America’s two-tiered justice system

Eight billion dollars is a lot of money, but a small price to pay to stay out of jail. As the New York Times reports today, corporations are on track to pay as much as $8 billion in fraud settlements this year to the U.S. government. That includes military contractors, banks, and pharmaceutical companies who systematically defrauded American taxpayers. The $8 billion they own is double the amount paid out in settlements last year – and an all-time record high.
But the important story is, despite the multiple acts of blatant fraud by corporate America resulting in record settlements – almost never does an executive go to prison. Pharmaceutical companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Merck and defense contractors like ATK Launch Systems admitted to stealing tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers, yet not one CEO is facing criminal charges. Of course, if you or I walked into a 7-11 and stole a two-dollar Slurpee, we’re going to jail. But in America’s two-tiered justice system – the corporate elite are untouchable.


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fjkapustka2 11 years 45 weeks ago

First, start with mail,wire fraud and racketeering. The USPS need to be fully staffed with Attorneys to pursue fraudulent claims. Cyber rebates was a check Kiting scam where the company was previously required to pay all rebates. They were given a free pass to commit fraud. They engaged in the same practices that insurance companies do by falsely stating proof and paperwork was never received or was done incorrectly. Insurance companies are also paying doctors to make false medical claims. Racketeering is 2 felonies at the behest of third party. Given Citizens United, prosecutors should be able to file claims against companies without naming a person in particular. Currently, our courts are letting doctor and other simply make stuff up. They have a get out of jail free card in every state.

Entitlements are coming from people injured on the job and stiffed in workers comp. Someone not getting paid means the federal, local and state governments are getting stiffed too. That should be tax evasion and racketeering.

Here is a little bit about the nightmare of worker comp and medicine:

The OSHA (1993) safe limit for picking a box up off the ground is 51 lbs and 60 lbs for a suitcase (If you're ~5'10" tall). The shorter and heavier (muscle or fat) you are, the less you can lift. As the center of gravity of that object gets farther away from the center of your spine, the less you can lift. I have never met a teacher(not even an OSHA instructor), tradesmen, doctor, insurance rep or workers compensation attorney that knew this information. I verified this information with the people that wrote the OSHA ergonomics manual, Nelson and Associates of Texas.

Quality health care starts with diagnostics (blood & urine tests, imaging). Dr. Gerald Miller of Beaverton Oregon presents the following statistic in his lectures:
97% of women with mental health issues have hormonal issues. For example, while doing tech support, I chatted with a women who had depression after child birth. 11 years later, a doctor finally checked her hormone levels and found out she was not producing estrogen.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the category of back injuries, it takes an MRI performed by a licensed radiologist (MD) to evaluate a soft tissue back injury. Chiroquacktic is just a hustle, scam and/or con which has no scientifically proven benefit but can cause: herniated spinal disks, nerve damage, loss of bladder and bowel control, the spread of cancer if a tumor is ruptured, death, your back to break, stroke, internal bleeding, etc. I have been to 9 of them. One cost me a million dollar workers compensation settlement through his corruption and incompetence. First, he proclaims that he does not need an x-ray to diagnosis the injury. Then, he feels up may back, proclaiming the issue is "low back" and that he knew it. Then, when pushed for a diagnosis not 2 minutes later, his diagnosis, "It's whatever I want!" Really. Subsequently, when in screaming pain, he indicates that with enough treatments everything will be fine. When that doesn't pan out and I badger him some more, he says there is no way to tell what is causing the pain. Medical malpractice plus insurance fraud = RICO (Racketeering) with a 10 year statute of limitations. The quack could have killed me and the state of Illinois will not prosecute. 8 out of 10 chiroquackers will do a pat on the back exam with no imaging according to a seller of workers compensation insurance (which insurance companies love).
While doing technical support, I spoke with an MD in Maryland whose specialty is internal medicine. He has had to tell about a dozen chiroquacktic patients that the problem is not low back, but terminal pancreatic cancer that will claim their lives in 3-6 months. In January 2009, I spoke several another chiroquacker survivors whose backs were broken by chiroquackers. If fact, the son of a co-worker ended up in emergency surgery at OHSU to have a massive tumor removed from his back that a chiroquacker not only missed on the x-ray but started braking up(the tumor). If my co-worker would have sent her son to this quack another month, the boy would be crippled or dead. I also spoke with a Neurosurgeon down in Florida. A chiroquacktic neck adjustment often severs arteries, resulting in death, stroke, or a trip to the emergency room for the lucky ones.
The legal requirements of a chiropractor is little more than a pamphlet. The legal requirements of an MD will just about fill a 60 lb. box of paper. Chiroquackers routinely claim skills and abilities such as legal services (workers comp), rehab (physical therapy), nutritional counseling (nutritionist, dietitian), the ability to evaluate back injuries (radiologist, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist) without having any training of consequence or licensing.
I went to orthopedic surgeon after seeing chiroquackers and actually received an exam, the necessary x-rays and MRIs as well as physical therapy. I also found out that I could never work in the trades again. I have 15 herniated, bulging and dessicated disks.
Blown disks are currently worth $30,000 -$50,000 each.
If a person has a blown disk, I recommend an inversion table. Try 30 minutes at 30 degrees past horizontal per day. Or try Back Magic. Additionally, try leg curls (5 sets of 25) on a bench that allow a person to be bent over (the dynamic loading takes the pressure off the nerves). Moreover, a brace (I recommend DeRoyal) often will cause realignment. They pretty much eliminate the need for a back stretcher.
Or watch the Penn and Teller show BullS**t

Doctors are often given a free pass to commit crime. Chiropractic and accupuncture are just out and out crap. Dr. Oz should have his license taken away for endorsing this crap along with hypnosis.

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Craig Bush 11 years 45 weeks ago

I lost my son to one of those over the counter drugs that Glaxo sold. He suffered from asthma and chronic sinusitis. There were treatments like polyp removal and lazer re-routing but his insurance did not cover "special services". He was at the mercy of these "safe" drugs. The safe drug killed him with a terrible seizure. He was 42.

We give fines to corporate killers who profit from the human misery of our society? Pharmaceuticals are the #1 cause of unnatural death of seniors. They are killing us for profit. Yet, they come with loaded assault rifles pointed at our heads and steal our prescription cannabis. When was the last time someone died from prescription cannabis?

I have recently tried a run for city council in Santa Cruz. Even though I have been a resident for over 30 years and a native CA they denied me the right to register to vote because of my homeless status. They did not like the location of my X mark. Because of this I am being denied the right to participate in the political process as a city council candidate. They asked me why was I homeless? I asked them, "why do we live in a society with homeless teachers"?

I explained that I am an observer doing independent field studies. I am measuring fire migration and environmental recovery. I count animal species and plants back in the woods. I share my work with grad students working on their post graduate degrees. This is what I explain to the park rangers when our paths cross.

The reason for my run for city council was to bring light to the "tertiary" solution. The big petro-chemical corp that sells treatment chemicals is trying to push a desalination plant here. I was trying to stop them. Here is my website for the campaign that was derailed.

The reason for my run was to bring light to the tertiary solution. The big petro-chemical treatment corp. is trying to push a desalination plant here. It is a story of a mini-david vs.Gorgo goliath. Here is my website if you are interested in the "tertiary" solution and other conservation technologies that will usher in the new "green" economy.

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historywriter 11 years 45 weeks ago

We need to start with those who brought down the economy. It's a huge subject, but you can find Matt Bai's article, "Why isn't Wall Street in jail?" on line. Too much for me to repeat here.

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hhsamcox 11 years 45 weeks ago

Pull the charter of any corporation found guilty of defrauding the public.

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ken ware 11 years 45 weeks ago

They are untouchable legally because they rigged the system by buying politicians. But, if we severly punished one of them, or maybe a half dozen, things would change in a hurry. They will only change if they think they have a lot to lose. The Englishman who stated we need to hang a few politicians and the rest will fall in line, may not have had a bad idea. I am not advocating violence against these guys, because then I could end up in prison. I am just stating that the only thing these crooks understand is that power of any kind creates change. And, if they thought they might end up paying a high price for their crimes, they might turn to respect the laws and the people who are affected by their actions....I wish I could say what I really think we should do to these crooks, but I will let you imagine what we need to do to bring change to our country and the world as a whole..I think china has a great way off eliminating people from their society, that break their laws and create harm to their people and it is not usually a pretty picture.....

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Lucidles 11 years 45 weeks ago

As the planet dies we are still voting in these evil greedy people. Why? Who in their right minds thinks that the established political parties are there to help us and the planet? No-one, I hear you say. Then why are you voting for them? It wouldn't be that you want to keep your cosy little lives would it?

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Hankk MI 11 years 45 weeks ago

We have had 545 crooks runing our government for at least the last 32 years. The only way I see to get rid of all but the 9 SC lifers, is if NO one votes in November for anyone on the ballot. No votes no one wins, they all lose, we the people throw them out and then go to washington and also throw out those that were not on the ballot this year. Extreme, yes I'm sorry but there is no other way to rid the USA of these thugs. Then the political season (2-3 years?) has to be changed, it shouldn't be any longer than one month after their conventions and can only be funded by $100,000.00 of private citizens donations. The TV stations will each run 1 (true) add for each person on the ballot, at the stations own expense. We need to get rid of everything in Government that can and does turn into pork, and their self made Entitlements must go, the USA can not afford them. Life time benefits that they promised themselfs, is out of the question.

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megalomaniac 11 years 45 weeks ago

America will never have a golden age as long as the profiteering that Bush and Cheney commanded as leaders of the Republican Party are not addressed. They are that profiteering perpetuated through fraudulent open end wars, derivative bank scams, legislation passage for enormous profits towards a golden bridge to offshore or secret Swiss accounts to avoid taxes, and of course, the housing implosion.

All done with the compliments of that five hundred and thirty five member criminal gang called Congress and Senate. The corruption in the American system is or has been astonishing, ugly, filthy, dirty, or in the sense of a renowned statistician Adolphe Quetelet would likely consider what America has today is simply straight forward criminal economics. Is there anyone out there who really knows how to calculate your credit score? Is it arbitrarily done by those guitar whiz kids. Maybe they do it by pulling out a formula of derivatives out from a rabbit hole.

After all this hoopla about derivatives you would think some journalist on cable or satellite might show America and describe it. The only exception was Bill Maher for about five seconds showed a derivative formula. Yes a comedian at least showing some value for a few seconds. My favorite criminal advertisement is the reverse mortgage that shows almost a full screen of itty bitty lettered words, a hundred or so words so small that you cannot read in two seconds. Talk about in your face foul untruth disclaimers you cannot read yet likely they say it has to be published for legal protection! They should at least get a fine for speeding on the airwaves. LOL

In a speech Sarah Palin gave one time mentioned how the party, her party has the capability to mint a millionaire a minute. No wonder many are flocking her way. It’s funny too; the political advertisements are a wind fall of profiteering for the electromagnetic spectrum. Now my senses tell me why Ted Turner and the rest went to twenty four hour news. The ad revenue has to be spectacular. To be sure, the real scam is how the presidential campaign started oh so early. It’s the revenue stupid. You know the Republicans want small government, so they squeeze the laws just enough to create that thing called AARP. Even better to lie about all kinds things, and watch, stay tuned to this after the commercial. America if we tax commercial time maybe we likely would eliminate our deficit and or all of us would “NOT” have to pay taxes. LOL.

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George Reiter 11 years 45 weeks ago

Mike Papantonio, filling in on your Thom Hartmann Program, said today that we have to put these Corporate Criminals in jail, showing up at their doorstep with handcuffs. It’s not enough to slap these Corporate Criminals with fines because they just incorporate these fines with the “cost of doing business.” We need a DOJ with guts…

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