Pharmaceutical giant fraudulently puts Profits Over People

One giant pharmaceutical company just got busted for putting profits ahead of peoples’ lives. In the largest healthcare fraud settlement in U.S. history, British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline was slapped with $3 billion in fines after pleading guilty to a number of criminal and civil violations related to 10 drugs the company produces that are taken by millions of Americans.

The company illegally promoted the use of anti-depressants like Paxil and Wellbutrin for unapproved uses. It also failed to report safety problems with its drug Avandia after it was discovered it could substantially increase the risk of heart attacks. On top of that, the company defrauded taxpayers by over-charging the Medicaid programs for drugs – and routinely gave kickbacks to doctors who prescribed their medicine.

Glaxo’s CEO apologized for the crimes and claimed his company learn from their mistakes. But how long until the American people learn that profiteers and hucksters have no place in our nation’s healthcare system?


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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

A few billion dollars here a few billion dollars there, pretty soon we would be talking about a lot of money. So they fine them and then they pass the costs back on to the customers. What they need to do, instead of dealing with a lot of elusive funny-money, is to do like what they have done in China...execute the bastards.

Yes, these criminals have been killing us slowly through the poisons they convince us to take, or breathe, or drink, or eat and they have been wrecking our world's climate but unless you look at the evidence and see how these criminal insiders created the 911 false flag operation, which has led to the destruction of our democracy, our freedoms, and financial well-being then you are not getting the entire picture.

The whole area below where the planes hit, all the way down to the ground level, was undamaged and not subjected to fire at all and therefore was not weakened yet the whole thing collapsed at near free fall speed. The so-called "pile-driver effect" or "pancaking", as the government wants us to believe in, does not take into consideration the pure fact of physics that all of the lower floors would have provided resistance to anything close to free-fall speed. The only thing that could allow this would be if the supporting under-structure, from where the planes hit all the way to the ground, was instantly removed providing no resistance to the collapse. It would be against the law of physics for a collapse at near free fall speed when there is a resistance to that fall as would be provided by an intact under-structure. WTC7 wasn't even hit by a plane and had only low-level office fires yet it fell nearly identically to WTC1 and WTC2. These were buildings being progressively blown up from top down.

There were numerous eyewitnesses of first responders, firefighters, police, and others, some of who were recorded on radio transmissions, and transcripts that recorded their testimonies about multiple blasts, with associated flashes, that sounded and looked just like buildings being demolished with explosives. More than 118 firefighters witnessed these flashes and explosions and was recorded in over 12,000 pages of testimony by the FDNY firefighters, emergency medical technicians which were collected from Oct 2001 to Jan 2002. On Aug 2005 there was a court-ordered release of the FDNY "Oral Histories". Yet, the government ignored all of these reports and claimed that there were no reports of multiple explosions. The government lied many, many times and acted just like someone who had a lot to hide. They obviously covered up the evidence when they immediately shipped those steel beams out to China.

Some of the evidence of an explosive demolition lies in the dust collected around the WTC buildings. Iron micro-spheres (which can only be formed with extremely high temperatures and hurled and explosive speeds), unexploded nano-thermite micro-chips, and chemical fingerprints of a nano-thermite found in large proportion of the dust samples make it quite clear that demolitions took place. Tons of concrete turned into talcum powder-like dust, steel beams hurled to great distances, photo evidence of steel beams cut diagonally as in demolitions, steel beams cut to nearly identical lengths just right for shipping to China, explosive squibs many floors below the collapse point, video and eyewitness evidence of molten iron (an orange-yellow to whitish color...not aluminum which is a silvery color like mercury), satellite imagery, weeks later, of ground zero exhibiting thousands of degrees of a pool of molten iron below the ground. All of these things are evidence of an explosive demolition using high tech nano-thermite.

All the other evidence of seeing flashes and explosions, melted iron, dust particles collected from the area around the WTC buildings that contain micro-spheres of iron, and the nano-thermite chips, the explosive chemicals found in the debris...all these things have not been answered or even addressed by our government and they have tried their hardest to avoid them. They have done nothing but use lies and propaganda to keep people from learning the truth.

A great, sinister crime, or even treason, has been committed against the American people. And these same treasonous criminals from the Bush administration continues even into the Obama administration to lord their evil powers over the American people and the rest of the world.

In order for you to understand THE REALLY BIG PICTURE...the one that helps explain our current financial collapse...and future collapses...our loss of our freedoms...the destruction of need to really look into the "new Pearl Harbor" of the insider false flag operation of the 911 WTC demolitions. "Global Warming", Big Pharmas killing some of us, and even the economy and why many people lost their life's savings, are all really terrible and most people will shrug their shoulders or choose to believe in the propaganda lies so they can be in self denial...comfortably numb? But, if people really woke up and really looked into what happened on 911 they might be more apt to react in a manner that would elicit real change...and that won't come through the crooked ballot box. Reelecting the same useful-idiot....that told us we should just look to the future and not get hung up on the past (ie: just fugetaboutit...don't hold those war criminals of the previous administration accountable for their treason)...will not change anything. Massive boycotts, mass demonstrations, and a total obstruction of business as usual might help.

9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

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Dem-0-Crat 11 years 50 weeks ago

Oh it's easy to say "shut down the company," but that's not reasonable. We're short on life-saving drugs as it is. I would throw the thugs in jail and replace them with anyone else. GSK must be kept open. Actually, the marketing of drugs needs to be stopped altogether. No ads on television, marketing to doctors, parties for anyone. Drug companies should do what they do best - manufacture drugs. The FDA needs more oversight as bogus studies were filtered through. It's clear money needs to leave Washington. As long as money can buy any favor, every agency will be corrupt. Get the money out and clean up the place.

This is aside from GSK, but it does make a point. Toronto took all advertising off the air and from newspapers of junk and fast food for kids. They didn't see unhealthy food, they didn't ask for it. They now have the lowest obesity rate in all of Canada.

If doctor's can't make one red cent from big pharma, they may just recommend the correct medication to his/her patients. Wouldn't that be a novel idea?

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Cognitive dissonance. Why do people resist this information that challenges the "official government conspiracy theory"? We each have a "world view" that is formed by the culture we grow up in. When we hear information that contradicts our "world view", the resulting insecurities is called "Cognitive Dissonance". One cognitive dissonance was created by our government and the news media repeating over and over again that 19 Muslims hijacked the airliners and crashed them into the WTC buildings and the Pentagon. "We were attacked!!!" So now, we've lost our sense of security. Now, we're confused and disoriented. We have been traumatized and the only thing we cling on to is what we have believed to be true all these years..that the government is there to protect us against all foreign enemies. The idea that there are internal enemies that can be even more dangerous is kept in check by the owned media constantly spewing disinformation and propaganda. They make dissenting ideas and opinions by anyone who questions their authority as "lunatics" or "conspiracy theorists". The initial reports from reporters that said, right when the towers were collapsing, that "it looks just like a demolition" and reports from first responders who reported they heard a series of rapid multiple explosions and saw multiple flashes "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom" were quickly swamped out by the government disinformation propaganda repeated over and over again on the media...19 Muslim terrorists! 19 Muslim terrorists! Did I mention they were Muslims?..and Terrorists? On the other hand, many Scientists, Engineers, and other professionals who realized that much of what the government, and what they heard on the news media, and what they saw just did not make sense and it contradicted what they knew to be true from all their years of education and experience. It just did not add up. Architects who spent years designing and building tall buildings, explosive experts who spent years blowing up buildings, Metallurgists, Chemical Engineers, and others all initially sensed that what they were being told just did not add up. And once they started really investigating they realized that we were being lied to. Apart from what these people knew to be true or false based on their professional educations and experiences, other people knew first hand that something was not right even before 911. The WTC buildings were demolished using explosives that were planted weeks or months before by someone who had unlimited access to the buildings. And there were many reports by the 911 survivors of lots of unusually strange noise from construction on various floors of the towers in the months and days prior to 911. In fact, the buildings were shut down for a couple of days so that the construction could do some "rewiring". And the companies in charge of the WTC security and the construction companies were all being run by one of Bush's relatives. How convenient! If you believe that America keeps us safe...and that America is the "good guy"...ask yourselves who got bailed out during the financial crises...Americans or a few extremely wealthy criminals who created the Wall Street scams, derivatives, sub-prime lending, tranches, falsified ratings, and gambling of other people's money in very high risk roulette-wheel bets. If the government keeps us safe from the real terrorists...the banksters and Wall Street high roller...then why did they repeal the Glass-Steagall Act which opened the flood gates for rampant corruption. Wikileaks helped reveal some of the wicked things our government has done in our name. And the government wants to kill Julian Assange and any other whistleblower who spills the beans of government wrongdoing and corruption. So just how long will it take before you wake up and break out of your cognitive dissonance which herds you directly into the cattle slaughter shoots of the real criminal terrorists that run this country. "To accept that the government was involved is like opening Pandora's Box. If you peek in and see something, it may challenge your beliefs about the world" "When your beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety are created. In response to that, our psychological defenses kick in and they 'protect' us from these emotions. the one most likely 'defense' to kick in when our beliefs are challenged." Some people even say something like "I refuse to believe that that many Americans would be that treasonous...Someone would have talked!" "Even if it were true...I would still not believe it! " These, of course are "beliefs". They are not scientific fact! But these beliefs do keep us from looking at the empirical evidence. "When we say or think something like 'we refuse to believe' we can be sure that the evidence that is coming our way is too unbearable and that it is conflicting with our preconceived world view too much." "People are afraid of being ostracized, of being alienated, afraid of being shunned. They are afraid of their lives being inconvenient. They have to change their lives. They are afraid of being confused. They are afraid of psychological deterioration and that they are afraid of feeling helpless and vulnerable. None of us want to feel helpless and vulnerable. We want to defend ourselves. And, so the way we often do that is..we get angry..then we become indignant..we become offended...we want to ridicule the messenger..we want to pathologize the messenger..become offended..and we want to silence the messenger. It is conflicting with our world-view much too much." 9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Americans have been propagandized, in their schools, in their homes, on TV and in the movies to think of themselves as 'exceptional". We are not like Europe or other countries who have had dictators or commissars. We are 'freedom-loving', 'hardworking', and outspoken in defense of liberty unlike everyone else in the world who give in to squabbling, bickering, and let themselves be controlled by undemocratic regimes. Some even believe that God shines down upon them and they are quite sanctimoniously exceptional. Stuff like what happens everywhere else doesn't happen here! To us! But when it does, people are traumatized into not acting or thinking rationally.

We need a new completely open investigation into 911 without corrupt politicians who manipulate the outcome to favor the criminals who were responsible for 911 in the first place.

9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

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RayHedberg 11 years 50 weeks ago

The Japanese model is suicide - alternative jail for 25 of the executives.

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

The FDA can't (or won't) even protect us from sh!t burgers or Mad Cow Disease. They are "owned" by the wealthy and powerful corporations just as much as are many in Congress...or Obama. They'd rather spend the money on hiring more Barney Fife TSA agents to keep us afraid...very afraid...and to grope our genitals at airports. They don't care if we die of some long as we keep spending money on healthScare Insurance companies, crappy products, pill-pushing witch-doctors and fearing the elusive Muslim terrorist. The real terrorists are are not Muslim (most likely Christian or Mormon) and alive and well running this country into the ground.

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Loren Bliss 11 years 50 weeks ago

Literally from womb to tomb, we're conditioned to believe Communism is synonymous with heartless oppression and our alleged "democracy" is the apex of freedom and humanitarian justice. But look at how our government coddles the Glaxo criminals and any others of their white-collar, One Percent ilk. Murderers by deceit if not deed, they are nevertheless given no more than slap-on-the-wrist fines which are then collected from us, their victims, via price-hikes -- while the criminals themselves meanwhile are lauded by their colleagues for the extent to which they managed to fulfill the core ethos of capitalism: infinite greed elevated to maximum virtue. Contrast this to what becomes of Glaxo-types in China, Vietnam, Cuba and what became of them in the former Soviet Union: they are dragged before a People's Court, exposed as the sociopaths they are, then shot. Too bad it's just these "heartless" Communists who recognize the executioner's bullet is the only sure antidote to capitalist savagery.

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

If these gangsters feared losing their heads, they would think twice about some of the crap that they pull off.

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Hear! Hear! Well said, Loren Bliss!

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sfouse 11 years 50 weeks ago

Two words: PERSONAL LIABILITY. This kind of thing has and will continue until those responsible are no longer allowed to hide behind the corportae wall and are personally fined to the point of bankruptcy and jailed. If corporations are now 'people' then the people that run them should assume personal liability, just like the rest of us 'people'.

The CEO said they have formally apologized and learned their lesson - as he rides away in a high-end BMW back to his mansion. The corporation (meaning shareholders and customers) will ultimately pay the fines while they enjoy personal immunity. Yeah, the board could fire the CEO, then give him a generous 7-figure golden parachute to go away. There simply are no personal consequences for cheating the system (see Wall Street). The reward is far greater than the risk.

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David32 11 years 50 weeks ago

While everyone is applauding over a 3 billion fine keep in mind exactly who will pay the fine. The CUSTOMERS.Why are fines the only punishment meted out for corporate irresponsibility? Does anyone think for a minute that SGK will really feel any pain from the fine? Why aren't SGK's executives having their assets siezed and being thrown in jail for their crimes?

Why is it that we won't acknowledge who pays all corporate expenses including fines, taxes, profits, COGS etc. THE CUSTOMER PAYS. CORPORATION/BUSINESS EXPENSES ARE ARE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER. How many ways can you say this?

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js121 11 years 50 weeks ago

The pharmaceutical industry is far more devious then this incident. Right now, they are the prime movers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This - if it goes through - by-passes all countries laws. They will (along with 600 other corporations) make their own laws on a global basis. These laws will supercede ANY/ALL countries laws concerning environment, taxes, regulations, etc.. They will be above our laws!! Corporations will have finally takenover the world - once and for all. I worked as a Purchasing Manager for pharmaceutical for 8 yrs and I can attest to the fact that they have always run things. They even play "fair" amongst themselves - having split the world into 3 sections - and they don't cross each other and no little companies are allowed in the game. If you stay Small - they leave you alone; but, don't get too big for your britches!! ADD, ADHD, Bi-polar - are mass induced by pharmaceutical and many diseases could be cured; but, that isn't profitable. We must stop them!

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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Off with their heads...every one! Make the bastards pay. Corporate heads need to roll in the streets...without their mansions and BMWs. Confiscate everything from these criminals and make them paupers to make them know how it feels to barely make ends meet and worry about how some loved one might die because he/she has no medical insurance. It really is war that they started...and these criminals are winning...even if they do have to pay $3b which they will recoup by overcharging us later on. It' s just so much show to make it look like the government is protecting us...but they are really part of the problem.

The real headlines should read "Government pretends they are looking out after our interests while GSK increases prices from their customers to recoup their losses." And the CEOs and other top execs break out another bottle of Chatteau LaTefee-Too-Expensive-For-Everyone-Else to celebrate another heist well done.

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 50 weeks ago

The CEO and other top officers should have faced criminal prosecution for their actions. They should be on their was to prison for long sentences. They should be barred from ever serving on a public corporation as an officer or board member. If the head coach of the New Orleans Saints can be suspended without pay for one year for his vile actions, if you put the offences of GSK in perspective these GSK executives should be place in prison forever and their personal wealth should be taken from them as part of the $3 billion fine.

CharlesN 11 years 50 weeks ago

As the NYT's 7/12 Business Day article points out, the total sales during the period covered by the settlement for the three drugs in question total $27.9 billion and the total money recovered it the criminal proceeding concerning these drugs was $1 billion. The expense is easily justified as normal cost of doing business.
The other $2 billion were in civil portion of the settlement, a settlement whereby the defendant admitted no wrongdoing.
While these monies combined with prior justice department previous successes should rightly be applauded real deterrent will only come when executives are brought to trial and held accountable.

douglas m 11 years 50 weeks ago

if corporations are people, do the same thing to them that would happen to a person. take them out of society for a set time and fine them. dont allow them the trust back until they have done the time!

douglas m 11 years 50 weeks ago

society teaches us to open a corporation and start screwing the public!

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humanitys team 11 years 50 weeks ago

When we come from oneness this kind of behaviour would be unthinkable ,because hurting or doing something that inflicts damage on another aspect of the divine would be like hurting yourself.

The message of one of our master teachers is true for all eternity ,that what you do others ,you do to yourself;what you fail to do for others ,you fail to do for yourself;that the pain of others is your pain,and the joy of others is your joy and that when you disclaim any part of it ,you disclaim a part of yourself.

Now is the time to reclaim yourself.

Most,if not all of the worlds problems and conflicts ,and our problems would be solved and resolved if we would ,as a society:

1.Abandon the concept of Seperation.

2.Adopt the concept of Visibility.

The time has come to see ourselves in a new way and stop denying the truth of who we are stop doubting ourselves ,the people who currently hold the power do not want this out come to occur ,because they would know that there time would come to an end .

The two biggest problems in the Human experience would be solved and organised religions power would return to the individual where all the power is anyway.

We are all ONE this is the future of all races that choose survival of there species and is the truth of who we are ,the human race has been given choices and free will ,do we now choose the grandest day,s and a wonderfully future for humanity or do we choose demise ,this all happened before ,Atlantis ,Lemuria,what future do we choose collectively or individually ,we better hurry if we want to get it right on this planet.

It has been said that consciouse sentient beings are both the blessing and the Bain of the universe.

We have just reached consciouse evolution ,what choices do we now make ,it's up to us there is no wrong or right choice the universe will just say do you want to play again.


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Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Why do people gravitate to superstition and magical thinking to "explain" their universe and/or their "truths"? Seems to me like a waste of time and it helps to prevent people from acting in a manner that will elicit real change.

And the ones who have mastered the art of hocus pocus deception foisted on everyone else allows them to control others. They want people to be disarmed and thinking "peace and love" so that they don't act in ways that would really effect change. Let the masses believe in idiotic ideas like heaven or hell, pearly gates and streets paved with gold, angelic beings congregating in harmony and peace, your very own 72 horny virgins in heaven. Other would-be masters of the uncritical masses invent and hype their "just pretend" ephemeral super-beings, heros and saviors, in all manner of strangeness, preaching peace, love, and brotherhood, while at the same time creating those bogey-men in the closet scare characters to keep people imprisoned in their minds and manipulated by the priests and priestesses of those ridiculous fantasy-world ideas.

There is strength in numbers only if they stop believing in phantasmagorical nonsense and unify against those manipulators who keep people dumbed down with religious nonsense. The masses have to rise up against their oppressors or nothing will change in favor of the masses. They will continue being squeezed and put to death (which is what it really amounts, or your loved ones may die through lack of proper medical care) by the ruling elite.

This war was started by the ruling elite and they are winning. The only way to counter this is to stop believing in the corrupt ballot box, or other magical, hopeful thinking. No mystical, otherworldly being has, or ever will, come to the aid of the oppressed. And Obama was the last straw, the last hope, the last failure. Is it now finally time for revolution? I am not talking about overthrowing the United States of America...just the criminals who have stolen it from the people. Unless we do this, things will only get progressively worse.

Kings and Tzars, and the ruling ("let them eat cake") elite have been deposed by people who have been so oppressed, many on the edge of starvation, because the ruling class, like today, refused to pay their fair share of taxes and put the burden on those who could least afford them. The masses finally lashed out and did what was inevitably necessary. They lopped of a few heads of the ruling elite..and many of the ruling elite lost their heads first...then the king. The result effected the change necessary to save the masses from their slow, but sure, demise. The people rallied together and forced a change because they were unified along a common necessity of survival.

Not everyone can unify under some ambiguous and ridiculous religious or mystical idea..that has resulted in thousands of different "sects"... all who believe everyone else is going to hell. People have murdered one another merely on the differences in their ridiculous superstitious beliefs. Let's keep it on a totally worldly basis. So drop the peace and brotherly love and higher being crap and we might make some headway in saving our world from the few who make up some of these manipulative fantasies.

The ruling elite love it when people present themselves as peaceful lambs to the slaughter. While you are trying to hug them, they will stab you in the back.

FDR would never have achieved what he did for the masses had it not been for the extremely pissed off and riled up masses. Even Nixon was tempered a bit because he feared the masses were getting really ticked off. Preach peace and brotherly love and harmony and these ruling elite just laugh at you and fear you not.

If we can make these few worry a little bit more about how futile it would be to have so much wealth and trying to spend any of it from their prison cells or graves; and prevent inheritance rights...wealth to be returned to the state in benefit to the masses....then, perhaps, they might not be so greedy and power-hungry. They just might have a change of "heart" (brain) and stop being such greedy a-holes.

Noodly Appendage

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Arrgy 11 years 50 weeks ago

Glaxo's CEO apologized for the crimes and claimed his company learn from their mistakes.

That's what all of the inmates say. Why isn't he headed to jail with his clan of criminals?

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PLSzymeczek 11 years 50 weeks ago

people died due to GSK's deceptions and malfeasance. If corporations are people, they should suffer a death penalty if people die due to their actions.

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Craig Bush 11 years 50 weeks ago

Pharmeceuticals or prescribed drugs are the #1 cause of unnatural death among seniors. When is the last time you heard of someone dying from medical cannabis? Yet, we allow a rogue federal law enforcement agency to overrule our medical profession, point automatic assault rifles to our heads, and rob us of our cannabis prescriptions?

My son was a victim of these drugs. He had chronic asthma from pollution. He developed chronic sinusitus on top of it. He was forced to take over the counter remedies for relief. His insurance plan would not cover specialized services. There was lazer surgery to correct the closed passageways. This service was not covered. He had to settle for the over the counter drug. He took it too long. It caused seizures. He died at 42.

The reason these stories go on and on is because of our politicians. Republicans will be changing their logo to the dinosaur instead of the elephant soon. They are a minority. Unfortunately, many are changing coats and hats and calling themselves democrats now. If the democratic party wants to remain viable they must stop talking "middle class" this and "middle class" that. What about the single income families that used to be middle class? Why aren't we being included in the discussion? Why should we elect wealthy people to represent us?

1.We want healthcare to be declared a human right with medicare a public option

2. We want affordable home ownership that is energy and water efficient for single income families.

3.We want a 4 day work week with a 3 day alternate shift with a liveable wage.

4. We want government investments in a new green economy to shift away from the petro-chemical economy.

5.We want water to be declared a human right with all private aquifers and water sources to become public commons managed by regional water boards..

6. We want a 3 strikes and your out for corporations violating our laws. They no longer operate in our economy if they continue to poison our environment and endanger our health. Strenghten the EPA. They are the most important law enforcemnt agency. They protect us from the most dangerous criminals to ever walk this earth. These criminals are destroying a planet as well as our lives..

Theses are basic common themes that our grass roots leaders are expressing. Where is the coverage by the media?

As Americans we must realize if you want something done then we must stand up and do it ourselves. I have decided to run for city council here in Santa Cruz, CA. There are big powers trying to push a desalinization water treatment plant on our community. Desal is the most costly, most heavily chemically treated water available for human consumption. Two districts, San Diego and Santa Barbara have shot down the idea as being economically illogical. San Diego imports 100% of their water. Santa Cruz imports 0%. We have a better idea using tertiary to restore our river and recharge our aquifers. This plan is being stonewalled and off the table for discussion. I am going to change this and bring the tertiary solution to the attention of our community.

Desal trucks in tons of chemiclas into out community. Tertiary eliminates chemicals from our community. Who do you think profits most from a desal operation? The people providing the treatment chemicals profit most. Who is the largest provider of water treatment chemicals? You guessed it, Koch Industries. The head of our water board pushing the desal is Bill Koch. We can't sit back and write and talk about it anymore. Time for action!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

Love Santa Cruz!! Been going there for almost 30 years now. Was there just this last Monday. Love eating at Gildas on the pier and walking the dogs near the light house and occasionally visiting that Monarch Butterfly area.

Hope you win and keep Santa Cruz worth visiting. Funny thing, living so close, and yet I never heard of the desalination plant...not that I keep that much up to date on things. The news, other than what I get on alternative media, is so distressful and ridiculously dumb to watch or listen to. Such clap trap!

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 50 weeks ago

I noticed a big greyish van at the light house, on Monday, that had an internet address on the
I looked it up on the internet and although the site is in German and had to do the Google translation....looks like it is a very adventurous group of young people who have driven that van many, many 10s of thousands of miles all across very rugged paths and roadways zig-zagging through South American towns and villages in the Andes, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Altiplano, and Tierra del Fuego and documenting it all with many thousands of photos..maps...and videos..advice...and a GPS route planner that they sell on CDs. Kind of pricey for me but for someone who could afford it, who might be interested in a great arm-chair adventure, or who might be interested in making such a trip themselves, it would we well worth it.

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