President Barack And Mitt Romney Square Off Tonight...

In a pivotal third and final debate in Florida. The focus of the debate will be on foreign policy. On the table are the recent attacks in Benghazi, nuclear capabilities of Iran, the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, and the implications of the Arab Spring. For the most part – there isn’t too much difference between the two candidates when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East – aside from the fact that Mitt Romney has the same advisers George W. Bush had that dragged our nation into this decade of war to begin with.

Also on the table tonight is foreign trade and the rise of China. Romney has been touting himself as the candidate who will be toughest in China – but what he doesn't want you to know about is what’s happening in Freeport, Illinois – where Bain Capital is in the process of deconstructing a profitable American manufacturing plant owned by Sensata Technologies – and shipping the equipment and all 170 American jobs overseas to China. This would be a slam-dunk line of attack for President Obama in tonight’s debate. Unfortunately, he also is drinking the free trade Kool-Aid and negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which is reported to be NAFTA on steroids, and will also result in an exodus of American jobs to low-wage nations.

Both parties have failed us when it comes to war and foreign trade. Where’s Ross Perot when we need him?

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