Anti-western blowback spreads across middle east

The fallout from an anti-Islam film made here in the United States continues, as anti-western protests sweep across the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa – including Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Iraq. More than a dozen nations have now seen protests against Western diplomatic buildings – including British and German embassies. Reuters is reporting this morning that an angry mob has breached the walls and rushed the American embassy in Tunisia – another nation that’s undergone revolution during the Arab Spring.

And while our nation tries to contain what could be a major foreign policy crisis, the Romney campaign continues to exploit it for political gain. Romney’s top foreign policy adviser, Richard Williamson, told the Washington Post, “There’s a pretty compelling story that if you had a President Romney, you’d be in a different situation…For the first time since Jimmy Carter, we’ve had an American ambassador assassinated.” He’s right – With a Romney presidency, we would be in a different situation - we’d likely be at war with a dozen other nations.

Romney has employed the same Neo-Cons who worked under the Bush Administration, which brought us two illegal wars and enflamed the Middle East. This is not about a movie. This is not about Islam. This is about a twisted foreign policy that has been pushed by the far right for decades – and perpetuated today – that America can bring democracy to the rest of the world down the barrel of a gun. It can’t – and we’re learning that harsh lesson now.


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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

"Romney has employed the same Neo-Cons that worked under the Bush Administration that brought us two illegal wars and enflamed the Middle East."

Yes, and Obama, as President, appointed some of the very same right wing criminals from the Bush Administration that created our economy crisis. And many of the same Bush people were not even replaced by Obama. So, what does that say about Obama? We're screwed no matter which tweedle dee or tweedle dum from the two party system we elect in a few months.

And I agree that "it is about a twisted foreign policy that has been pushed by the far right for decades"!

I believe that the far right is getting just what they want in creating lots of enemies to keep America very afraid..and controlled. I wonder who was really behind making that film? And I wonder who is really behind those bomb scares at the universities? I suspected that things would begin to happen just before the elections and the prospect of attacking Iran. It may not have been a 911 (yet, maybe) but since 911 everyone is still primed and ready to freak out over just about anything.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

If the Arab nations had the ability and resolve to have had attacked and occupied America..and slaughtered many of our innocent civilians** and children...then we would have a very good reason to hate the Arabs. But some xenophobe jingos (Republican and Democrat...conservative or "liberal") are easily set off exuding hate toward the very people that have every good reason to hate us for murdering so many in the Arab world....and for what?

To what lengths would Americans go to fight back in such a situation?

**911 was an inside job...a false flag... as a way to illegally invade the Middle East, Control the oil, fight back against oil countries moving off the dollar standard, as a way to frighten Americans so badly that they would be willing to give up their freedoms, take away any clout that investigators and the legal/political system had in going after the myriad economic crimes committed by many large corporations and others (Enron was just the tip of the iceberg), destroy the evidence of such, and destroy illegal bonds that were to come due on 912 that would have caused a massive scandal. There was a massive shift in power and wealth after 911. And we, the people, lost. We, the people, are being victimized by the same powers that have victimized the people in the Middle East.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

And remember, since American neocons sold the US the idea of a preemptive attack (before Iraq used a nuclear weapon...or crop dusters on us) would it not make sense that the Taliban/Al Qaida, after having been given the ultimatum of "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" (if they didn't agree to the pipeline through Afghanistan) that they might have done a preemptive attack on the US? The US was all set to invade and bomb Afghanistan and Iraq anyway...all of the evidence indicated as such...and the Taliban knew about it...they believed that they were going to be attacked. I believe this may have facilitated the manipulation of the 20 "hijackers"...not knowing that they would actually be electronically hijacked and remotely guided to their targets.

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Kend 10 years 36 weeks ago

This is about the West trying to change a way of life. They don't want us there, period. How could they rape and beat there wifes and daughters if western media is there to show it.

Look as a Canadian who has travelled the world I can tell you every loves to hate Americians. It is embarrassing for a nation or region that has been around for thousands of years to see what freedom and democracy can acomplish. With the internet they can see the wonderful life we have over here and they are astonished of the military power a country can have in just a few hundred years.

Americans should be proud of what the people before them have acomplished. You have nothing to apologies for. You have created the highest standard of living in the world. Enjoy it well you can. It doesn't look like it is going to stay that way.

Just so you know us Canadians will always love you guys.

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jacko9 10 years 36 weeks ago

I don't beleive that the discussion should be about "what would Mitt do as President". We should be looking at the real origin of the hate movie that started these riots and it's my belief that republican dirty tricks operators planted this movie to create a situation for Romney to exploit.

But to answer your question, I think that Mitt would like to start the next "Great Crusade" and plunge the world into a war of unknown proportions.

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dowdotica 10 years 36 weeks ago

when i was kid? Got bullied all the time. Then one day? i thought to myself..."F this" I fought back. America? bully democracy! gotta love it so much for civility, huh? and i still think it was planned by someone wanting to create chaos and mayhem just as elections are rolling around. Hey kiddies don't look over there look what i have here. In the meantime? Obama really has to put on a show or eat crow for sure. then we will surely be screwed! MArk my word

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basmith13f 10 years 36 weeks ago

You know, I think you're right. This could be another "October surprise". But then again, Obama has not been very kind to the Middle Easterners, either--with his unflagging support for Israel, all options on the table (including bombing and invading) for Iran, his administration's tepid support for the Arab uprising, his tacit support of Saudi Arabia's role in Bahrain, and--let's not forget--all those drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

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jacko9 10 years 36 weeks ago

People keep in mind that this election is not about foreign policy, it's all about tax cuts for the wealthy. The wealthy want to all but eliminate taxes for the top 1% and with the elimination of the inheritance tax and the capital gains tax, their children will be able to live without every working or paying taxes. The wealthy are trying to create a class of people in America that rule without paying, remember the "Royalty Class" we fought against to create this country?

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HalFonts 10 years 36 weeks ago

While I suspect this is a false-flag diversion, it is a very dangerous tinderbox. If this becomes a revolt of pissed-off people aganst continuous meddling and exploitation from the West. Later couched in Religious terms, it could become Christians, Jews and Muslims against each other -- all focused on driving the infidels out (Guess who?).

If it then becomes major conflict: Europe and US vs "Terrorists" (freedom-fighters) and the usual economic war. At some point China might enter, siding with the Arabs. After a while it could become an economic battle for control of two areas: the resources and markets of (1) the Middle-East and (2) the Pacific Rim. If not controlled this could drift into Europe, US and Australia, vs. China and the Middle-Eastern countries. (Israel in the middle of course). Africa suffering on the sidelines.

We live in Interesting times.

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Karl Smiley 10 years 36 weeks ago

It is naive to think that this is about the movie. The West has been occupying and controlling the Middle East and it's resources and governments for a long time now. We are certainly not forcing democracy on Saudi Arabia or Bahraine. Our hypocracy is becoming more obvious to the people all the time, as is our not valuing the lives of people who are not us when we bomb countries into the stone age and cowardly send drone bombers after those who fight back, not caring who we kill along with them. Then there is our support for the Israeli's horrible treatment of their Semetic Palestinian cousins. No, there is a shamed impotent frustrated rage boiling just below the surface and an insult to what is sacred to many is just the match to set it off. Would it be different here if we were under the thumb of the Middle eastern World?

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tomcalwriter1 10 years 36 weeks ago

This smells of the CIA. Typical MO. Looks like the Powers that Be want Obama out.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

I heard today on, I think it was Keiser Report or maybe it was Break the Set, that the FBI had told this Muslim guy...who was having financial problems...that if he would agree to strap on an explosive vest and blow himself up that they would pay his familiy $1000 every month for life. When he agreed...they arrested him for being a terrorist. This is not an unusual case as they set people up and entrap them all the time.

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js121 10 years 36 weeks ago

Romney is arrogant and an egocentric billionaire who has a history of making American people miserable - whether it was his Bain or as Governor of MA. He never fought for this country when he Should Have. What has he given back? He offended the British over his comments; offended the Palestinians; American women, children, workers, small business', students, elderly, minorities, etc.. Need we guess what he would do besides lead us "unto the path of destruction"? He's the Anti-christ!! I just figured that out the other day....he's the fricken anti-christ!

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dulcinea627 10 years 36 weeks ago

If Romney were in office, we would be in another war because he has no ability in foreign affairs and is relying on the same Hawks as George W did, and he took us into two illegal wars based on lies. "The pen is mightier than the sword", and in this case diplomacy can be stronger than nuclear destruction. Let us support President Obama and his efforts to rebuild this economy in the absence of war.

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ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

Thom, I find it somewhat disturbing when you state the United States should start a program like the Marshall Plan for the Arab countries that are seeking democracy! Do you actually think we have the monetary means to prop up Arab nations, who it appears basically hate our form of democracy, so they will like us better? I realize I have simplified the statement, but when we have a trillion dollar deficit this year and record high unemployment for our citizens, you actually believe we are in a financial state to bail out the world! It is up to these nations to get their act together and work as a nation to rebuild their own damn nations. I often wonder when I watch your program whether or not you actually believe what you are spouting verbally on your show, or is it just to get the audience fired up! You often question if Romney has any concept of the middle class and poor, do you? I often have heard the saying that charity begins at home, in our case taking care of our poor and underclass should supersede helping out countries that kill our citizens and burn our flag. I am a moderate and an amazed at many of the things you mention as a liberal commentator on your show.

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Barbie 10 years 36 weeks ago

I thnk Al-Qaeda USED the outrage of the people in these countries who do not understand "free speech" in America's Democratic Society, as their own "false flag"... it gave them the cover they needed to carry out an already planned attack to undermine the positive help we have given these countries. They WANT us to fail. They WANT any positive influence from the West to fail. They don't WANT our monetary support, because they are being financed from other Muslim Nations, and want to step in and pretend to be the saviors of the Muslims who are offended - just as most of us are working to do - and they're using the UTube upload and to work against us. What we need is someone to go on Al-Jezeera to try to breakdown and explain to those who have never lived in a country with free speech, and explain to them what is it, how is works, and why they need it, too, if they're ever going to truly have a Democracy. Perhaps then some of the more rational of them can understand why this kind of film can be produced, regardless of its ramifications in our country, and theirs, even though most of us don't approve of this kind of provocation. They have been under Radical Religious Dictatorship for so many years, they have no idea how a real Democracy works. Some of them regret the Al-Qaeda murders of people they know were their friends, but most of them don't. THIS education is what needs to be done. And Al-Jeezera is the best way to try to communicate with them. The radical part of me wants us to put the writer/producer of this inciteful garbage on a plane, let them know he's coming and then, then drop him out of the plane in a parachute so those offended can take their REAL revenge. But that's un-American, too. So I think he should be detained for inciting an international incident, and turned over to Lybia for prosecution, regardless of the fact that he may be a citizen now. CITIZENS who love this country don't think this way. He obviously doesn't understand that what each one of us doesn, we must be ready and wiling to take responsibility for, without exception.

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nigle77 10 years 36 weeks ago

if yoy said America is FREE Speech here in America, then way ?

the 98 % in new york city, got put in "jail" when they try to say anything ?

Why did G.W.Bush lies to the American_People over 15 times ? and Lies to the America_People about the War ?

WhenG.W.Buch know about Sepember 11,2011, in May of 2011, that is 3 Months be for 9-11-2011 ! and why did G.W.But pay the Womens & Mens $20,000 for going oversea ?

and way did the Womens & Mens kills 45,000 Womens, 35,000 teenage and Kids ?

if some one come to your home and kill your Wife & Kids,( What would you do) ?

Top iot off the Womens & mens (Rape & Molester) Womens & Kids befor the Wmens & Mens Kikks them ! is the Right

Did a Christian God tell them ? NOT all Christian are good

that way ONLY in America we have Over 2.6 Million Womens & Mens LOCK_UP in jail

and if America is Free than way is the Rpublicans & Mitt Romney, & Paul Ryan don't want the Old & the Pool or the 98% to Vote this 2013 ??

in the UK it is FREE, all people are the same !

But here in America only the 1% & 2% but the 98% the Republicans Congress said the 98% is no good, is that right ? Yes or NO

if you want to know the Truth, Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan know the people who made the movie

the Tea_Party & the Republicans Congress, so will they go to jail NO, but if it was you, Yes you will be in jail ! So tell me or tell your Mum is America FREE ?

God Bless the 98%, may the lord be with you too

GO OUT and VOTE this 2013

ps if I miss Spell, for gave me as I was in the Wars and has a Heart Attack, ya,

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nigle77 10 years 36 weeks ago

Why do the people here in the USA go and help pepe to Vote !

G.W.Buch lies to the America people and we went to WAR !

But Why did we help them to VOTE ?

the Republicans Congress wih Mitt Romney, Paul REyan and thre Tea_Party do not Wants the OLD & POOL to VOTE ?

you say you got free Speech ? thaan why not let the people VOTE

Why go to War and let people Vote, when the Republicans do'nt want the OLD & 98% to VOTE. do we live in America what people say is FREE

Think about what I put down

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nigle77 10 years 36 weeks ago

The Republicans & the Tea_Party said the President Obama was not born in America !

What about Mitt Romney !

Mitt Romney Father was born in Mexico !

so was Mitt Romney born in Mexico ? or was born born somewhere ele ?

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ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

A reply to #17's comment; At what point do we start eliminating our rights so we do not offend others? The reasoning behind free speech is we the people can make comments we believe are true. Did this guy produce a film that is offensive to Muslims, apparently so. If we banned everything that someone else disapproves of there would be no free speech, and we might as well be under the flag of the now defunct Soviet Union or the Nazi flag of WW 2. Most adults do not approve of porno films, but that does not give us the right to burn down the theaters that play that garbage. As distasteful as this movie is, the person who would made it still has the right to do so in America. I will not give up my free speech to appease the Muslims in the world.

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ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

dup. mistake

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ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

dup. mistake

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EllieWilder 10 years 36 weeks ago

If Romney were president now we would have already invaded Iran. Or if we hadn't, this would be the excuse to invade, oh maybe Syria, which is on PNAC's hit list. Libya is easily confused with Syria, so you'd have all the morons saying, "the Syrian's killed our embassador" in no time after a few repetitions on Fox. Who knows. But if and when the Republicans get the reigns of power again you know they will take it as an excuse to mow down as many Muslims as inhumanly possible.

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EllieWilder 10 years 36 weeks ago

And BTW in case you right wingers didn't watch any real news reporting last week, last week's muslim uprising isn't necessarily over a video. The actual militant killings were considered to be a retaliation over the killing of a high Al Qaeda target. Should the USA stop doing that sort of thing? How would that protect our free speech?

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"..Muhammad Ali

The uprisings are a result of the US hegemony in the Middle East. The US, trying to impose it's belief/political system on them by occupying them and murdering them only takes a trigger to set off an explosive reaction. And that trigger, evidently, was just a movie. But the underlying reason was our arrogant and hateful attitudes and actions against them.

Now Obama, and others in the US hegemonic empire are trying to calm everybody down by saying "WE, the U.S., didn't make that movie...some lone nut did!".

Just like Bush used the wrong choice of words when he called the US war on the Middle East a "Crusade". He was quick to correct himself, wasn't he? But the idea was still there in his mind. The truth was in that "slip of the tongue".

But many of us realize that there really is a Crusade going on in the Middle East carried out by the U.S.. The various statements made by Generals and the religious propaganda being taught our troops slighting Muslims and rifle scopes engraved with biblical sayings are all indications that we were, in part, on a Crusade in the Middle East right along with all the other reasons we were over there. We certainly didn't want to create "triggers" before we had a chance to kill a lot of them first, and occupy and control their resources, huh?

You know, the US has a lot of weapons but it need lots of oil to fuel any war or occupation. If we can't get the oil, we can't conduct all of the wars that some people seem to want. And if OPEC shifts away from a dollar based standard we might actually have to be a lot nicer to the Oil producing nations...even the ones in South America.

There are quite a few Muslims in the world that can all be united if the right trigger is pulled. And just look at what is happening now? The question is can they unite long enough and hang together enough to kick the US's butt out of where it doesn't belong? The U.S. foreign policy based on neocon ideology of bullying the rest of the world to knuckle under to our might, and especially meddling in their morals and lifestyle and politics is none of our business.

There has never been an Empire that has lasted forever. They all fall, one way or another, eventually. And it usually happened by really ticking off those they tried to exploit. Even Alexander the Great couldn't keep the Empire together with all of the Satraps he had to appoint and who all turned out to be corrupt.

It's kind of like the build up of hatreds and fear that is constantly built up in US media, and other institutions, against the Muslims over the years. All it takes is a trigger, and we don't really know who really pulled the trigger of 911, for sure, but all the evidence points to an inside the neocons. Some people believe that all Muslims rape and beat their women and children. Why do they believe that? Have they ever gotten to know Muslims on a personal basis?

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mblockhart 10 years 36 weeks ago

I hear your theory about the protests being blowback. There sure is a reservoir of hatred there. But stop and ask: Why now? Why anti-American protests? My theory is that al queda engineered the outrage to cover for attacks on US embassies in retaliation for Obama taking out so much of their leadership, particularly the latest one. They wanted to attack on or around 9/11 and they're hoping to affect the election.

Why would they prefer Romney over Obama? Because, as opposed to just using al queda as a justification for US imperialism as Bush did, Obama has actually been eliminating al queda. They want Romney in as a GW Bush do-over to perpetuate the "Ugly American" behavior that serves them well by leaving them free to operate with a demon to attack, the US.

They are so eroded that the only US facilities they can attack are our vulnerable embassies in unstable countries with Muslim citizens. And they needed the cover of generalized protest in which to act.

And this leads also to a possibility that behind al queda and perhaps encouraging them in this effort are the neocons and the M-I Complex. They have exactly the same goals. The anti-Muslim video had been sitting around basically ignored for month. Who discovered it and translated it and spread it around, whipping up the anger? Who benefits and how? And again, why now?

Romney took the bait. But I think President Obama is too smart to do so.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

reply to mblockhart: That's what the main stream media is trying to say, too. And I certainly realize that the main stream media is just the propaganda arm of the U.S. ruling elite...and Israel.

Of course it has nothing to do with our murdering so many innocent civilians over the years. ;-{

note: when will the problem with the comment sequencing get fixed? Seems that when ever someone edits their comment it screws up the sequencing...the "reply to #" gets messed up.

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ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

(Palindromeday) Electronically hijacked and remotely flown into the towers? I have a theory of my own and it goes like this. I have read your comments and have stated you are one of the most paranoid people I have ever come across. I have read articles by Dr. Roberts; I believe that was his name that you have suggested to read. My conclusion at first was that you and the group of people you theoretically subscribe to are psychologically paranoid and see the enemy at every turn. Your hypothesis on most matters has no foundation or facts to back them up. The logic you use is much like that of Fox news, I heard or I read somewhere that this or that occurred with no real basis in the real world. And when you're questioned about the subject, you refer to the person asking the question as a brain washed individual doing the bidding of their masters in Washington or wherever. So I have reached a scenario of my own. You and others like you are actually agents working for some obscure arm of a federal agency like the C.I.A. or F.B.I. or a multinational corporation. The reasons why you and your peers come up with these far reaching and radically entrenched conspiracy theories that no logical human being with even a limited intellect would except, is that your using these forms of rhetoric to make legitimate theories seem as though they are in the same class as your paranoid fantasy’s, thus discrediting them in the minds of the readers. Why else would you actually state such ridiculous themes, such as the aircraft were electronically hijacked and remotely flown into the Towers and the Pentagon. And that is only one of the many statements I have read from you and others that create statements that sound so far out in the twilight zone and paranoid that no one could possibly believe them as being legitimate and the truth. If you can get people to think that all the theories come from the same type of mind set then you have an effective tool to combat the true conspiracy theories that arise that actually might create a problem for the people whom you and others work for. A very good way to discredited others while playing the role of a paranoid and having people think you’re all the same. So you see I do believe there are people out there posing as someone they are not, just to fool the public into believing all theories are not too be trusted because they all come from the same type of paranoids and disturbed individuals. Good work to you and your comrades, it appears it might be working in America. Long live the Republic and long live Democracy here in the United States.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

In 1997, Zbigniew Brzezinski's new book 'The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and It's Geostrategic Imperatives' portrayed "Central Asia, with it's vast oil reserves, as the key to world power, which would mean establishing sevreral military bases there." He went on to say that "America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad.This limits the use of America’s power, especially its capacity for military intimidation. . . . The economic self-denial (that is, defense spending) and the human sacrifice (casualties even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization."

Then he went on to suggest a way to overcome this obstacle."The American people would be willing to make the economic and human sacrifices needed for 'imperial mobilization,' he suggested, if there were 'a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat'.”

"It is possible that Brzezinski’s discussion here inspired the statement about a “new Pearl Harbor” in PNAC’s 2000 document, which can be read as a call for a false-flag operation that would provide a pretext for turning PNAC’s agenda into official policy."

"Be that as it may, a more specific motivation for the post-9/11 attack on Afghanistan was provided by the “pipeline war” that was going on.111 The Bush-Cheney administration supported--as had the Clinton-Gore administration until 1999--UNOCAL’s plan to build an oil-and-gas pipeline through Afghanistan, which was in competition with plans from oil companies based in other countries. What happened in 1999 was that UNOCAL, having become convinced that Afghanistan under the Taliban would never have the peace and stability needed for the pipeline project, decided to withdraw. Ahmed Rashid, finishing his book on the Taliban in mid-1999, wrote that the Clinton administration had shifted its support to the pipeline route from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey, adding that “by now nobody wanted to touch Afghanistan and the Taliban.”112

When the Bush administration came to power, however, it decided to give the Taliban one last chance. This last chance occurred at a four-day meeting in Berlin in July 2001. Representatives of the Bush-Cheney administration, trying to persuade the Taliban to share power with US-friendly factions in a “unity government,” reportedly gave the Taliban an ultimatum: “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.”113 When the Taliban refused, the Americans reportedly said that “military action against Afghanistan would go ahead . . . before the snows started falling in Afghanistan, by the middle of October at the latest.”

"The crucial precondition for the war in Iraq was a psychological state of mind in the American public---one of fear and anxiety combined with a desire for revenge---that would countenance the new doctrine of preemptive-preventive war. This state of mind was abundantly created by 9/11. Then, just as the ensuing propaganda offensive against Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban created almost unanimous acceptance of the war in Afghanistan, the propaganda offensive directed at Saddam Hussein was rather easily able to channel this fear, anxiety, and desire for revenge into a widespread feeling that a war to bring about regime change in Iraq was justified."

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

Here's an interesting video...

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megalomaniac 10 years 36 weeks ago

The Flags of Mutiny, What stands out to me is the size of some American flags that appear to be readied for flame. Emotionally spread out in vengeance with fever, set to burn in time marking dishonor to America’s “Phantom”. But what is this phantom? The mainstream media knows. The opera plays out commercial after commercial in the marketing mill of American politics like a time America not too long ago, a fire cross in some yard or Public Square set fire by horseman vigilantes serving justice. Now someplace in Islam the phantom appears again. Some perhaps cover their heads with a scarf or Burqa, a full body and head cloak worn by some Muslim, perhaps a franchise of the Clan, only the cut outs of the eyes we see. The distinct past of terrorism and present far right group openly sling weapons across the backs openly carry weapons to political rallies here, then burn flags there.

Have you noticed new the American flags in Islam readied to burn, how bright, how gleaming the colors are, fresh clean and a size better nicer and bigger than mine. I have flag, and hang it proudly every day in front of my house. These flags don’t come cheap. The Islamic red white and blue is at least twice the size my flag is. Beautiful those flags appear. Then stream into smoke and dust. This phantom is doing a very good political marketing job at just the right time. No, it is only possible to accomplish such action dishonor across many cities simultaneously through the force of big money. The probability function all that can happen at once just screams out. There is big money behind this stuff. It appears as though crafted from a losing party. Who is has lost their way? Somehow these flags knew the way there.

Who buys them who supplies them? I don’t think they are made in Kansas do you? The news did say that Islam has hundreds of Christians jailed for their believes. Imagine America once modeled modern art with the cross of Jesus Christ in a jar of urine. It was called “Piss Christ”. Absolutely disgusting but did not result in massive mob murder. Perhaps some wild dissonance. Big difference in our social ways. Islam needs maturity and time to evolve. But our foreign policies may very well stink like a jar of urine.

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

"An advanced Command Transmitter System (CTS) for operational control of missiles during test and training operations, is available....."

The CTS is a tunable UHF FM transmitter designed for ground use in controlling guided missiles, pilotless aircraft and pilotless boats.

They were using remote control of large planes as far back as 1984.

276 of the Many Strange Coincidences Surrounding 911

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Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

Aired on Fox on March 4th, 2001..6 months before 911 this pilot episode of The Lone Gunman is very eerie to watch! It depicts an airliner hijacked remotely by electronic means. If you haven't seen it should watch it. Of course it means nothing, really, in supporting the electronic hijack hypothesis. But it is really very odd coincidence just the same.

I haven't watched the Fox channel since way before 911 so I missed this series. Never even heard of it before finding it just now. As a matter of fact, I thought of the idea of the possibility that the airliners on 911 were remotely, electronically, hijacked all by myself. I had not read about it or seen it anywhere and was very surprised that, when I started searching the subject, that this was believed by others to have been possible as well.

I believe that my previous links help prove that the technology has been around for a long time and that certain individuals have an uncanny link to high places relating to the equipment and the Pentagon...along with the mysterious disappearance, according to Rumsfeld just prior to 911, of trillions of dollars from the Pentagon's account.

Could it be that by creating a "fictional" account of an electronically hijacked airliner crashing into the WTC towers 6 months before it actually happened...that it was designed to create a relationship to "fiction" if anyone ever did make the connection. If people, after 911, started saying that they believed the airliners were electronically hijacked then the fictional program would trigger the response in some people that believing in such things is non-sense...they are just getting it from a fictional TV program.

Some useful idiot, taking the position of defending the "official conspiracy theory" with the predilection of hating Muslims anyway...because "they beat and rape their wives and children" but who may have subsequently thought better of those remarks and removed their comments...but I saw them early in the morning...may think he/she could use this in an attempt to debunk the truth of what they really did electronically hijack and guide the airliners into the WTC buildings and Pentagon.

Except, the Pentagon crash had all of the characteristics of a military craft..or missile. No way an Arab terrorist, who couldn't even fly a small plane, could do the elaborate maneuver or even fly that close to the ground going at 500 MPH. Expert pilots said this couldn't be done with the large airliner..because the density of the air that close to the ground would prohibit those speeds.

And the initial hole in the Pentagon was unbroken all holes from the Titanium engines or wings or tail...just a round hole not even as large as the diameter of the fuselage...almost...but not quite. The larger hole...photographed later..was a result of the structure giving way and collapsing.

And what was Rumsfeld doing helping carry people at the crash site...the Joints Chief of Staff was on the other side, the River Entrance, of the Pentagon? You walk into the River Entrance and the Joint Chiefs of Staff is to the left. I entered there many times, myself.

nora's picture
nora 10 years 36 weeks ago

Good plan. I agree. Even though I'm not convinced that movie was the primary cause of the current tumult, I do agree that we need to follow-th-money on the making of that movie.

Hankk MI's picture
Hankk MI 10 years 36 weeks ago

Sorry folks GW Bush 2 is at fault here, the middle east were all afraid of Iraq and we went there for WHAT? It didn't matter if we stayed there for 20 years, the Sunies and Sheites where going to get it on as soon as we left. Romney/McCain/Ryan will take us into more wars, but after they give Trillions more in tax breaks to the wealthy/corporations. If 12/21/2012 is the end of earth, it surly will only be because Romney won in November. hankk MI

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

And now the US is going to "modernize" our nuclear arsenal..all 5,113 nukes along with everything that runs on nuclear costing over $352 billion in the coming decade. So much for cutting back on Pentagon spending. But if we loyal Americans can just see fit to go without healthcare, jobs, or even food...then we can make the MIC even richer. The Neocon policy of conquering the world is not much different than what Hitler wanted to do. The Neocons are still running things...Obama is just a tiny sliver in their fingers.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

What's a flag but what it comes to symbolize? Just what does America stand for...any more? World wide, the American flag stands for terrorism and empire building, death and destruction. The American flag drips with the blood of millions of innocent victims that rich people have murdered all for greed and power. Unless the American people can regain control from these few rich people in power and restore the original meaning of our flag then it would be just too embarrassing to fly one or wear the flag symbol as so many right-wing, greedy, death mongers do. Whenever you see some guy in a business suit wearing a US flag on their lapel....without knowing anything about him..don't you immediately think...ah ha! He's a Republican! They've hijacked the flag and the flag symbolizes arrogant, greedy, bullies who will likely steal your natural resources and/or try to kill you.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 10 years 36 weeks ago

I think you do not get to call yourself a liberal when you mention the word deficit. I am just basing this on the Jude Winnewski (sp?) 2 santa clause plan of the republicans. The republicans ran up the debt and use it as an excuse for anything a liberal might want to do; that is, they want us to kill santa claus.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 10 years 36 weeks ago

Unfortunately, I don't think any of the RWNJs are reading this blog either.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 10 years 36 weeks ago

Palindromedary: The useful idiot that removed the early statements, commenting on your conspiracy theories and your psychological health, did so because I felt it may have been too offensive to leave online. But, obviously that was a mistake. By your comments I must have really ruffled some feathers. No one has stated that the technology did not exist to remotely fly aircraft into the Towers and Pentagon, but rather it was such an idiotic theory it simply was not plausible to think the government would go to such lengths to start a war in the Middle East. They already had their smoking gun in both Afghanistan and in Iraq. Simply because you can contrive a ridiculous theory does not make it true. You sound more like a science fiction writter then a rational commenter on events that happened on 911. And, I still stick by my theory that you and others in our society like you, that rant on about absurd theories of conspiracy by the government need a mental check-up. Like all paranoids you believe you have found the enemy and it is your duty to expose the beast. A fictional story that encompasses technological facts is still a fictional story. Also, to believe R.T. is one of the only television news stations that reveals the truth is almost as laughable. The Russian government pays for this station and like any good tool of subversion its main objective is to spread unrest throughout the population of the intended nation in its way to retake back the domination it once held in the world. The K.G.B. like R.T. used attractive young females to suduce their intended target. Hartmann sells his product to R.T. as a show that primarily is anti-goverment, where as most of the "news" shows are generally anti-western, with a few documentary programs that show the greatness of the Soviet Union, oh excuse me, I meant to say the new Russian Republic. Either way the programs are on the whole anti-American culture. That is why it is so easy to see that you probably are an agent of the K.G.B., rather than working for the F.B.I. or C.I.A., although that is just as plausible as I have stated in an earlier comment concerning your lack of reality or the act of seemingly to be a nut job. Great way to have people believe all conspiracy theories are from the same type of people of the fringe of reality. If you think the K.G.B. is no longer in existence you only have to see who is running Russia. It is run by Putin and his henchmen, the same man who ran the K.G.B. during our cold war with his country. It is just as plausible to consider you as an agent of one the governmental agencies either in the U.S. or Russia as it is too believe your fictional ranting’s. Good try comrade, but no cigars on you conspiracy theories based here in the United States. Like I said earlier in my comments, you are a very useful tool to subvert our attention from legitimate conspiracies that affect our country. Why are you afraid to have your picture posted with your comments? Could it be you are afraid of facial recognition software and it might reveal to much? Long live the Republic and long live Democracy in America.

Palindromedary's picture
Palindromedary 10 years 36 weeks ago

I just want to say that today's (monday) Breaking the Set show with Abby Martin on RT was really fanstastic. She interviewed Jesse Ventura and after that had a lot to say about war crimes and 911. Great show!!

diluzional's picture
diluzional 10 years 35 weeks ago

Obama the hipocrit. He doesn't have any problem continuing wars and sending billions of dollars in military and economic foreign aid to other countries, but he want's to strip US citizens of gun rights and not invest in our schools and job growth back here at home...

And Romney is the central banking system's rep. Voting system is rigged. It's hard to believe that regular low income and middle class conservatives voted this guy in as presidential candidate. A Centralist would've been better.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 10 years 34 weeks ago

Do you have one bit of factual evidence that Obama wants to strip US citizens of gun rights? Everything I have seen or heard indicates he doen't even want to introduce policies that 70% of the NRA members want.

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