Republican Attorneys General want parts of the Voting Rights Act repealed

Republicans are desperately trying to rig the election in November by kicking millions of Democratic voters off the rolls with Voter Suppression ID Laws. And now, they’re not even hiding their racist intentions to block minority voters. Attorneys General in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas – all Republicans – have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court calling for certain provisions of the Voting Rights Act to be struck down.

The Voting Rights Act upended decades of Jim Crow laws in the South that put barriers in front of blacks voting. And today, with Voter ID laws intended to disproportionately affect black and minority voters, Republicans want free rein to do the same thing that racists in the South did post-Civil War. The only difference between now and then is Republicans are using the excuse of voter fraud to justify these laws. But considering that actual voter fraud occurs less often than people dying from TVs falling on their heads – then the real motivation behind these Voter Suppression ID laws is fairly obvious.

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