into the World Trade Center, they attack Iraq. The billionaires and the banksters crash the economy, they trash the middle class. Romney and some other Right Wingers fraudulently vote, they take away voting rights from millions of OTHER Americans. Go figure.

The gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Gnostic's picture
Gnostic 10 years 18 weeks ago

Tom Hartman news is superb. I first heard of Tom Hartman listening to Air American in 2006 on AM radio before it was taken off the Air. Randy Rodes was on informing general public about the Clean Brake document and the Downing Memo. I bet that is what caused the program to be taken off the air. That is Randy Rodes expose as it were of Clean Brake document manufactured in 1996. I only believe in instutuional analisis and not conspiracy and don't have the concision of time, space and knowledge to express it well enough other than to state it as a "hunch" so to speak with reference to Randy Rodes from Air American regarding Clean Brake document and also the Downing Memo.

Recently I had been listening to RT news within the last two months about a RT program called the Max Keiser Report with Stacy Herbert. I find it amazing how slick libertarians work. It seems like the Libertarians get things backwards so I believe MIT professor emertis Noam Chomsky would say. Look at Allen Greenspan. Greenspan would I believe be a classic example of how libertarians operate on non-human, mechanistic model as it were good for machines only and those old fashioned hand held slate boards with chalk. Allen Greenspan later admited his model was incorrect once he left his position (kinda late but at least he said it). Max Keiser I believe said Allen Greenspan was like a Madoff so I believe he said on one of Keiser's programs. This I believe is really telling if I heard Max Keiser correctly in that my assessment of Max Keiser is a libertarian as was/is Allen Greenspan. However, getting back to Max Keiser report I admire Max Keiser as being genuine and believe he is a "commisair-of-culture" to barrow a term used by Noam Chomsky from his writting Necessary Illussions appearing counter-culture that is Max Kaiser (along with infowars.com) but not really. I believe Max Keiser exposes the "bansters" as they are very well as does Tom Hartman. If my studies of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky serve me correctly, that is having read their writing in depth via Z Magazine for years, it seems as thou Democrats gets in trouble for immitating the Republican platform to appeal to the main stream. This I believe is so since the enemy of the Republican Party seems to me to be the general population of USA wanting representation outside of autocratic like institutions being understanble an self evident. Look what happened with Hillary Clinton when her husband Bill Clinton was President regarding Managed Care which was really a Republican platform from the get go. Therefore of course doomed to fail more than likely since even republicans mostly who vote don't seem devote enough for their own party since Republicans dangeriously appeal to a larger base to win elections being subversive to empire building.

Furthermore, the reason I bet wikileaks former head, Julian Assauge appears to be referenced on Max Keiser is that Julian Assauge exposed the embarressment of Democrats who often where apologics to Nixon/Kissinge/Bush platforms handed down from something as old as empire building itself. That is republicans are taking advantage of how clinically ill small "d" democracy is. Democrats are stuck trying to apologize for their autocractic empire where small d democracy is subversive yet needed reason for extra times zones of expantion of neoliberalism not to be confused with the coloqual understanding of being liberal. One exception (there are no doubt many others) but what immediately comes to mind would be Republican Senator Glass and Democrat House Representative Stegal (the Glass/Stegal act). I sure wish Bill Clinton had not repealed that by being so Republican. But the Bill Clinton in a odd contorted way "out" republicaned the Republicans so called centerist party platform in my view was extremely annoying to the RNC. Take former President Bill Clinton's position on Nafta the so called free trade agreement with Mexico that in affect served to displace US auto workers. What credit does the RNC give Bill Clinton for this other than invites to likely the Builderberger/Trilateral/CFR organizations. Michael Moore on his TV show, now off the air, called The Awful Truth showed this very problem of US auto workers jobs being outsourced to Mexica under the NAFA agreement with USA created by Bill Clinton. How about Bill Clinton balancing the reckless spending of the Reagan Administration. Yet that type of deficit spending happened again on Bush junior but so much more so due to unchallenged no-bid contractors backing USA war with Irac. Also since social security had already been used by Reagan to hide his reckless spending of his Administration without Bill Clinton putting back in place the boundary divider like that between an individual human being's checking and savings account and retirement savings.

This was not purposely written is to annoy. If it is to the reader, sorry. In that I did the best I can here from the model I work with that does not have to necessarily be yours. My heart goes with you in that if this is unsetteling to be annoyed is truely unpleasant to say the least. So let us be "free" here in expressing ourselves to use the term lossly as the libertarians do already I believe expressed on RT news being the Keiser Report. No doubt there is parts of this writing here that need work. Each time I reread it I find mistakes. I have to go now. I can not spend more time with this writing thou I would like to. My best of intentions the the reader of this here. If you read this, thank you for your time. God bless you and if you won't bless yourself I will for you if okay with you (not to rob any of there God given write to self-determination within reason). Take care.

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