Is The GOP Gearing Up for Obama's Second Term?

Fox so-called News personality John Huckabee is sending a message to Republicans in Congress. In an interview on GOP TV – Huckabee suggested that President Obama should be impeached over his handling on the attack on the Benghazi consulate in Libya.

Huckabee said, “Richard Nixon was forced out of office because he lied. And because he covered some stuff up. I will be blunt and tell you this. Nobody died in Watergate. We have people who are dead because of this.”

With these words – Huckabee is giving Republicans their agenda should President Obama win a second term – which is too weigh down his administration with yet another nonsensical investigation, just like they did in his first term with Fast and Furious.

Unlike President Bush who was willing to blame any and everything on terrorism to keep Americans afraid – this administration has been more cautious with how it throws that word around – as they should be.


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dowdotica 11 years 38 weeks ago

uh, hmm...uh forgive my iggnance' but wudnit some video trailer that done got folks kilt o' dare dat dare desert place? hmmmm? you know d'em islamaphobe peepo's. i ain't al getha dare but i reads well enug to be abeo to unastan that somfin is sahairyusly wong in da unitetid stae of 'merica. i alsos no dat dat cat day caw mittens wouls be a t'o clamity fo' 'merica. i knows ima gets out and vote! peace all y'all!!!ROCK THE VOTE IN NOVEMEBER HELL TO THE YEAH!!!! oh by the way when will we ever get rid of these blow hole boobs rotting and brainwashing people anyway?

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HalFonts 11 years 38 weeks ago


I hate to even say it but apparently one faction of US politics apparently has no regard for truth or civil propriety. And yes I'm very empathetic to my ("conservative") friends who live in what I consider a fantasy-reality, fabricated by the likes of Limberger and his Wanabees over several decades. They see me as unaware of what they consider "truth" -- just as I do them. It's a mess -- we can't both be right. Yet we must come to consensus to exist and move ahead.

I have no interest in 4-more years of this stalemate crap. They took down Clinton with a trumped-up impeachment -- yet Dems still haven't charged any of the Bush-kid's gang for two trumped-up wars. Yet Republicans are willing to sacrifice the country in big ways to simply obstruct. We have a dysfunctional situation becoming a national crisis. It's not fun any longer.

Progressives, Liberals and Democrats must hear the arguments (of excess spending, etc.) and either respond or refute them. They must call out obstructionism for what it is -- we can't continue as we are going. Ultimately if our reprepresentatives can't handle it -- the People must be held to account -- which may be the 2014 elections. We have to get through this and move-on.

This simply can not continue this way, considering the global problems we people must address, going ahead. We don't have the luxury of indulging in old tribalistic feuds. I shudder to think that humanity's only options are huge global-military-conflicts as ways to get us past these economic-social-cultural impasses -- (as in the past?)

Our youth are making great strides, at solving old diversity issues. Sciences are doing great (where properly funded). It just seems that our economic political systems are seriously broken. THAT is where the problems lie; and we need answers and solutions, soon.

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js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

The "New Right of Paul Weyrich" must win this election to finish off Democracy once and for all. They will Amend our Constitution in ways we would never think of. They will privatize everything they can for their corporate membership. It took them 40 yrs to achieve victory and will take us a 100 to undo all the repressive, oppresive laws they have shoved down our throats. They will use the voting machines to "Steal our Votes" as they did with Bush's win - only BETTER! They've been cheating since the primaries (MI, McCotter, 2012). The machines have already been shipped out of Ohio to all swing states. They will NOT allow anyone to scrutinize the software. Romney owns Preferred Shares in Diebold. Scytl - another voting machine company is owned by Romney's old Bain boys. They need to get the polls to show a closer spread so that it will not "appear" that something is wrong when they use the machines. Check - Walker didn't win that re-election and in spite of him trying to burn the ballots (Lost that one) - they will find fraud. This country MUST "cleanse" itself of this New Right takeover!!

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bobcox 11 years 37 weeks ago

No! We should prossecute GWB for lieing to Congress to get them to authorize the Iraq war, ,illing about 4,000 men and women in our Armed forces and an unt9old number of human Iraqi. Someone did not autorize the special forces team in December 2001 at Tora Bora to go in and get Osama bin Laden. Talk about compo98cit with the Industrial Military Comples to get profits! Also the Bush administration aukthorized torture in violation of the Geneve Conventions and that is enough to send him before the World Court.

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David Abbot 11 years 37 weeks ago

Obama should be impeached for starting world war one, and no, it doesn't matter that world war one started before Obama was born, because he's responsible for it anyway. And he's also responsible for my first girlfriend leaving me, he should definitely be impeached for that. And the other day when I found out that my camcorder won't take a standard lavalier microphone? Obama is so responsible for that. And finally, he should be impeached for the fact that I am too short to play professional basketball.

Newt should be impeached for screwing around on all fifty of his wives. Or is it sixty? I don't know, I can't count that high. Boehner should be impeached for having the worst tan ever seen in the history of the republican party and for drinking wine that comes in boxes. John Huckabee should be impeached for naming himself after an insect. Mitt Romney should be pre-emptively impeached for wanting an elevator for his cars. Ann Romney should be impeached for saying, "... We love you women!" Paul Ryan should be impeached for bringing eternal shame to America with his unpatrioticly slow marathon time. George Bush should be post-emptively impeached for not being able to pronouce big words. Bill O-Reilly should be impeached for pretending that he's Irish, when clearly he is from China. Ann Coulter should be impeached for not eating enough nuclear waste to give her skin that nice, healthy, green glow. And all the rest of the republicans should be impeached for getting manicures.

Thom Hartmann should be impeached for having common sense- we should not tolerate common sense in political common taters. I should be impeached for writing this. And you should be impeached for reading it!

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Gregory Wonderwheel 11 years 37 weeks ago

As a radical progressive, I believe the president should be impeached, but not for this cockamamie reason of the Benghazi attacks. Obama should be impeached for all his unconstitutional activities such as not prosecuting the torturers, drone attacks on civilians, assassinations and kill lists as foreign policy, condoning breaches of civil liberties in the NDAA, etc.

Check out John Cusack's interview at

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Gregory Wonderwheel 11 years 37 weeks ago

Democrats will never come out with the real refutation of Republicans because the Democrats are playing the game of two-party hegemony over the political landscape where they are quite happy to have the whole political discussion be about the tug of war (WITH Republicans as their necessary partners) over social issues, while the Feudal Corporate Lords maintain their control over the financial and economic systems by controlling both parties. This is nowhere made clearer than the control of our presidential debates using the PRIVATE CORPORATION called the Commission on Presidential Debates that is wholly controlled by the Republicans and Democrats and used to prevent other political parties from having an even playing field for participating in our nation's single most important political debate. When are we the PEOPLE going to demand to have our presidential debates back in the public domain instead of under the control by a private corporation that dances to the tune of the two parties that control it?

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historywriter 11 years 37 weeks ago

You are so right. Don't worry. In the unlikely event Romney is elected, all people who are knowledgeable and common sensical will be impeached. Don't forget all the scientists. And everyone who sees no reason same-sex couples shouldn't get married.

We'll all go, but I don't think it will make a big dent in the population.

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historywriter 11 years 37 weeks ago

Is that dialect meant to be funny? Or just offensive? At least what you write connects admirably with your "views"--if anyone can figure out what you are trying to say..

Try not to be a racist jerk. When you feel that you are overcome with this desire to use unfunny racism (racism is NEVER funny), pull yourself together , breathe deeply, and discipline yourself. Tell that alter ego -- or whatever it is -- to shut up.

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Johnnie Dorman 11 years 37 weeks ago

I went to Hope high school in Hope, Arkansas, from 1969 to 1973. A couple of times, Mike Huckabee dropped by his old high school, there in Hope, and I remember sitting in his car with some friends. One of the guys in the car asked Huckabee why he always listened to political programs on his car radio instead of music. Huckabee then said, "I like to keep up with what's going on in politics and the country." Seemed to me that he liked politics for the game, rather than for serving the people.

These right wingers are nothing but gamers of the American system of politics, and for that, they bring this country much shame, conflict and hardship for all of its citizens. They use everything from religion to lie filled propaganda as their game tools, but many are sick and tired of their games and putting up with so many Americans that they brainwash and send out like zombies to attack the rights of anyone that objects to them. Miserable male domination freaks like Todd Akins are what I'm talking about, and what we seek is freedom from their type of tyranny over anyone that isn't a far right wing, corporation worshipping, theocratic Neo-Confederate throwback.

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Karl Smiley 11 years 37 weeks ago


I don't believe it was "cautious" for the administration to at first come out blaming what happened in Benghazi on a demonstration that got out of control. I turned out that there was no demonstration at all in Benghazi. Cautious would have been to refrain from speculation until they had some facts.

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ken ware 11 years 37 weeks ago

U.S. Citizen's picture
U.S. Citizen 11 years 37 weeks ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they try it. The Clinton impeachment was a joke and this is another instance of Repub hypocrisy and where they blame the Dems for the very things they do. Nevertheless, Obama should probably be impeached. I agree with Gregory Wonderwheel as to the reasons. Altho, I think Benghazi may also be a reason. Bush should have been impeached and so should Obama. Nevertheless, I'd prefer that Obama not be impeached. In fact, Lyndon Johnson, Bush 1 & 2 and Obama are probably all war criminals.

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Willie W 11 years 37 weeks ago

How quickly they forget about Iraq, Enron, etc. Don't the Republicans realize that they too have a performance record? Or should I say "Reckless Performance."

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PLSzymeczek 11 years 37 weeks ago

You meant Mike Huckabee, not John, right?

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dowdotica 11 years 37 weeks ago


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dowdotica 11 years 37 weeks ago

funny. nothing racist 'bout it at all. matter of fact if i was a practicing actor and was cast tomorrow to play a white 67 year old mississippi bluesman that never got farther then 4th grade? thats pretty close to how i'd do the bit. I come from a very mixed 70s upbringing in my hood? You'd be amazed, truly, at how some people talked. pretty sad actually because our education system spills out even more and more young people who are incabable or choose not to articulate with any sense of intelligence. it has absolutely nothing to do with skin color!! just go to a subway "sangwich" shop some time and order a "sangwich" and listen to the way the young person preping your "sangwich" talks. that very word "sangwich' its annoying, huh?

John Lowry 11 years 37 weeks ago

Yes, the Rs have shown they will do whatever is nccessary to accomplish their goals.

We need to reclaim our money (Nationalize the Fed) to heal this rift.

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megalomaniac 11 years 37 weeks ago

From my view, Huckabee is Lucifer’s other commander of terror. America has finally found itself in the uncharted worlds called the right wing dimension; part of the Persian Islamic Empire fixed on the premise that Americans are infidels and should be banished from the earth.

America is on the shores of a special place, bitterer than the hell typically characterized in the bible. That old King James hell is sweet compared to this Persian stuff. A reign of terror delivered with endless sleigh bells, magic moments, gifts that always give, with a pocket full of Wahhabi money, or endless fear with waterboarding to know the truth, which way to war for the religious right.

Anyone who knows, or is experiencing today’s Fox News should beware. The News Corporation half owned by Richard Murdock, the other half by the Arab Wahhabi family. One of the seven families that rule Arabia oil. The Bin Laden family being one of the most powerful. It should have been expressed by the media a long time ago that Bush and Company has been closely connected to this money profiteering affair for decades. Making money through war profiteering is treason. Though a huge political struggle because America has not experienced such condemnation or conviction to a whole political party or family to record in history of prosecuting its leadership. A huge international embarrassment. One that will likely have to happen for America will never have a golden age because of this continued charade of hiding crime, torture, and swindling.

The media may well be on that verge of doing just that. That alone is enough to exempt Obama from impeachment. Worse, can one imagine the struggle publically? All know the media has lied too, so much so in unholy ways, ways that demand public apologies, resignations, and treason charges with convictions of America’s media itself. The lies are a proof of no ethics, no ethics, no laws, there by a dysfunctional government. The Goal of the Wahhabi.

The ideal must be stated out right! What exactly is the impeachment statement? What does it say? Of course not enough protection ? Form my view those massive data files given by Private Bradley Edward Manning given to Wiki leaks could very damaging in the sense it exposes that Bush administration with what is exactly what is happening in Afghanistan likely was happening in Iraq for years…

But look at Afghanistan, for almost a decade America has trained and trusted locals. Then with intentional timing turn on our Americans to kill our solders one by one or in small groups. Then even a shorter war, in Egypt actually a civil war one active with money from any ware, considering Al Qaeda, and friendlies mixed in the population anyone could have turned on anyone. But in Iraq America trained up locals. This begs the question did trained Iraqi forces kill Americans in the one or two’s or by groups? Did locally trained Iraqi’s intentionally turn on Americans, was there a cover up?

Then a whole new game.

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chuckle8 11 years 37 weeks ago

Since this is the tactic of the right, you really need to prove your radical progressiveness.

R.A. Stewart's picture
R.A. Stewart 11 years 37 weeks ago

We start with the premise--and this is a sad commentary on what the Republican Party has become--that the decision will be strictly based on political benefit or liability. Whether it is right or wrong to impeach, or whether or not there are legitimate grounds, will not enter the picture at all.

If the Republicans not only hold the House but get a two-thirds majority in the Senate, the temptation will be strong, and I won't be surprised if they go through with it. The only thing that might hold them back would be the possibility of political backlash, but I don't know how worried today's Republicans are, or indeed need to be, about that. After all, we're talking about the same electorate that gave them back the House and effective veto power in the Senate less than two years after they dragged the country to a second Great Depression.

But if I had to make a prediction, I'd say it won't come to that, not in the next two years anyway. I do expect Republicans to expand their House majority and retake the Senate, but probably not with a supermajority, not yet in this election. And this would be one vote that I don't think any Democrats would cross the aisle on. In this scenario, I think Republicans might actually find it useful for Obama to serve his second term as a President powerless to do anything much beyond vetoing some of the worst legislation to cross his desk. They could then blame him, and by extension all Democrats, for all the stagnation and disaster of those four years, and unfortunately the corporate media and most Americans will buy that story.

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