In Last Night’s Presidential Debate...

Mitt Romney told 31 lies and half-truths during just 41 minutes of speaking time. That’s according to a report out this morning from the Center for American Progress. Romney managed to beat his previous mark of telling 27 lies and half-truths during the first debate – which he won. The only difference this time though…President Obama called out those lies. Unlike the first debate, President Obama took the fight to Mitt Romney – successfully painting Romney as an out-of-touch corporate plutocrat who made a living “harvesting” American businesses and selling U.S. jobs off to China.

According to three snap polls after the debate – one from CBS News, one from CNN, and one from PPP – President Obama was the unanimous winner Tuesday night. The President blasted Romney’s so-called 5-point economic plan, calling it a one-point plan aimed at giving the super wealthy more tax breaks. Also unlike the first debate, the President tied Mitt Romney to those now infamous 47% comments – and tied Romney to former President George W. Bush.

And in one of the more tense moments of the debate, Romney was caught in a lie when he accused the President of not calling the attacks in Libya an act of terrorism the day after they occurred. President Obama did actually refer to the attacks as terrorism and debate moderator Candy Crowley immediately fact-checked Romney. President Obama looked Presidential last night and did what he needed to do to take back control of this race.

Still, voters have lost out. With two debates down, there’s been no talk about global climate change, drone warfare, domestic surveillance, and corporate corruption of our government. These are the big issues facing our nation and the world – and they deserve top billing in these debates.


hb091666's picture
hb091666 11 years 36 weeks ago

One thing he said that wasn't a lie: "I will not grant amnesty to those who have come here illegally...The kids of those that came here illegally, those kids, I think, should have a pathway to become a permanent resident of the United States and military service, for instance, is one way they would have that kind of pathway to become a permanent resident."

OK, so deport the parents and make the kids serve in the military (wars) if they want to become permanent residents. Notice, he doesn't say pathway to citizenship and he doesn't list an alternative to military service as a pathway to becoming a permanent resident. Very devious. Do permanent residents also get to vote, or is that only a right of US citizens? I think we know Mitt's answer to that question.

mathboy's picture
mathboy 11 years 36 weeks ago

What's worse about the "issue" of calling the attack on the Banghazi consulate a terrorist attack is that Romney asked Obama to confim that he called it a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, but two sentences later claims that Obama waited two weeks to call it a terrorist attack. He can't keep his story straight for 30 seconds!

There's also a trap I saw coming back in the Republican primaries, but I didn't think Romney would be stupid enough to step in it. Romney has an ad in which he explains how he'll create 12 million jobs as President, but in the debate he said "government doesn't create jobs".

Global's picture
Global 11 years 36 weeks ago

Take off your Obama goggles off for a minute and listen to what Romney said over and over -- his administration will make it a top priority to develope policies that encourage small businesses to thrive. That is the engine for job creation. Sounds pretty straight forward to me. And as for the Benghazi tragedy I dont think Obama wants to get into a debate about how that went down, that would surely be his soft under belly. But, I look for this to be big time fodder for Romney in the next debate.

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drvalart 11 years 36 weeks ago

I wasn't able to listen to the whole program today but I'm wondering if anyone else thinks that Romney's comment about single mothers being responsible for gun violence was another dog whistle since Obama was raised by a single mother and he's BLACK.

Schmice's picture
Schmice 11 years 36 weeks ago

You are absolutely right about his "government doesn'tcreate jobs" statement. I wish Baracko had pointed this out.

Schmice's picture
Schmice 11 years 36 weeks ago

This old dog must have been deaf last night. It went over my head. Thank you for pointing that out.

dowdotica's picture
dowdotica 11 years 36 weeks ago

for what little inteligence is left in America i hope that all the people that crwaled out from under their rocks at least have enough insight to be able to read lying eyes!lolol also? i would still love for a speech pathologist to test mitten's voice. i can just hear the "quaver" or the slight frequency changes as he tries to be Americas next best salesman!! personaly? i yelled like it was super bowl, Obama slamming it over and over agin into the inzone!!! my right wing associate that likes to argue with me about obama however said if he gets reelected they will leave the country. i said, 'please do, while your at it it? take all y'all other mis informed boobs with you and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Oh by the way? what country really wants Americas lunatic fringe anyway?"lolol can't wait 'til monday night when the real mopping up comes along...

d.o.'s picture
d.o. 11 years 36 weeks ago

Climate change? Why on Earth would they talk about that! The question actually was in the staged mix but CNN's Candy said "I had that question for all of you climate change people. We just, you know, again, we knew that the economy was still the main thing so you knew you kind of wanted to go with the economy."

So there, you climate change people, it's not like we're ignoring you or anything! (Jeeze, everyone thinks there issue is the most important)

Lindawyeth 11 years 36 weeks ago

That was a great "catch" about Romney not talking about a pathway to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants, but rather a pathway to permanent residency! And I just can't imagine any woman voting for Wilbur. FaceBook is just brimming over with jokes and graphics related to his comments about women after the question about equal pay (which, of course, he didn't address). Oh my goodness, those "binders full of women"! And his comments about letting a staff member have flexible hours so she could go home and cook dinner for her family -- and the not-so-subtle jab at single women regarding gun control and the importance of marriage and two-parent families in preventing gun violence.

Schmice's picture
Schmice 11 years 36 weeks ago

Tom is absolutely right when he says that business won't improve nor will there be more hires unless there is a demand. The only way for there to be demand is for people to have jobs which earn money to buy products. If nobody is buying, how can a business even think about expanding?

As for Benghazi, I seem to recall that there were lots of protesters on the streets there and in Cairo and they were all screaming about the video. As a matter of fact, there have been lots of protests in other (Muslim) countries as well where the video has been front and center of the complaints.

yjoseph 11 years 36 weeks ago

I'm glad Obama put Romney in check; he needed to. But I'm not happy. Obama is a center-right Democrat/Republican. He is a corporatist and will surely water down Social Security and Medicare in compromising with the extreme right during the next Congress. As for the debates, they are orchastrated by the two parties and limit the discourse to the mutually agreeable (see Glen Greenwold.)

I used to think this election is a choice between Coke and Pepsi. I now see it in even more narrow terms as choice between high octane Cola (Romney) and the gradual effects of Diet Cola (Obama). While the pace of deteriortion diverges, our demise as a nation is nevertheless assured.

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Kend 11 years 36 weeks ago

I can not believe Americans would even consider giving immigrants or their children who entered the US illegally, breaking the law, citizenship. How stupid was I when I was denied a work perment in the 80's that I just went back to Canada.

Oh by the way "binders full of women" means resumes. I can only speak for Liberals up here but I know they would have a hard time understanding that as most of them never looked for a job in there life.

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rimabg 11 years 36 weeks ago

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd say this, but Thom, I don't agree with you! Drone warfare, climate change, etc are issues we push like crazy AFTER Obama is re-elected. Nobody who is remotely considering voting for Romney gives a rat's patootie about those things. If they did, they'd already be Obama fans.

The issues to bring up now are: Freeport, 47%, car elevators, outsourcing, Lilly Ledbetter, contraception, GM, and Osama Bin Laden.

But most of all, let's address, in advance, how the Right plans to steal Ohio, Florida, and maybe Virginia. Let's say it now, so we can catch them red-handed, and won't be called whiners later because we told everyone it's coming. You KNOW it's coming, right???

Let's win, and THEN lets force Obama and (hopefully) a Democratic Congress to do what needs to be done.

stradric's picture
stradric 11 years 36 weeks ago

there’s been no talk about global climate change, drone warfare, domestic surveillance, and corporate corruption of our government. These are the big issues facing our nation and the world – and they deserve top billing in these debates.

I couldn't agree more. Well said. Corporate corruption of our government accounts for all of those things, so it seems most pressing to me.

Kate Anne's picture
Kate Anne 11 years 36 weeks ago

W. Mitt also brought up Fast & Furious in the "debate" and Barack Obama did not address it.

Today at work CNN was on in the lunch area and I heard a GOP woman talking about how good W. Mitt is with allowing women to flex at work. That is nice, but I don't care how good he is so much with the women who work for him. I care MORE about ALL women getting flex hours and pay equity. And I doubt that W. Mitt is going to go out on a limb for the rest of us.

How many women are going to believe W. Mitt's lies? (And looking at the comment above me, it sounds like "Global" is drinking the Romney koolaide, too.) A lot of people are believing the Citizens United funded PR.

pjgea's picture
pjgea 11 years 36 weeks ago

Romney wants to use the same policies that got us into this mess, the same Republican garbage they've been doing since Regan. The only way to make our economy is to grow the middle class. and tax the rich.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 36 weeks ago

I am glad to see you went back to Canada, we have enough idiot conservatives too screw things up down here as it is. How do you confuse a Canadian conservative? Say something intelligent......

Global's picture
Global 11 years 36 weeks ago

Don't forget to vote on the second Wednesday in November. You have the talking points down brilliantly.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 36 weeks ago

Eat the rich to feed the poor, until the rich are no more............You can replace the word rich with the word,"Republican".

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 36 weeks ago

As long as we have Free Trade Agreements the workers in America are doomed to a life of servitude, and the multi-national corporations will remain in control of our country.....They will continue to buy politicians like Romney and Obama until their is no more wealth in America to plunder.

Global's picture
Global 11 years 36 weeks ago

Yea, yea, steal from the rich so we can give it to the middle class. Put the hate tax on those greedy SOB's and grow the middle class. That will get this economy humming and great job opportunities.

delster's picture
delster 11 years 36 weeks ago

Governments do create jobs, good governments help open the door for sustaiable jobs and not flash in the pan dissapointments. As a small business owner myself I can say with confidence I would much rather vote for a sustainable good paying job for tomorrow than a flash in the pan here today gone tomorrow low paying job today. The most successful period for my small business was during the Clinton years. The year I almost had to file bankrupt was during George Bush. Did pretty bad during his fathers term of office as well. Reagon not much better for small business , but I know it was great for wall street and major defense contractors and oil companies. Lets not forget Enron.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 35 weeks ago

now now be nice Ken, I am not feeling the love..

Maybe you should have a look at what the Canadian Conserative Government has done in the last 4 years. We have the best economy in the world. Even though 70% of our exports are to the US. Our debt has stayed steady at $15,000 per person compared to $51,000 per person in the US. Our banks stayed sound and stable. The only bail outs where the car companies and it had to be done because you did it down there and we have to compete.

Thats kind of intelligent isn't it

HalFonts's picture
HalFonts 11 years 35 weeks ago

"That was a great "catch" about Romney not talking about a pathway to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants, but rather a pathway to permanent residency! "

Randy today got into: We have to parse every word and sylable that Romney says; he's totally into whatever "the meaning of 'is' is." NEVER trust what you hear from that snake-in-the-grass; it's likely not what he actually said. - Beware. Read the fine print.

HalFonts's picture
HalFonts 11 years 35 weeks ago

"Let's address, in advance, how the Right plans to steal Ohio, Florida, and maybe Virginia."

Uhhh -- you mean Democrats , Libruls or Progressives actually planning to address a known problem in advance? Are you kidding? Citizens United was 3-years ago; anybody seen any finance reform other than: both sides hustling fat-cat-Johns and panhandling spare-change on both Left and Right sides of Main Street? Duhhhh There's $2-billion in play. What Problem? -- everybody's gettin paid.

A friend today said beware of uninspected vote-tally contractors, tallying Military Returns -- could be the equivalent of a whole 'nother state. I don't think that is true, because in our state and county, "Military" and "Overseas" Voters are issued early ballots; but otherwise returns are processed same as any other citizen returns. Our paper-ballot, vote-by-mail system is relatively well run and secure.

2950-10K's picture
2950-10K 11 years 35 weeks ago

One of the Fox talking points I constantly hear from the no information voters has to do with Obama's so called out of control spending. In the next debate he needs to come out wearing a t-shirt with a big pie chart image of who truly did most of the spending the last 30 years, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II....keep it simple!

Also it's quite clear and factual that a good MAJORITY want the tax rate to rise on the super rich, with this same MAJORITY being totally against the RYANIZATION of social security and medicare. Ryan's budget plan needs to be used as a weapon against Romney and all of the house Teapublicans up for another term of dis-service to working class america.

In addition I've got news for the tea party members on this blog, the Koch's are drunk with laughter behind your backs at how easy it is was to get a bunch of damn fools to vote themselves into poverty simply by spinning a fairy tale about DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT being the problem and a LAWLESS/FEUDAL society the solution. What in hell are you teabaggers thinking? Your taxes will not decrease by shrinking govt. and paid for social safety net programs. Only the tax bracket in which con- artists like the "Koch's and Romney's reside in, will taxes decrease. Wake up and vote for the party that actually gives a damn about you, the DEMOCRATS.

I agree that climate change is in fact a huge matter, just like the looming Middle East nuclear crisis to be faced the next four years, which is why it's so important to keep a mentally stable person in the White House..... but in my opinion the election hinges upon getting truths like those mentioned above communicated in a very straight forward manner to a very foxmerized electorate!

U.S. Citizen's picture
U.S. Citizen 11 years 35 weeks ago

Agree with your last paragraph. Also, no talk of real financial reform, how Obamacare and Medicare Part D are giveaways to the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry, respectively, enforcing Sherman Anti-Trust, co-opting of our regulatory agencies, free trade agreements, etc. That's why these debates are a joke and just part of our political charade.

Obama is bad, but Romney is worse. I'm voting for Obama but have no great expectations.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 35 weeks ago

Kend, since the conservatives are doing such a great job in Canada, it should give you even more reasons to stay up there. The conservative politicians like Bush and his father have done nothing but rape the American worker and screw up our educational system with no child left behind. Next year the schools in California will be teaching a curriculum based on how much the student retains versus teaching them to pass an exam set down by the government. Since the majority of your exports are based on the American consumer, get ready for a fall following our collapse. At the present rate we should last about another 18 months. Does your country endorse the same Free Trade Agreements as the United States? If so your financial collapse should happen right after ours. Since you think so highly of American conservatives, perhaps your country could do us a favor and take Bush into your country as a political refugee and a war criminal. I know how fond your country is of draft dodgers, especially during the Vietnam War. Bush should feel at home in your country.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 35 weeks ago

It has nothing to do with a hate tax. However, it does have to do with the wealthiest in America paying their fair share of the tax burden. The wealthy in America are paying less tax than ever before. And the B.S. we were fed was that they will invest in America with the extra income. They have not been investing in American companies or starting new businesses here; instead they have either invested in Chinese manufacturing or hid their profits in off shore accounts. The greedy will do anything to hold onto every dime they can lay their hands on. So you can stop with the B.S. about a hate tax! Romney is a perfect example of what the wealthiest do with their millions and billions, off shore accounts or investing in Chinese manufacturing that they helped to grow.

No Fraud's picture
No Fraud 11 years 35 weeks ago

Don't vote for either Romney or Obama. We don't have to pander to corporitist plutocrats...Both Romney & Obama are merely puppets for BIG BUSINESS Look the fact is that regardless of wheither Romney or Obama wins things will not change for the better; we will continue down the same path that we have been on since Regan, which totals 5 presidents: 3 Republicans & 2 Democrates, all of which have done NOTHING to insure the wellbeing of the average tax payer, and all of which have lined there pockets with BIG CORPORATE MONEY. The BIG issue...Corporations have bought Washington. If WE want (true) change then We The People must hit the corporate world where it counts...Follow the Money!

We The People can start by NOT voteing for Romney or Obama.

No Fraud's picture
No Fraud 11 years 35 weeks ago

Wow!!! Your a Canadian...and were denied a simple work permit in the U.S.?!?!?Guess you super powers and denim tux were not needed here in the states...It would seem our immigration laws do work. HA!
[I really don't have an issue with most Canadians...except when they come to Florida (I digress). I do take issue though with your ignorence...In what way have tax loopholes for corporations & the uber rich bennefited the masses and our economy? Why is it that just the working middle class (consumer majority) must bare the brunt of taxable income + sales tax + state tax + + +?]

No Fraud's picture
No Fraud 11 years 35 weeks ago

You said it...Out of 28 yrs only 8 years were (falsely) exceptional for a small buisness owner. If that doesn't put things into perspective then nothing will.

But you do realize that both Obama & Romney work for wall street? Oh they both must try to sound like they care about you & me (the middle class)...We are worker bees...The hive don't thrive without worker bees. The catch though; their bosses get to keep all the honey.

degenerate elite's picture
degenerate elite 11 years 35 weeks ago

You are %100 right!!! Romney's top priority is to encourage businesses to thrive in CHINA!!! The company he started and still gets dividend checks from Bain capital, is gutting Sensata and letting go 170 workers by years end and setting up operations in China. Yep another 170 manufacturing jobs shipped to china. So you are right at what he said but he never said what country his policies were gona encourage businesses to thrive in...

Idaglia's picture
Idaglia 11 years 35 weeks ago

If you have any nostalgia or even an iota of respect for the Gipper (Reagan, to the younger set), this article was written by his budget director, David Stockman, also a republican. This is A MUST READ to best understand Romney's economics. It's fascinating, awesome, and scary . . . If you have a wall built up against anything democrat, then read the warnings by Reagan's budget director. ¿The question will be if you are sufficiently intelligent to understand this read or if you are a brainless lemming?

bobcox's picture
bobcox 11 years 35 weeks ago

Please give a link to your references so we can do a small check on sources.

hb091666's picture
hb091666 11 years 35 weeks ago

Yes, exactly. Similarly, Romney talked about how his tax policies would affect middle income people. I think it sounds like he's talking about the middle class but maybe he's adding all incomes--from poor to wealthy--together and looking at the average of those as middle income. Here is what Romney said to George Stephanopoulos: "Middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less." Devil in the details...

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 35 weeks ago

I have a condo in Scottsdale AZ so I promise I will only come there to get out of the cold here a few weeks of the year, spend my money helping your economy then go home. As far as our exports we are getting ready we just sign trade agreements with China and India. We do enter into free trade agreemwnts we are in one with you. NAFTA and as you know the ony country that benifets is Mexico. As far as schools that is such a mess here to.

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

Obama has CUT small business taxes 18 times for pete's sake. He IS for small business. I bet your neighborhood hairdresser or insurance broker doesn't make $250,000/yr....even an architect or engineer would be happy to make that much a year. And, if you think for a moment that an investigation into what transpired in Benghazi will be concluded by the next's more fodder for you, lol.

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

Right On!! Big business has made more profits during Obama's administration then during bush's...and, we don't see any job growth? Just increased profits!! As for Benghazi, right, again! Another interesting note: The movie that caused the protests was shown briefly 6 months prior to its release on the internet. It seems like Romney's prediction of "waiting for an event" to exploit came true shortly after his comment - what a coincidence? I am anxious to see what washes out of their investigation and what prompted Romney to spew his erroneous response the very day it happened!!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

People only hear what they want to hear. If she had listened carefully, she would have heard Romney say, "I can't work till 7-8PM....." We the heck works from 7am till 7PM? Guess he expects ALL his workers to put in 12 hr days - maybe that's Exactly why he doesn't hire women! I've worked 60 hr/wk for many years and it is NOT a life for anyone!!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

After several years and plenty of $$, Bush's investigation into voter fraud concluded that the only fraud was in Abstentee Ballots. To-date, nothing has been done to address that!! All the "New Right" repressive laws do NOT do anything about that!!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

You are right about Election Fraud and that the "New Right-Weyrich" FULLY intends on using the machines against us. Romney has LOTS of Preferred Share in Diebold (public records). Diebold was convicted, fined, and the CEO resigned. Romney's old buddies at Bain, now own Hart and Scytl. We have just been notified that thousands of votes will be thrown out in Florida due to the machines ESS200's double voting - vote for Obama and it votes for BOTH Obama/Romney, thus, vote is thrown out. There is SO much Election Fraud going on that it nothing short of a conspiracy! 1) Colorado passed HB1036 which curtails our ability to verify the actual counted ballots (that is a guarantee under the Constitution); 2) 19 states are now eliminating Exit Polls (another safety check that indicates when things don't add up); 3) McCotter, Michigan, upteen counts of fraud....and, everyday there is new evidence supporting the fact that these machines which we have NO Right to inspect their software are, have been, and will be used against our votes! Sites such as and are run by those that have exposed and brought to trial AND WON against these machine manufacturers. Please people.....know where you stand and how they will Steal our Votes!!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

What? Canada PAYS all the benefits to their immigrants including illegals. Maybe, you should start working on correcting the faults in Canada! The "New Right" took over your gov't, too. They want to privatize schools & prisons. They want to dismantle Social Insurance and Health Care. You need to rally Cdns and get your country back from the Oligarchists - just like we do!! Oh, and, don't forget that MOST of Canada has already been "sold" to foreign nations!! Got any trees in Alberta that don't belong to the Japanesse left? You let Koch Brothers trample your land for their lousy Keystone Pipeline? You let them drill in the Arctic? The country has been raped and bleeding; but, no citizens take up the cause.

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 11 years 35 weeks ago

The whole next day was a laughing binge for me. So as this is written you have to think that my mood is light headed. Of course, me, not needing a liter of water like Chris Christie does; that guy is huge politics. Does anyone know what his diet is like? Anyway, the debate was good. But, one needs to raise the question, and one must believe that these news journalists are hardwired with medical receiver implants. LOL. Perhaps the implants have been there longer than we know. Yikes. Not just that coil of thing that hides in back of a head. You know that wire seen as the camera swings around the back side.

Sometime, as in Candy Crowley’s time one can think that Ted Turner is shouting in her ear saying “Say something good about Romney, the Republicans just bought 100 million in advertisement commercial time for adjustments and commentary issues”. Sheesh.

Later, listening to the Ed radio show while switching from Rush Bow during the Geico commercials. You can really tell this guy; Rush Limbaugh is in a panic. He is foaming and slobbering all over his mike. Watching his video makes me think for a new requirement for radio talk shows must be videotaped as an FCC requirement. Since Republicans want a photo ID for voting how about a photo ID for talk show callers, HMM.

Wow wee, would we really get to see the phantoms of the Opera on the right.

Ed was talking about how Romney’s son “Tagg”. Wanted sock President Obama for characterizing his father’s image as a liar. Or, answer the question about their mission in France. Ooo La La. You mean none of these journalists can dip into those interesting times the boys might have had with the girls in France. Oh yeh. That’s a lot cooler than joining the military. Yep go on a mission to France.

So here is some what a favorite of mine for those who would like to hear stressed out voices. It’s Bizet - Carmen – Habanera, a world famous Opera in French and include a site for the lyrics translated in English. It's only is 3.5 minutes long if you could bear it. A pun.

The Video:

The Lyrics:


For now I personally study Fourier, a very accomplished mathematician, applying his math, Fourier analysis and using electronic instruments can observe stress factors in the speech spectrum. Or, for Forensics to observe tampering in the electromagnetic spectrum.

js121's picture
js121 11 years 35 weeks ago

Textile Industry.....Gone! Manufacturing....Gone! Joblessness is resulting in poverty levels like never before. Sign all the agreements you want; but, there are NO jobs in Canada thanks to the PCs and half the Liberals!! Schools? Thanks to Zero Tolerance - now called the Safe School Act has Adversely Affected 1/4million children - Sorry; but, Canada is so screwed up now - I'd Never go Back!!

cavit's picture
cavit 11 years 35 weeks ago

I believe that Bengazi is Obamas only terrorist attack on his watch. At least he did not have to fly around in Air Force One for a day and was able to talk to America from the Rose Garden. He did not have to stand on the rubble of collapsed sky scrapers that entombed 3500 people to call it a terrorist attack. All of the most recent Presidents have had worse terrorist attacks on their watch. How can they use this against Obama?

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