President Barack And Mitt Romney Square Off Tonight...

In a pivotal third and final debate in Florida. The focus of the debate will be on foreign policy. On the table are the recent attacks in Benghazi, nuclear capabilities of Iran, the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, and the implications of the Arab Spring. For the most part – there isn’t too much difference between the two candidates when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East – aside from the fact that Mitt Romney has the same advisers George W. Bush had that dragged our nation into this decade of war to begin with.

Also on the table tonight is foreign trade and the rise of China. Romney has been touting himself as the candidate who will be toughest in China – but what he doesn't want you to know about is what’s happening in Freeport, Illinois – where Bain Capital is in the process of deconstructing a profitable American manufacturing plant owned by Sensata Technologies – and shipping the equipment and all 170 American jobs overseas to China. This would be a slam-dunk line of attack for President Obama in tonight’s debate. Unfortunately, he also is drinking the free trade Kool-Aid and negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which is reported to be NAFTA on steroids, and will also result in an exodus of American jobs to low-wage nations.

Both parties have failed us when it comes to war and foreign trade. Where’s Ross Perot when we need him?


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cavit 10 years 31 weeks ago

Tonight Mitt will do nothing but attack what Obama has done. Everything will have been wrong. Obama cannot do the same to Mitt because Mitt has done nothing. This debate will be very bad because you are not comparing oranges to oranges. Mitt will tell us that his experience will make him a great leader.

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tony3715 10 years 31 weeks ago

One quick question:

I keep hearing pools about likely voters.


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rruppena 10 years 31 weeks ago

Is it true that employees of Romney's family's secret bank is tied to fraud, money laundering & drug cartels?

tim4change's picture
tim4change 10 years 31 weeks ago

I'd love to ask Mitt one question tonight.
"Mr. Romney, Do you believe your getting tough stance on Syria, Iran and other Middle East countries is any different than getting tough with young somewhat effeminate young men, and cutting their hair off? What did you learn from that act of bullying that helps you understand what bullying countries might result in?"

I could wish.....

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Rboisvert7 10 years 31 weeks ago

The only wasted vote is one that goes unusedPOSTED BY JILL STEIN FOR PRESIDENT 2061.80PC ON SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 · FLAG

Though, if you prefer to see America continue on its current path, a vote for Green Party Candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, would be a wasted vote.

Holding both parties accountable for 30 years of this country's largest transfer of wealth to the rich means coming to terms with the fact that neither are in a position to solve the challenges we face. While some partisan Democrats are once again claiming that a vote for the Greens is a vote for the Republicans, that argument falls flat with millions of disenfranchised voters who believe we can do better.

These are Americans who believe we must stop our descent into economic disparity, the erosion of our civil liberties, and the corruption of our political system by corporate power and massive wealth. They are Americans who understand the Democratic Party has been complacent, if not complicit, in this process and is now, as evidenced by an administration that has kept the policies of George W. Bush largely in place, institutionally incapable of any real reform.

The fact is, political parties change over time, so why shouldn't our votes change as well?

This is not the Democracy the revolutionaries of 1776 envisioned. They had just lived through a long, bloody war to throw off the shackles of an oppressive regime that had denied them rights and representation while pillaging their resources and their labor. It was not their intention that we live under a duopoly political system where a tiny handful of people control the pursestrings and allegiances of both parties.

Votes aren't being stolen, they are being bought.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from a small group of individuals are being spent by the two establishment parties to control the national conversation and convince Americans they have a clear choice. That sum of money and their record provide clarity enough. It is not a choice, it is maintenance of the status quo. It is a further grab for power by those who are threatened by recent cracks in the national conversation opening to issues of money and politics, the polarization of wealth, ecological responsibility, and the preservation of civil liberties.

The choice to be made is: Do we wish to be truly represented? Do we need to set a new course as a country? Do we need a real opposition party immediately capable of new ideas and energy, that isn't subject to the approval of the most rich and powerful?

Evil vs. Eviler.

Choosing the lesser of two evils keeps things exactly as they are. Fear tactics have worked well in the past to keep party stragglers and independent voters in check. But today's America is not the the America of 2000. We've seen first hand that the lesser of two evils isn't lesser at all. Arguably, it is worse because we are encouraged to hope against history, yet the outcome is the same.

If Democratic operatives were only concerned with the 2012 election results, they would not be aggressively fighting to keep people from voting Green in states like New York, California, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, and many more, that have absolutely no chance of going GOP due to the Electoral College system. These tired tactics and failed arguments of the two dominating parties are beginning to be seen for what they are: the last remnants of a fear-based political landscape that is changing.

The election IS spoiled, but not by the Greens.

Even though the Republican and Democratic Parties were once third parties themselves, they have shored up the political system to keep third parties out. This battle continues over the issue of the presidential debates. Neither of the establishment candidates wishes to share to stage with a candidate like Dr. Stein who freely speaks truth to power - a candidate who stands on a platform of building a sustainable economy and creating a future that puts the dignity of Americans ahead of corporate interests.

Including Dr. Stein in the debates would do something unthinkable to the Democrats and Republican candidates: show them as two peas from the same, spoiled, pod. An alternative voice is urgently needed and Dr. Stein's deserves to be heard.

Vote what you believe.

A simple enough statement. If we all found the courage to do so, we would begin to rebuild the country we deserve instead of settling for what gets left behind.

The Green Party and our 2004 presidential nominee made the Ohio Recount possible. If not for the continued determination of elected Greens, we would not have municipal sick leave or minimum wage and living wage policies in cities across the country. There would be no movement to amend the Constitution to overturn the Citizens United ruling and end the toxic influence of money in our political system. The cause of equal marriage rights would not be as far along as it is (because of Green mayors and mayoral candidates defying anti-marriage laws in CA and NY). And the 100s of cities that passed anti-war and anti-PATRIOT Act resolutions would likely have been many fewer, since those efforts were also led by Green elected officials.

Meanwhile the establishment parties try to avoid our discontent by changing the subject from the real problems we face, and making elections all about preventing the other party from winning. In a way, the Democrats and Republicans are each correct. Either one of them winning would mean more of the same for America: maintaining a status quo that continues to ruin what is best about the United States.

The Green Party and the Green New Deal will shatter the status quo by addressing the real economic, social, and political challenges we face at their root causes with specific and already proven solutions. Vote for Jill Stein for President. Give a mandate for the Green New Deal.

js121's picture
js121 10 years 31 weeks ago

Ross Perot? I don't know if I ever liked him. Another millionaire; but, who knows?? Obama has to show what a BAD leader Romney would make!! I hope he attacks him; but, I know it's just not in Obama's character. Too bad. I worked several places with CEO's like Romney - I always felt intimidated. Whenever I had to discuss anything with them, I always pretended like they were sitting there in their underwear, lol. At any rate, I am sick & tired of Romney's ignorance towards our POTUS and hope this whole election gets STOPPED!! There are 3 different petitions going around right now to do that. Since Tagg owns Hart Intercivic which many states use and 4 of those states eliminated Exit's totally ridiculous to hold this election!

flyguy8650's picture
flyguy8650 10 years 31 weeks ago

OMG - Senatta? Give me a break! First, the company notified the employess over 24 months ago! Second, Romney is not with Bain and was not when they bought the company. Third - If you look at their books and their filings, they do a large amount of international and especially Asia business...gee, let me think, exports!!!!! HELLO - 11,000 employees....HELLO??? What is it with everybody making Romney seem like an Evil Dooer! He is a business man. Look at the success of his investments and then the Solyndra Crap the Washington DC bunch invested in....Holy Crap! Wake the hell up....If you want a new financial model, get the votes you need. Right now, you got happy. Once we go over 51% then you get your social justice democracy...but for Gods Sake, quit the crap on both sides....We are a peaceful people and it is going to take 30 to 50 years to get to where the progressives want to go. Unless we have a wholesale melt down...then a lot of us die and those that are left can start over. Geez I am getting cynical! VOTE EVERYONE VOTE - BUT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR.

bobbler's picture
bobbler 10 years 31 weeks ago

The thing that has me shocked, is the gop candidate's obvious """blatent""" lying. How unamerican can you get, lying to the voters. Romney will govern exactly like bush2, because Romney is in lock step with """whatever""" big business wants to do for profit (poisoning the environment, using up non-renewable resources).. Much worse than Obama. likewise bush2 thought hecwas in control, but he was tapped by big money behind the scenes to become the GOP candidate.. But I'm only voting for Obama as a vote against Romney.

We haven't had a real democrat since carter. Even Obama is lying (to a much lesser degree thanh Romney).. Very interesting how broth candidates lie to look like progressives (obviously Romney has to lie his ass off to pull that off, and Obama not nearly as much)..

Still quite interesting that both parties move to the left at election time. This says to me, loud and clear: voters what the voters want, bc big money is really in control. Is there any other explanation for both moving left during the d?

firehorse9 10 years 31 weeks ago

If fundamentalist Christian republicans vote for Romney, aren't they voting for a separation of church and state (hallelujah) based on their beliefs?

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