Across 18 States, 25 Americans Are Dead And Another 344 Sickened By A Growing Meningitis Outbreak

And Mitt Romney might be responsible. As Craig Unger at Salon reports this week, the pharmaceutical company that’s responsible for the outbreak, Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Company, was cited for numerous violations in 2004 while Mitt Romney was Governor. However, his administration did nothing to punish the company or place more regulations on it. Records show that that between 2003 and 2006 – there were six complaints against the New England Compounding Company, yet the Romney administration did not crack down on the company, and instead signed an agreement allowing the company to regulate itself in the future.

It should be noted that New England Compounding Company is a big political donor to both Mitt Romney and Republican Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts. But as a result of their “self-regulation” order by Romney – 25 Americans are now dead. As an attorney representing the victims argues, “It goes all the way up to Mitt Romney…When the person who is supposed to be in charge of oversight does not believe oversight is necessary, this is what happens.” This is why a Romney presidency is so dangerous to America.

The safety of our air, water, food, medicine is in jeopardy thanks to government regulation that Mitt Romney wants to get rid of. We know what happens when we try to let capitalism regulate itself: economics crash and lives are ruined.


ScottFromOz 10 years 13 weeks ago

Ahhh, so THAT'S what they mean by "free" trade. The freedom to irresponsibly play with peoples' lives as long as there's a profit in it.

akunard's picture
akunard 10 years 13 weeks ago

How long has Dem. Governer Deval Patrick been in office?

delster's picture
delster 10 years 13 weeks ago

when will polaticians become the new untouchables in the US ? There really needs to be a hands off policy from lobbyistsm and special interests groups. Needs to be campagne contribution limits. Temptation to dispense favors to these resources are just too great for any and all public officials. This needs to become law punishable by law.

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 10 years 13 weeks ago

My only concern in all this, is that Mitt Romney is ok. Because you know, he is very much like another really nice guy whose corporation- BP/British Petroleum- negligently murdered eleven people and dumped untold amounts of toxic oil and even more toxic cleanup chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico and withheld settlement funds until lots of his victims had gone bankrupt or had their boats repossessed. I mean, Mitt doesn't care about any of that stuff, he just wants his life back, and your heart just has to go out to a guy like that. I say, old bean, let's take up a collection, let's have everyone whose family has been decimated by Mitt Romney, send him money, so he can build that nice car elevator in his house. I know that would make him smile, and he has a smile that would freeze the fur off a wolverine.

I mean, come on, be nice, play fair, let Mitt become president so he can ruin the rest of America and so he can do everything in his power to ruin the rest of the world, too. Is that too much to ask, to just let this nice guy ruin the world? I mean, be considerate: this is not very easy for Mitt, what with not being particularly smart and having all the social grace of a drunken one-legged rooster at a cat's birthday party. At least promise me that you'll consider voting for Mitt.

I personally find it reassuring to know that the Mormon church stands 100% behind Mitt no matter how many people his company murders and how many tens of thousands of people whose lives he ruins, because you know, it's hard on a vulture capitalist when the peasants finally start to realize that in the rare moments when he considers them, his only thought is, "Gee, hurting these people is like dynamiting fish in a barrel," and well, it's just comforting to know that as long as Mitt keeps giving the mormon church that all-important percentage of his income, he's still assured of going to heaven. (IF he is wearing that magic underwear.) Besides, it's not like those people whose lives he ruined, were Mormons. Although I'm sure that if it was the only way he could get more money, he would personally throw every Mormon under the bus. Well, he wouldn't do it personally, he would pay someone to do it, but come on, don't pick nits, it's basically the same as if he had done it himself.

Which brings me to my next point: sure, I like the idea of voting for Mitt, but how do I know he's really a Mormon? I know, sure, he says he's one and they say he's one, but how can we be sure? I'll tell you how we can be sure. Mitt must moon the press. He has to drop trou and prove that he's wearing that magic, magical underwear! And it needs to be a photo op, because I for one will not take anyone's word that they saw that superglued necrotic Faustian underwear.

So come on, Mitt, you do this one thing for us, and we'll respect you for it. And more importantly, you can save all the rest of your campaign funds to spend on a 23,000 square foot walk-in closet for your wife's leather clothing.

Johnnie Dorman's picture
Johnnie Dorman 10 years 13 weeks ago

"Corporations self regulating?" That's like letting the fox regulate how many chickens he eats in a day.

buckhorn4 10 years 13 weeks ago

Romney's opinion on regulations as demonstratedhere is further confirmed by his answer to a question on freshwater: see page 68 of Nov. 2012 issue of Scientific American (article titled "America's Science Problem").

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 10 years 13 weeks ago

Self regulated capitalism! This economic model worked out well for a very small few in medieval Europe but obviously not so well for the 99.9%. With wisdom and revolution much of humanity moved beyond this ugly and BRUTISH time. Romney armed with his Ryan feudalization plan would quickly lead us back to the dark ages, but only if "We the People," allow it to happen next week.

Democracy is about fairness and a level playing field and this is not achievable without puposeful GOVERNMENT REGULATION.........laws that temper the greed of those unable to control it themselves.

Unrelated matter, but just curious, I didn't receive Thom's newsletter for a few days and wondered if the storm played a role?

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 10 years 13 weeks ago

The Pirates of the Caribbean are meeting now in the Canary Islands.

George Bush is a key speaker. Or, one of the Lords of the so called free market. So, Romney is not the only one who has an interest in the tax haven Canary Island so powerful attendance is mandatory.

This begs the question does the Bush family have Canary Island accounts?

When Jeb Bush claims that it’s time to stop blaming his brother for the screw ups in the economy because it was not only George’s fault. For me I agree, for it was the whole dam family all the back to Prescott Bush in defiant and in treason ways financing the Nazi party, too include back door deals with the richest Arab oil people America, the Bin Laden Wahhabi that want Americans wiped off the earth becuase we are infidels. This definitely is a culture algorithm that does not resonate with our Constitution. For America will never have a golden age, but it can if a complete confession to the public, and ask America for forgiveness in the criminal folly, greed, and profiteering thats been going on by this Bush administration.

Or, lets pull a CEO Welsh and raise the question; did Bush and, or Cheney have Canary Island accounts all along. Now the media, sputtering, must have to release suppressed facts for decades. America, now is preparing to indulge a prosecutorial media fire fight that has a huge concern of political and business citizens with secret accounts all over the world, with the Bush family economic ties to the Bin Laden family oil money. All those sounds have been canned for decades but hurricane sandy very well has fracture the secret system for the Caribbean Canary Island pirates of profiteering.

From my view Thom and Louise Hartmann, are very good patriots to expose what has been going on in the criminal politics of modern America. I salute you both and pray for you to continue the efforts to bring justice by encouraging the electorate to put those in offices that will serve and protect the Constitution and make it better for the future. God bless us all and hope Obama will win.

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