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WendyBluEyez 10 years 12 weeks ago

I think we need to insist that Mitt Romney be more specific about his "jobs plan". I believe he does, indeed, have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. In China.

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WendyBluEyez 10 years 12 weeks ago

Thom, you've inspired me! As a result of your "Get out there! Get active" plea, I volunteered today for the first time at my local Democratic Party headquarters. And I'm going back next week. I'm not going to sit back and let the Republicans destroy my country! Thanks so much, Thom, for the inspiration and for the knowledge you share. You have given me the knowledge I need to fight back.

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fbacher 10 years 12 weeks ago

Thom, I think that it would be helpful to use language like George Lakoff suggests for getting our message across. It seems that some times we spend too much time using language that only liberals will hear. We need to practice language and thought patterns that others will be receptive to.

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