The American People Gave President Obama A Second Term...

With a landslide election victory Tuesday night. Like every election, it was all going to be determined in the battleground states. Shortly after 11pm, the key battleground state of Ohio was called for President Obama - pushing him over the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. But he didn’t need Ohio. All eight battleground states went the President’s way Tuesday night – he also won the popular vote. Plain and simple – this is a mandate.

As the President said in his victory speech last, “Tonight, you voted for action, not politics as usual.” But as the President also alluded to in his speech, his action will depend on our action. As he said, “The role of citizens in our democracy does not end with your vote.” While the President may have accomplished a lot in his first term in the face of unprecedented, fierce political obstruction – there’s no question he needs to do more and be bolder in a second term. And it’s up to all of us to push him to do just that.

Just as a movement elected the President, movements will be needed to drive legislation on climate change, corporate personhood, union rights, ending the drug war, bringing home our military – you name it. Let’s get to work.


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chtaylorcpa 11 years 32 weeks ago

Obama is obviously not perfect, especially to a true progressive. But he is infinitely preferable to a mysognistic, lying, corporate raider.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Oh, Zod! There's that M-word again (mandate)! Now Obama believes that everything he did in his first 4 years is just the way it should be in the next 4 years. Never mind the noisy nattering nabobs of negativity who don't agree with Obama's sell-out to the corporate right and Murder Inc. who make scads of blood money from the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. I would be very shocked if Obama did in this next four years what many Democrats hope would be a shift to the left...for a change...and truly represent all those who voted for him.

And, again, we are getting a hint of "blame the lazy people who merely voted for Obama" in his statements saying essentially the same thing he did before that "voting is not enough you have to do more...get more involved--you have to 'make' him do what is correct". Maybe what Obama meant was that we all had to riot in the streets to make ourselves absolutely clear on the matter? Occupy Wall street was not enough it seems. Obama just kept bending over for the corporate maggots who commanded him to. He will most likely continue in that posture for the next 4 years.

When angry people did react against his previous anti-democratic, anti-progressive, war-criminal actions he got mad at us and couldn't understand why so many of his supporters were upset by his actions. Now he's essentially repeating the same old verbiage that will allow him to blame the people who elected him because THEY didn't do enough.

I didn't throw away my votes on Corporate America and Murder Inc. I voted for Jill Stein. Everyone else wasted their votes on more of the bloody same.

The only thing that your votes for Obama has done is to temporarily delayed the inevitable...when you all wake up and realize that voting for the least evil of the two party system candidates will not change things for the better. Hope dies hard and you suckers will find that out very soon. I'm happy that Romney lost but sad that Obama won. Obama really didn't deserve to win...and neither did Romney. But the wealthy won again and America lost again.

And speaking of a movement...I think I feel one coming on right A$$! Now, could you be more specific as to what you mean by "movement"? Wasn't the majority of Americans voting for Obama a "movement"? It was an "action" but so is rioting in the streets. Sounds like just more rhetoric to bandy about. Sounds like just another way to wheedle more money out of people who can't afford it.

Like, all these "movements" all beg for money. Do you know how many leeches try to game the system (the people) when they come up with bright ideas that they want people to believe are "movements". Maybe write a book or two, create a web site, go on talk shows, beg for money. They're the scavengers, bottom feeders, of the political money machine. They can make a very good living that way.

So much for taking money out of the political system. And with all of the money that the Republicans threw into the election...didn't do them much good did it? If we're going to get money out of politics..."movements" begging for money is not a good start. there's another M-word for you. Mandates and Movements and, oh yeah, Money! How about Mickey Mouse? How about Mooch?

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Camian 11 years 32 weeks ago

Palindromedary: Bitterness and cynicism isn't helping you or anyone else. I agree with a lot of what Jill Stein says, and I think we have a lot of election-reform work to do. But I wouldn't want to work with bitter, cynical people (like the type of personality you're projecting in your comment -- though I have a feeling that in this case the medium is changing the message, to some extent) because bitter and cynical people don't seem to know how to get things done. Be critical -- but I encourage you to be less condescending more constructive in your criticism, so that you might help to build the kind of coalition required to bring about the types of changes it sounds like you'd like to bring about.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Mysogyny and Corporate raiding are two things, at least, that Romney and Obama didn't have in common. And I'd say that Romney certainly had Obama beat on lying. But Obama was certainly not without sin on that last account.

Am I happy that Romney didn't win? Immensely so!!! But, I'm afraid, unless Obama really does change his tune (and actions) from his last four years we will see, eventually, what would have occurred much sooner had Romney won...massive uprisings. I believe that had the Green Party made a huge showing...and by some quirk actually won...then it would have sent a strong message that our ruling elite have lost their corrosive and coercive powers. I had no realistic expectation that Americans, in numbers, were brave and bright enough to effectively buck the entrenched, corrupt two party system. But, at least, I feel that I did not waste my vote this time when I voted for Jill Stein.

I fear that the only way the criminal, right-wing, ruling elite will stop their economic war on the people will be when the people, as in all those other countries around the world are doing, revolt in mass unrest. As prices for food, gasoline, and other necessities dramatically escalates, driving the value of people's savings (if they have any) down... driving more people into people start needlessly losing their loved ones because of lack of expensive medical care...they will eventually cower and die themselves or they will strike back at their wealthy and greedy tormentors.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

Sure, let's all be jolly and amenable to compromise..let's all be .isn't that the Democrat way? Isn't that what Obama pretended to do in his first 4 years: "Oh, don't be angry...let's be civil and compromise!" And Obama spent all his time giving in to the Republicans. Really embarrassing that I even voted for the little creep. He was supposed to be a fighter but he turned out to be a push over. Damn right I'm bitter. I know he won't be any better this next time around....because he's a wuss. It's either that or he is so vile and evil that he knows full well the lies he tells us to get elected and has no intention of following through with his campaign pretensions. He is so vile and evil and crooked that he would now say that his winning the election was a "mandate" for him to continue doing what he did before...sell out the people that voted for him...continue murdering people with his drones...continue giving the healthScare maggots just what they wanted in Obama/Romney care...continue prosecuting the whistle blowers who spill the beans on criminal wrongdoing...continue to let the Wall Street gangsters steal from retirement accounts...continue to bail out the gangsters when their gambling bets lose...continue to spy on American citizens...continue to use Homeland Security for everything but real national security...continue to let corporations send our jobs overseas....and on and on. Now Obama can even assassinate any one of us any time he sees fit. And it is not just Obama but anyone that holds that office in the future...and that office will be the puppet of corporate America. Fascist America.

Obama's win was not a "mandate" to keep doing what he did in the last 4 years. It was the horror of the prospect of a Romney Presidency. We need to make that quite clear to President Obama.

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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

If you don't want your President to be a wimp...someone who you thought would FIGHT for your ideals...but are too much of a wimp, yourself, to express your fears and beliefs even to the extent of expressing "bitterness and cynicism" then how can you expect to "push" Obama to do anything? He'll just do what he did last upset that some of us were not happy with his performance. If you really want change...don't be a your President...sulk...and then continue screwing us. Yell... SCREAM! your utmost contempt for promises unkept and actions undone. The noisy wheel gets the grease. The timid whisperer gets ignored. If you want to play mr/mrs niceguy then you will wind up just as effete as Mr President Obama. Now that Romney is no longer a danger to us, we can YELL at Obama and make him follow through with representing us the way he pretended he would.

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ckrob 11 years 32 weeks ago

Recognizing our inability to change the past, let's try to take advantage of our opportunities in the near future. Here is a start on our Demagenda:

1. Change the filibuster rule. (Are you listening Harry?)

2. Hold Senate hearings on where the campaign millions came from. (China? Saudi Arabia?)

3. Develop new rules for the Supreme Court.

4. Redistrict federal electorial districts via an independent commission. (Not party related.)

5. Require a paper trail for all federal election votes.

6. Offer bills on issues with greater than 60% public support:

a. More progressive income tax,

b. Close access to Off-shore tax havens,

c. Move subsidies from carbon fuels to a renewable energy development and research, (a direct approach addressing climate change.)

d. Push Medicare for all. (Overhead drops to 3%)

e. Develop an infrastructure repair and modernization program. (Jobs, jobs, jobs.)

7. Hold Senate hearings on unconstitutional activities by our government.

8. Presidential nominees not acted on in (60, 90, ??) days are authorized.

9. No new wars.

10. Get Obama out of the Oval Office to work with the Congressional Democrats on an agenda.

Let's discuss what's most important for the country to have addressed as we watch things fall apart from inaction.

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akunard 11 years 32 weeks ago

Welcome to foll blown Socialism, to see your future don't look to the Greeks, visit the Ukraine.

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Musiclady 11 years 32 weeks ago

I have renewed faith in our Democracy. Voters stood up and clearly said that our elections can't be bought by corporate interests with lots of money and falsehoods. I realize it will be a tough battle against a Republican House, but I do think that some of the wind will be taken out of their sails, now that Mitch McConnell's number one agenda of making Obama a one time president is over. I also think voters need to send a strong message to the Republicans that if they don't play fair, then with the election in two years, they will be thrown out.

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Kend 11 years 32 weeks ago

you guys sure expect a lot. Why don't you just start with putting people back to work so they don't need food stamps. Maybe we can get all the twenty somethings out of there parents basements after they spent all the money on education. Sorry I guess I am probaly asking for too much too. Things like this are below the great Obama.

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Elioflight 11 years 32 weeks ago

The election results were, for the most part, I think, a referendum against corporate rule and corporate money/greed and corporate personhood and plutocracy. I believe the person who will do the most good for the most people beat the person who sought to do the most good for the fewest.

Our measley $150.00 donation to Senator Sherrod Brown was more successful than the $40 million spent against him. I LOVE IT!

I love it that all that corporate money was wasted in many cases. I guess they thought we would be their willfully ignorant puppets and believe all their LIES since they are the mighty "job creators." They have NO clout. They had all they could ask for the past 12 years, low-no taxes and very little regulation, and they just took the profits and ran. Tax em' big so that they have to hire and improve infrastructure and train to get their breaks back. Why give them more? They haven't proved that they will act wisely and intelligently.

well-paid/employed workers = monied consumers = long-term profit for business = strong country and economy

The REAL people spoke; we need to do so much more in that vein. Are those corporate bigshots, who said they would fire people if the wrong person won, keeping their word. If so, the lawyers should be busy suing those blackmailers. If not, then I guess the bullies didn't walk their talk and have lost face and respect. Not like they derserve it anyway.

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historywriter 11 years 32 weeks ago

First on my agenda is getting money out of politics. Getting busy on the Move to Amend movement is one place to begin. I think just about everything that stinks in politics stems from the money, legalized bribery, and inevitable corrupt politics that follows. We don't get good government by allowing huge PACs or corporations (KOCH) pour money money money into campaigns.

Another place to start is forcing campaigns and candidates to disclose the sources of their funds. Americans are sick to death of those ugly, frightful, lying, ads. I doubt that many people listen to them or hear them. I have my mute button on whenever they come on. Even republicans hate them. This is the time, while we still remember them.

Palindromedary: The next 4 years are not going to be the same, not at all. Quityerbitchin' and go to work. Name calling is not an argument. Neither is arrogance. What makes you think you have all the answers? Don't lie and exaggerate to try to put across your views. If you want to make a comment, why don't you make one that is answerable. You remind me of my born-again cousins; THEY ARE RIGHT! and everyone who disagrees is wrong. Just like those ugly lying ads. It's impossible to have a conversation.

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Musiclady 11 years 32 weeks ago

A 14% tax rate on the wealthiest of Americans is hardly socialism. I pay nearly 35% on my salary. If you look at what corporations paid during the Eisenhower administration who by the way was a Republican, the rate was 90% on the wealthy. We are far from a socialist state and Obama is proposing raising the taxes on the wealthy to about the same level that the middle class has paid all along. That is a fair expectation, and there is a reason so many Americans voted for Obama, they are tired of Corporate Welfare stealing money from the taxes paid in by the middle class. Corporate Welfare receives double that of Social Welfare and yet they pay so much less of a percentage in tax. It is time to level the playing field and if corporations have to pay more in taxes then perhaps the will quit trying to buy our elections.

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Musiclady 11 years 32 weeks ago

I am thinking that this 4 years could change. Obama has nothing to lose now. He even mentioned Climate change in his speech last night. He can stand up to Republicans and get things done because the fear of not getting reelected is over. He had to play nice the first time around, but I do believe we may see a different and more agressive Obama this time and some Republicans more willing to play nice or they know they will be voted out in two years. I would advise you to go to 3chicspolitico and see what Obama has accomplished in office. It is actually quite remarkable given the animus of the Republican house who filibustered everything. I truly believe that he is a good man, though a bit of an idealist and actually believed that he could make a difference when he made the promises in 2008. He had no way of knowing that a whole bunch of Tea Party candidates would be elected to the house and senate. We have a difficult political system to navigate, it certainly is far from perfect and most people that end up in Washington have the attitude of I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine. As much as I align my thinking with the Green Party, I am sure that no candidate from any party that is elected will not end up in Washington a changed politician, it is the nature of compromise and politics.

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HalFonts 11 years 32 weeks ago

Nice outline ckrob [#8], I'm gonna copy and pass it on-- It's a good place to start.

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George Lewis 11 years 32 weeks ago

It's great that Obama won but at what cost? (5.8 BILLION DOLLARS and 2 years campaigning!) What I propose instead is to have a 6 year/one term presidency! Oh, and while I'm dreaming... let's make congress have to excuse themselves from voting on any bills where they accepted campaign contributions! Finally, let's have a way for the PEOPLE to impeach supreme court judges!

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rbd171 11 years 32 weeks ago

palindromedary, thank you for taking the time to put all my feelings in writing.

i believe obama has a mandate, not to be a democrat but to be a progressive. the one who he campaigned as, who drew out millions of those would have otherwise stayed home, the same one's who did stay home in 2010 because they saw thru his bs. the only reason he won was because progressives voted for him or even bothered to vote at all.

we are already a democratic socialistic republic, we just need to perfect it so as to prevent the so far successful fascist corporate takeover. this country leans center left because most people are decent caring human beings, obama needs to move in OUR direction. obama's true color has been center right. we have a right to be pissed and we are justified in getting "pisseyer"!

last i checked, russia is not SIMILAR TO our republic nor is it a democracy. please school me if i am wrong.

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David Abbot 11 years 32 weeks ago

I have been extremely vocal in my criticisms of Obama's hypocrisy in not keeping so many of the most important campaign promises he made. But it may be that the only way Obama can get away with doing the right thing on big issues (without being assasinated), is to have such a powerful groundswell of popular support from the Occupy folks and from millions more, that the people who actually run this country will say, "Can't avoid it this time, better let them have it."

I heard that Roosevelt succeeded in getting the New Deal because so many of the little people had no food, no place to live, and no way to improve their quality of life. In other words, they had nothing to lose. And the last group of people that the anal retentive rich white thieves want to have REALLY pissed off at them, is millions of people who have nothing to lose.

To me the most strange aspect of this whole thing is that the billionaire thieves have talked poor white trash men into voting for republicans whose only job in congress is to protect the thieves who are keeping those poor white trash people's kids from being educated and enjoying better lives.

I think the thieves are lucky that Romney didn't win, because we would have slid deeper into the depression that we are still in (and which may not have hit bottom yet...). And can you see Mitt Romney being the only thing standing between those thieves, and millions of people who have nothing to lose? Let's look at a partial list of what Mitt would say to those millions of people:

1. "I know exactly what you are feeling. Why, before I became president, I was unemployed myself."

2. "Well, you could all become Mormons and then the church would give you unemployment, but you'd have to agree that women don't have souls and that men should control women's bodies, and when you get a job you'll have to give a hefty percentage of your income to the church and if you don't give it to them they'll send someone round to your house to collect it. And finally- and this is the good part- you'll have to wear Mormon brand magic underwear."

3. "Of course I declared war on Iran. Why for the money that Israel gave me, I would have declared war on you. In fact, wait- let me check on something- oh yeah- I HAVE declared war on you."

4. "I understand how you feel about having no homes. Why, just the other day I was in Miami, and Miami isn't one of the ten or twelve cities where I own houses, and I had to have one of my servants rent the entire top floor of the best hotel in town for me. I'm telling you, I know about suffering."

5. "My friends, you have a problem. In fact, you have two problems. First off, you think the government owes you a fair shake at life, but the thing is, the government's too busy giving billionaire thieves your money, to give you a fair shake. And your other problem is that you could be billionaires, too, if you were willing to claw, lie, steal, and murder your way to the top of the corporate dung heap. And if you're not willing to do that, well, I'll just quote Herman Cain: blame y'self!"

6. "Would it make you feel any better if my wife dresses up in leather clothing and says she loves women?"

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2950-10K 11 years 32 weeks ago

Wow, Democracy still has an audible heartbeat, what a relief, many co-workers with big smiles today!

I now hope President Obama and the democrats can ratchet up the intensity on exposure of the obstructionist House of Norquist and the Tea Party's anti american role in thwarting all efforts to achieve a full economic recovery. If the corp media had done their job and reported the important facts regarding this obstruction, I really believe the democrats would have regained the house. We will never get the white evangelicals to vote for their own best interest but I bet many others would have voted against the house reps. tea bag tyranny.

So President Obama has two years until the midterms to expose the truth of the tea party and the oligarchs manipulating their tiny heads, and then the final two years to sign into action, progressive legislation moving the country forward once again.

We have the high ground, let's finish the job now!

Go Senator Reid...reform the filibuster rule, a weapon of mass obstruction!

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Koolnightes 11 years 32 weeks ago

I just wrote to Michale Moore and will enclose email here.... we need to let the President know where we stand on issues before they come to past..not afterwards.

Hello Michael Moore,I couldn’t agree with you more... as an individual I am one voice.. I have already wrote President Obama and told him that the Right have told him they don’t like him and have proved it over and over again these past 4 years... it is now time to stand up to the plate and ...SWING!... or make those 3 point shots!!After watching Sicko, and Corporations:A Love Story............Fahrenheit 9/11... I think we are on same page.I think some people should go to jail!! if for nothing else for OBSTRUCTIONIST... no more fines.... jail time... no more converted Holiday Inns... maybe some of the jails THEY built or maybe even own.I think Grover Norquest should be tared and feathered and ran out of the country.Washington has become increasingly the house of liars and thief's. Government by the people for the people... if not... fire them! No more guarantees.xxxxP.S....Great job on all your films and for standing up for the citizens of USA.

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Koolnightes 11 years 32 weeks ago

Some more of my two

We need to get rid of "Citizens Unite"!

We need to do something about this voting garbage.... make it a mandatory 18 month time allowance to make State changes in anything from voting districts to ID required, time changes of polls opened. Anything changed after that 18 month time frame will go into affect the following election. That will give people enough time to get what is required done... Ask questions about what is required. Or to appeal the change.

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tghorne 11 years 32 weeks ago

Great list, very attentive and solution oriented. I must add that cleaning up the campaign finance mess is fundamental to anything else. One idea is to level the playing field by putting all contributions in the "pot", then divided equally amongst all current candidates along with air time. The details to be hashed out in the process by non-partisan entities. If the big money wants to throw in huge amounts of money, so be it, they simply don't have a say in where it goes. Somehow we have to "mandate" that wealth and special interest have no place in the electoral process. They must have EQUAL representation. We all have to engage in due process. Democracy is designed to be slow moving, thoughtful, fair, proactive and messy. The more clear and united we the people are on this, the more we are a force to be reckoned with. We only have freedom if we live it and live up to it.

The corporate bullies and war criminals are just that and will always want more than their fair share of everything. Our leadership makes a HUGE mistake in ever thinking or expecting the likes of them to be an asset to society. They are sociopaths, psychpaths and must be stopped, arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced absolutely, without hesitation or negotiations. They are criminals and an imminent threat to the world. How to deal with the bully on the playground, the existential question we all must contend with. Obama needs to get off the fence on this. A little martial arts in the political realm, use their strength against them.

Wholeheartedly I agree with medicare for all. Have seen many facts and figures on the topic. The credible sources are those in the field and most all of them say that we already have the infrastructure, the gains will be in quality of care, more resources and money for true health care and preventive medicine, better paid employees, a healthier population-children will be better cared for, thus have more success in their lives, healthier workforce. lower operating costs. Health and wellness ought not be for profit! How anti-social must we be? Same for education! Our contempt for education in the last several decades really shows itself in the form of our current congress. So many of the new tea partyers are hugely lacking in knowledge of history and our form of government. They have such an ignorant impassioned commitment to working against their own best interests. At the risk of seeming judgemental I say this. I feel I need to listen to opposing beliefs and viewpoints to be a better citizen, and this I do, however this observation is accurate. The solution is not debate, that is a win-lose scenario. We just have to leave the haters in our dust. Taking action and participating in the process of changing the status quo is the only true solution. Education is the key to much of our dilemma. "When the people lead the leaders follow" Great bumpersticker

Time to go, thanks all for being here. Democracy only works if you work it. (that is also borrowed expression, not an original thought)

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flyguy8650 11 years 32 weeks ago

How the heck does a 3 million vote spread equal a mandate! The Dems and GOP are OPPOSAMES. They spent 4 billion and we are right back where we were. Divided and stalled government. We are all at fault. Time to wake up to reality......we are in decline.

The United States is in decline, like the Roman Empire, The British Empire, etc.

When the money ends, so does democracy and our system. Bid good bye....sorry my generation used up all the fun! We did is all....smoked it all, took it all, and now you all pay the price....

When the Collapse Comes...I will be dead. So sorry to leave your generation with this mess. But all governments eventually turn on their citizens and then the citizens turn on the government, then the dictators rule and it starts all over.


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tghorne 11 years 32 weeks ago

With ya Koolnightes, Check out South of the Border by Oliver Stone

ScottFromOz 11 years 32 weeks ago

+100 Brilliant!!!

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ken ware 11 years 32 weeks ago

Palindromedary, I really thought you were gone, or hoped as much! What gives you the right to judge people if they did not vote the same as you? People have the right to exercise their constitutional right to vote for whomever they choose. And, please do not remind me it is not a constitutional right with your pious and disparaging attitude. I find your words so repulsive I cannot or will not bother to counter your B.S... I thought we were rid of your conspiracy rants and pious attitude or at least hoped! You hate the people of America and their political representatives so much, why don't you take your old carcass and move to Canada or Mexico where you can build your own kingdom? You are the biggest downer I have ever come across. You sound like some old retired guy with nothing to do but sit down and vent your anger in your rants you are so fond of posting. Christ, I do not think I can stand being in the same online environment with someone as vile as you. I was really hoping to see your stupid and pious name,"Palindromedary" in some online obituary column. If you really had any balls you would use your own name and picture for your rants instead of hiding behind some delusional name! As an Independent I find your manners more like someone from the far right wing ultra conservative Republican party. And what makes you think you represent the thoughts of fellow Americans concerning why they voted for President Obama. I feel no civility towards you and your rants that are posted on this site. I would really like to meet you in person to see what a person who rants such vile looks like. I picture you as some old hunched over grungy lost soul. On second thought that is the last thing I would like to do. Why don't you run for office? You seem to think you’re the type of person who has all the answers to the problems that plague America. Probably because you would be assassinated the first week in office if you won by some wild charge of the imagination. If you get the feeling I do not like your personification you are so right! I got enough pious attitudes from the likes of Romney. And I feel no civility towards you in anyway and had to state how I feel about your ranting’s. I might be asked to stop posting my thoughts on Hartmann's blog and it will have been worth it to speak my mind to a person

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ken ware 11 years 32 weeks ago

bd171, Please excuse me for interjecting my thoughts into your comments, but that guy is the last person in my humble opinion you want schooling from. I have listened to his rants for so long I doubt I will bother to comment on Hartmann's blog in the future. A person can only read a limited amount of his vile ranting’s before he or she becomes ill from it.

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ken ware 11 years 32 weeks ago


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bernicecabral 11 years 32 weeks ago

I agree Musiclady. We have got to be vigilant and when we see something we disagree with we should make it known to our politicians. If you just google "contact Barack Obama" an email page to the President comes up. I have sent many emails the past four years and my concerns have always been addressed. We should let the Republicans know they are being watched and their behavior and voting records will be duly noted and reported to their constituents.

I feel we are fortunate to have a President who is thoughtful, intelligent and attempts to work with all people. I am proud of his foreign policy record and happy he is maintaining our alliance with Israel, but also recognizes and respects the humanity of all people of the Middle East. Our policies have been short-sighted and unconscionable in the past. Just one issue of hundreds we need to monitor and study deeply.

This is our country. Why is it out of line to request we take an active interest in determining its future? All this blind, hateful criticism galls me. It's time we all reconnected.

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ken ware 11 years 32 weeks ago

I am one happy California voter. The billionaires here in California designed a proposition to cripple the unions in our state from donating funds to their candidate’s campaign. It was funded by the wealthy Munger clan here and with funds from out of state. A Pac in Arizona was caught laundering campaign funds illegally to a Pac here in California. A California Commission got a court order to subpoena their records and found out they were illegally funneling funds from the likes of the Koch brothers through a Pac in Arizona called Jobs for America to a Pac here in Calif. The Commission plans on charging them with money laundering(the pac). Also, the California voters passed a bill to add a minimal tax on people making more than $250,000 a year and a sales tax increase of 1/4 of a cent on sales made here. It will stop a 50 billion dollar cut in educational funding for next year and will stop the massive overcrowding we have in our schools. The wealthiest in our state and country learned a severe lesson; you cannot buy our elections once the people are aware of what you’re doing! A victory for the California voters and residents, a loss for those who think they can buy our state and nation. I have to believe there are a lot of angry billionaires in our country today when they found out they did not buy a new tax cut for themselves...This message has been brought to you by one very happy Californian Voter!

michaelbjones1962 11 years 32 weeks ago

Agree wholeheartedly. the only "mandate" I see here is that we the people need to work tirelessly for the next four years to wrest our democracy from the clutches of the monied elite.

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js121 11 years 32 weeks ago

We all knew that Obama's win would not be the end; but, the beginning. The real battle started yesterday! We have a couple groups out now and are mobilizing for many reforms. Voter reforms are high on the list right now. Don't stop and start joining and let's make the changes we know we can make!! Join groups such as Center for Media and Democracy or MovetoAmend or Nomorestolen elections. I know, it's been a long year; but, we have only 4 to make corrections/changes to the boilerplated Corporate-made ALEC laws!! Just 4. We still have many states that are controlled by the New Right of Paul Weyrich! Help turn our country around!!

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melocoast 11 years 32 weeks ago

So funny seeing all the comments about "where Romney went wrong"...the 99 percent are still more important than the 1 percent, if this is still America. Let's get back to "Trickling up" and making America the land of opportunity for all it's supposed to be.

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ckrob 11 years 32 weeks ago


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Palindromedary 11 years 32 weeks ago

The only "movement" that will make a real difference is when people move into the streets, banks, government buildings, stores and make their discontent Occupy Wall Street did..but amplified thousands of times.

Any other "movements" involving donating more money..buying and reading yet another author's best seller..attending feel-good cumbaya "movement" parties..etc will only delay the inevitable and, really, accomplish nothing in the end except to make a few "movement" leaders a little wealthier.

And all of this rallying...for what? elect more criminal politicians who will, themselves, play us for their useful idiots as well.

You are still trying to rely on the corrupt political system that is owned by the uber wealthy. They may give you an inch but they will steal many miles. Our history has shown that we didn't really change the evil and corrupt political systems of the past by just going to the ballot box and trying to convince other people to use that as the sole means by which to change things. They had "movements" alright and those "movements" were violent ones and with out them nothing would have changed.

When people are backed into the corner and struggling to for yet another crooked politician is the least of their choices. You wait and see how much we are all paying in the supermarkets and what we soon will be paying. We'll all be struggling to survive and ripping each others throats out for crumbs of bread.

(I heard, in the news today, that yet another on-line "charity" was found to be scamming the people who donated. They're everywhere..using all kinds of gimmicks to cheat people.)

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