Will The Real Paul Ryan Please Stand Up...

Vice President Joe Biden will square off against Paul Ryan in tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. If the first presidential debate last week was any indication, then expect Paul Ryan to act just like Mitt Romney and to run as fast as he can from the radical positions that he’s taken.

That’s why the Center for American Progress has compiled a list of polices Ryan has supported in recent years that should give pause to all American voters. Ryan supports a healthcare reform plan that will kick 31 million poor and disabled Americans out of their insurance plans. He’s pushing to kick one million students off federal Pell Grants.

His budget hits the poor hardest – with 62% of spending cuts targeted at programs that help low-income Americans. Just like Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin – Ryan is opposed abortion access for rape victims. And he also supports a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Ryan will also likely rail against Obamacare tonight, but he’ll leave out the fact that he asked for Obamacare funding to be funneled into his district.

With just hours to go into the debate – the pressing question is: Which Paul Ryan will show up?

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