The Republican National Committee Has Been Caught Red-Handed...

Trying to sabotage the Democratic vote ahead of this year’s election. As Brad Friedman at reported, the Florida Republican Party cut ties with a political firm known as Strategic Allied Consulting after it was discovered that firm changed addresses on numerous voter registration forms to block newly-registered Democrats from voting in November.

The scandal is now spreading, as at least ten counties in Florida have discovered these fraudulent registration forms. And law enforcement authorities are getting involved in the matter. And the National Republican Committee has also cut ties with the firm, which it gave 3.1 million to register voters in wing states like Florida, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Unclear how much damage this election fraud may have on the elections in those states. This is blatant election fraud committed by the Republican Party, which has been focused on non-existent voter fraud the last two years, also, in an effort to rig the elections.


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adameran 11 years 37 weeks ago

Thom reveals himself to be a deficit "dove"... which enables deficit "hawks."

Read this for the alternative:

One money quote: "“Deficit doves”, i.e. left neoclassical economists and their followers, are generally more aware of the social and economic costs of cutting government spending during the current debt-deflation than “deficit hawks” and, as a group, are able to make some trenchant points against the “deficit hawks”. However they are often accusing the deficit hawks of being hypocrites about the deficit and that they, the “deficit doves”, are the people who care more sincerely about balanced government budgets than the deficit hawks. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is a relatively effective anti-austerity campaigner in the Senate, nevertheless hews to the “deficit dove” line recommending as a virtue, the reduction of deficits as a policy goal in itself.

In these beliefs, deficit doves are also mistaken, and they reinforce beliefs about the role of government and of money that in the end defeat the purpose of their protest. If “deficit hawks” are in fact insincere about deficits, which many of them are, the “deficit doves” are placing themselves into the position of “useful idiots” for believing in the importance of reducing deficits. If the actual goal of the deficit hawks is to reduce the size of or eliminate the welfare state but reserve government’s power, including its currency-issuing authority, for bailing out or funding favored industries like banking or defense, “deficit doves” are providing cover for them by reinforcing the notion that there is a fixed quota of government “scrip” which can run out."

What's needed are deficit "owls" who understand that for dollars issued by the Fed, it also issues "debt" in an equal amount. That means reducing "debt" by retrieving those dollars from the non-government sector will impoverish the private economy. The word "debt" is in quotes because it bears absolutely no resemblance to family debts.

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bobhiggins 11 years 37 weeks ago

I don't believe it's possible for your 'repy' to be any farther off topic.

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Elioflight 11 years 37 weeks ago

I can't say that I am surprised that the rethugs are trying to get away with voter/voting fraud. I look for that to happen here in Ohio, again, where it's a common occurence. After the 2005 (stolen) elections, Ohio was visited by a non-partisan group that looked at the election process. If I recall correctly, there were somewhere around 500 to 600 "issues" of voting irregularities. (Not to mention that before the vote the CEO of Diebold, voting machine co., was caught on camera bragging that Bush would win.) But nothing was ever done about these irregularities, some reforms were made, but no one went to jail.

The Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted (R), sent out early voting ballots. My husband thinks that we should be wary of rethugs encouraging voting and we should worry about those votes being counted. People have to register as voting absentee--aren't those often the votes that are counted later, after the offical voting day, or lost, conveniently?

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js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

I could post a dozen sites that are informative, factual, researched/resourced, actual documents, actual participants who sued and won Election Fraud cases. These are very reputable people and sites comprised of Highly-intellectual, Well-educated, Professionals (Ph.D's Math, Sciences, etc). Websites eg:; need to be bumped. An informative public is the best defense against the "New Right" Ace-up-the-sleeve - ELECTION FRAUD. Hacking the Machines For Hand-Counting will tell you what machines are used in your state. Many "New Right" states and swing-states have replaced Many machines this year!!

Romney owns Preferred Shares in Diebold (public record) and his old buddies from Bain, now own Scytl Voting Machines. It's just not that the machines can "flip" the votes to any "New Right"'s that there is virtually Nothing we can do about it. Even when they proved in court that the machines were corrupt and fines imposed (&a CEO resigned) - we got BUSH. They Stole our Votes!

They haven't done enough with Redistricting (Snake-like); remapping, gerrymandering, restrictions, destroying & attempting to destroy ballots....NO!! They're NOT done just yet....Colorado just passed HB1036 which curtails our ability to verify the count which is a Right under the Constitution.

The polls mean Nothing...Getting the Vote out is Crucial ...BUT...It is Not the Finish Line!!!

We really need to mobilize a LOT of people...Volunteer at the polling stations - Help people understand their rights. True the Vote will be out in droves; but, their plan is intimidation. We MUST put pressure on the AG (202/353-1555) to BAN the machines. Germany, Iceland, Ireland just banned them - Why can't we!! The evidence of the importance to Protect our Vote is clear, unquestionable, and Proven in Courts of Law. That we sucumb to a new form of gov't (Theocracy/Oligarchy) because we were blind-sighted, bait & switched, or whatever strategy they use, is our fault...not there''s all out there and we can't give up until the Finish Line!

If you find the time to research the sites above....Please "share", bump, email

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PhilipHenderson 11 years 37 weeks ago

Reince Priebus is the man I blame for this fisasco. He is the head of the Republican Party, the buck stops with him. He should be investigated by the Justice Department. This is not a accident. If you cannot win with your ideas, then you steal the election. You steal elections by miscounting ballots, losing ballots, keeping Democrats from voting. You keep Democrats from voting by destroying voter registration forms, by only setting up a few polling stations in heavy Democratic precincts, by intimidating voters with bullies at the polls, by challenging Democrats right to vote. Republicans are engaged in everything except trying to get their ideas accepted by the public. Their ideas don't work so they cannot convince people to accept their ideas.

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Kelly Broussard 11 years 37 weeks ago

What if this Republican voter fraud scandal is really a cynical ploy to prove that widespread voter fraud really does exist (since there's been no substantive proof of that to date) and therefore justifies the Republican-led voter suppression efforts at play in at least 30 states? Maybe there is more genius in the Republican party than I give them credit for.

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Tom Dovenspike 11 years 37 weeks ago

Unfortunately, I doubt that anyone will be charged as long at the current chicken-bleep Atty. General is in charge. One of Obama's real mistakes.

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klentz 11 years 37 weeks ago

Short answer - no one will be prosecuted - they never are (unless they are Dems).

The answer to voter suppression is for all targeted people (blacks, hispanics, students, seniors) to register (first time or change to) as republicans, and then while at the polls, wear Romney buttons.

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Namaimo 11 years 37 weeks ago

Thom --answering your question : the DoJ, the FEC?

There are so many criminalities involved. How could they not?

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 11 years 37 weeks ago

Republicans make it very easy to tell exactly what crimes they are committing. (Seemingly indicating that they are not exactly the brightest bulbs in humanity's chandelier...) All you have to do is listen to them, and whenever they say, "The liberals are committing voter fraud," that's what the republicans are doing- and republicans are being caught doing voter fraud in several states. Whenever republicans say, "Liberals hate America and want to destroy it," you know that that the republicans hate America and want to destroy it. (During one of Obama's speeches, the only time Boehner every smiled, was when Obama said the word, "Fascism." Boehner smiled because even hearing the word fascism makes him feel happy; he wants to destroy America and turn it into a fascist state that is totally controlled by the military and by huge corporations. Again, not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier...

In fact, this line of reasoning even works in the area of sin: When Newt Gingrich says that God has forgiven him for screwing around with lots of women on his however many wives, you know that God has forgiven Bill Clinton for screwing around on his one wife.

And when Paul Ryan says that Ayn Rand is to be worshipped, well, that is unmistakable republican-speak for, "Ayn Rand, as an unrepentant adulteress, was and is a cultural, moral, or ethical bellwether only for people who swallow camels whole but strain at gnats; and as someone who herself was on social security, Ayn Rand is a horrible role model for republicans! Well, no wait a minute: as a proven hypocrite on financial matters, actually Ayn Rand is the perfect role model for our modern hyper-hypocritical republican party, with all its claims of someone being Christian while practicing hatred as a lifestyle, being Christian while engaging in worldwide grand larceny, being Christian while murdering innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, "hating" big government while slavishly depending on big government to use war to destabilize the Middle East and helping many of Hitler's top officials who have reincarnated as top officials in the Isreali government, and generally embracing only the most viciously nasty parts of the Old Testament while totally ignoring the entire New Testament, which actually makes me wonder whether republican "Christians" are actually Jews, and not good ones, either, because the real Jews I have met believe in and practice peace, tolerance, acceptance of differences, good will, and charity.

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HalFonts 11 years 37 weeks ago

As a certified Election Observer I've observed our paper-ballot, voter-verified, vote-by-mail Election System some 5 or 6-years. It is, we agree, a very well designed procedure-based system, run by supervisors and experienced staff, all apparently dedicated to the sanctity of every Voter, every Ballot and every Vote, per our state's "inclusive, voter-intent" laws and rules. Still improving, we are proud of how it works.

The Registration, Return and Ballot Processing, and Tally systems are the result of close cooperation between an experienced and enlightened Election Staff, with support from several active Community Citizens Advisory Groups. The systems are highly structured with sufficient log, tracking and reports, that voters, ballots and votes are processed to our best reasonable ability, with results reconcilable and verifiable within relatively tight limits.

Good Elections ARE possible through careful design and execution. I certainly am aware of the corruption that plagues elections too many places in the US as well as around the world. Having watched our systems very closely I speculate: How could I hack the system; how much effect could I have, and could it be done -- how could it be done, without leaving tracks? In a well designed complex redundant secure system, it would be extremely tough.

Either a poorly designed system, one weak by design, or a sloppy over-stressed, poorly managed system, could produce either inaccurate or corrupt results. However, it would require either incompetence, or some degree of conspiracy.

As I watch our dysfunctional US political system of recent decades, where repeated-lies have become truth and reality for half our population, where faith-based ends justify means, where overwhelming money corrupts everything -- I think of those historic folks who really fought and in some places are fighting; and yes, dying for the rights to self determination. It's a hundreds of years old war between the rulers and the serfs. And we in the US, pacified by our affluence, and pandering media, dismiss corruption in our own political systems with a shrug.

Election Fraud requires conscious corrupt acts. Whether done for some false-greater-good, or some cynical superiority; futzing with the rolls, returns or results is wrong, and we know it. The stories are in the news, and the professionals within the parties do no more than ignore it, or report it for their own tactical advantage. There are no penalties that matter; most people don't or can't care.

Voter Disenfranchisement and Tally-Corruption enrage me -- it's not necessary. In the old war for self-determination, Election Fraud should be the equivalent of Treason, a capital offense. That might cause people to think about it differently.

Michael Gray 11 years 37 weeks ago

Now we will see who the district attorney is loyal to. Hopefully (wishfull thinking) it is a prosecuter that wants to make a name for himself/herself.... at least who ever gets convicted will not vote again!!

Lets see if the corporate media gets on it??

PJ Parker's picture
PJ Parker 11 years 37 weeks ago

Why isn't this story being reported in the main stream media?

js121's picture
js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

Yes, Ohio is notorious for Election Fraud! The CEO, Diebold - resigned after an email he sent to Bush - guaranteed a victory in Ohio - was found. CA threw Diebold machines out awhile ago after Diebold was found guilty and fined over $1,000.000. In FL, Gore's votes were counted backwards and other irregularities. There is a lot of information on Ohio & Election Fraud!! I put a couple great websites on my post - hope you might "join the fight", lol....There's good info on what to look for and who to contact should you find irregularities. The best thing is to "share" and bump the articles & site address' and exposure is our best defense. Would be nice if they had penalities that put them away for a very long time -- in one of their privatized prisons would be Justice!!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

A smoke-screen - they are great at "slight-of-hand" tactics - thank the Heritage Fdn (think tank) for that. Whatever they say/do is the opposite and they are now Very predictable. The only voter fraud found was in the absentee ballots. None of their voting restrictions address that because absentee ballots usually favor the Republicans. It was known a year ago that the AG wouldn't have enough time to fight all the battles. Then, they "invented" the Fast & Furious with the help of the NRA and were able to distract his time, too. As long as we spend efforts to fight the restrictions, we are thrown off the scent of Election Fraud.

js121's picture
js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

Your comment was a very interesting read! I agree, there are too many court cases won with no significant penalties. If I remember correctly, CA fined Diebold $1.1 Million; but, that's still peanuts! It's all about Return on Investment (ROI). Treason is exactly what it is!! Put them in one of their privatized prisons with the general population!! Can I mention that there is a case of a simple probe (Hersti Stick - named for Hersti who discovered the means used to rig the votes). None of the software can be scrutinized as the mfgs claim "Must be protected" laws, etc.. Romney owns Preferred Shares in Diebold. Romney's old buddies from Bain now own Scytl ( States - especially swing states have been replacing machines at a rapid pace. It's all just too contrived to be a Fair Election. How can the POTUS and AG NOT know what their up to? That's what's starting to puzzle me...I don't care how little time Holder has....The "New Right of Paul Weyrich" is Going to take over. We'll live under a Theocratic/Oligarchial gov't. Shuffle them all off to one of Bush's Mega-Prison Complex's he had built for us.

js121's picture
js121 11 years 37 weeks ago

What main stream media do you refer? The "New Right" has control of CNN (Clearchannel Network); Fox (Murdoch's NewsCorp); and actually - almost All newspapers, radio, tv and the net. We don't have a lot of choices, anymore. Sites like Thom Hartmann, Ron Reagan, Jr., The Nation, 1/2 of MSNBC (i.e. Rachel Maddow), Bill Maher. Some places don't get anything but Fox. We are starting to hear more and more about ALEC, Oligarchists, Theocrats; but, we don't get all the news. We don't see the thousands in the streets that are protesting (e.g. Mexico, spain, Greece, Germany). They're fighting against the Austerity Agenda, too, so, they don't let us see that news - can find it on the web, though. I just keep posting info on some of the shows and hope they do a segment one day SOON!!

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