Another mass shooting in America...

This one happened on Monday in College Station, Texas – just blocks from Texas A&M University. The shooter - identified as 35-year-old Thomas Caffall - opened fire after he was served an eviction notice by a county constable. That constable, Brian Bachmann was killed in the shootout, as was a bystander. A police officer and another civilian were also shot and injured, and are in the hospital. The shooter, Caffall, was fatally wounded when police returned fire.

According to the Caffall’s mother, her son was dealing with mental difficulties. And Caffall’s stepfather admitted that he believed Caffall was “crazy as hell” and a “ticking time bomb.” Yet, despite clear indications of mental illness, Caffall had been legally stockpiling weapons – including high-powered assault rifles - and bragging about it on Facebook. On Monday he used those weapons - to no surprise of those who knew him - killing two people.

Our nation is obsessed with the rights of gun owners, unfortunately, we’re forgetting about the rights of non-gun owners – like the right to not live in a nation plagued by mass shootings where the mentally ill can get military-grade weapons.

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