How much does it cost to buy a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson thinks a half-million dollars should do it. Adelson – who’s already spent more money than any other oligarch this election so far – is promising to drop $500,000 in a New Jersey congressional district to elect Republican candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. And if Rabbi Boteach needs more money – Adelson is more than capable with a net worth of about $25 billion.

As the Center for American Progress points out – with that much money – Adelson could give a half million dollars to every single Republican nominee in every single House and Senate seat in every single election cycle for the next 186 years without running out of money. The latest recipient of Adelson’s fortune – Rabbi Boteach commented about the donation saying, “I think Sheldon Adelson will bring democracy to the ninth district of New Jersey.” Yes, if buying and selling Congressional seats in America is considered “democracy.” The oligarchy is stronger than it’s ever been in modern history.


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mathboy 4 years 46 weeks ago

Frank Donatelli from GOPAC is the one setting up straw men, by stating things as absolutes: "The government should never ..."

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mathboy 4 years 46 weeks ago

Is Chuck Woollery saying he would oppose the existence of the military if it weren't mentioned in the Constitution?

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mathboy 4 years 46 weeks ago

I would like to see that full list of legislation that Republicans in Congress blocked in order to have a bad economy.

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CarmanK 4 years 46 weeks ago

It doesn't matter what kind of crown you wear, once it gets into your head, men with power are just egotistical enough to turn that power into their personal agenda. DEMOCRACY is unwieldy, uncontrollable and deep within each man's heart. GOD GAVE man free will and the RIGHT to exercise that will for good or evil. of course, HE did set out some rules for the road. But, it was the people themselves according to their conscience that ultimately decided their fate.

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Palindromedary 4 years 46 weeks ago

Not all of us believe that "God gave man free will and the right to exercise that will for good or evil". A growing number of us just don't believe that there is such a thing as "God"..I never believed it. God is merely a "just pretend" mythical being no more real than Zeus, Thor, or Mickey Mouse. Even Christians are atheists when it comes to believing in those things. I believe it is very dishonest and destructive to believe in such ridiculous things and very proselytizing to say things like "God gave man free will". I could claim that a four leaf clover or a rabbit's foot gave man free will...etc and it would be just as ridiculous as saying God gave man free will. But of course, four leaf clovers and rabbit's feet are real...but God is not.

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2950-10K 4 years 46 weeks ago

In my opinion Democracy is pretty much defined in The Declaration of Independence...Thanks to Jefferson and his understanding of great thinkers like John Locke.

Only problem is, thanks to outlets like Fox, it can't work, instead of a well informed electorate, we have a well misinformed one. As long as the corp media continues to allow profit to trump truth in reporting, Democracy will not exist in any meaningful form.

I'm really shocked at how millions like the Teabaggers have been so easily confused and manipulated into voting away their future economic well being, just so greed freaks like Romney can keep and get more tax cuts. Then you hear some excuse about who to believe, which amounts to defense of a lazy stance based on Fox/Rove lies.....when facts and reality are as close as the last tiny paycheck that doesn't even amount to a living wage...and then the Tea Party standing in a Walmart parking lot screams their taxed too much Romney!... Great....the truth is Obama cut your taxes and Ryan's plan would increase your tax, slash your hard earned social safety net, and at the same time cut Romney's tax rate. Welcome to the well misinformed world where the greed of a few over powers the needs of the many with expensive lies! .......It aint DEMOCRACY!

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Idaglia 4 years 46 weeks ago


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Idaglia 4 years 46 weeks ago

The Revolution is reaching critical mass.

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Idaglia 4 years 46 weeks ago

CCCP . . . The table has turned. Fascism and its fatcat republican oligarcs are unamerican to the idealogies and dogma of democracy. They are offensive, impolite, non-diplomatic, and an "axis of evil". They wear the masks of a thousand and aren't even aware of who they are.

I say, let's send them all a plated gold star to put on their RED ties.

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renaissance woman 4 years 46 weeks ago

The big problem is bringing religion into politics. These folks believe they must draw people to them, like herding a flock, convincing them that they need to be told what to do and how to think. What these religious zealots can't seem to comprehend is that it is exactly the other way around. Our elected leaders are put there to represent us; they must come to us, listen to us, and act accordingly.

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leighmf 4 years 46 weeks ago

I think the problem is that in the Blind Trusts of our leaders are a number of stakes in casinos- to name a few-

the Sands, Tropicana, Oasis, Ramada venues, and Indian gaming.

The Blind Trust has also monopolized world wide sports betting communications lines which line everyone's pocket who has agreed to become a player.

I think the problem is Organized Crime has taken over government and are just snickering at our efforts to do anything about it by arguing who will be president.

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Palindromedary 4 years 46 weeks ago

How much does it cost to buy a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?

That depends on whether that toilet seat is made of silver or gold! ...or maybe platinum? ....and their toilet paper.... copies of the constitution!

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Palindromedary 4 years 46 weeks ago

I watched that war criminal Gondola Rice on the TV at the RNC convention that was screeching that Obama should have acted sooner in vetting the Rebels, in supporting them, against the Syrian government. Yeah, as if the Bush Republican regime made all the right timely decisions during their Katrina, for example...or taking the war into Iraq. The thing is that the same people making the Joint Chiefs of Staff decisions..the ones that make these strategic decisions...are the same ones that were around during the Bush administration. And since many of the actions from the Bush administration have been carried on by the Obama administration, Gondoleza is just spitting into the wind.

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leighmf 4 years 46 weeks ago

You have permission to sometimes use my alternate name if you wish- "Condolizard Rice." In Florida, it's what we call those funny droppings found on the balcony.

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Palindromedary 4 years 46 weeks ago

That's a good one! How about ConGHOULeeza Rice as in CONservative GHOUL. More brains!!!! More brains!!!

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leighmf 4 years 46 weeks ago

I like GHOUL for GHW Bush whom I think of as The Ghoul of Calgary. Zapata Oil set up operations in Calgary, Canada. I think of Cal-Gary as a marriage of California to Gary, Indiana.

Or in place of, "Nick, you're such a tool," you can say "George, you're such a GHoul."

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Palindromedary 4 years 46 weeks ago

Indiana always reminds me of the movie "A Boy and His Dog" with Don Johnson..when he goes subterranean where this underground cult, led by Jason Robards lives. I don't know why I always think of Indiana...I guess it should really remind me of the underground refuge was built below Topeka, Kansas after being destroyed by a nuclear war. I used to have to go to Kokomo frequently many years ago. And I would always think of "A Boy and His Dog".

Calgary is an interesting has a town within a city. The town is fashioned on various eras with different streets that look like the different eras. There is a small old-fashioned train that circles around and an old fashioned bandstand where they, in colorful dress representing the good old days, play live music for people sitting on blankets on the grass.

I didn't realize that Bush had set up Zapata Oil operations in Calgary...I thought it was all down in Texas.
But, I guess since there were probable CIA connections to both Bush and Zapata Oil Co since the 50s one would likely find Zapata Oil in many places at times.

david c. 4 years 46 weeks ago

BELIEVING IN AMERICA: Increasingly in recent decades with the rapid growth and concentration of wealth in the private sector what politicians (especially at the federal level) believes is not, it seems, particularily relevant. I mean, of course on a primal level (like the song says) everyone wants to rule the world. Likewise, obviously the U.S. government is organzed to widely distributed political power on the state, local and
federal level, and then throughout various branches and agencies, with additional checks and balances. However, like in Hollywood where, for example, Morgan Freeman is often cast as a godlike character, what the just concluded RNC, I think, attempted to display was a Mitt Romney that can slot (with competence, decency and dignity) into various roles ranging from Harvard college and family man to investment bank front man, Olympic organizer or Governor of Massachusetts. The point being that (again) what politicians believe or are passionate about and/or (as with Obama in 2008) they promise voters, it's not particularlarily relevant thse days. Instead, regarding beliefs, it is what the politician's moneyed benefactor(s) believe and/or more specifically want in return for their financial support, for their investment. And with the concurrent concentration of corporate media I don't see how elected politicians regain the power to act on principled beliefs. But then did anyone anticipated the political uprisings in the Middle-East (The Arab Spring)? Thinking ahead, maybe this imbalance of power eventually gets reversed by e-democracy where there's (an inevitable?) transition from 'analog' campaigns (costly travel & advertising) to, in effect, a more frictionless online digital democracy where elected politicians can be more responsive to citizens....and where, for instance, older children ( if capable of considering the issues) are also allowed to vote.

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