Romney Writes Off His Own Electorate...

The Mitt Romney campaign is still in crisis after a leaked video showed Romney deriding 47% of Americans who he claims are victims who don’t pay taxes, and who are dependent upon government for everything. Romney argued that he doesn’t need to worry about these people – and they represent the President’s base.

But a new study by the Tax Foundation shows that those Americans Romney was referring to who don’t pay federal income taxes aren’t from Blue states – they’re mostly from Red states. The top ten states with the highest percentage of residents who pay no federal income taxes are all in the South, plus Idaho. And each one of those states – with the exception of Florida – has consistently voted for Republicans.

Mitt Romney may have thought he was writing off President Obama’s electorate – but in reality, he was writing off his own.

Unfortunately, Republicans have used racist dog-whistle politics in the South since Nixon to convince tens of millions of Americans to vote against their best interests. And they’re trying to do the same thing today to convince poor, southern Americans that priority number one is to get the black President out of the White House.


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ken ware 11 years 39 weeks ago

Reprint : After watching Thom Hartmann's show and hearing Mitt Romney speak of the 47% who are dependent on the government for their needs, I am sure of one thing, Romney and Ryan need to be politically destroyed on Election Day. I have been skeptical about many things I have read and heard both on R. T. and on the various programs that talk about the politicians and their motivations. I really think there is a conspiracy to destroy the middle class and poor of America and turn us all into worker drones for the benefit of the wealthy. I support the Green Party and their agenda and have my doubts about Obama and his intentions, given the fact that he is promoting the TPP agreement for free trade that will destroy American based jobs. But, too allow Mitt Romney and the right wingers to win in Nov. by pulling votes away from Obama, will be the last straw that destroys the camel’s back. That back being the workers of America, both blue and white collar workers that keep this country strong and instill the right ethics in our children. To allow these scoundrels to win, would essentially be to give our children's and our grandchildren's future away to the unethical 1 percenters. It is time we declared War on these ruthless people and take back America at any cost. It appears his (Romney) contempt for the middle class and poor envelopes all manner of working people from our teachers, steel workers, policemen, grocers, tradesmen of all types to our brave men and women in the service of our great country in the military. We must unite this election year to make sure this man is destroyed politically in the polling place. Take your place in the polling booth to defeat this enemy of the working class and show the 1 percenters they cannot buy our country. Stop the Fascists from stealing our country in Nov. and get the vote out to defeat these people once and for all. Long live the Republic and long live Democracy in America.

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Rboisvert7 11 years 39 weeks ago

Please check out Green Party POTUS candidate Jill Stein @ Or go to to see which presidential best matches your values.

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chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

Is this your rebuttal to reply #2? If it is, I suggest you read reply #2 several times and realize we do not have instant runoff voting..

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rgjnews 11 years 39 weeks ago

i assumed that the 47% are legally not required to pay federal income tax. was it not mitt romney who stated that it would be un-american if he were to pay one dollar more in taxes than he was legally required to,

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Darrol 11 years 39 weeks ago

He Is Standing For President - You Would Assume Of 100% Of Americans, Not 53%. The Only Way The republicans Can Comeback From The #RomneyShambles Campaign Is To Tape Mitts Mouth Up Till 6th. Nov.

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js121 11 years 39 weeks ago

The "New Right" of Paul Weyrich subscribes to a Theocratic/Oligarchic form of gov't. After 40 yrs of infiltrating our Democratic Republic, they are in total control. Even if we get Obama re-elected, it will take YEARS to undo all the damaging bills pushed through in the New Right states. Read up on Paul Weyrich in wikipedia,,, you have any regard for Democracy, you will research and understand that there is little we can do anymore. Unless we can "cleanse" this country of them?? As for Romney who was to be "crowned" so they could use his 10-digits to sign whatever they put in front of him - he's nothing but a laugh. Absolutely, no credibiility, no class!! You can be a billionaire; but, you can't buy class!!

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KassandraTroy 11 years 39 weeks ago

"Has he shot himself in the foot"Maybe another part of his body, but my answer is YEP

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dowdotica 11 years 39 weeks ago

thats the 47% that get to take "full" advantage of the tax system. What the news articles fail to point out is the number of high income earners that don't pay tax as well! it's all a poor person thing the way it is being exploited. The tax system favors not just the low income earners but also the rich as we the worker bees pulling just straight w-2s and not enough deductions to score any of the funny money are carrying the load of the country. give you an example: i ran some tests on a schedule A tweaking 2 grey areas, that in the near future I'm sure auditors will begin to really scrutinize, of the form. with just minor tweaking i was able to increase the refund by $750. now quantify that by 100 million returns filed. It boggles the mind. we have become such an anti tax society that it would not surprise me one bit if 25% of the 47% were not tweakers! get it? And don't even get me going on the Schedule C and E filers. once again the IRS estimates 400-500 billion a year in lost revenue all to cheating. Get 7,000,000 people back to work and fix the tax code? we're half way home! But make dam sure its not romnuts at the wheel or for sure we will crash and burn!!! my presidential wish? for 10 years put a limitation on mortgage deduction, get rid of the earned income tax credit, increase cap gain tax to 25%, disallow capital loss carryover (if you go to vegas to gamble and lose what do you come home with?), put the SS tax for employees back to 6.2%, establish a nation wide 3 cent, yes cent, additional sales tax (i have all these pennies that keep ending up in a big pickle jar!), and for now finally, establish a stock trading transaction tax on every peice of paper that moves through the market!!!! MAn what a mountain of money that would create. oh and one last thing? i want an executive order pushed through the day after the election allowing prisoners of the banks (folks with mortgages) to be able to tap up to 50% of retirement funds to pay off homes with only 5% tax and no penalty. See even in that i am willing to pay some tax only 'cuz i did not pay any when i put it in and got nothing when they ripped us off!. Its the folk like my wife at 50 and looking to the 60 that are sick of nothing being done for us!!!! Come on Barrack give me a hook up dude! SERIOUSLY!

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dowdotica 11 years 39 weeks ago

oh my bad the 3 cent sales tax? its just a transaction tax. just 3 little pennies for every cash register ring. you know those infomercials about feeding a kid for 3 cents a day? Get it? now that i think about it? i wonder if maybe we should make it a nickle and call it the feed the poor tax and do away with welfare? I'd actually have to sit down and run some numbers first....

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skitrooper 11 years 39 weeks ago

We've all seen politicians shoot themselves in the foot before, but this is the first time I've seen one shoot himself in the head!

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Kend 11 years 39 weeks ago

Are you all forgetting that those mostly republican 1% pay 38% of the federal bills and the top 10% pay 70% of the fed bills. What would you do if the top 10% made a wealthy people union and went on strike. The way you Dems talk you would all starve to dead. You do know the only pay taxes if they make a profit. If you tax to much they don't invest, and there is nothing to tax.
Romney only said anyone on dependent on the government will vote Dem as they are the best at giving hard working tax payers money away. Just look at the hundreds of billions of dollars they wasted on solar, wind and electric car projects. None of them will survive with out being highly subsidized and they green house gases havn't reduced at all.

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Palindromedary 11 years 39 weeks ago

Rboisvert7: Good web site. I scored 86% for Jill Stein, 66% for Obama, and 36% for Romney.

I believe if the people vote for Obama they are just throwing away their votes. And if Romney wins, we can blame that on those who voted for Obama.

I'm glad that Thom had Jill Stein on today.

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Wendalore 11 years 39 weeks ago

Your words:

"47% of Americans who he claims are victims who don't pay taxes, and who are dependent upon government for everything. "

I wrote you a long message and it got deleted. I was trying to copy it and boom, it disappeared and I couldn't get it back. I will repeat only a couple of parta of that "great" message. It said that you need to focus on the comtempt Romney has for the 47%. He didn't say that the 47% are dependent on the government, he said that the 47% believe they "deserve to be dependent" on the government for everything. He didn't say they ARE victims, he said that they SEE THEMSELVES as victims."

Big difference. Also Obama missed that point in a different way. Obama is saying that Romney said he doesn't want to govern those 47%. No, Rmoney only said he knows they aren't going to vote for him. It's the contempt for the 47%, as well as the ignorance regarding just WHO makes up that 47%. As you say, Southerners. Working poor with a lot of kids. Some of the elderly. Some members of the military...

The other thing I suggested was... please don't interrupt people so much. It makes it hard for me to learn, when I can't hear the other guy's POV. Plus, it makes you sound a bit hysterical, at times. Especially with guests you don't agree with. I get yelling at the radio, "Don't interrupt!"

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Wendalore 11 years 39 weeks ago


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HalFonts 11 years 39 weeks ago

Few have talked much about the 1%-ers in the 47% who pay no taxes. What's the chance that (on one of the tax-returns he's not showing us) Romney is part of the 47% -- A freeloader who assumes he's "entitled and a victim of government taxation"? -- Ya think?

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 39 weeks ago

Willard was just repeating the same old line of crap I've been hearing from Teabaggers, "Ryan's base," for the last couple years...the rich pay most of the tax while 47% sit around collecting out of control entitlements. Of course the rich get all whip-silly when they hear this because it helps justify their anti-tax greed.

Why 47%ers like the Teabaggers think billionaires like the Kochs need their help with deregulation and tax evasion is beyond fact I've actually asked many that very question and get the same delayed response, something like,.... aaaaaahhh, we need to shrink government and the debt is too high! And I always ask, do you think benefiting the wealthy by shrinking revenue collection even more, is the answer? By then, I've lost them!

I think much of Romney's red state base probably is all screwed up on racism, so it's gonna take a lot to get them to vote for their own best interests. Maybe if Romney confesses that he's a gay, gun hating, atheist, some might just stay home on election day.

roger r's picture
roger r 11 years 39 weeks ago

"Has he shot himself in the foot?"

"No" I am sorry to say. Because Obama and the DNC ignored the Citizens United issue and consequent US and Overseas SuperPac power. They seemed to have taken the selfseeking option of letting it ride so that they can continue to control "access to the piggy-trough" for "their chosen team". They have shot themselves in the foot (and the rest of us.) Election fraud percentage will be far higher than the margin between candidates.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 39 weeks ago

Romney's honest sentiment about the 47% along with his refusal to release tax returns are both big, but I still think if voters become aware of Ryan's budget plan and the fact that house republicans have passed it twice......... this will be the final nail in their coffin!

michaelb44's picture
michaelb44 11 years 39 weeks ago

Yes, I agree he shot himself, but not in the foot.

Leafar 11 years 39 weeks ago

Since Nixon is mentioned, and now 47% is destined to become a talking point, check out this political ad from 1972. Uncanny!

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chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

Don't forget the charitalbe deduction. This is the deduction billionaires use when they give money to Karl Rove to defeat Obama.

My favorite tax target is accelerated depreciation. I think that is the key loophole the rich use to pay no taxes. It is the loophole the McCourts (ex-owners of the LA Ddodgers) used to avoid paying any taxes on 58 million of income.

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chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

I like Abraham Lincoln's income tax to pay for the war. 100% was paid by the top 1%.

Solar, wind and electric cars have significantly lowered green house gases; just not nearly enough.

If we would quit subsidizing petro and charge the true price of gasoline, which should be $15, alternative energy would take off so fast it would make you dizzy.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

Did you see the replay of one the republican debates in which he said he paid no income tax? That is, because he make his money on capital gains.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

Why do you say Obama and the DNC have ignored the Citizens United Issue?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

We believe that a whole bunch of the 47%ers are going to vote for Romney.

BMetcalfe's picture
BMetcalfe 11 years 39 weeks ago

I am in the percentage who resides in the 47% Mitt has "Written off..."

Let me tell you something about us - my partner and me. I worked VERY hard all alone, for 25 years, unti I was injured on the job, working for one of the most pretigius univertisities in Amerca. I was injured on-the-job, and for 7 long years I fought in a lawsuit against the university to get them to cover necessary surgery on my injured hand to restore it to working viability (after I was forced to quit, because I could no longer type 120 w.p.m). In the meanshile, I had to find lesser payng jobs due to my inability to type to standard requirements.

I worked for another 7 years, carrying heavy boxes of paper, in high-heels (a requirement on the job) up two flight of stairs, three times a week, because I was then considered a "grunt" office assistant instead of a Professor's Administrative Assistant. The shoes and the 50# boxes further injured my aleady injured hand, and hurt my back, as well. (I weighed only 90 pounds) I ended up having to settle for $7,500.00 - 1/3 of the pay I would have earned per year - when I was injured at the university.

In 1992 i formally "retired" - married by 8-year boyfriend - and never filed for Federal, long-term Disability benefits. My husband then paid for my needs from that point on, until 2011, when I was finally eligible for Medicare. He now pays for my supplemental Medicare coverage, AND, all the expensive $900+ co-pays, not covered by anyone or any government programs! He also covers my eye needs and my dental needs - NONE are covered by Medicare or my supplemental policy.

I have not filed for Social Security, because if I live past 70, I won't need it until then, unless my husband dies -prior to another 4 years from now. I paid into State, Federal, local and purchases taxes all this time.

I am one Mitt Romney considers "those of the 47% who are on the "dole." That's a terrible insult to me, and every woman or man who has worked hard to make a living.

Had I been wiling to vote for a Republican, I would have changed my vote to Democrat, by now.

For YEARS (after my first husband threatened to kil me and our son if I voted Democrat against Nixon) I didn't vote for 20 years. Then, when I heard Clinton Speak, I knew he was the right man for the job - regardless of his alleged infidelities) because he WAS the right man for the Presidency.

The GOP who ran for Office since then were NOT the right people for the job, and Al Gore's election was definitely STOLEN from him for GWB. So, we endured 8 years of absolute financial rape (sorry, but that term is the only one that truly fits what was done to all American Taxpayers!) from the GOP, for 2 wars we didn't need to have. If GWB had been "smart" he could have used the Seals to take out Bin Laden long before 2011; but he didn't think that was important, after he went into Iraq to avenge the threat Sadam had made against his father. Bush "didn't think about Bin Laden much, anymore" after he allowed Laden to escape from Bora-Bora).

I was disenchanted with the GOP long before GWB was elected. I am now inflamed that after all the years I worked, and all the money the IRS confiscated from me to collect for the indecretions of my first husband, a full 7 years after I'd divorced him and he'd re-married and had children by his next wife who was also thief ) - (I'd signed a Quit-Claim Deed for any and all interest in the busniess we'd begun together in 1978, when our divorce was finalized in 1980; yet the IRS held ME accountable, DESPITE my divorce papers that exhonorated me from any further debt from the marriage and business! The IRS garnished MY wages, anyway, for 3 years - until I finally found an ACLU attorney who managed to get the IRS to stop garnishing my meager wages for a debt I clearly didn't owe!).

After all those dollars I paid into the system - taxes I did owe, and those for which I had no legal need to have to pay! - now Romney wants to call me a moocher who wants "free things" because I collect Medicare??! And since I have NO INCOME, I'm on the dole?!! Oh, well, excuse me! He's so out-of-touch with what REAL, hard-working Republicans & Democrats do to be honest, and then collect what we've paid into for years... Romney doesn't ever deserve to hold any kind of Office representing the people of the country. He's an elisist who cannot relate to anyone who's not as rich as he is!

Romney is the TRUE PARASITE... And if he doesn't reveal his tax returns to the rest of American voters, he doesn't deserve a second thought in this Presidency, or any other run for Office. He's a rich moron, who lives in his bubble of other rich people. He's already written off working for the 47%, and sadly, what a lot of Republicans haven't come to grips with, yet, is that most of them are brothers and sisters in the 47% I currently fit.

WAKE UP, Americans! Vote for the one person who DOES know what it's like to work hard and gain prosperity. And it's certainly NOT Mitt Romney; it's Barack Obama.

Idaglia's picture
Idaglia 11 years 39 weeks ago


My index finger has been dyed royal blue and will be clicking across the board for an all blue faction in the Executive and Legislative branches.

Its time-out for the republicans so they can meditate over what it means to hold the 'united' in the palms of their hands, assess their christian values in light of exemplary virtuous living, and truly attempt to understand the nature of synergy which cannot be bought.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 39 weeks ago

Subsidizing ? you do know a third or more of the price at the pump is taxes bringing in billions of revenue for governments. I do agree there is way to many breaks for large corporations. But green energy projects are so overly subsidized without government no one would do them look at the Chevrolet Volt Feds give a $7,500 rebate and they still can't sell them

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 11 years 39 weeks ago

funny that was one of the ones i was tweaking in my test!

fbacher's picture
fbacher 11 years 39 weeks ago

Objectivist Physicians would tell you to "heal thyself, fatso." Would Romney go to an objectivist for medical treatment, or to one of those who would support him while he was weak?

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 11 years 39 weeks ago

If gas was $15 a gallon, the chevy volt would sell well. I want another $10 per gallon of tax to pay for the navy that defends the shipping lanes, to help clean up the environment that petros are destroying, and to pay for the medical expenses of the people living in all the petro cancer alleys.

nora's picture
nora 11 years 39 weeks ago

The Authoritarian Types need a scapegoat to get energized in politics.

Let us remember that there is no such thing as "racial purity" at all -- and especially NOT in our southern states where "white" slaveholders raped their slaves as part of their slaver entitlements. But the insanity of white supremacy, and using it via the code Nixon applied, was still effective for rallying southern so-called 'white' Authoritarian Types.

Now we see Romney creating a new scapegoat -- freeloaders/leeches/entitlementers -- and will it matter if the Authoritarian Types themselves are collecting SocSec pension, SSDI, Medicaid, foodstamps, or other assistance? I don't think so, because each red stater will find someone to scapegoat who more poverty-stricken than himself!

It's the Authoritarian Types' NEED for the OTHER to bully that triggers this process. Now that Romney has given them their scapegoat, it's a self-starter.

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