Ecuador has granted Julian Assange asylum

After being holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for almost two months, Julian Assange has been granted asylum by Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. Now the hard part begins. In an explosive announcement this morning, Ecuador’s foreign minister announced the asylum decision and blasted the U.K. over its threats on Wednesday to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrest Assange.

Foreign Minister Patino said about his nation’s diplomatic ties to the U.K.: “clouds are looming on the horizon.” He also said granting Assange asylum is based on fears that Assange could be extradited to the United States where he will, “not get a fair trial and his rights won’t be respected. Most probably he will face a military court in the U.S.”

Throughout this whole ordeal – Assange has been willing to speak with Swedish authorities in London and even go to Sweden as long as there was a guarantee that he would not be extradited to the United States. That guarantee could not be offered – and now Ecuador is willing to give Assange protection. However – the U.K. has announced it will not allow Assange to leave the country – and it will arrest him as soon as he steps foot outside of the embassy.

It’s important to remember that Assange has still never been charged with a crime. Keep an eye on this story; it has major implications beyond the fate of Assange himself.


Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 44 weeks ago

That is another reason not to vote for Obama. The Obama regime is out to skin Assange alive. The Obama regime's policies against whistleblowers, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning in particular, is very disturbing. It just shows that there really isn't much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They are both owned by the criminals who are willing to slaughter innocent people for power and money. Their game is to make people believe that they need to vote for the "least evil" candidates..and the choices they present is either the Republican or the Democrat candidates. They have persuaded everyone that if you don't vote for one or the other you are "throwing away your vote". The ruling powers really don't care which candidate you elect because they will both look out for the interests of the ruling powers.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 44 weeks ago

Thank you, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian government and people of Ecuador for sticking up for Julian Assange. And a big boo and hiss to the UK government... mere lap dogs and puppets to the criminals who run the US and the UK. Thank you for opposing the corrupt, bully boy countries who obviously are lying bastards when they brag about decency, fairness, openness, and democracy. These bully boy countries can't stand the light of truth when their murderous and greedy policies are made public. We need more people like Assange and Manning and all the other whistleblowers who have made public the criminal doings of corrupt governments.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 11 years 44 weeks ago

You don't step foot, you set foot. You can't step things.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 44 weeks ago

Obama is also guilty of leaking sensitive and classified information to the "enemy" and he and his regime want to crush Assange for this?

Poet's picture
Poet 11 years 44 weeks ago

Dominators will continue to violate numerous laws to do so. They want him and will stop at nothing to get him. I applaud Ecuador for it's courage to thwart the US after her puppets continue to act in these ways. Julian might have been wiser to flee long ago. I support him 100%.

What is next? CIA assassination? A hit job anywhere? I'd put NOTHING past these elements.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 44 weeks ago

Again, arrogant and hypocrite governments, like the US and UK, want the rest of the world to abide by internationally agreed to laws but will violate them whenever they feel like it. Then when others violate those international laws, as the US and UK has done, they say..."Oh, you can't do is against international law!" What is silly and obvious to everyone but many Americans, it seems, is the US and UK are silly hypocrites and international criminals who preach one thing for everyone else but don't abide by the agreements themselves.

Just wait until some Americans are holed up in some US embassy in some foreign country and the foreign county wants to get at them. They will be able to invade that embassy, like they did in Iran, and take prisoners....and it will have nullified any stigma against the Iranians or against any future occurrence of invading an embassy. The US and UK are setting the examples by which the world will say..."Silly bastard dare you pretend to be one thing and then do another and then expect everyone else to follow the rules."

If I was still doing a lot of traveling, I would have to worry that I would not be able to find safe refuge in an American Embassy in those countries...because the US and UK has created the precedent that the other countries don't have to abide by their agreements.

If the UK goes into that Ecuadorian Embassy by force then they are no better than a lawless mob like the Iranian students who took over the US embassy in Iran...and those students had a very good reason to do so after all of the underhanded manipulations and meddling the US did to destroy and subvert that country.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 44 weeks ago

Funny how the top bananas in the UK government go on holiday and leave an underling to take the heat.

"We note with interest that this development coincides with the UK Secretary of State William Hague’s assumption of executive responsibilities during the vacation of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister." Chicken $h!ts!

LeMoyne's picture
LeMoyne 11 years 44 weeks ago

The UK does not accept the principle of diplomatic asylum.

Quote UK Foreign Secretary William Hague: It does not change the fundamentals of the case. We will not allow Mr Assange safe passage out of the UK, nor is there any legal basis for us to do so. The UK does not accept the principle of diplomatic asylum. It is far from a universally accepted concept: the United Kingdom is not a party to any legal instruments which require us to recognise the grant of diplomatic asylum by a foreign embassy in this country. Moreover, it is well established that, even for those countries which do recognise diplomatic asylum, it should not be used for the purposes of escaping the regular processes of the courts. And in this case that is clearly what is happening.

I wonder how many people are considering an early retirement from the British Foreign Service considering this clear stand against asylum by their boss. For me, blanket diplomatic immunity is shakier than asylum from persecution. AFAIK, there have been no charges filed against Mr. Assange and yet he can be extradited. Seems like the Blair-Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz-etc cabal needs to be even more careful about where they travel.

Another important fact that gets forgetten in the case of Wikileaks is that Assange is the publisher of the leaked information and not the person who divulged the information. It seems clear that the pursuit of Assange is intended to do more than just chill the freedom of the press - it is meant to completely undermine the intent of the founders of US that the press should serve as a check on the exercise of power by our government.

paranoid's picture
paranoid 11 years 44 weeks ago

There's too much hypocrisy from the U.S. for Julian Assange to receive a democratic
justice. You are aware that American journalists don't have freedom of speech either,
so future college students you shouldn't take out a loan for journalism any time soon,because
you might have to seek asylum. And a jury of your peers in court will not be democratic if
you don't. Only a clandestine justice will be suffice at this juncture. Utter democracy quietly
for for Julian Assange.

raymondoscaff's picture
raymondoscaff 11 years 44 weeks ago

This is all driven By the US, other European countries are pampering to the American authorities, Just think for one minute what the implications are for any British Embassy in the World, for that matter any Enbassy of any country in the world?

Hague is bluffing ,surely he wouldnt compromise the whole diplomatic protocol for the Whim of the US?

Democracy and freedom of speech are being oppressed.

thelmaharcum's picture
thelmaharcum 11 years 44 weeks ago

I suport the release of Julian Assange to Equador as he is clearly a politcal prisoner.

As much as I love my country, I hate what they do contrary to the original belief of what I thougt this country believe and was the law.

I don't believe America is a Democracy any more in light of what is happening to dictators, and now that of whisle blowers Like Manning and now Julian Assange who is a journalist who report it; now stands as a crimminal in the eyes of USA and England diplomats.

If my country has done wrong to others, I would like to know about it. This is my country as well as theirs and I'm sick and tired of all of the Hypocracy going on all over the darn place.

If they persecute journalist, then, who's next. Also, are we living in a society where you absolutely don't have the freedom of speech. If so, than people should protest and stop giving any information on the internet, stop being friends, stop writing letters and develop another way of communication, because the one you have now will get you killed as fast as you blink an eye.

If we don't make a stand now, then who's going to stand up for you when it's your turn.

For some reason, I feel like a prisoner of many spectrums. There is no place to go right now to speak to what you really feel; and unless you know for sure who you're speaking to, you best not speak at all. Listening more can determine if you should speak. Sooner or later, the truth will come out.

I am sure Julian Assange will be OK because there are many people who are in support of him and they are people who are like me, who questions, see, and react.

Nothing in this country is going to be the same anymore because the people have waken up.

We all need to be responsible for our own well-being, because the powers are for the bottom line; and that is money.

I feel bad for Obama because he is caught in the middle of the old way of thinking and running the country and that of what the country should have been about for over 400 years.

The waste of our tax dollars is unbelievable. The laws are so stringent, that even if you wanted to get up from the bottom pit, a law will come to tell you, you can't do it.

Other people from outside of the US know more about overcoming these laws, stick together, change their name, and do whatever it takes to survive because they know how to play the game, while we as American just play along not knowing what is in plan for them. Many people have their heads in the ground like ostriches. Not even have a plan for their future.

We all should stand for something and start making plans today for your life and not wait for more uncertainty to come forth. There's always going to be that which should not stop you for thinking for yourself.

Again, I believe Julian Assange should be given his freedom to live his life and not be punished for exposing what we all should know.

My heart goes out to the USA soider Manning for exposing what he thought was the right thing to do. To me, he is a hero and somehow, the people will speak at the end at the polls and on the ground.

I believe in the humanity of all people and the USA needs to let these countries settle their own business. No country came to America and said you should set the slaves free, did they? Hell, no! At the end, all countries will all turn against America. And that's a sad thought!

"Money Can't Buy Love"

Thelma Harcum

stecoop01's picture
stecoop01 11 years 44 weeks ago

Even if Julian Assange somehow makes it out of the embassy and on to a plane, the U.S. will just shoot it down somewhere over the Atlantic. After all, numerous politicians have called for Assange's death.

And this is democracy in the 21st century.

mmuoio's picture
mmuoio 11 years 44 weeks ago

He will be killed sadly by some insane revolutionary in Ecuador.

NSA orders, CIA executed.

Sadly that is the way it works at this level.

God help us all.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 43 weeks ago

ThelmaHarcum: I sure agree with everything you said. By the way...nice voice...very smooth..just what we need to help calm the anxiety over the total crud that is going on in this world....Amazon has samples.

stecoop01 and mmuoio: I suspect you are probably very correct on your predictions. Although, I sure hope not. Before long, the US Nazis will censor the few remaining voices of truth.

The UK sure has fallen to the bottom of the cesspool from their once lofty position of power. Now, they are merely lap dogs of the US and will do anything their US overseers command. Arf! Arf! Too bad the people in the UK have such pussies for leaders...especially the top leaders who are too chicken to stick around during a political hot potato like this and expect their underlings take the heat. And too bad the US has such arrogant a$$e$ for leaders. Seig Heil US Nazis! Hope you burn in Hell.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 43 weeks ago

Freedom of speech is dead...

Trish House's picture
Trish House 11 years 43 weeks ago

Don't forget Australia, Assange's own country, that will not protect him. It's a disgrace.

Trish House's picture
Trish House 11 years 43 weeks ago

You said "For some reason, I feel like a prisoner of many spectrums. There is no place to go right now to speak to what you really feel; and unless you know for sure who you're speaking to, you best not speak at all. Listening more can determine if you should speak. Sooner or later, the truth will come out." How will the truth come out and things change for the better if, like you, we are all too scared to speak or to act? Your prison is your mind and your willingness to go along with the status quo because you fear the bullies. We get the government that we demand or allow. Through your fear you allow the bad to go on forever. Stand UP. The wrong thing to do is nothing.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 43 weeks ago

If the US criminal elite manages to get Assange, Wikileaks will still live on, and Assange will be a Martyr for truth, honest and open news media, and keeping our leaders honest. Get Assange, and many others across the world will take his place. But let's not give up on Assange. Assange has put much of the other news media to shame. He had/has the balls to stands up for truth while most of the rest of the news media are wimps that will sell out truth for profit. I suspect that if "they" get Assange that several groups around the world, like Anonymous, will make life hell for any of the major organizations/corporations/government on the internet that have been proponents of "getting Assange". I suspect that many people in these major organizations will be moved to become "leakers" themselves and will reveal the criminal activities of these organizations. I suspect that leaders of these major organizations will have lots of things they have done, that they would not want anyone else to know about, will be exposed to the world.

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

I hope Thom reads your comment and reduces his soldiering for Obama

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

The climate or mood of the people in the States is very similar to late 30s Germany . A massive hysterical delusion has taken hold across the political spectrum and like a plague I fear it must run it's course.

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

Since Woodrow Wilson , freedom of speach has been clamped in the US , except for a small out break of it in the 60s which was brutally suppressed and then spun. You could not legally own a copy of Henry Millers book Tropic Of Cancer until the seventies !

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

Most of the web news sites I frequent Truthdig, Alternet, Google and Huffpost are already heavily censored and monitored in increasingly so. Google actually has homeland security goons on staff. A lot of the monitoring is used for financial purposes but , monitoring activist is a growing use of these sites. All the censoring of words and Ideas is a warning that you are being watched. I heard that all the twitter nonsense people randomly produce is immediately copied by Homeland security and archived for later use. Think Winston at his terminal in 1984.

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

Or a well placed Drone personnaly signed by Barry Obama

jim mcdonagh's picture
jim mcdonagh 11 years 43 weeks ago

Don't forget Tim De Christopher who was gulaged by Obama justice for blowing the whistle on the oil lease scandal last year. He being treated far worse by state authorities than Manning, who has some international support which is all the Obama regime seems to respond to. They are stunningly deaf when it comes to domestic protest. He did however declare Manning guitly, which alarmed and disgusted me as much as the fist bumps when they murdered that old terrorist bin laden in his PJs

TheTruthHurts's picture
TheTruthHurts 11 years 43 weeks ago

America is not a democracy, we're a constitutional republic

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 11 years 43 weeks ago

It is my impression that people who continually say that we are not a democracy, but a constitutional republic, are often Republicans who don't like the close association of the word Democracy with the word Democrat and who know that the majority of the people (democracy) know that people like Bush didn't give a sh1t about the constitution (just a piece of paper..he said) or the republic. And again, there is that close association of the word Republic to the word Republican. They must say it because they are keenly aware that they are really in the minority. And without their ability to outspend Democrats on bribing government officials and lying campaign propaganda and their ability to cheat in elections (they own the companies who build and program electronic voting machines....duh!!)...they would lose every time. They would never get into office. And so by their persistence in saying that we are a Constitutional Republic rather than a Democracy they are trying to use a cheap propaganda method of twisted rhetoric and play on words in their attempt to make people vote their against their best economic interests. But it is not is just silly.

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