So Much For Keeping The Momentum Going

The Romney/Ryan ticket walked into a buzz saw Thursday night during the Vice Presidential debate. That buzz saw was named Joe Biden. In stark contrast from President Obama’s debate performance last week – Joe Biden was the aggressor all night – not letting one convenient lie from Paul Ryan go unchallenged.

Biden exposed Romney and Ryan’s plans to voucherize Medicare. He exposed their plans to stick the middle class with a tax hike while giving the super rich a massive tax cut. He exposed the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan criticizing the stimulus act, while at the same time Ryan was writing letters to Biden asking for stimulus funding to create jobs in his Congressional district. He exposed Ryan’s previous attempts to privatize Social Security. And he exposed Ryan as belonging to a Party that has been committed to obstruction over the last four years preventing a genuine economic recovery.

If Vice President Joe Biden accomplished one thing Thursday night – it was to hype the Democratic base – and give his and the President’s re-election campaign some much needed energy and focus with just a few weeks to go until the election.

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