So Much For Keeping The Momentum Going

The Romney/Ryan ticket walked into a buzz saw Thursday night during the Vice Presidential debate. That buzz saw was named Joe Biden. In stark contrast from President Obama’s debate performance last week – Joe Biden was the aggressor all night – not letting one convenient lie from Paul Ryan go unchallenged.

Biden exposed Romney and Ryan’s plans to voucherize Medicare. He exposed their plans to stick the middle class with a tax hike while giving the super rich a massive tax cut. He exposed the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan criticizing the stimulus act, while at the same time Ryan was writing letters to Biden asking for stimulus funding to create jobs in his Congressional district. He exposed Ryan’s previous attempts to privatize Social Security. And he exposed Ryan as belonging to a Party that has been committed to obstruction over the last four years preventing a genuine economic recovery.

If Vice President Joe Biden accomplished one thing Thursday night – it was to hype the Democratic base – and give his and the President’s re-election campaign some much needed energy and focus with just a few weeks to go until the election.


DavidJM 10 years 23 weeks ago

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Vice President Biden laughed in the debate because Ryan's comments were so laughable. Biden told it like it is, Ryan is full of malarkey, baloney,lies,B.S. Obama was too polite during his debate but Biden behaved like the typical American. When Ryan lied or said something stupid, Biden laughed and called him on it. When Ryan said giving out stimulus money to spur job growth didn't work, Biden pointed out Ryan himself asked for stimulus money because it would create jobs in Ryan's state. Thank you God for Vice President Biden who helped us see that Republicans like Romney and Bush are for the rich and Democrats are for the average middle class American.

arotnemer's picture
arotnemer 10 years 23 weeks ago

Ryan the Small Business Champion? Not on Your Life

Paul Ryan believes he is the champion for small business. But is his advocacy

In his debate with Joe Biden, Ryan stated that 53 percent of
small-business income would be subject to tax increases under Obama’s plan.
While that assertion has been debunked, I wonder if - in his Norquist-based world
- there is ANY tax that would not cause universal pain?

So what is currently most painful to small business? Taxes? Obamacare? No, it is
the Republican-caused reduction in consumer spending. Plus, I’ve personally
seen the greed of inflated rents that only allow large chains to prevail. (Example: small businesses are going to close near me in Rockville Maryland to allow WalMart to build and open a store. Target is already only 3 blocks away.)

The undisputed fact is that for almost all small businesses, Obama’s "taxes"
would be painless. And for them to grow, the seeds are consumer confidence
and an equitable business environment.

Because we all care about small business, it is hardly surprising that Ryan
and Romney would falsely try to push the button that Obama will hurt them. Lets make sure we challenge them on this.

KassandraTroy's picture
KassandraTroy 10 years 23 weeks ago

As usual Thom, you fail to mention the attacke by the right on women. There, for a while, when Hilarry was running, you seemed to be exploring misogny ans all it's works. But it's easier and more comforatble to ignore it assoonasyou can, isn't it?

Kelly Broussard's picture
Kelly Broussard 10 years 23 weeks ago

Joe did what needed to be done-expose the lies of Romney-Ryan well played!

bobla's picture
bobla 10 years 23 weeks ago

Thank God we have Joe Biden as our VP, ....I'm in full agreement with Thom, and most comments here, any predictions for the next debate? Will Obama be more animated than he was?

CJeffreyS's picture
CJeffreyS 10 years 23 weeks ago

Most of the analysis, including yours, has been spot-on, and in favor of Joe Biden and his smiling, smug demeanor! After all, what Ryan was spouting was almost laughable, except for the fact that many of the Repubicans believe every word of it. Biden's performance has energized the progressive base, or so it would appear, and it is now incumbent on all of us the see that one more thing occurs: that EVERY voter has the chance to (and does) vote!

ken ware's picture
ken ware 10 years 23 weeks ago

I did not watch the debate because I didn't think they would actually talk about problems facing he everyday citizen. After watching parts of the debate on several news stations and the comments made by the candidates I was right. Ryan lied the way I expected him to on key issues and Biden did not mention anything new or relevant to people in the real world. Nothing was said about how to improve our schools in the k-12 grades. It is easier to just talk about how poor the teachers are doing and how the unions are just there for the money and power. Nothing was mentioned about how our college students are deep in debt with no real expectation of finding a well-paying job in their career field. Both sides claim they have plans to revive the economy while all along they keep endorsing the Free Trade Agreements that are responsible for sending our jobs to countries with the cheapest labor costs. Obama says he is the guy needed to spur growth while signing a new Free Trade Agreement and it is obvious Romney will not change any of the agreements since his company Bain is still making a profit on sending jobs to China. He still owns a large share of the company. They differ on how to handle Medicare, yet neither plan will insure the survival of the program. Obama's plan keeps it solvent for 7-8 years, then what? Romney's plan will let it die by the wayside with cuts that will have more and more doctors refusing to accept it like they do Medical here in California. Both plans are designed to pacify the voters in their own parties for the present time. The Democrats talk about how they have tried to pass bills but the Republicans keep the bills from passing. Why didn't the Democrats pass their bills while they controlled the House and the Senate? The Republicans are stalling everything until they can control the White House and Senate to pass their bills, which do nothing for the everyday American. So what is the point of watching a debate and getting angry over it since NOTHING is going to change whether it is Obama or Romney that wins the Presidential election. I have decided to vote with my heart and my head for a party that I realize will not win, but is closer to my own values and concerns. This year I have registered as an Independent and I will vote for Dr. Stein in the Green Party and let the two parties that are actually the same fight over the coveted crown this election cycle. At this point I really don't see much of a difference no matter who wins.....

flyguy8650's picture
flyguy8650 10 years 23 weeks ago

I agree, we have an entire bunch of "opp-o-sames" in government. The best we can hope for is a very peacable revolution that splits the USA up into egalitarian economic equalized "states". Kind of like what McArthur did to Japan. Then we can be just like Japan was before it got Westernized. We can cap income, make sure that everyone has a "middle" of the road life style. Free schools all the way up to multiple graduate degrees. No Corporations bigger than 100 Million in income. Every employee gets paid on a fair wage as determined by the leaders of the workers union and the state government. No one pays for health care ever, no one works beyond age 65. Pensions pay 80% of highest pay. Perfect and easy to do. All we need is to keep the far right and far left out of the states. Ship them to the southern states or pick a quadrant where they can fight each other for what they want. The rest of us live in peaceful self governed communes. Sounds good huh?

delster's picture
delster 10 years 23 weeks ago

Paul Ryan got his butt powdered , diaper changed, and put down for a nap. No amount of whimpering from the "I got Mine I want MIne" crowd will change that. Way to go Joe.

Kend's picture
Kend 10 years 23 weeks ago

I have never seen so much disrespect in a debate in my life. Mr Bidin was acting like a little kid. The true winner was the lady, she got what she wanted. It was a little unfair two against one.

BMetcalfe's picture
BMetcalfe 10 years 23 weeks ago

I was disappointed that NOTHING was said about Climate Change, but the "lady" (as a former commentor so disdainly mentioned) was not allowed to ask her own questions; the questions were giver to her, and she (and Candy Crowley in the upcoming debate) were/are not allowed to formulate their own... I'm surprised that some man making up the questions, didn't have the gonads to mention that if Romney/Ryan gets their own way, we run the risk of becoming the United Catholic/Mormon Values States of America, when it comes to freedom of speech, separation of Church & State, and Women's Rights. But of course most men wouldn't want to bring up any of that. Thank goodness Joe had the quiet sense to say that what one believes and feels, to be true to his faith, does NOT mean it's right to expect others from different faiths to conform. Joe has always been and will always be just Joe. And I am grateful every day for his graciousness and his wisdom.

David Abbot's picture
David Abbot 10 years 23 weeks ago

Joe Biden fulfilled my dreams for a debate between politicians. When Ryan lied (which he did pretty much every time he opened his mouth), Biden said, "That's not true."

I am so tired of Obama's hyper-polite responses, where when his opponent lies, Obama says, "Well, apparently we may possibly have a difference of opinion, although of course I could be wrong about that."

___-____- it!!! when one person lies and the other person tells the truth, that is NOT a difference of opinion. It is one person lying, and the other person telling the truth.

And when I combine Obama's compulsive position as Mr. Oh-So-Polite-Of-Course-You-Can-Hit-Me-Again, with the fact that he has renditioned at least as many people as Bush did, deported more people, his war in Afghanistan is STILL draining billions of dollars out of our country, and on and on and on and on, and Obama comes off looking like a sly, sneaky liar himself. No wonder he doesn't want to confront the republican liars.

(I call the Afghanistan war Obama's war, because yes, he inherited it from Bush, but he has certainly kept it going, hasn't he? So now it's Obama's war.)

Joe Biden For President!

megalomaniac's picture
megalomaniac 10 years 23 weeks ago

The explanation about the 911 Diplomatic murder, assassination is the only discussion in the debate that troubles me most but there are other issues. The news media especially the Murdock/ Arab Wahhabi Fox News station is in a relentless theme charactering corruption and cover up in the murder of the Ambassador. Hollywood clips, with utube snips rain of duplicity adding to the confusion and distortion.

The theme “Not enough Protection” needs a basic discussion. From my view a diplomat is a “One” man thing. An “Envoy” direct from the president. Covered by international laws, which actually is a very dangerous job, in a sense testing the laws that country will or must enter into with in the current Libyan revolution environment. From what I understand an Ambassador even at peace times is in a dangerous and volatile situations. An ambassador is “NOT” an army division commander and is not supposed to be. An Ambassador is a message carrier of trust. Our American Journalism has bastardized the whole of what America is to present to the world. If there ever was a “WTF” moment ladies and Gentlemen of America this is it.

The redistribution of Wahhabi chaos in America’s political mainstream media with all sides MSNBC, CNBC the G.E. / Federal Reserve/ stock market new station, the CNN Turner with his FCC license, Have electromagnetic capability will travel for you news people as the middle Paladin of network news, and of course Fox News the Murdock/ Arab Wahhabi news group with Hannity’s open never ending obnoxious theme to destroy and stop president Obama’s Presidency or anything that is so called Liberal. Remember a liberal, or any American is an infidel which according to Arab Wahhabi must be wiped off the earth.

If anyone has seen the interview that Chris Mathews had with Joe Welch, former CEO of G.E. you might recall this Mr. Welch has said what he calls “To raise the question” cool way to avoid the term conspiracy or saying criminal partners. For if we choose to use Political criminal Partner, Obama would have the powers developed by the Republicans to exercise the patriot act to arrest and prosecute for any noncombatant reasons. At this rate anyone could submit most of the Journalists that ignore this diplomat allegation risk being rounded up to Gitmo. I am beginning to believe to like the idea of Gitmo being there if Obama is reelected.

Let’s face it these politicians know who the perverts are, sexual or otherwise, such as weird billionaire’s grasping for power that has written our laws for decades. So, I raise the Joe Welch type of question. Do those Wiki leaks documents by Private Manning expose the Bush era Iraq war similar to what is happening in Afghanistan? In other words did well trained Iraqi’s turn on our America solders the same way they are doing it in Afghanistan. Is there a cover up? Is the news media a key player in a cover up too?

That is treason, which presents a monumental struggle to resolve with much more than high stakes. Legal criminal ambitions will be exposed and ruin individuals and families, lockup corrupt political partners moving forward. Something that has not been done openly, with few exceptions to the testament, the covenant between God and the human race, the expression of conviction written in our Constitution, in what is our free will of things to do like vote being able to without obstacles, or be a good citizen to retire a livable pension, with trust in God, of a what is considered the greatest Democratic Society that ever existed.

I hear we have a lot of work to do, with a laugh, but not many are hiring today. Joe is all right, anyone should laugh at the lies. To show silence is begging grief. President Obama flushed out a whole lot of Romney comments, unhappiness, a bucket full of pain in CEO violations of elegance to abandon faith and confidence in jobs lost all-knowing political secret banking tax cool things to do right in your face not even questioned by the Journalist. Only considering smirks, snickers, cackling all the emotional nonsense to do one thing, which the job creators are doing best right now, create hate…

ckrob's picture
ckrob 10 years 23 weeks ago

Democrats should take a page from the Repub. playbook. Attack his 'small-bidness-supporter' credentials because his real sympathies actually lie with Wall Street and international mega-corps. Bain Cap. ate smaller bidnesses for fun and profit. A lot of people support Romney only because they believe he would help small family-run operations. Yeah, like (M.B.A.) G. W. Bush did. Remember him? He was also going to run the government like a business and things really turned to crap for everyone except Wall Street, as I recall.

George Reiter's picture
George Reiter 10 years 23 weeks ago

Kudos to Vise President Joe Biden. A great job...

Idaglia's picture
Idaglia 10 years 23 weeks ago

It had to happen the way Joe handled it:

1. To ridicule Romney for interjecting into President Obama's time; and,

2. HE SUCCEEDED. Paul Ryan was expected to do the same and countlessly tried, but in the end, I'm surprised he didn't ask in the middle of it all if he (RYAN) could go to the bathroom.

Ultimately, the present administration is basically transparent in that all they have done is known in specifics for all issues that have been addressed during these 4 years.

But, Romney/Ryan HAVE NOT YET DELIVERED ON SPECIFICS. Have you read Romney's Economic Plan . . . reads good but NO SPECIFICS.

Romney's ad on creating 12 million jobs? HE DOES NOT SAY THEY WILL BE CREATED HERE IN THE UNITED STATES.

Bottom dollar for the Romney/Ryan ticket? NO SPECIFICS, NO VOTE !

loganonenation's picture
loganonenation 10 years 23 weeks ago

I hope the Democrats don't blow this. Romney's practices at Bain EXACTLY mirror the Republican approach to our Economy. If Obama doesn't make this case at the debate he (and our country) is absolutely DOOMED!!!

He needs to ask the American People: "Do you REALLY want to get "Bained"??

The flip flopper charge is tired and only pisses off right or left wing idealogues, NOT SWING VOTERS!!

The severe conservative charge rings hollow because most swing voters don't believe Romney to be a hard right winger.

Attacks that focus on the fiscal consequences of Romney's economic policy proposals can merely be denied with a smile and an obfuscating lie by a pathological candidate.

And yet I fear these will be the three principal ways that Obama attacks Romney at the debate. Be better not. He will lose with this strategy!

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