Will The Real Paul Ryan Please Stand Up...

Vice President Joe Biden will square off against Paul Ryan in tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. If the first presidential debate last week was any indication, then expect Paul Ryan to act just like Mitt Romney and to run as fast as he can from the radical positions that he’s taken.

That’s why the Center for American Progress has compiled a list of polices Ryan has supported in recent years that should give pause to all American voters. Ryan supports a healthcare reform plan that will kick 31 million poor and disabled Americans out of their insurance plans. He’s pushing to kick one million students off federal Pell Grants.

His budget hits the poor hardest – with 62% of spending cuts targeted at programs that help low-income Americans. Just like Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin – Ryan is opposed abortion access for rape victims. And he also supports a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Ryan will also likely rail against Obamacare tonight, but he’ll leave out the fact that he asked for Obamacare funding to be funneled into his district.

With just hours to go into the debate – the pressing question is: Which Paul Ryan will show up?


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Tom95134 11 years 36 weeks ago

Moved to live blog.

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blazintommyd 11 years 36 weeks ago

The one from the 4th grade - that's the one he always is. http://blazintommyd.tumblr.com/ btw Thom I did catch the segment you did with Daryl Hannah, you're the only news person I know of that has identified the fact that these various raw resource export scams championed by the "conservatives" are all for business, the USA gets nothing out of these deals. It would be nice to hear a discussion about this but it's doubtful in so token a forum. But in terms of trade losses, tax payers end up subsidizing the whole thing in the same manner "conservatives" complain about "double taxation" - i.e., 1st the banks extend consumer credit, based on the planned obsolescence of a mortgaged home and the "owners" ability to maintain a lifetime of indentured servitude to pay it back, they then use the proceeds to import more products than US Businesses export and then the difference is paid for in the form of bank bail outs. It's been like that ever since RayGun took office. That is the real cause of the financial crisis - trying to invent ways to cover the loss all of which is exacerbated by tax breaks and war.

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mywye 11 years 36 weeks ago

LYIN RYAN will be there ,hope JOE the V.P. calls him out . JOE go get him !

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fjkapustka2 11 years 36 weeks ago

Biden has to call out ALL the lies from the previous debate. Great liars of the past include Adolf Hitler. He should also point out that liars never deliver what they promise.

I favor a Canadian style public option for health care, which is also the most economical method. Preventative measures really do offset costs. Therefore, a good education system that teaches home economics, human sexuality, civics, math, science, shop classes, nutrition, etc. is at the forefront of that process. Schools should at least have a school nurse and perhaps even a medical clinic with personal a personal trainer. A police officer/social services officer should be at most schools as well. Solving problems prior to more serious issues occuring is a must. The registration for schools should check for vaccines and other potentially contagious medical issues becoming issues at schools. I have seen outbreaks of TB, warts, fungus, VD, etc. show up at schools and businesses. Furthermore, any medical program should outlaw chiropractic, Reiki, accupuncture, osteopathic medicine, and naturopathic medicine. Only MDs are governed by the Hippocratic Oath. There should also be hearing and vision screening. Programs and partnerships to supply prescription safety eyeglasses , which are less likely to be damaged, should also be implemented. These programs should continue at the university level. Keep in mind, many had public health care as a result of various wars and as a result of public service. I don't see Republicans offering to forego health care supplied by the government.

Kend's picture
Kend 11 years 36 weeks ago

I hope Obama stays healthy. President Biden. I am a Canadian and that scares me.
You prefer Canadian Style health care. Why do you like waiting 10 months to see a specialist. Paying $30.00 for a dozen beer. Paying double the personal taxes Americans pay.
By the way Canada has a Romney style system it is not a national system each province (state) looks after the health care separate. God help you with a federal system we only have three million people in our province and the waste is unbelievable.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 36 weeks ago

Kend- you should move to the U.S.. You would fit in great with the Busher's and Mitt lovers. If your system is so bad, why did the Canadian voters go for it? It is obvious you have never seen how well Medicare does for the Americans that are retired and disabled. Under Rummey's plan only the healthy and those who are wealthy will do well. If you have pre-existing health issues under Rummey's plan you would have to rely on the good intentions of the insurance companies that are solely motivated by profit. I have relatives that rely on Medicare and they are very happy with it. Maybe you should come to America and experience first-hand how the Republicans and the insurance companies treat Americans without health insurance. And, if your major concern with Canada is the price of your beer you have a very limited mind set! Rummey and Lying Ryan would have the corporations running everything here for profit, their profit as in Bain Capital. I remember something a wise old man once told me, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence! Perhaps you should stay on your side and watch your comments until you have had to live on our side for any length of time. I am sure you have similar politicians as Rummey and Lying Ryan, but you up north call them Criminals not politicians. If you were familiar with Rummey, you would know the cost of beer would be your last concern if he was the Prime Minister of Canada. The guy is like an "etch- a -sketch", just shake him up and he will come up with a different answer for you every time. And those of us who have watched this crook knows his main concern is the profit margin for his buddies and Bain, instead of the American citizens, especially the 47% he sees as free loaders on the government's back. On second thought why don't you take this guy to Canada after he loses the election, you sound as though you deserve his lying ass.

ken ware's picture
ken ware 11 years 36 weeks ago

One question fjakpuska2, where did you get your medical degree? And, where did you go to school? Siberia or rural China! Nurses and police protection are generally standard operating procedures at schools here in California. The different types of medical practices you stated should be eliminated are generally recognized by the American Medical Association as alternative medicines and are licensed under state law. Many medical schools where our doctors are trained recognize that western medicine can incorporate alternative forms of medicine in a well-rounded program. Have you ever tried any of the alternative medicines or are you just judging it on something you read in a magazine? All the problems you have mentioned will be cared for under the health care plan outlined by President Obama and voted for by the Congress and Senate. I just have to wonder where you have observed all of these diseases that went untreated in schools and businesses. I may be wrong but the Hippocratic Oath is not a legal term, but more of a re-assurance to patients that their doctor has sworn a societal oath to put the patient first in their practice of medicine.

As an independent voter, I have trouble with the fact Obama has lied to the American public on numerous occasions. Especially the promises he has failed to keep once he became President of the United States. I am sure you have heard Thom mention several lies Obama has made since he took office. It appears in order to be a Democrat or Republican candidate you have to lie to get into office in the 21st. century or you will not get the needed votes to do so. Transparency in office and keeping our civil rights intact are just a couple of the lies Obama has made to gain the presidency. And there is a list of troubling lies he has made, such as making sure we keep American jobs here, while signing a new Free-Trade Agreement with several Asian countries, the least being Vietnam. Sending our jobs to cheaper labor markets, so the corporations can send them back here with no import tax! Great scam if you can get the President to sign the Bill!

js121's picture
js121 11 years 36 weeks ago

I thought that Biden's "style" of rebuking the Lyin Ryan was outstanding. You cannot argue with fools, so, LAUGH!! It is a visual indication that what you hear is a lie and I found myself laughing rather than boiling inside and fuming listening to the Malarky, too!! So very tired of them trying to convince us that we'd be "better off" under their Theocratic/Oligarchy. We won't be! We never will be! We don't want to give up Democracy and all the lies/money in the world is NOT going to convince us. They can skew the polls, restrict our right to vote, commit Election Fraud, and use their Ace up their Sleeve - Voting machine rigging; but, we will NOT dismiss Democracy without a fight! Just released information confirms AGAIN that the machines are "flipping" votes - capable and ready to use. Once the polls reflect a "close" race...it will not be obvious that they stole it through the machines. Now that 19 states have dispensed with exit polls, we will not "see" a discrepancy. They have bought and stole our election before and they fully intend to do it again. Long live Democracy and bring down the real criminals of our gov't - The "New Right of Paul Weyrich".

Justwondrinwhy's picture
Justwondrinwhy 11 years 36 weeks ago

Joe did a great job! Lyin Ryan resorted to his usual prevarications. At least he knows how to stay hydrated when he gets cotton-mouth from all his nervous lies. Now, can you talk about how the President needs to look into the CAMERA during the debates? I know the moderator is in front of him and asking the questions, but the moderator isn’t the one he needs to convince. It made an impact when Romney and Ryan looked directly into the camera when making comments and closing statements. Biden’s closing statement wasn’t nearly as convincing because he was looking at the moderator, who for all purposes, is a fixture, instead of the television audience.Whoever prepped Biden and Obama missed out on how important it is to make that connection.

fatfax's picture
fatfax 11 years 36 weeks ago

Doesn't matter folks- if Obama can't pull off a convincing win in next debate Romney takes it.

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Kend 11 years 36 weeks ago

We both change. Something in the middle would be perfect

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