Daily Topics - Monday September 24th, 2012

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Hour One: Romney & Obama's big ideas... / Plus, Taking Our Country Back - Col. Wayne Powell running against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Hour Two: Voter ID...how the GOP wins elections - Judson Phillips, TheTeaParty.net & Tea Party Nation

Hour Three: Romney and the princely class...


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pegespo 10 years 9 weeks ago

RE: Romney, Taxes, et al...

Remember when Romney as compaigning for the primaries, and he was hanging out with unemployed people and said he was one of them? He didn't have a job right now?

And his tax return only showed a few million this year? Yep, that's what most of us are going through.

catfur 10 years 9 weeks ago

Voter ID and,
my mothers' attempt to get a State ID card....
She was 87 years old at the time. Shopping at her local supermarket on Oahu in Kailua.
In the store two 35ish local women approaced her and asked her if she could reach
something for them on the top shelf. as soon as she reached up, they grabbed her
purse and ran out of the store. My mother was unsuccesful at trying to obtain an new
ID card for 6 months. I was due to visit her from Seattle, when I arrived she still
had not gotten her ID card, she said she had to go to the other side of
the island to get it. So I obtained a car and drove us to the address which she supplied
for me. When we got to the office and to the front desk I explained to the
woman there that my mother had her ID card stolen and would like a new one.
She asked for my mothers birth certificate, which we had a copy of.
Then she asked if my mother was married. My mother said yes. The lady said she
needed to see the original copy of her wedding certificate. I said that's
impossible. That was 1948 (in Chicago), and the original is long gone.
Then she said it must at least be a certified copy of the original.

I requested a supervisor, there wasn't one.
So we went home with no ID, and spent the rest of the day calling Chicago to
see if we could get that wedding certificate. It wasn't gonna happen
in the short few days that I had for my visit. So I left for Seattle.
Mom still had no ID. Mom decided to call the mayors office.
The mayor within a few days had a car sent to pick up my mother,
he personally met her at the ID office, told that numbskull state employee in no uncertain
words, to give my mother her ID. That's how easy it was for us.
My mother likes to vote regularly, and she was very distraught over
this whole affair.

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